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'Miss Spankintosh' - Guest Fiction

The lovely Esskay has granted me the privilege of sharing another one of his stories with you all. A tale about a determined young woman who knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it. Please enjoy Esskay's Miss Spankintosh.

Artwork by Stephanie Burke, picture from Boyz Being Boyz.

“Good morning, class. My name is Miss Macintosh…….and I spank.”

So started the new school year for Section A of the sixth grade at Elmcrest Elementary School.

Lynn Macintosh had 26 students that morning -- all of whom had been hoping to get the other sixth grade teacher. All of them knew the reputation of the teacher called “Miss Spankintosh” behind her back.
Fifty-two eyes were now fixed on the tall, slim 27-year old teacher who knew she had their complete attention. She was wearing what she thought of as an “authority outfit;” she wore it that day to help set the tone she wanted. She had on a black skirt and a short-sleeve white pleated blouse that fastened at the neck. With her hair back in a bun, she was an imposing sight who could intimidate sixth graders even if she had never uttered the word “spanking.”

“We have a lot to talk about this morning,” she said, “but you already have heard the most important things you have to know--who I am and what I do.
“If you don’t already know it, for the last three years I have given more spankings than any other teacher in the school. You’re sixth graders -- it’s your last year in this school. I’m sure you think spankings should be for the little kids, not sixth graders. Well, I don’t agree. I’ve seen too many sixth graders who think they’re the big kids who can get away with anything just because they’re the oldest in the school. As far as I’m concerned, I think sixth graders need strict punishment even more than the younger students.
“Whether this class gets the most spankings again this year isn’t up to me -- it’s completely up to you. If you all behave, there will be no spankings. But if you mis-behave, there will be plenty of spankings. I will take any of you -- boy or girl -- to the spanking room, and you will get a bare-bottom spanking with this.” (She opened her desk drawer, pulled out a small wooden paddle, and dropped it on her desk for maximum effect).
“Some of you may have parents that think you’re too old to get spanked now. That may be true at your house, but that does not matter here. I decide if you’re too old to get spanked in this classroom, and I’ve decided -- you are not too old to get spanked in this class.
“And that is in effect right now. Last year, I had to spank someone on the second day of school. And if one of you gives me a reason to spank you today, I will do it.
“Now….let’s talk about what we’re going to learn this year, and what I expect from you.”
In the room next door, 25 relieved sixth graders were meeting their new teacher, 23-year old Josh Waters, who was starting his first day as a teacher. Josh had mixed emotions about teaching the sixth grade -- he had received a Masters in History earlier that year, and really had aspirations to teach college-level History. But due to the ongoing recession, college teaching positions were very scarce and he considered himself lucky to get any kind of teaching job. (Josh’s aunt was on the local school board, which likely helped him, especially since he had little experience geared towards elementary education).

Teachers taught multiple subjects in the elementary school, which presented a challenge for Josh in a few subjects such as Math and English. The school’s principal had asked Lynn to mentor Josh, and share some of her lesson plans with him. The two had met for the first time just the day before and Josh had been very pleased by Lynn’s offer of help. He liked her immediately.

Lynn had suggested the two eat together each day at the lunch hour, where she could hear his concerns and offer some help in subject matter in which he was weak. She had found him to be a very pleasant and self-deprecating young man with a good sense of humor, and she also liked him. After a week, both were looking forward to their lunch “dates” each day and found they very much enjoyed each other’s company.
One afternoon during the second week of school, Lynn was “down” a bit and Josh noticed, asking her what the trouble was. She responded that she had been pleased she didn’t have to spank any students the first week of school, but she needed to spank one of her male students right after lunch. Josh was aware, of course, that teachers had the authority to spank their students, but as he did not plan on doing any spanking himself, he really hadn’t thought much about it. He had overheard some students talking once and had become aware that Lynn did spank students, and had some curiosity about her beliefs.
“If it bothers you so much, why do you do it?” he asked.

“I think you have to in order to keep the kids paying attention. I’ve been glad to hear you have been doing OK keeping order in your class, but I really struggled with that my first year teaching. I had been sure I wasn’t going to spank students, but I was losing control of the classroom. One of the older teachers -- she retired last year --tried to help me, she told me the children were testing me and until they knew I would spank them, they would continue to carry on. ’Lynn, she said, you need to take one of them to the spanking room (the school had one room that was available for faculty to use for disciplining students), give it to him good, bring him back to your classroom and make him stand in the corner so all the others can see what you’ll do. Most of them will not give you trouble again.’
“She was right. It happened to be a girl who gave me trouble next, and I spanked her. She stood in the corner and cried quite a bit, and for the next week, I had no trouble at all from anybody. But I learned to act quickly whenever one of the kids goes over the line, and I never hesitated again to spank a student. I’ll do it whenever I think a kid deserves it. I‘ve heard that they call me ‘Miss Spankintosh‘ but I do believe I‘m doing the right thing. I got spanked when I was that age and it kept me out of a lot of trouble.”

“I really hope I don’t have to spank anyone,” Josh said. “I got spanked some when I was young, and I agree it matters to a kid, but I just don’t see myself as spanking anyone.”

“I hope you don’t have to also,” Lynn said, “but it’s only the second week.”
That night, Josh had one of the strangest dreams he ever experienced. There was a boy named Timmy in Josh’s section, and he had already become one of Josh’s favorite students. Timmy had indicated a strong interest in history, and Josh saw a lot in Timmy that had made him think of himself when he was 12 years old.

In his dream, Josh saw Lynn leading Timmy to the spanking room. She was wearing the same clothes she had worn the first day of school and had Timmy’s wrist in one hand while carrying her paddle in the other. Timmy was pleading with her not to spank him, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Lynn took him into the room, sat down on the chair that had been placed there, lowered Timmy’s trousers, and then placed him over her lap. She then pulled down Timmy’s shorts, lifted the paddle, and proceeded to give him a prolonged spanking, producing a great deal of crying on Timmy’s part.

Finally, she stopped, and eased the boy off her lap. He then turned around and to Josh’s nightmare horror, when he turned around, it was no longer Timmy’s face doing the crying -- it was instead a 12-year old Josh who was crying and rubbing a very sore butt!

Josh woke up and had great difficulty getting back to sleep that night.
That Lynn and Josh had become “a couple” was actually recognized by many of their colleagues at school even before they realized it themselves. The lunches that had started out as almost all work-related had morphed into a few minutes of talk about work with the majority of time being devoted to friendly chatting between two people who genuinely liked each other’s company. Most of the rest of the staff at school were older women -- they liked Lynn and wanted her to find a man. A few of them thought that Josh may be a bit young for her, but he did seem like a nice young man and “she could do worse.” At first, the other teachers had left Lynn and Josh alone at their table because they knew school work was being done; now they left the pair alone because no one wanted to disturb the “cute couple.”

Lynn and Josh each greatly enjoyed their time together, and each wanted to spend more time with the other, but both were reluctant to make the first move. Josh was sure that if he asked Lynn out she would decline, and he feared that if that had happened, the rest of the year would be very difficult. He regretted that there was a 4-year age gap between them, and felt that difference made it impossible for he and Lynn to get together. Lynn also regretted that difference, but mostly because she felt that because of the gap, Josh would not ask her out, which she hoped he would do. She was willing to take the initiative and ask him out first, but she felt that if she did so, their relationship -- whatever it might eventually turn out to be -- would be forever stamped as “female-led.” She was older, she was actually a bit taller than Josh was, and she was his mentor in his job. She knew she could be comfortable as leader of their relationship, but wanted to give Josh the chance to act first.
It had reached the point where Josh was inventing reasons to call Lynn on the weekends, ostensibly to ask a subject-related question. Lynn of course saw through the attempt at deception, but was happy to play along; the calls quickly moved from work-related to the same kind of pleasant conversations they had at lunch. They had essentially become “phone dates.” After the second such call (which lasted more than an hour), she decided to act. It was now early October, and a friend of hers was planning a Halloween party. The next day at lunch, she invited him to the party, and he immediately accepted.

The next few weeks in which they planned their costumes were enjoyable for both of them as they anticipated their first real date. They went to the party as Dorothy and The Tin Man, and both had a marvelous time. Dorothy and The Tin Man consummated their relationship immediately after the party.
A few weeks after they started dating, Josh mentioned to Lynn that one of his students was starting to act up in class and become a disciplinary problem. Lynn suggested Josh needed to consider a spanking for the problem student, and Josh responded he had fully thought about that alternative and had concluded he simply could not do it.

“Then you’re not doing your job,” Lynn told him.

“I know. You’re right,” he said. “That was my biggest fear about taking a sixth grade job. I’ve struggled with thinking about it, and I know I simply cannot put a kid over my knee and spank him. I know this sounds crazy, but I think I’d rather get spanked myself than give a spanking to anyone.”

It was a casual comment, almost meant to be a joke. But Lynn never forgot it.
It was now the spring, and Lynn and Josh had been dating exclusively for six months. Josh was in love, he had never been happier in his life. He was still trying to upgrade to a college teaching position, but knowing if he did not get one he’d have another year working in the next room to the woman he loved put him in a position where he felt whatever happened would be good.

It wasn’t quite that easy for Lynn. Certainly she was very happy being with Josh, had done some serious thinking about a possible life as his wife, and had decided to continue the relationship to see where it went. But she had some concerns. As she got to know Josh better, she saw some evidence of what she categorized as either immaturity or irresponsibility. There was nothing quite so bad as to make her want to stop seeing him, but a few incidents made her question whether the four year gap in their ages put them in different places in their lives. Might she have seen some of his actions differently when she was four years younger? She wasn’t sure.

When Lynn was a teenager, one of her friends had been hurt badly in an accident caused by a drunk driver; she was very intense about that subject and previous conversations with Josh had communicated her feelings. At one lunch in April, Josh made the mistake of confiding to her that he had been lucky the night before -- he had had a couple too many drinks while out with some of his old friends, but still drove home. Happily, nothing had happened, but Lynn was horrified at the irresponsibility Josh had shown in his choices. She told him how upset she was at “yet another” example of what she called “immaturity and irresponsibility” He apologised, but started to fear that some of his actions might lead to Lynn ending the relationship.

She did a lot of thinking about Josh at home that night. Some times, she thought, she wasn’t sure if he was a sixth grade teacher or a sixth grader himself. Last night’s actions were done with the same kind of immature thinking one of his students might use -- was there really a difference between Josh and the children he and she taught? Maybe not, was her answer to herself.
Then she remembered his comment a few months before in which he had said he’d rather be spanked himself than spank a student. “Wow,” she said to herself. “I need to do a lot of thinking.”
Lynn was one straw away from the camel’s back being broken, and Josh added on the straw the very next week. Lynn was to represent the school at a conference in Dallas, about 25 miles away, and a substitute was hired to handle her class that day. There was a dinner after the conference and she was going to get an award at the dinner, so she invited (at her expense) Josh to join her for dinner after he was done teaching that day.

She had actually invited him about two weeks before the event, and he had agreed, but his mind was elsewhere during the conversation. On the day of the event, he was of course aware that Lynn was at the conference, but he had completely forgotten that he had agreed to join her for dinner. Instead he had told one of his buddies that he would come over to watch a basketball playoff doubleheader together.

The dinner started at 6PM, and Lynn started calling Josh’s home just before then since he had not arrived. He was not home, and all she could do was leave a message on his answering machine. She called again at 6:30, again to no answer. She had become very, very worried about him -- her assumption was that he may have been in a car accident on the way, she could not think of any other reason why he was not there. A very worried Lynn tried to call again just before she left to drive home; of course there was still no answer.

She drove directly to his apartment, but still he was not there and she became even more frantic. When she got to her apartment, she called the police to see if there had been any reports of an accident involving him, but they could not give her information about any other cities. She was sick with worry.

The phone rang about midnight. Josh had arrived home, heard her messages on the answering machine, and finally remembered that he was supposed to have joined her for dinner that night. He tried to apologize, but Lynn was furious. She told him she did not wish to talk about it right now, and hung up, just before she burst into tears.
Lynn usually arrived at school about 7:30 each morning, a half hour before she needed to be there. Josh usually pulled into the parking lot just before 8. But on this morning, Josh was standing by Lynn’s parking space when she got there.

He tried to apologize as soon as she opened her car door, but she said abruptly, “I don’t want to talk about it now.” He walked with her towards the building and she added, “I don’t want to talk about it at lunch either. Let’s not sit together for lunch today. Come to the apartment about 7 tonight.”

Josh had no doubt that at 7PM, he would be told the relationship was over.
Lynn asked a couple of women teachers if she could eat with them at lunch. One asked, “No Mr. Waters today?” and she made up an excuse that they were caught up so they didn’t have any work to go over today. (The women did not believe her). Josh did not come to the cafeteria for lunch -- he drove to a fast-food restaurant and wolfed down lunch just before his students re-entered his classroom.
Josh arrived at Lynn’s apartment just before 7 expecting the worst. All day he had been distraught at the thought that he had ruined a relationship with the first woman he truly loved. He also got emotional just thinking about how much sorrow he had caused her.

Lynn was all business when he entered; she did not even kiss him and he took that as another sign that all was lost. They sat in her living room area and she started by relating how hurt she had been the night before, especially as the other people at her table had kept on asking her if she had heard from her boyfriend.

Josh tried to apologize again, but he knew there was nothing he could say that would fix what he had done. “Lynn, I screwed up...again,” he finally said. “You cannot imagine how bad I feel about ruining your night. I really do feel terrible. I’m in your hands. Whatever you say is OK with me now.”

Lynn had done a great deal of thinking about what she wanted to accomplish tonight, and Josh’s sincere apology and attitude made her think she’d be able to do what she wanted to.

“Josh, yes, last night was the worst thing you’ve done to me,” she said. “But it’s far from the first time you’ve been irresponsible. Last week it was drinking and driving, and there have been many other times we needed to talk about your behavior.”

She watched his body language carefully. He was slumped down on the couch and would not make eye contact with her -- much like her students when she scolded them. “Perfect,” she thought to herself.
“Josh, you continue to show me that you’re irresponsible and immature. Honestly, some times you act more like a sixth grade student than a sixth grade teacher.” She watched him closely for his reaction.

He hadn’t expected to hear a criticism like that and sat up straight. “I’m sorry,” he said. “You’re right.”

Lynn told herself she needed to make the move for what she wanted to do right now. “Not only do you act like a sixth grader, you often act like a naughty sixth grader!”

Josh knew she chose her words carefully and that word caught his attention. He had heard her use the word “naughty” before, but only when it referred to a student who Lynn felt needed to be spanked. Affixing that word to him made him feel uncomfortable. Was she suggesting he needed to be spanked? He wasn’t sure, and he didn’t know how to react. His first priority -- actually his only priority -- was to save the relationship. He needed to make an immediate decision that could affect the rest of his life -- if she was leading up to what he thought, would he sacrifice his dignity to save the relationship?

Yes, he would.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I guess I have acted like a naughty sixth grader.”

“I have to deal with that,” she said. “I can’t allow that kind of behavior to go on.”

Now there was no doubt what she was leading up to. For the first time in the conversation, he did make eye contact with her, looking right at her with sad eyes. “I know. I understand.”

“You do know how I deal with naughty sixth grade behavior, don’t you, Josh?”

“Yes, Lynn, I do.”

“I’m going to spank you, Josh.”

He sighed. “I know. I love you, I trust you. Do what you think is right.”

“Wait right there, Josh. I need to get something.”

For a man about to get his first spanking in more than a decade, Josh was very serene. He had never forgotten the dream in which Lynn had spanked Timmy and him -- perhaps on some level he may have felt it was inevitable that some day, for some reason, Lynn was going to really spank him. What worried him more was the unanswered question: would Lynn spanking him save their relationship, or was it simply the punctuation point marking the end of that relationship? He knew he could endure the pain and embarrassment of the spanking; being dumped by Lynn would be much harder to endure.

Lynn emerged from the bedroom holding an object in her right hand. At first glance, Josh thought it was the paddle she used in school for spankings, but as she got closer to him he could see it was instead a hairbrush he had never seen before. She moved a chair from the dinette area near him and sat down. No words needed to be spoken -- she looked directly at him, and he rose and moved to her. He placed himself directly in front of her and she loosened his belt before lowering both his pants and his shorts. Otherwise fully dressed, he then placed himself over her lap to receive his punishment.

Lynn wanted to say something, but she was nervous and felt her voice might show it, so she proceeded to immediately start the spanking. The first few spanks didn’t feel that bad to Josh, but as the spanking continued, the pain started to build. Josh groaned frequently, kicked his legs often, and uttered the usual “ooohs” and “ouches,” but otherwise kept his composure. Lynn, having only spanked 12 and 13-year olds in the past, had never spanked anyone who did not cry while being spanked; Josh’s lack of tears concerned her a bit in that perhaps the punishment wasn’t effective. But she told herself “maybe he acts like a sixth grader, but he is a man, not a little boy.” She actually felt a little proud that her man could in fact “take his punishment like a man.”
Although Josh wasn’t crying or begging for mercy, it would be totally inaccurate to say the punishment was not having an effect. It was hurting much more than he would have expected. He was gasping for breath between spanks and silently begging for it to end. Still, he felt despite the pain, if this saves the relationship, it’s worth it. But--owww!--it hurts so much. Is she this hard on the kids at school also?

Finally she stopped and ordered Josh to the corner. Hobbled by still having his pants and shorts around his ankles, he had trouble maneuvering in that direction, so Lynn had to take his arm and help him get there. She watched him in the corner for about a minute, then went into the kitchen for some water.

Josh was now alone with his thoughts, staring into the corner. The pain of the spanking had not made him cry, but he was now becoming very emotional. Yes, his butt hurt a lot, but the knowledge that his behavior had driven Lynn to this action truly did hurt even more than the spanking did. He loved this woman, and his irresponsible behavior had impacted her deeply. If anyone ever deserved a spanking, I did for that, he told himself.

Even worse -- he still did not know if they were still a couple. Lynn had not said she was ending the relationship, but neither did she say that if he agreed to be spanked that they would continue. With his butt throbbing, Josh’s thoughts turned pessimistic: this woman just spanked me, he told himself. She’s not going to want to stay with a man she thinks of as a sixth grader. I’ve lost her.

And THAT made him cry!
“I’m Josh.
“It’s hard to believe all of that happened more than 25 years ago, but it did. I know it’s more than 25 years ago, because just last week, our three kids threw a 25th anniversary party for Lynn and me.

“That spanking was not the end of our relationship; it actually turned out to be the beginning of what we really were going to be as a couple. Lynn and I got engaged a few months after that, and we were married at the end of what was my second year teaching elementary school. Our working lunches ended that year, though, after two years at Elmcrest, I finally did get the college teaching job I wanted.

“Lynn put in her twenty years of teaching before retiring; by that time we had three kids and it was a good time for her to be a stay-at-home mom. I stayed in teaching and am now the Chairman of the History Department at a junior college near where we live.

“As I’m sure you can imagine given Lynn’s views on discipline, our kids were spanked when they deserved it. Not by me; I still could never spank anyone, even when it was one of my kids and I thought they deserved a spanking. In our house, it was always the opposite of the old line--with us it was “Wait ’til your MOTHER gets home.

“And their father got spanked too. I have no doubt that in all the time Lynn and I have been together, she must have spanked me more than 100 times.

“The kids never knew she spanks me. With three kids, sometimes we had to wait almost a week to be alone so that I could get a spanking Lynn felt I had earned. A lot of them were on Sunday mornings while the kids were in Sunday School at church. The term “Sunday School” became a code word with Lynn and me. If she told me I was going to “Sunday School,” it meant I was going to get a spanking the first opportunity when no kids were in the house. Usually, I drove the kids on Sunday--they never knew that on the mornings when their mother drove them, it was because their father was standing naked in the corner of the bedroom waiting for a spanking.

“I hate that hairbrush!

“Waiting was the worst part. There were some times I had to wait almost a week before we were alone, and knowing I had a spanking coming was always on my mind. One time, one of the kids was sick on a Sunday I was due a spanking, and I had to wait almost two weeks. That time, Lynn told me I needed to “pay interest” for waiting so long, and she gave me twenty-five extra spanks.

“I know this sounds funny, but over the years, we’ve developed a little bit of a sense of humor about her spanking me, like her saying I needed to “pay interest.” Don’t get me wrong--there’s nothing funny about her spanking me. They are absolutely serious punishment spankings, meant to hurt a lot, and they do. But at other times we can talk about my spankings and even kid around a little.

“I have very mixed emotions about her spanking me. I do not like it at all, and I really do try to not do anything she might spank me for. But I know how much she loves our kids, and she spanked them whenever she felt they deserved it. Somehow, getting spanked by Lynn tells me she still loves me, too. I hate getting spanked, but I love her and I trust her and I’ll do whatever she tells me to do, including getting undressed and getting into a corner to wait for her to spank me.

“Here’s a funny thing -- the kids are now too old to be spanked, but I’m not. The rules in our house were that the kids could get spanked until they graduated from high school and our youngest graduated last year. But I still get spanked! I once said to Lynn why is it the kids are too old to get spanked, but I’m not. She laughed and said she grades me on a different curve.

“I used to wonder what would have happened if cellphones were prevalent when I first met Lynn. If we had cellphones, she would have called me that night I stood her up, I would have remembered I was supposed to be at the dinner, I would have been there in a half-hour and I wouldn’t have got a spanking the next night. I once said that to her and she told me, ‘If I didn’t spank you for that, I would have spanked you for something else as soon as possible. Once I bought that hairbrush, your butt was doomed.”

“Damn, I love that woman. I have one great wish--that 25 years from now, I’ll be able to say that Miss Spankintosh has now spanked me 200 times!”


  1. Oh my what a wonderful and very stimulating story, just amazing and love the story line, wow!

    Thanks for sharing and love the drawing.

    Best always

  2. Liked this story a lot, if more Women were like this, there would be less divorces.

    I also liked the drawing.


  3. Thank you Ron and James. Esskay has certainly been a find for the blog. The drawing fitted the story beautifully and the artist was suggested by Esskay himself.