Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Julie Johnson'

It is time for another of Seegee's creations. This time he describes a talk show with a definite difference and a happy ending.

From Spanked Tails. Leading member of SMAC; Abby, gets to work with her brush.

A classic from Sassy Bottoms. Two Mums from SMAC work in tandem, whilst another naughty bottom awaits its turn over those maternal laps.

Image from Tushy Cash. A SMAC demonstration in progress.

Julie Johnson stepped back from the mirror and examined her reflection critically. She adjusted her blouse, so that it sat right and showed off her figure, but did not make a feature of her pert, but prominent breasts, she slipped on a light pastel cardigan and did up the first two buttons, she smoothed her mid length skirt and tugged it over her hips so that it would not impede her movement. She placed her hands under her straight, shoulder length, straw blond hair and fluffed it up a few times to make it bounce. A deep breath and she turned away from the mirror, squared her shoulders and walked out of the backstage area to a cheering, wildly enthusiastic crowd.

Julie was a successful television presenter in her late thirties. Her eponymously titled show was of the talkback kind. Some people referred to it as 'car crash TV', so bad that you could not help, but watch it. The Julie Johnson show had been spawned by Jerry Springer, her show was not as adult oriented or sex focused as Springer, although it had its share of eye opening episodes, unlike Springer guests did not come to blows or have to be separated by burly security men, however Julie Johnson did employ security against that eventuality, there was always plenty of bleeped out language and having majored in English in college Julie lamented the lack of vocabulary that this displayed in many of her guests.

Julie had been busy all week with promoting the show cross country, they were now beaming into new networks countrywide and if they were successful there were plans afoot to make the show international. As a result of the publicity blitz Julie had not had time to exercise her usual amount of influence over the show's topic. Julie was very much hands on when it came to her show, she had a large say in which topic out of a list produced by the show's producers, was selected and she often liked to review the guest's backgrounds and interview them prior to airing the show. This week she had not been given that opportunity. The choice of topic and much of the groundwork had been done by Tracy, the show's producer. For that reason Julie was not all that happy with the topic: Tame My Trash Talking Teen.

Topics like that one were a staple of the show and it was rare that they ran a month without doing one focusing on the behaviour of teens and pre teens. The title was a bit of a misnomer, from what little reading Julie had done about the teens featured on today's show they did a lot more than trash talk. The shows tended to degenerate into a slanging match initially between the children and their parents or guardians and then between the children and the audience. Nothing got resolved and it only left the audience with the feeling that this generation of youth was incorrigible and beyond saving. One tactic that the Julie Johnson show had adopted with some small measure of success was after they had met the misbehaving children they introduced a large, ex marine by the name of Roy Maskell. Roy and one or two of his 'assistants', also large ex marines, stormed onto the set, got eyeball to eyeball with the misbehaving youths and screamed in their faces before escorting them backstage where they had a makeshift 'boot camp' set up to 'whip' the children into shape. The shock of being confronted with this huge, angry man and forced to do some sort of physical exercise and show respect generally produced a short term change in the children's behaviour and they got through the rest of the show without incident and the language was also cleaned up considerably. It rarely lasted once the kids were out of the threatening presence of Roy and most of the guests returned to the sort of behaviour that had landed them on the show in the first place. Some did not and that always heartened Julie that her show was making a small difference. Roy also ran a genuine teen 'boot camp' and most of the graduates, some of whom wound up at the camp as a direct result of their appearance on the show, generally managed to turn their lives around and mend their fractured parental relationships. Julie had initially assumed upon seeing the topic that Roy would be making an appearance, she had not seen the big ex marine though and asked Tracy where he was. Tracy had replied with a secretive smile and said that she had decided to book another guest who had a different method of handling bad behaviour. Julie openly wondered exactly what that meant. Tracy had placed a finger over Julie's lips and told her softly that she would find out soon enough.

The set was simple, chairs set out on a stage, a couple of ramps for guests to enter and exit, a walkway through the audience so that guests could enter the stage and receive the scorn of the audience as they did so. Julie herself spent most of her time hosting the show from amongst the audience. This allowed her to face all of the guests, she could keep an eye on what was happening on the stage and she was also close enough to give audience members the microphone and allow them to have their say.

Once the crowd had quietened down from the frenzy that Julie's 'warmup' staff had whipped them into Julie announced the show's topic to the camera, waited for the audience to cheer and applaud, then did a quick rundown on the show's first 'guest', an out of control fifteen year old boy by the name of Ryan. Ryan's mother, a short, nervous looking single mother did a brief interview with Julie, outlining some of his behaviour and explaining how he treated her, this was met with sympathetic noises from the audience, then she introduced Ryan. The boy, dressed in a battered baseball cap, worn backwards over his short, cropped hairdo, a t-shirt which had a long, bright, basketball jersey worn over it, he also had on a pair of baggy, worn shorts which hung down below his knees, his feet were shod with expensive brand name trainers, came storming down the walkway, responding to the jeering and cat calling from the audience with an upraised middle finger on each hand and a stream of expletives. This of course only inflamed the audience further. 

He reached the stage and stood next to his mother, seemingly reveling in the attention, screaming insults back at the audience, taunting some of them to come up on stage and make him 'Shut his mouth!' or 'Sit his ass down!' Security stood by tensely, keeping a close eye on the audience, just in case someone took up the youth's offer. Ryan's mother, Carlene, tugged at his arm and hissed "Sit down and shut up!" Julie waited patiently for the ruckus to die down, she was used to it, saw a brief opening and jumped in "Ryan! Ryan!"

Sensing that the attractive blond host was speaking to him Ryan stopped his verbal war with the audience and regarded Julie from clear brown eyes "Yeah?" he answered, somewhat pugnaciously.

"Why are you so angry?" Julie asked.

"I'm not." the boy asserted.

"Doesn't look like that to me. You offered to fight some of our audience."

"They're in my face." the boy snapped.

A heavy set black lady in the audience stood up and shouted "If you were mine, I'd whup your ass!"

"Yeah, you and what army, bitch!" the boy yelled back at her.

Seeing that the show could very quickly degenerate into a series of shouted insults between audience and guest Julie defused the situation by asking Ryan to sit down, which he did, and his mother whispered furiously at him as Julie moved onto the mother of her second 'guest'.

"Shannon," the tall brunette said, "is just totally out of control. She lies, I've found drugs in her room and I dress her one way, but she changes on the way to school, if she actually even goes to school. Older boys hang around and it scares her younger brothers and sisters."

"Thankyou, Marie," Julie told the girl's mother, "let's meet Shannon!"

A tall, leggy, fourteen year old with long, bleached blond hair danced down the walkway, sticking her tongue out at the audience and responding to their howls and insults with the 'bird' and by waggling her shapely bottom tightly encased in bright pink hotpants at them. She reached the stage and grinned at her scowling mother, then turned and faced the audience again, she leaned forward and made sure that the camera was focused on her well filled out red 'boob tube', shook her breasts and then turned around and waved her backside, smacking it suggestively. Her mother took her daughter's wrist and yanked her into a chair snapping "For God's sake, behave!"

In response Shannon made a face at her mother and then turned her cornflower blue eyes on Julie as the hostess asked her a question.

"Huh?" she asked in a somewhat ditzy tone.

"So you always dress that way, Shannon?"

"Sure, the boys like it."

"What do your teachers say?"

"Who cares? They're all old and stupid, like her!" and she jerked a thumb at her shocked mother.

"Shannon!" Julie scolded. "That's no way to talk about your Mom."

"Well, why not? She's old and still doing some low paying job."

"And you won't be?"

"No way!" Shannon asserted. "I won't be working when I'm her age."

"Well, you're failing school. What are you going to do without an education?" Julie asked.

"Dance." Shannon replied smoothly "I know this guy who can get me a job, dancing at this club. All I have to do is flash guys and they'll just throw money at me."

"Hmmmm?" Julie mused, "this guy, this club - Are you sleeping with this guy?"

"No!" the girl denied.

"Good, because at your age if he's over eighteen it's illegal and any club that allowed you to perform would also be breaking the law."

Before a shocked Shannon could respond Julie moved onto her third and final 'untamed teen'.

"Cheryl is just thirteen years old, she boasts that she drinks vodka and that no school can tame her, she's been expelled from three schools, she fights and in her words can 'kick anyone's ass!'.  She's been in trouble with the police and is currently on probation. Is that right Hannah?" Julie addressed a short, trim mousy haired woman in her late thirties.

Hannah nodded sadly and completed Julie's introduction "That's correct, Julie. Cheryl is not my own. She's my sister's daughter. I'm her aunt. Her Mom is in jail and unlikely to get out soon. Cheryl doesn't have anyone else, but the way she treats me and her uncle and cousins I honestly don't know how much longer we can put up with it."

"Her cousins?" Julie asked, keenly. "They're your children?"

"Yes, Julie. I have three of my own. They're all younger than Cheryl, but she bullies them and I'm worried they may think that the way Cheryl acts is 'cool' and start to copy her."

Julie nodded wisely and then cued her staff to open the door and let Cheryl on.

The girl, a short, chunky thirteen year old wearing a black singlet with the legend 'Fuck off and leave me alone!', pair of battered denim hipsters and dirty trainers sashayed down the walkway pointing angrily at the words on her singlet, giving the audience a good look at her upraised middle finger and shouting "Whatever! Whatever!" The rest of what she said had Julie's censor madly pressing the 'beep' button so that the show did not get in trouble with the broadcasting board.

Cheryl reached her aunt and stood screaming at the audience still pointing to her shirt. "Cheryl! Cheryl!" her aunt yelled, pulling at the girl's singlet to get her attention. "Julie is speaking to you, young lady."

The crowd quietened at a 'shushing' movement from the blond hostess and she smiled at the obviously overexcited teen before saying "Hi, Cheryl."

"Fuck off bitch!" the girl snarled at her.

Julie's face whitened and her lips compressed into a thin line. It was not an uncommon reaction from some of her guests and it was not the first time she had been called a 'bitch'. It was the earliest she had ever encountered it, though. Julie had not ever believed that her upbringing had been draconian or excessively old fashioned, but she knew that if she had spoken to any adult in that manner she would have been thrown over her mother or father's knee and had her bottom well and truly tanned. She was even thinking to herself how much Cheryl needed a smacked bottom. "You can see what I'm up against. Julie." Hannah said in a weary voice as she tried to persuade her niece to sit down and furiously insisting "You will apologize to Julie!"

This command was met with "You can kiss my lily white butt!"

Julie raised her eyes ceilingward, how she wished that Sergeant Roy Maskell was a guest on this show. At times she felt the former marine's methods were a little too intense, but with these kids a short, sharp shock may just do the trick, she smiled at the three children, who had all sat and were watching curiously. All three of them had seen the show before and they knew what tricks it employed to alter their behaviour in the short term at least. Julie wondered if invoking Roy's name would have some effect. "I bet you wouldn't be so sassy if you had Sergeant Roy in front you right now, Cheryl."

The girl shrugged "I don't care about him, he don't scare me."

Not to be outdone Ryan piped up "That dude is so ugly his ass could double as his face."

That got a giggle from Shannon and she winked at Ryan, which only made the young man feel even better about himself and his lame insult.

Julie shot Tracy a withering look, most of the kids had that attitude before meeting Roy, but the barrage the ex-marine unleashed soon changed their minds. She was willing to bet that he would have had Shannon in tears within seconds of making his usual explosive entrance.

Tracy responded to the glare with a grin and a thumbs up gesture. 

Julie shrugged and announced to the camera that they were going to a break and would return with some 'attitude adjustment' for their three young miscreants.   

Julie was as surprised as anyone to see a tall, elegantly dressed, immaculated coiffed blond lady step out from the wings, saunter across the set and seat herself in a chair opposite the two harassed mothers and one very put upon aunt and their three out of control charges. Joan Carallo. The name went through Julie's mind. Joan was a regular guest on the show, she was a psychotherapist specializing in parent child relationships and self esteem matters. She quite often came on and attempted to explain the guest's reasons for behaving the way they did and often counseled both the children and their parents. Julie sincerely doubted that the sophisticated psychotherapist would have much impact on the three she had appearing on the show today. She sincerely hoped that Joan's gentle, common sense methods were not what Tracy had in mind for how to tame the three brats she had just introduced, because she doubted that they would have any impact. Once Joan had settled herself into a chair and smiled at the audience and Julie a tall, slender, teen resembling a younger version of Joan walked across the floor, offered Julie a demure smile and stood behind Joan's chair. "You know my daughter, Amanda don't you, Julie?" Joan asked calmly.

"Yes, we have met." a confused Julie answered and said to Amanda. "Hi Mandy."

"Hello Miss Julie." Amanda replied politely.

A light on the camera told Julie that they were returning from the commercial break, she let Tracy count her in and gave the camera another one of her dazzling smiles. "Just before the break I introduced you all to Ryan, Shannon and Cheryl. Please join me in welcoming our resident therapist Dr Joan Carallo. Hello Joan."

"Good afternoon, Julie. I see we certainly have three rebels here today, don't we?" she smiled at the three somewhat wary adolescents.

"You have theories as to why Ryan, Shannon and Cheryl are behaving the way they are." Julie assumed.

"Oh, yes." Joan said firmly. "I suspect that what Ryan and Shannon are not getting from their Moms and in Cheryl's case her aunt is discipline. Children need discipline, it's as much a need as food, clothing and rest."

"Now wait just a damn minute!" Marie exploded, rising from her chair and glaring at Joan. "Shannon gets plenty of discipline. She's been grounded for the last month."

"Well, that is discipline, Joan." Julie challenged the therapist.

Joan directed her next question to Shannon "Your Mom grounded you, Shannon?"

"Yeah." the girl answered with a pout.

"For a month?"

"Yeah, and it sucks." Shannon sulked.

"You said earlier that you are seeing a boy who can get you a job dancing. You haven't seen him in the past month?"

Shannon laughed "Of course I've seen him!"

Marie turned shocked eyes on her daughter "You were grounded!"

"So what?" Shannon shrugged. "He comes around when you're out or I sneak out. I can see him to or on the way from school."

"When you decided to go," Joan followed up, "I believe Julie you said that you only go to school when you feel like it, Shannon."

The girl smirked.

Marie sank into her chair "I work," she tried to defend herself, "there's only me. I can't watch them all day, every day."

"I understand," Joan said sympathetically, "it is hard and that's why grounding simply is not effective on a girl of Shannon's age with her tendencies to want to display her body. Amanda is a well behaved girl, but she went through a rebellious stage just like Shannon. Tell the audience how Mommy tamed you Amanda."

Amanda winced "Mom!" she exclaimed. "Do I have to?"

"Well, no," Joan said reasonably, "you don't have to, but I would like you to and if you do not we will need to 'discuss' it when we get home."

At the word 'discuss' and the emphasis her mother put on it Amanda paled a little and stepped out from behind the chair.

She stood in the centre of the stage, looked out at the eager audience, took a deep breath and explained in an unsteady voice "When I'm naughty, Mommy bares my bottom, takes me over knee and spanks me soundly."

There was a hissed intake of breath from the audience, Ryan laughed, Shannon giggled and Cheryl sniggered. Amanda turned bright red and Julie felt as if someone had just slapped her across the face. Joan Carallo spanked her daughter. Caring, calm Dr Joan advocated and in fact employed corporal punishment for disobedient children. Julie simply could not believe it.     
As the impact of Amanda's confession sank in upon everyone Carlene addressed a question to Joan "Spanking may work for you and Amanda, Joan and I daresay Marie and Hannah could get Shannon and Cheryl over their knees, but it simply is not possible with Ryan."

The boy chuckled "Damn straight!" and gave the audience a clenched fist symbol.

Joan looked the fifteen year old up and down. "True, I doubt a woman could easily wrestle someone Ryan's age and size over their knee, but there are methods other than physical that can be used. The clothes that Ryan wears look expensive. Where does he get the money?"

Carlene looked confused and said "Well, he buys them out of his allowance."

"Withhold it unless he agrees to be spanked next time."

Realisation that she could indeed do that dawned on Carlene's face and the look she gave her son was positively predatory.

Backed into a corner Ryan asserted "I don't care. If she don't give me money I'll just steal it."

"And you'll be caught and wind up in a reformatory. If you think you're tough wait until you meet the boys in one of those places, Ryan." Joan said with a smile, which was echoed by her daughter. She had not enjoyed the snigger that Ryan had come out with when she told everyone that she was still spanked for misbehaviour.

"You see, Julie, that's why I began SMAC, Spanking Moms Association and Committee. Many mothers and guardians all across this country would like to use spanking as a method of keeping control, but they keep encountering barriers just like the one Carlene voiced. My group helps out with that sort of thing. We're on the internet at www.smac.com. We offer advice on how to spank, when to spank and why to spank. If necessary we can send a member to the home of a stressed Mom or difficult child. You'd be surprised at how these kids change after a good, old fashioned, bare bottom spanking."

Carlene, Marie and Hannah were looking at Ryan, Shannon and Cheryl in an entirely different light now and the children did not seem at all comfortable about it.

"Joan," Julie pressed, feeling a great deal better about how the show was turning out and making a mental note to send Tracy flowers, "you said that your organization has more than one member."

"Oh yes!" Joan laughed musically. "It's not just me. We have an entire network of Moms right across the country, all seriously committed to spanking for bad behaviour and believe me our children are very well behaved. I have one of our founding members with me this afternoon, may I bring her on?"

"Yes please." a now smiling Julie requested.

"Please make Abigail welcome, people." Joan invited the audience.

A tall, full figured black lady wearing a simple blue dress walked onto the stage, she held a girl of Amanda's age by the hand. The girl was shorter than Amanda and had long, braided hair. The audience cheered Abigail to the seat next to Joan and the teenager stood behind her.

"Hi Abigail." Julie grinned.

"Hi Julie and call me Abby please, this is my daughter Martha."

Martha smiled at the audience, showing brilliant white teeth and waved.

"Does Martha get what Mandy gets when she acts up?" Julie asked.

"Oh yes!" Abigail replied enthusiastically. "My hairbrush wears her butt out from time to time."

Martha winced and coloured a little at the candid and somewhat descriptive answer.

"So Joan," Julie asked the therapist. "What would you recommend for Ryan, Shannon and Cheryl? Is it too late? Can they be saved?"

"Oh Julie, I think you know that I don't believe anybody is beyond saving. We've got a lot of work to do, but three stinging hot bottoms will go a long way to putting things right."

"When should that start?" Hannah asked as Cheryl squirmed uncomfortably in the seat next to her.

"No time like the present, Hannah."

Hannah's eyes positively lit up. It was the most animation Julie had seen from the somewhat stressed out lady since she had come onto the show. "However," Joan continued, holding up a hand, "I do not believe that Cheryl should be the first to experience a little dose of over the knee medicine. I like to observe correct protocol and I believe that gentlemen should always make way for ladies, but in this case I think gentlemen before ladies should apply." Joan's blue eyes narrowed and she fixed Ryan in them, she pointed to the nervous boy and crooked her finger "Come on Ryan, come to Aunty Joan."

The boy shrank back in his seat and looked at his mother with pleading eyes "Mom!" he wailed.

"You got yourself into this, Ryan." Carlene replied calmly. "You can get yourself out." and she crossed her arms smugly.

"Amanda," Joan addressed her daughter, "Ryan seems somewhat reluctant, would you like to fetch him here, please?"

"Love to, Mom." Amanda agreed, her blue eyes glinting. That Ryan brat was going to regret laughing at her and trying to embarrass her.

Ryan got ready for a fight. Amanda was older than him and a little taller, but she was still a girl and he was pretty sure that he could take her, that was until Julie voiced her concerns that there may be a struggle "Joan, I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

Joan smiled at the nervous hostess "Don't worry yourself, Julie. My Amanda can look after herself. She didn't make all state judo for nothing."

Amanda reached the boy and as he tried to move backwards took a firm grip on his collar and hauled him to his feet. Ryan tried to slap her arm away, Amanda smiled as she calmly knocked the hand aside and twisted Ryan's arm up behind his back, and then frog marched him across the stage to where her mother sat waiting.

"Thank you Amanda." Joan said and took hold of Ryan's wrist in her hand. The grip did not look particularly strong, but Ryan could not sense any give and knew that he would not easily escape Dr Joan.

"Is this your first spanking, Ryan?" Joan asked.

"No." the boy said sullenly.

"I bet it's the first one in a good long while." the psychotherapist continued.

"I guess."

"Well, let's see if they feel just like you remember." Joan suggested and before Ryan could protest, she whisked his over large shorts to his knees. As the boy gasped in indignation and bent to retrieve his shorts Joan plucked the baseball cap from his head and flicked it across the stage saying "Let's get rid of this, there is no need to wear one of those indoors."

Ryan immediately forgot about his shorts and straightened to see where his cap had gone, Joan easily flipped the confused boy over her knee and dragged his underpants to his knees "Hey, what!" the boy shouted, feeling cool air on his unprotected, white bottom.

Across the stage Shannon giggled to see the pert, alabaster backside and then sobered as her mother whispered "You're next, little miss."

"Now pay close attention, Carlene." Joan advised Ryan's mother and began to explain what she was doing as Ryan's spanking commenced. "He's bound to struggle a little, I find a firm grip around his waist is the best way to hold him, but if that doesn't work, just take one his wrists and push it up his back, that will hold him just fine." she administered a series of hard, stinging slaps across the upturned buttocks over her lap, they quickly turned from a cool white to a soft roseate pink glow. Ryan kicked and yelled loudly.

"What do you do if he kicks like that?" an interested Carlene asked.

"Well as long as he doesn't roll right off your lap it shouldn't really be a problem," Joan replied raising her voice to be heard over Ryan's protests as she slapped steadily away at his rapidly reddening rear end, "but if it does bother you, simply hook a leg over his, that should hold him. If you ever find you need any help with spanking Ryan simply log onto the website and locate someone from SMAC near you. I know any of our members will be only too pleased to offer what assistance they can. I think that's about a good enough warmup." Joan concluded with two cracking smacks across Ryan's now bounding, glowing bottom, right where he sat. "Yeeeooowwwcccchhhh!" Ryan howled.

"What a baby!" Amanda thought as she observed the punishment in progress and shared a wink and a smile with Martha. "Mandy, honey," Joan asked her daughter, "can you get Mommy's paddle please?"

"Yes, Mom." Amanda agreed and reached into a bag behind her mother's chair, her hand emerged holding an oval shaped, light wooden paddle. The hole up the top of it said that it begun life as a game, it was a paddle ball paddle with the small rubber ball on the string removed.

Joan took the paddle from her daughter with thanks and advised the parents and audience "The great thing about spanking as punishment is not only is it effective, you don't have to just wear your hand out. As you can see this is a paddle ball paddle with the ball removed, you can buy these cheaply in every toy store across the country and other household items can also double as very effective spanking implements. We've all got hairbrushes, wooden spoons and even old slippers about the house. Put any of those to a recalcitrant child's bottom and watch the change in behaviour." Then she applied the paddle with gusto to Ryan's twitching rear end. The boy's howls answered the loud pops that the paddle made as it bounced off his bottom. Joan knew that it stung, but not as much as Ryan's reaction indicated, however the loud cracking sound that the paddle made tended to make a child think it imparted more of an impact than it really did. Ryan's bottom bucked up and down and rolled from side as the paddle did its work and painted the boys cheeks to a hot glowing crimson. Joan smacked the paddle down one last time right across the centre of Ryan's bottom and the boy collapsed across her lap in a flood of tears, blubbering "I'm sorreeee Dr Joan."

Joan set the paddle down and gently massaged Ryan's simmering backside as she murmured "It's not me you need to apologize to Ryan. Now why don't we get you into a corner and you can think about what got you spanked and who you need to say sorry to. Amanda."

The girl helped Ryan off her mother's lap and led him shuffling with his shorts and underpants around his ankles to a corner slightly off stage. Many members of the audience smiled as they watched the boy hobble off stage, one hand furiously rubbing his angry red bottom.

When they returned from the break Ryan was curled up in his mother's lap, still bare bottomed and sobbing into her breast. He had apologized for his behaviour to his mother and also to the audience and Julie. Tears already spilling out of her sky blue eyes Shannon was being led unresisting by Martha to a grinning Abigail. Abigail looked up kindly at the trembling, crying teenager and smiled at her. "Now never you mind crying, honey," Abigail told the girl, "Aunty Abby will soon have your patootie the same red as that little top you're wearing."

Shannon started to sob harder and Marie smiled across the stage. It was good to see that her daughter was finally going to get what she deserved and Marie made a silent promise that Shannon would be getting her bottom heated regularly from now on.

Abigail took a firm grip on Shannon's slender hips and drew her closer with little mincing steps. "Child," Abigail scolded gently, "what were you thinking when you wore these?" referring to Shannon's pink hotpants and with one smooth, practiced movement the hotpants were slipped over the girl's hips and slid down her legs to puddle around her ankles. Shannon gave a little cry as she was lifted and placed right in the middle of Abigail's ample lap. The black lady regarded the bright blue thong that Shannon was wearing and clucked her tongue, murmuring disapprovingly "Almost no underwear to come down, but come down they will."

Shannon yelped as the thong was tugged down and her bottom was bared. "Marie," Abigail addressed Shannon's mother as she commenced the girl's spanking, her big, broad, brown hand easily covering the girl's pert white cheeks, "I know Shannon's butt looks just like two cotton balls and probably feels as soft, but don't be afraid to spank it and spank it hard, it can take a good deal more than you would think."  To underline her point Abigail unleashed a scorching volley of smacks, the blows ringing out and reverberating around the studio walls, closely followed by Shannon's answering howls. Shannon's tender backside rolled from side to side in a futile attempt to avoid that hard, punishing palm. Abigail's stern hand rebounded from one cheek to the other, barely giving the adolescent time to recover from the sting of one smack before landing the next one. Without missing a beat of the spanking Abigail asked her daughter "Martha, can you reach into Aunty Joan's bag and hand Mama the slipper, please?" Martha, glad that someone else was the recipient of one of her mother's spankings was only too happy to comply. Abigail took the proffered object, a large flexible, men's bedroom slipper from her daughter and began to apply it with a will to Shannon's strawberry red bottom. Shannon wailed and her bottom pumped frantically as the slipper's sole lit spot fires all over her rear end. Her crying was constant and her bottom was a rich, deep cherry red when she finally bawled "I'm sorreeeee, Mommeeeeee!" Abigail swooped the slipper up twice, catching the underhang of the girl's bottom and making her scream. "That's what we wanted to hear, girl. Do you want to sit on Aunt Abby's lap for a little bit before we cover you up a little and put you in the corner for a little bit of think time?"

Shannon nodded almost imperceptibly and Abigail scooped her up in soft maternal arms, cradling the sobbing girl against her large motherly bosom and whispering gently in her ear "Shhhh, shhhh, It's alright now child. Aunt Abby has you, darling."

As Marie nodded approvingly Abigail said over Shannon's bleached blond head "Would you like to swap daughters for a week or two, Marie" Martha could keep an eye on your others while you were at work and I can teach Shannon here some responsibility."

Marie smiled slowly and said "I'd like that very much, Abigail. I can see that I will receive a much changed girl at the end of that fortnight."

When the show returned from the break Shannon was off stage doing the promised corner time, being supervised by one of Julie's stage hands. Cheryl had the look of a condemned prisoner on her previously defiant face as Julie smiled at her "I bet Sergeant Roy is looking pretty good about now, Cheryl."

"Uhhhh yeah." a distracted Cheryl answered, shooting wary looks at Joan and Abigail. Joan in particular was slapping the paddle into her palm rather ominously. "I'm sorry." Cheryl blurted quickly. "I won't do it again."

Joan laughed "Isn't it amazing how they immediately become so very sorry and promise not to misbehave again when the threat of a hot bottom is on offer?"

Hannah agreed "I don't think I've ever seen her this compliant, but what I want to know Cheryl is what exactly are you sorry for and what won't you do again?"

The girl's eyes flicked about from the two determined women across the stage to her aunt to Julie in the audience "Uhhhhh I'm sorry for fightin' an' drinkin' and bein' expelled."

"So, I won't be getting called down to school or the police station anymore?" Marie asked her niece.

"No ma'am." the girl vowed.

Her aunt seemed unconvinced "What about what you said to Julie? Are you sorry for that?"


"Well tell Julie that then, young lady."

Cheryl pouted and looked at the ground, mumbling "Sorry fer telling you what I said, Julie."

"That doesn't sound very convincing to me." Joan commented. "Julie, Hannah?"

"Not to me either, Joan." Julie said.

"Nor I." Hannah admitted.

"No," Joan continued, "what Cheryl sounds like to me is a young lady trying to very hard to avoid a well earned spanking."

Cheryl's face fell, she jumped to her feet and tried to flee, but was easily caught by Amanda and Martha who carried her wildly struggling form to where one of Julie's stage hands was placing a third chair next to Joan and Amanda. Julie wondered who the third member of SMAC was. No one sat in the chair as Amanda and Martha put Cheryl down, but held her in place. Amanda bent down and whispered "The harder you fight, sweetie, the worse it will be, okay." the girl's words seemed to calm the juvenile delinquent a little.

"Joan, who is the third chair for? Is there another member of SMAC scheduled to come on?" Julie asked the smiling psychotherapist.

"Well, no Julie, I thought as in Cheryl's case you were one of the injured parties you may like to do the honours, if that's okay by Hannah."

"Fine by me," Hannah agreed, "Cheryl will be getting another spanking the minute we get home. I won't have her winding up in jail like her mother and destroying my family in the process and if a soundly smacked bottom is what it takes to do that then Cheryl will be the most well spanked girl in our county."

"Julie." Joan extended the invitation to the blushing hostess, gesturing at the empty chair.

Julie hesitated, unsure of how to react. The audience urged on by Tracy started to chant "Julie! Julie! Julie!"

Cheeks flaming hotly Julie handed her microphone to an assistant and sat down in the chair. "Mandy," Joan requested, "can you and Martha please help Julie out with Cheryl?"

The teens looked at each other and knew what Joan had asked them to do immediately. Amanda's nimble fingers unsnapped the buttons on Cheryl's hipsters and Martha pulled them down to her ankles. Before Cheryl could react the girls had lifted her up and deposited her face first over Julie's waiting lap. Cheryl struggled and swore. Amanda lowered the girl's panties to her knees. "All yours Miss Julie." Amanda said, stepping back. Julie placed an arm around Cheryl's chunky waist and raised her hand. She had never actually spanked anyone before, she had been spanked as a child and she had dearly wanted to do this to many of her brattier guests, but this was the first time she had ever had the opportunity. SMACK! CRACK! Twin slaps rang out as Julie's hand rose and fell right across the centre of each of Cheryl's chubby cheeks. Cheryl roared her displeasure and kicked. Julie tightened her grip a little, set her mouth and began to spank Cheryl with a will, remembering what the girl had told her to do and what she had called her. She scolded as she slapped and turned those quivering, jumping nates a hot, tomato red "A bitch," SLAP SMACK, "is a female dog!" CRACK SPANK. "I am not a female dog!" SLAP SPANK. "Is that understood, young lady?" the answer was a grunt and a howl of rage and pain. Julie unleashed a sizzling volley of spanks which made Cheryl kick and caused her plump bottom to bounce as it glowed hotly under the stinging palm. "I said is that understood, young lady?" Julie repeated, her hand poised to repeat the dose if no response was forthcoming.

"YES!" Cheryl yelped. "Yes, Miss Julie!"

"Good." Julie said, resting her hand gently on Cheryl's now glowing rear.

Tracy emerged from the wings, a smile on her face and a hairbrush in her hand. Julie recognised the brush, it was hers. The one she used to brush her hair before appearing on stage. "I think Cheryl needs a talk with Mr Hairbrush." Joan advised Julie as the blond TV hostess took the brush from Tracy.

Hannah nodded and shared a smile with Carlene and Marie.

Julie raised the brush and slapped it down smartly all over Cheryl's hot, red bottom. The girl kicked and howled and as Julie attacked her sit spots with the brush burst into tears. She cried hard and long until her nose started to run and her sobs became hiccoughs, her bottom had been turned a deep, rich cherry red and was furnace hot. Julie set the brush aside and helped the girl to her feet. Cheryl threw herself into Julie's arms clinging to her tightly, not caring that the audience was getting a good eyeful of her crimson backside.

Julie looked out at the camera over Cheryl's heaving shoulder and said "Thanks for joining us. Come back next week when we have a round table with members of SMAC: Bringing Discipline Back Into The House."

As the credits rolled Julie could be just heard telling Cheryl to get into a corner.


  1. Ouch that was some spankings and just wish we could see the rerun! Can't wait for next weeks show. Awesome.

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  2. Don't you just love seeing not one but three brats get their comeuppance. Julie sounds like my kind of spanker, well actually all three ladies came across as no nonsense, take no prisoners, type of ladies, All I know is If I spoke to mom like those brats did, I would never be able to ever sit down again.
    Lovely story Aunty Andrea, thanks for posting it


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