Saturday, 5 November 2011

'The Spank Shop - Brian'

Hello on this lovely Sunday, darlings! Aunty has been working in her garden before the expected cool change and found that the lovely Seegee had completed another chronicle of the goings on of the Spank Shop. Please enjoy, I know I did!

From School Mistress Fantasy. This is not unlike the sight that greets a naughty boy or girl when they enter my parlour.

From Strict Women. Brian makes the hairbrushes acquaintance.

Miss Jessica Wood flexes a pretty pink crop, mine is somewhat more fearsome, but just as flexible and extremely stingy.

This gentle Monday morning in Clarkstown’s Spank Shop had begun as planned. The shop’s teenage receptionist; Kimberley Kennedy, had been looking forward to a relaxing morning, and a chance to catch up with the shop’s correspondence. Between nine and ten they only had one client, and as the shop’s proprietress and primary disciplinarian; Andrea Mahoney, had already arranged the lady’s session in a meeting with her on Friday afternoon, the appointment would very likely end earlier than the hour they had booked her in for.

As this particular client was already at the shop having a little weep before she faced Aunty Andrea, as many of the shop’s customers referred to the attractive and elegant owner, Kimberley was quite surprised when the bell above the front door rang loudly, and an obviously upset woman in her early twenties entered, followed by a futilely protesting older lady.
“Millicent!” the older lady said helplessly. “You can’t simply barge into places like this! Calm down.”
“He lied to me mother! He lied a week before our wedding!” Millicent cried, rounding on her mother furiously.

“Hello Millicent, Mrs Goldwater,” Kimberley greeted the two ladies politely, “if you’d like to take a seat I’ll see if Miss Andrea can speak to you after her nine o’clock.”
The soberly dressed client waiting for her appointment in the parlour, broke off from her quiet sobbing, and raised swollen red eyes to observe the drama taking place in reception.

“No, this can’t wait!” Millicent insisted, and before Kimberley could stop her, opened the door to Andrea’s parlour and rushed in.
Andrea’s teacup paused on its journey to her lips, as she stared at the girl entering her parlour. She knew who her first appointment was for the morning, and curly haired Millicent Goldwater was not it. Trailing behind the hysterical blonde was her protesting mother, and a breathless and extremely agitated Kimberley.

Andrea did not say anything, but directed her gaze past Stephanie Goldwater and her daughter to her flushed receptionist. Those steady green eyes demanded an explanation, and Kimberley’s bottom began to tingle uncontrollably. She had been spanked for less in the past. “I couldn’t do anything, Miss Andrea. Millicent wasn’t about to listen to me and just rushed in. I’m very sorry.”

Andrea assessed the situation coolly, and then said to her young assistant “Kimberley, could you please let Cheryl know that we’ll need to delay her visit briefly, but I will see her before ten.”
Kimberley nodded, and left for reception, heaving a sigh of relief.
“Seeing as how you’re here I guess you should take a seat and have some tea.” Andrea offered.
Stephanie seated herself on the couch, and dragged her excitable daughter down beside her. “You’re white and one, aren’t you, Stephanie?” Andrea inquired, as she poured tea for the lady.
Stephanie Goldwater nodded, and Andrea asked “And Millicent?”
“The same as me, thank you Andie.”

Once the two ladies were furnished with tea, Andrea sat back in her chair, sipped from her own cup, and began introductions “Your daughter isn’t a member of the tennis club is she, Stephanie?”
“No, Andie.” The elder Goldwater replied, blowing on her tea to cool it, and then taking an experimental sip.
“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Millicent.”
The girl blushed, and her mother answered “She prefers Millie.”
“Millie then.”
“Thank you Andie.” The blonde girl said, and then looked at her mother as a cloud crossed Andrea’s serene face, and her lips pursed.
“Andrea can be a little old fashioned Millie. I think she’d be more comfortable with someone of your age calling her Miss Andrea.”
“Thank you, Stephanie.” Andrea said graciously.
“I do apologise for Millie,” Stephanie began, with a warning look at her daughter who opened her mouth to protest, but then interested herself in her tea, “she had a bit of a shock yesterday night, and that’s what brings us here.”

Andrea’s jade eyes fixed the younger girl, and she asked “Why don’t you tell Aunty Andrea what’s happened Millie, and I’ll see what I can do to fix it. I may even forgive you for upsetting Kimberley and just barging in here unannounced. Please remember that I am running a business, and I rarely see clients without an appointment.”
Millie went bright red, and sipped her tea hurriedly to try and recover her composure. “It’s my fiancé,” she started, her eyes misting over, “we had a deal about our bachelor and bachelorette parties. He promised me that he wouldn’t get a drunk and there would be no strippers.”
“He didn’t stick to it?”
“No!” Mille said hotly. “He was so drunk, he couldn’t even stand up, and he had three strippers!”
“No hanky panky at the bachelorette party?” Andrea asked, her green eyes sparkling mischievously over the rim of her teacup.
“Absolutely not!” Millicent denied angrily.
“I was there, Andie.” Stephanie put in. “We had a lovely time, and all the girls had some champers, but not too much, and we did have some male waiters at the restaurant, but their clothes remained on.”

“When are you getting married, Millie?” Andrea asked.
“Next week,” the girl sniffled, dabbing at her nose with a pocket handkerchief, “on the weekend.”
“I see,” Andrea said thoughtfully, sipping tea, “I’m not exactly sure how I fit into this, though.”
“You spank people, don’t you, Miss Andrea?” Millicent asked.
“I do definitely spank deserving bottoms, Millie.” The chestnut haired disciplinarian confirmed.
“She wants you to spank Brian.” Stephanie explained for her daughter.

Andrea set her teacup down in its saucer with a gentle click, and said “I’m assuming Brian is of a similar age to yourself, Millie.”
“Yes, Miss Andrea.”
“How old are you sweetheart?”
“Twenty three,” the girl replied, “Brian is a year older than me.”
“There’s the problem.” Andrea said.
“Why?” Millicent asked.
“I can’t spank an adult unless I have their consent, otherwise I could be sued.”
“Oh.” Millicent pronounced softly, and sipped her tea, before saying brightly “Brian will agree to it…he better.”
Andrea had to hide her smile in her teacup, the young lady had such kittenish fury and determination in her vow to make her fiancé agree to being spanked by Andrea.

Andrea eyed the indignant girl off, and posed the question “Have you ever been spanked, Millie?”
“Of course.” The girl answered.
Stephanie’s lips pursed, and she sighed “I don’t think what I used to do to you as a child is really what Andie is talking about, Millie.”
“They were spankings!” her daughter insisted.
“They were a few smacks to your rear, and the last time I did it you were eleven years old.”
“Isn’t that a spanking? That’s what you said they were.”
“Technically it’s a spanking,” Andrea moderated, “but it isn’t what I call a spanking, and I don’t think you want me to do that to Brian, do you?”
“No, Miss Andrea.” Millicent replied, hearing the hardness in the chestnut haired woman’s tone.

“I have a reputation to uphold, Millie. When someone comes to the Spank Shop for discipline, that is what they get. My clients leave the shop with roasting rears, and are generally all cried out.”
Millicent’s blue eyes strayed to the sturdy black hairbrush that lay bristle side up on the coffee table and the short, two-tailed strap that was draped over one of the sofa arms.
“Yes, I do often use implements,” Andrea answered the girl’s unspoken question, “I spank on the bare bottom, and it is long and hard. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Do you still want me to do this to Brian?”
Millicent’s head rose, her jaw firmed and her eyes flashed “Yes.”

Andrea sighed “Very well then, Millicent.” She dialed a number on the phone. “Kimmy?”
“Yes, ma’am.” The receptionist answered brightly.
“Can you leave reception for a moment and bring your appointment book, please?”
“Yes, ma’am. Cheryl’s still the only one out here, and I don’t think she’ll bolt while I’m gone.”
“Thanks, darling.” Andrea said with a chuckle, as she set the phone back down.

The smiling teenager soon appeared in the parlour, her large appointment book clasped to her chest.
“Now when would it be most convenient for you and Brian to come in, Millie?” Andrea asked.
At hearing Brian Campbell’s name mentioned, Kimberley’s mouth dropped open.
Andrea glanced at her receptionist, and reproved mildly “Please close your mouth Kimberley Susan, you look silly when you do that.”
Kimberley’s mouth shut with a snap, and she blushed becomingly.
Millie had considered the question Andrea put to her, and said firmly “Tomorrow.”
“Do we have anything open tomorrow, Kimmy?” Andrea asked the girl.
Kimberley opened her ledger, and scanned through it, murmuring “Tuesday, Tuesday…” she said “No, I don’t think…oh wait Mrs Harris cancelled!”
“Jimmy?” Andrea queried.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Oh, that’s a shame, he has such an adorable bottom…oh well. What time is that Kimmy? I’ll need an hour as Brian is a new client.”
“That’s at eleven.”
“Does that suit?” Andrea asked.
Millie made a face, and started “Don’t you have anything…” but stopped as she got an elbow in her ribs, and a furious glare from her mother, “that will do, Miss Andrea.”
“Well, make sure you let Brian know, and let him know what he’s in for,” Andrea advised the fair girl, “if he arrives here and doesn’t know what we’ve discussed I will be very cross, and you do not want me to be upset with you, young lady.”
Millie gulped, and her face paled a little, before she rose and followed Kimberley and her mother back into reception to arrange the next day’s appointment.

Later that day Andrea took her coffee into reception, and sat down next to Kimberley. The room was empty, but the sounds of a spanking in progress in Gabrielle Kennedy’s parlour (Kimberley’s formidable mother) could be heard filtering through the closed door. “Kim,” Andrea began, sipping coffee, “what can you tell me about Millicent and Brian?”
“They’re both pretty good together.” The girl replied. “Millie’s a bit of a stress monkey, but Brian’s got it together. He and Evan are actually friends.”
“What Millicent told me this morning made him sound a little different.” Andrea mused.
Ever eager for gossip Kimberley pounced “What happened?”
Andrea sighed, and cautioned “I will tell you, Kimberley Susan, but if one word of it leaves this office then you’ll be standing up for the remainder of the month. I still have Joelle’s martinet.”
The girl gasped, her bottom keenly remembered the sting of the multi-thonged implement that Andrea’s arrogant French friend; Joelle, had gifted the elegant disciplinarian.
“The two of them made a promise, which I am led to believe Brian didn’t keep.”
“Oh the no stripper, getting drunk thing.” Kimberley tossed off.
“Yes, how did you know about it?”
“Evan was a guest at the bucks party.” The girl clarified.

“So there were strippers there? Brian got drunk?” Andrea pressed.
“I don’t know, but they’re both traditional, so I assume so.” The girl answered.
“Evan didn’t tell you?”
“Oh God no!” Kimberley exclaimed. “It’s all secret mens stuff what happens at a bucks, but he did tell me about the deal Brian made with Millie.”
“What’s Brian like?” Andrea asked.
“He’s really nice. Kind of cute in the blond, clean cut boy way. He’s a bit of a goody two shoes…”
“You prefer ‘bad boys’, Kimmy?” Andrea questioned, a smile playing across her lips.
The girl blushed “Not really, Aunty, but I like them to be a bit scruffy sometimes. I can’t imagine Brian being anything but how he is. He’s a good catch, though. You do know his surname is Campbell?”
“Should that mean something to me?”
“Campbell Furniture.” Kimberley clarified.
“Oh,” Andrea said, as understanding dawned on her, they owned a chain of local furniture stores, so it meant that the family Millicent Goldwater was marrying into was rather affluent.
“Brian manages the local store, but he’ll get the whole chain when his Dad retires.”
“I can see why Millie wants to hang onto him, then.”
“Are you really going to spank him, Aunty?”
“Kimberley,” Andrea began seriously, “he made a promise to his fiancée. A promise he broke. Do you really think it’s good to be entering into a marriage with both of them mistrusting each other? You know as well as I do how a sore bottom clears the air and makes both parties feel like they have paid some sort of tangible penance for their indiscretions.”
The girl nodded her blonde head sagely, and then turned to welcome an entering client with a brilliant smile, as Andrea picked up her coffee and retreated back into her parlour.

Brian Campell followed his fiancée into the Spank Shop, casting nervous glances at the trio exiting the shop, walking stiff legged, tear tracks obvious on their faces, and rubbing their rears rather vigorously.
Brian knew about the shop’s reputation. Everyone in Clarkstown did, but he had never visited it as a client, and did not think he ever would. Millicent had her work cut out getting him here today, but once she turned on the tears, it was a foregone conclusion. Brian could never resist the girl’s tears.

Kimberley finished making an entry on the spreadsheet on her computer monitor, and then smiled up at the young couple.
“Hi Millie, Brian, you’re right on time. You can go straight in, Aunty Andrea is expecting you.”
“Come on, Brian!” Millicient tugged at her boyfriend’s hand insistently as he tried to look around the room.
“It won’t hurt…much.” Kimberley called after him with a wink of one sparkling cornflower blue eye.

Andrea was seated in her chair by the fire, casually reading a book, one long, shapely nylon stockinged leg crossed over the other. Brian had seen the lady in town, but never actually met her. Like many who saw the willowy disciplinarian he found her attractive, but slightly intimidating.

“Welcome Millicent, Brian,” she greeted the young couple, “please take a seat and I’ll see if Kim can arrange some refreshment. Tea is okay with you both?”
‘Yes, ma’am.” Millicent replied for herself and her fiancé.
Brian was not normally a tea drinker, but his mouth was suddenly rather dry, and he nodded silently whilst looking around the room. It looked like a normal drawing room, the furniture salesman in him could not help sizing it up and furnishing it with items from his family’s business.

Kimberley appeared with a fully laden tea tray, and began laying out cups and saucers, pouring competently and inquiring as to people’s preferences. Once everyone had been furnished with a steaming cup Andrea indicated a form and a pen on the table. “That’s a release for you to sign, Brian, but I think we’d best hear your story before dealing with that.”
Millicent’s face darkened and she opened her mouth to protest, but shut it again when she saw the expression on Andrea’s face.

Brian seemed to be at a loss for words with the eyes of both ladies on him. Andrea’s bewitching jade eyes and his girlfriends blue ones. He paused partway through a sip and looked at the women.
“Let me get one thing clarified, Brian.” Andrea started. “Millie said that you promised her that there would be no strippers at your bachelor party and that you would not get drunk. Is that true?”
“Yes, An…” he started, and then after Millicent elbowed him sharply amended it to, “ma’am.”
“So, you made the promise and then broke it?”
“Not exactly.” Brian hedged.
Andrea’s eyebrows rose “Brian, you either made the promise or you didn’t. Were there strippers at the party and were you drunk?”
“Yes, Miss Andrea.”
“Where does the ‘not exactly’ come into it?”
Aware that both his girlfriend and this intimidating woman were staring at him intently, Brian squirmed.

“I didn’t arrange for the strippers, that was Wozza.”
“Wozza?” a mystified Andrea repeated.
“Warren,” Millicent sighed scornfully, “Brian’s idiot best friend and best man.”
“So he procured the ladies?” Andrea pressed.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“From what I remember and what I know this is the best man’s function, correct?”
Brian nodded.
“So you couldn’t have prevented Warren from hiring strippers to perform at your party? It is your party after all.”
“Well,” Brian began, “that’s not really how it works. It’s not for the buck, it’s for the guests.”
“So it’s your party, but you have no say in the entertainment?” Andrea continued. “Fascinating. What about getting drunk, or was that also Wozza’s fault?”

Brian hid a blush “Not totally. That’s also tradition, ma’am. The buck has to get drunk.”
“Has to?” Andrea said, raising an eyebrow. “So they hooked you up to an intravenous drip?”
Despite the situation and her own feelings on this matter Millicent had to smile into her teacup. Andrea was so good at grilling her boyfriend.
“No,” Brian stammered unnerved, “they line the drinks up in front of you and keep hassling until you down them. They also buy you drinks with additional alcohol, double, triple and even quadruple shots.”
“And you just had to drink them?”
“What’s the correct answer?” a thoroughly demoralized Brian asked pathetically.
Andrea grinned “That would be no ma’am, sweetheart.”

Andrea turned her attention to the curly haired Millicent “Millie, dear, did you have a bachelorette party?”
The girl sat up straight, and put her teacup in it’s saucer with a gentle click “Yes Miss Andrea.”
“Did you make a similar promise to Brian about strippers and drinking?”
Millicent nodded vigorously.
“Hey!” Brian interjected indignantly. “I never held you to that. You just took it as given.”
Andrea trained her cool green eyes on the young man and rebuked him “Brian, you have had ample opportunity to state your case and have your say. I am speaking to Millicent. I do hope that is understood, young man.”
Brian went quiet and stared at the tops of his shoes.
“My bridesmaids wanted to hire a male stripper, but I told them I’d be really cross if they did. They also kept trying to fill up my glass, but I only had three over the course of the night.”
Andrea nodded, and smiled, “See, Brian it is possible to say no.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Brian sighed.

“Now we have that settled,” Andrea said, she finished her tea and once again questioned Brian, “I have some more questions for our naughty groom. Were you spanked growing up, Brian?”
“Sometimes.” A clearly uncomfortable Brian replied.
“Sometimes can mean anything from once a week to once every six years, Brian. What Aunty wants are some specifics. How often? Who did it? What with? When was the last time? What sort of things earned you a hot bottom?”
Brian looked even more uneasy with every probing question. He looked over at his fiancée, who was watching the exchange with eager, shining eyes.
“It’s very embarrassing, ma’am.” He said.
“Spankings often are, Brian. It’s part of what makes them such an ideal punishment for misbehaving young men and women such as you and your pretty fiancée.”
Hearing her title invoked the joy immediately left Millicent’s eyes, and she put a hand to her buttocks self consciously, Andrea caught her eye, and winked broadly to put the girl at ease.

“Well, young man, I am waiting.” Andrea said imperiously, fixing her gaze on Brian.
Brian sighed and probed his memory banks for when he had last been spanked. “My Mum used to spank me when I was naughty, ma’am.”
“When was the last time this happened?”
Brian frowned in concentration and his eyes clouded across “I was eleven I think, maybe twelve, Miss.”
“Eleven!” Andrea exclaimed. “We do have some lost time to make up for! No wonder you thought you could behave like a barbarian and get away with it. How did Mummy spank her little boy?”
Brian blushed at Andrea’s phrasing, and Millicent giggled.
“Over her knee, Miss Andrea.”
“Was your bottom bare?”
“No!” Brian said, shocked.
“Such a pity, too few mothers know how to spank effectively these days.” Andrea murmured. “What did Mummy spank with?”
“Do I have to answer, ma’am?” Brian asked.
Andrea shrugged “You don’t have to DO anything, but I would like you to and I am certain so would Millicent.”
Brian raised his eyes skyward, and replied haltingly “Just with her hand when I was little and then when I got a bit older she used a hairbrush, ma’am.”
“Now that I approve of.” Andrea said firmly, her eyes going to where her favourite ebony hairbrush rested ominously on the coffee table.

“So are we agreed that you broke a promise to your fiancée. A promise that you could have easily kept?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Brian mumbled, keeping his eyes down.
“Good, now because Millicent is quite rightly furious with you, and you’re getting married next week I’d prefer that this union start with the two of you feeling good about yourselves and if you get out of a broken promise at this stage with no punitive action whatsoever you will not do that, so I think a good old fashioned spanking will put things to right.”
Brian’s face went white, and he looked at Millicent, who nodded approvingly.
Andrea pushed a form on a clipboard across to Brian, and said “Sign that please, and we’ll get things underway, Brian.”
Dry mouthed, and with a shaking hand, Brian scrawled his signature on the release and looked up at a smiling Andrea.
Andrea took the form, scanned it quickly and then put it aside.
“You can go through that door there, Brian. Kimberley should have an apron laid out for you. Just take off your clothes and place them neatly on the bed, put the apron on and please do me the courtesy of visiting the loo. Oh, and do remember to put the seat down!”
Brian rose on wobbly legs, and being watched intently by the two ladies taking tea calmly, made his way to the bedroom door Andrea had indicated.

The room was empty. Brian looked around, and suddenly knew that he had to pee. He had been too overawed by Andrea in her parlour, but now he really had to empty his bladder. The young man opened the door into the bathroom and then sighed in relief as he unzipped, stood over the bowl and allowed himself a good long piss. He flushed, and was about to leave, when he remembered Andrea’s parting words, and blushing self -consciously was careful to lower the seat before exiting.

Back in the bedroom Kimberley was bustling about. “Oh you were in the loo!” she exclaimed, with a brilliant smile. “I was wondering where you’d got to. You did remember to put the seat down, didn’t you? Aunty spanks extra if you don’t.”
Brian felt himself blushing again. He could understand being bossed around by Andrea, the willowy disciplinarian was in her late thirties and she had a commanding air about her, but Kimberley Kennedy was younger than him, she was a petite thing too, he didn’t have to defer to her. What the hell was she doing in here anyway?
“Kim, why are you here?”
The teenager’s pink lips pursed, and her cobalt eyes flashed dangerously “What you meant to say, young man,” she said icily, “was what are you doing in here, Miss Kimberley.”
There was confusion in Brian’s eyes, Kimberley’s hands went to her hips and there was something in that face that told him not doing as she said would be a very bad idea. He dropped his head, and said quietly “What are you doing in here, Miss Kimberley?”
A smile lit up the girl’s face again “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? I came here to set an apron out for you and make sure you knew what Aunty wanted you to do.”

Brian remembered what Andrea had told him before he entered the room, and said softly “She said there would be an apron in here, Miss Kimberley.”
The blonde nodded “There was supposed to be, but things got busy in reception, so I’m a little behind.” The girl held up a long apron that would cover Brian’s chest and come to just below his knees, but would leave his back, and most importantly his bottom, bare. Brian studied the garment. It was decorated with pictures of sports balls. All kinds of balls: footballs, basketballs, baseballs, golf balls, tennis balls.
“I thought this one was fitting, Brian,” Kimberley explained, “I know how you like your sport. I can help you put it on if you like.”
Brian fought the urge to wince, just when he had thought this day could not get any more embarrassing, it did. Before he could answer there was a noise from reception. Anger flashed across Kimberley’s sunny features. “Darn!” she expectorated. “I’ll have to go. Take your clothes off, put them on the bed, and put the apron on, then go out to Aunty Andrea.” She instructed before sweeping out of the room, just before the door closed Brian heard her threatening a client with dire retribution for whatever they had done out in reception.

Brian took a deep breath and stepped back into the parlour. He felt very silly wearing the apron, and feeling the air on his back, bare buttocks and legs made him feel extremely vulnerable. Millicent turned to look at him, her eyes lit up, she clapped her hands together and squealed “Oh my God! That is so cute!”
Although it was humiliating, Brian was rather glad she had done it. Before that comment his member had risen unbidden, Millicent’s reaction had deflated both his ego, and his erection. He had been concerned it would not go away even over Andrea’s lap and he shuddered to think what her reaction to an accidental ejaculation in her lap would be.

“He does look adorable,” Andrea agreed, “turn around and let Aunty have a good look at you, sweetie.”
Brian did as requested, and Andrea clucked her tongue at the untied back of the apron.
“Oh Kimmy didn’t have time to do you up, sweetness?”
“No, Miss, she had to go into reception.”
“Come here and let Aunty tie you up, honey.”
Brian shuffled over to Andrea, and stood obediently while her long, slender fingers tied the apron’s strings in a nice neat bow.
“There we are!” she exclaimed. “Good enough to spank! Go and show Millie what you look like.” She sent him over to his fiancée with a healthy smack to his firm rear end.

Kimberley had entered the room, given a brief report on what was happening in reception and said that her mother; Gabrielle, was handling things, and refreshed Millicent and Andrea’s tea. Brian had stood in a corner, with his hands on his head while this took place. He listened while Andrea and Millicent discussed his behaviour, in particular the bucks night, which was now looking like one of the worst ideas Brian had ever had. He could hear Wozza’s words in his ears “Don’t worry about it, Bri. What the little lady doesn’t know won’t hurt her, eh?” Why oh why did he listen to his friend and his Neanderthal attitudes?

“Come to Aunty, please Brian.” Andrea’s cultured voice said crisply.
Once Brian was standing by Andrea’s lap she asked him “I guess we’re not feeling very clever now, are we?”
“No, Aunty.”
“No, I should think not,” Andrea scolded, “you knew when you made that promise to Millicent that you weren’t going to keep it, and you intended to plead ignorance about the strippers and peer pressure for the drunkenness. Do I have this correct, Brian?”
“Yes, ma’am.’ Brian replied, lowering his head, he actually did feel ashamed of himself, now, because Andrea had seen it right.
“You’ve disappointed Millicent and very nearly gotten your marriage off to a very bad start. Aunty is going to do what she can to put that right, and I am afraid my boy it is your bottom that will pay the price for your dishonesty.”
No one had spoken like that to Brian since he was a pre teen and right at that moment he felt even younger. He pitied the younger clients that came to Andrea.
“You said your mother used to spank you, Brian?”
“Yes Aunty.”
“So you’re familiar with the time honoured position?”
“Yes, ma’am, although it’s been a long time.”
Andrea smiled at that “It’s just like riding a bike, Brian, you never forget. Now get yourself over Aunty’s lap and we’ll get your naughty little bottom all hot and bothered.”

Millicent watched the entire process with big eyes over the rim of her teacup. The way Andrea handled her soon to be husband was masterful. She would have to keep this in mind for after they were married. Brian was lying across Andrea’s lap, both his upper body and legs were supported by the couch that the willowy disciplinarian had seated herself in the centre of. Andrea’s hand was stroking, fondling and gently pinching Brian’s twitching white buttocks. “Oh so firm and white,” Andrea purred, “it’s been a long time, far too long a time, since these were spanked.” Then she addressed the wide-eyed girl on the sofa opposite her. “Millie, I want you to play careful attention, darling. Brian may need correction from time to time, it’s been my experience that most husbands do. When that time comes you will need to know what action to take and how to take it. I won’t mind at all if you bring him here every so often, but I’d like to think you’re capable in most cases of doing your wifely duty.”
Brian considered protesting what Andrea was suggesting, but he knew that what she was saying was true. He did not know how the chestnut haired woman had done it, but she had pegged Brian out as naturally submissive, which he was. It was part of the reason he had gravitated towards a bossy type like Millicent.

Brian’s musings were cut short by a loud cracking noise, and a stinging sensation in his left cheek. He gasped and his legs tensed. His spanking had begun, the unpleasant prickly feel in the left globe was soon matched by a similar feeling in the right one. Brian grunted again, and the room began to fill with the sound of a hard palm meeting, tender bottom flesh. Brian’s grunts came with every loud report of Andrea’s hand across his pinkening backside. Brian was now squirming involuntarily, his rump trying to avoid Andrea’s laser accurate palm, as she spanked hard and steady, concentrating on each specific area of the offered up rotundities. The yells and kicks came when she attacked Brian’s upper thighs with a stinging volley. Andrea had to admit she was impressed, for someone who had not been spanked in many years Brian was holding out stoically, unfortunately that was not what Andrea wanted. She had decided that Brian was going to get a dose of her favourite ebony hairbrush on top of his warm up hand spanking, and she even had a little special something planned after that. She knew the brush would most definitely produce tears, but she liked a few before that point.  She paused, and leaned down towards Brian. The boy felt Andrea’s full, warm breasts push down on his back and his limp member immediately began to stiffen and harden beneath the decorative apron. “Brian, sweetheart,” Andrea whispered in his ear, “you don’t have to be a hero. I know this hurts, it’s meant to. If you want to yell, kick and cry, go right ahead. No one will think any less of you.”
“Aunty Andrea is right, Brian,” Millicent said, setting her teacup down, “you go right ahead and cry. I think it’s rather sweet and shows your sensitivity and vulnerability.”
Andrea felt Brian’s stiffening penis, and frowned, silently she castigated herself. It was her fault, her breasts pressing down on his back had caused it. Despite that, Andrea had to make it go away quickly. Accidents were never a good thing. It would embarrass the boy and make a sticky unpleasant mess for her to clean up.

The best way Andrea knew to make an unwanted sign of arousal in a boy disappear was by firm application of a hairbrush to an already thoroughly warmed up backside. As Andrea straightened up the humiliation of the situation, and the shame of what he had actually done hit Brian and he started to cry softly. A smile spread across Andrea’s generous lips, and she picked up her favourite ebony hairbrush from where she had placed it within easy reach.

Millicent moved forward on her seat, so that she was perched on the edge of the couch to get a ringside view of the hairbrushing. The hand spanking had been fascinating, the application of the hairbrush was something she had only ever heard about from others, never seen or experienced. Andrea’s hand curled around the brushes black handle, she raised it in the air and brought it screaming down. Millicent jumped as a loud CRACK echoed around the room, Brian jerked and howled as the brush snapped over the tight double bulge of his rosily glowing buttocks.

Andrea settled quickly into a steady rhythm with the brush. She had a number of brushes, various sizes and materials, but the ebony remained her favourite. It was one she had purchased many years ago, and it had warmed a number of seats before she opened the shop. The weight and feel of it often made her think it had been simply made for her specifically. She smacked it down across first one cheek and then the other, she made sure to cover the entire surface of Brian’s frantically pumping buttocks, and give his ‘sit spots’ a good going over, ensuring that they too glowed the same cherry red as his superheated rump. Brian had stopped roaring and his tears flowed freely, his sniffling told Andrea that his nose was also now streaming. The boy’s struggles had ceased, and his only movements were involuntary as he lay over Andrea’s firm thighs and sobbed.

“Wow, he’s really been spanked.” Millicent said in awed tones as Andrea continued to roast the sizzling posterior nestled in her lap.
“That he has,” Andrea agreed, “very few of my clients leave here able to sit for the remainder of the day. I intend to make sure that Brian will eat standing up for the next day or two.”
Millicent giggled into her teacup.
“Would you like to have a closer look and ask him a few questions, sweetheart?” Andrea invited.
“Oh may I, Aunty?”
“Of course you may, darling.”

Millicent set her cup down, and knelt so that her face was on the same level as Brian’s. “Aren’t you a mess?” she said, as she examined Brian’s blotchy face, covered with a mixture of tears, sweat, saliva and snot.
Brian blubbered and nodded.
“Was what you did in lying to me wrong?” Millicent asked.
When there was no answer forthcoming Andrea administered a blistering volley of swats with her brush, saying “Millicent asked you a question, Brian. We would both appreciate an answer, young man.”
“Yes, Millie…Millicent I was wrong to lie.” Brian whimpered.
“Are you going to make any more promises you know that you don’t intend to keep?”
A few spanks from Andrea’s brush once again loosened Brian’s tongue and he bawled “No, Millicent I won’t.”
“Good.” Millicent said, sitting back on her haunches with a satisfied air.
“There is one more thing I want to hear from Brian.” Andrea said and applied the brush firmly and rapidly to his steaming hindquarters while the boy puzzled it out. Encouraged by the fires raging through his ravaged derriere Brian worked out what Andrea meant and howled “I’m sorreeee! I’m sorreee I lied to Millicent! I won’t do it again. Puhleese Aunteeee!”
Andrea’s strong right arm paused the brushes downward descent and she looked at Millicent “Are you satisfied with that apology, dear?”
“Yes, Aunty.” The girl replied, smiling and her eyes shining merrily.
“Well, I’ll just finish Brian up for the moment, and get him in the corner then.”
Brian wailed his displeasure as Andrea’s brush administered one more sizzling set of spanks to his thoroughly roasted rear.

Once Brian was installed in the corner, freshly spanked bottom glowing brightly, hands on head and face still wet with the tears he had shed during his torrid journey over Andrea’s lap, the two ladies had a conversation over tea. Brian could not hear what was being said, but he knew with certainty that they were discussing him. At one stage he did hear one of the ladies rise and move around the parlour, but he did not know who it was, or what they did, he had the feeling it would not be good for him.

Brian was left to stew in the corner for what seemed forever to him, but was in actuality only 15 minutes, at least his bottom had cooled down a little. At length he heard Andrea order him with her gentle and cultured voice “Brian, please turn around and face us, you may put your hands down, but do not dare rub your bottom, young man.”
Brian took a deep breath, turned around to face the two ladies on the couch, his face blushing as red as his buttocks had not so long ago, he removed his hands from his short, sweat slicked locks and held them at his side with effort. He so very much wanted to massage his aching hindquarters.
“Millie and I have been chatting about a specific young lady you had at your party. The talk was quite illuminating. Maybe you could confirm something for me, Brian.”
Brian swallowed hard, and his backside started to tingle again, this was starting to go in a very worrying direction. “Yes ma’am.” He whispered.

“Prior to removing her clothes for the entertainment of you and your guests how was the girl dressed?” Andrea asked, her cool green eyes boring into Brian’s face.
Brian shifted uncomfortably and not all from his still burning rear end. “Ummm…” he started hesitantly, “she had on a long black trenchcoat.”
“Anything under it?” Andrea pressed.
“Yes, Aunty. She had on a red leather bra and panties, with long boots.”
“Also red leather?”
Brian’s mouth dried out, and he nodded wordlessly.
“Did she have any other accessories, sweetness?” Andrea inquired innocently.

Oh God! Brian thought. Millicent told her about that?
“I’m waiting young man,” Andrea said, her voice taking on that stern tone, “when Aunty asks you a question she expects an answer. Maybe Mrs Hairbrush can loosen that tongue a little.”
Brian flinched, the muscles in his battered behind still clearly remembered their last encounter with that vicious bit of wood, and he quickly replied “She had a riding crop, ma’am.”
“Oh she did, did she?” Andrea purred.
Brian jumped as a loud crack echoed throughout the room, and Andrea was flexing a black riding crop in her long fingered hands.
“Oh fu…” Brian whimpered, seeing the sight, and feeling his knees weaken.
“Brian, unless you enjoy the taste of soap I would not complete that thought, young man.” Andrea warned, her eyes flashing dangerously.
“Tell Aunty what she did the riding whip, Bri’.” Millicent said with an edge to her voice.
Brian took a deep breath, and started his story “She made me get on all fours, sat on my back and hit me with it.”
“She whipped you?” Andrea asked, surprise in her voice.
“Not really…” Brian began, and then clarified, “she did hit me, Aunty, but it wasn’t hard. I barely felt it. It was all a bit of fun.”
The expression on Millicent’s face said that she did not think it was a ‘bit of fun’.
“Well, Millie and I have decided to have a bit of fun with Aunty’s crop. It involves you Brian. Bend over and touch your toes, please, straighten your legs out, and push your bottom up nice and high for Aunty.”

Feeling his tears start again Brian angrily wiped his nose with the back of his hand, earning a fond “Boys!” from Andrea, and a sniff from Millicent. Brian bent over touching his toes, hissed as his abused buttock flesh tightened uncomfortably.
“How many, ma’am?” Brian said in a small little boy voice.
Andrea took a little pity on the boy and even Millicent softened and nodded.
“I don’t usually tell people things like this, Brian, but you’ve been a good boy and you did ask nicely, so I’ll make an exception. You’re going to get the traditional six of the best. I will ask you to keep position or else I’ll have to give that stroke again. You understand, sweetheart?”
Brian nodded.
Andrea took up position behind Brian, and admired his soundly spanked rear, she had done a good job with the brush.
“Millicent can you please keep an eye on Brian and take the count for me? I don’t want to miscount.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Millicent said brightly, and stood in front of her embarrassed fiancé.

Andrea lined up the backside presented for her. There was an art to administering the riding crop. They looked like a cane, but were far more flexible and they didn’t leave tramlines the way the cane did. They were generally lighter and made from different material. The sting really came from the leather tongue at the end; that was what she wanted to contact Brian’s offered up buttocks.
Brian had thought he would be able to keep count, but the intense sting of the first stroke as the crop whistled through the air and then that tongue smacked him right in the centre of his buttock drove all other thoughts but that stinging pain from his mind.

Millicent silently counted the strokes, cautioning Brian gently after the second stroke, when he looked likely to break position and stand up. Her third stroke given, Andrea lowered the crop and stepped back. The tall willowy woman motioned Millicent over, she handed the crop to the girl and the two ladies exchanged words. Millicent nodded, and stepped around behind her fiancé. Andrea went to where Millicent had been standing. The curly haired girl bit her lip and raised the crop, Andrea nodded her head, and Brian howled as the leather tongue smacked firmly onto his left cheek. “Oh well done Millicent!” Andrea said, clapping. “Two more, dear, just like that one.”
Millicent did as Andrea urged, and she had a feeling of power and a rush of adrenalin. Seeing Brian spanked by Andrea had given her mixed feelings. On the one hand she had liked seeing him be punished for lying to her and embarrassing her, but on the other hand she had felt a bit sorry for him, what Andrea did had obviously been very painful. Actually administering some of the discipline had completely wiped the slate clean for her. She could forgive Brian now, and they could start their married life fresh.

As Brian changed back into his clothes and hung the apron up on a hanger that Kimberley had left for him, he reflected on what had happened. His backside hurt abominably, but he had deserved it. He knew when Wozza had put the whole scheme to him that it was never going to work. He was rather relieved when Millicent had found out, because he had felt guilty and hated keeping things from her. Now he felt relieved and relaxed although he doubted he would do much sitting down before their wedding on the weekend.

Because of the part she had played in helping their union Andrea was invited to the wedding. Everyone agreed it was a lovely ceremony, the bride looked stunning and the groom was handsome, the couple were obviously very much in love with one another.

That night in their newlywed hotel suite the happy couple looked at the huge pile of presents on a table in the entry room. “Just one?” Millicent wheedled. “Can’t I open just one now?”
Brian sighed and relented “Okay, just one, Millie.”
“Oh goody!” the girl squealed, bounding off the bed and towards the present table. “Which one?” she wondered out loud.  “Choices, decisions.” She selected one, and held it out.
“That’s from Andrea.” Brian said, reading the gift tag.
Millicent gleefully tore the paper off, and revealed a box. “It’s heavy for it’s size.” She mused, looking at what was in her hand.
“Open it.” Brian suggested.
Millicent took the top of the box, looked inside and let out a laugh. Nestling in the velvet of the handsome box was a hairbrush. It was oval, with stiff bristles, and a smooth flat wooden back, the handle was slightly curved and seemed to fit Millicent’s small hand perfectly.
“You’re not going to use that to brush your hair, are you?” Brian asked when she showed it to him.


  1. Again an excellent story, I would love to visit Aunty Andrea's shop. I often wonder what that would be like?

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  4. James, R and joey, thank you all so very much for reading and commenting on this story. Young Millicent does seem to have ruffled a few feathers both in and out of my parlour. I may have to talk to her mother at the tennis club and see if we can have a 'chat' at my closest convenience.

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