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Spankdown - Bared Affair

This was a rather interesting and unusual piece about female wrestling that appeared in Bared Affair. Kimberley finds it highly amusing and has been pestering me to post it for some time.

An account of a wrestling match with a rather unique prize awarded to the winner.

A small rural Florida town, in front of a few hundred people, in a hastily erected and poorly sprung high school wrestling ring is about as far as you can get from the glitz and glamour of the world of professional wrestling. This is what is commonly referred to as a developmental league, or a feeder competition for the better known federations. The wrestlers in this regional league use it as a stepping stone to bigger and brighter things. Some are youngsters trying to catch a break and make it in the big time, and others have had a taste of what the big show is about and want to get back there.

Unusually, the main event at this performance is between two of the female wrestlers, often known as divas. "Lethal" Lydia Wassell, 33, a super fit, muscular brunette with flashing green eyes and an impressive chest, is a former top level diva. Although her entrΘe to the big time was by means of a contest, she earned her spot for a time and was cut during a reshuffle when it was decided that the show she performed on was overstocked with women. She has endured injury and disappointment, and is on the comeback trail.

'Lethal' Lydia Wassell

Her opponent wrestles under the ring name of "Smackdown" Sally Rosen, 27. She is a tall, young, fresh faced blonde with skyscraper legs and a sassy attitude. Anywhere else Sally would be the "heel" and Lydia the "baby face," but here in Gator country Sally is the local girl, so the popular choice to win the bout.

'Smackdown' Sally Rosen outside the ring.

A Major Feud
There's not even a championship belt at stake, so why is it the headline attraction? Lydia and Sally already had a major feud going and the promoters decided to play this up by organizing a humiliating consequence for the loser. The winner of this match will put her opponent over the knee and hand out a good, old fashioned, bare bottom spanking in the middle of the ring.

A hotly contested 'paddle on the pole' match.

Both girls were happy to talk to the press. Sally as expected was full of trash talk for her older, more experienced opponent. "Lydia isn't even a real wrestler," Sally squealed, "she won her shot in a beauty contest. I am a wrestler!" the girl declared, jerking a thumb at her rather flat chest. "I took on the boys at school and won. I made them cry."

Sally's manager, a former diva by the name of Tallulah Tankhead, looked on approvingly and nodded her mass of rusty curls. "That's my girl," she cooed, "you're gonna sit that ho on her skanky butt and then smack her down."

"You betcha I am, Miss Tallulah," Sally agreed. "I'm gonna make her taste mat, then put her over my oh so gorgeous legs and lay on the smackdown Sally style."

Having been to the higher echelon and played both the role of "heel" and "baby face" in her time, Lydia was somewhat more generous to her brash young opponent. "Yes, it is true that I won a contract as the prize of a contest," she admitted, when quizzed about Sally's earlier comment. "However, it was not a beauty contest. We worked damned hard in the challenges set before us, and a number of the other girls were eliminated due to injury, not lack of wrestling ability. I was the best one there, and yes, I was the best looking, too."

The green eyes flashed as she asserted the last statement. "Sally is a better technician, but I grew up on the mean streets and I've made plenty of girls cry. It won't be my ass getting smacked."

There was a palpable air of excitement around the hall as the girls were announced and entered the ring. They were the final event of the night. The crowd was well lubricated as it was a warm March evening, and the beer concession had done brisk business. The atmosphere was like that of a blood sport rather than a sports entertainment event. Lydia's patent ring entrance was a highlight and showed her round, firm backside in hot pants off to its best advantage. She entered by doing the splits on the ring apron and sliding under the bottom ring rope.

Once in the ring Lydia had not been unknown to "flash" her breasts to the audience. However this evening to the disappointment of the males in the crowd and more than a few of the women, the wrestler did not elect to perform that particular move. Sally bounced down to the ring to rapturous applause and her own entrance was also met with wild approval as she bent over to climb between the second and third rope, pushing her shapely bottom out and waggling it for the audience's entertainment.

An Immediate Start

Immediately rushing Sally, knocking her down, grabbing her hair, slamming her back onto the mat and unleashing a flurry of open handed blows to the blonde's head. Sally covered up and weathered the storm, drew her primary weapon in her legs up underneath Lydia's torso, and pushed off hard. Lydia went tumbling end over end and rolled right out of the ring.

Sally jumped to her feet and ran to the ropes. Lydia misjudged her re-entrance and wound up hanging over the top rope, buttocks pointing up and hands and feet dangling. A gleeful Sally took the opportunity to land six hearty slaps to the delightfully presented backside, eliciting a series of squeals from Lydia and a wild struggle that eventually landed her in a tangle of arms and legs on the mat. A too eager Sally attempted to press her advantage and got Lydia's foot in her mouth.

The girls come to grips in the ring.

Lydia swept the blonde's legs out from under her and bounced to her feet. As she tried to pin Sally, eagle eyed audience members noted a tell tale redness peeping out from the edges of Lydia's hot pants, evidence of the earlier smacks. The two girls rolled around with each trying to gain the advantage and failing. Lydia broke first and attempted to rush her younger opponent again, but a beautifully executed kick from Sally caught Lydia in the gut and doubled her over. Sally finished off with her signature move: the smackdown, and pinned Lydia for the count of three to win the match.

A chair was brought into the ring and Sally settled herself into it. Lydia stood sullenly by the younger girl's knee and lowered her hot pants to reveal a skimpy scarlet thong. "Ooohhh that will separate your cheeks nicely, Lydia," the younger wrestler grinned as she guided her red faced adversary over her muscular, toned thighs. "Now you just get comfy while Mama gives you a good, old fashioned, butt blistering Florida style," she told her vanquished opponent. This was met with hooting and hollering from the partisan crowd.

As spankings go it was extremely impressive. Sally had a hard palm and certainly knew how to administer a sound chastisement. Before long Lydia was roaring and kicking, held securely over the younger girl's lap, and her round firm buttocks were scalded to the same shade as her scandalous g-string underwear.

From Girls Boarding School. Lydia's bottom when Sally was done with it.

The crowd left well satisfied that they had seen a memorable event. The local girl had won and the spanking had been well worth witnessing. Although both wrestlers wanted to put the whole thing behind them and travel on to the next town, the gimmick had been so successful that the promoters were planning a rematch. This time it was likely that the tables would be turned and Lydia would have her revenge.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 5.05


  1. Terrific story. Thank you.

  2. Way to go Kimberly, very nice story. Actually there was a spanking match once here in the states. And the web has a nice otk spanking at the end of another match for Stacy Keibler!


  3. Thanks Joey and Ron. I don't actually watch wrestling, but I might if there were really matches like this. I have seen pictures of Stacy Kiebler, in fact the picture of Sally for this story is actually Miss Kiebler, and she is very spankable.