Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Spanking from Dad

I don't have much time today, but I saw this sequence on Premium Spanking and wanted to share it with you all. I don't do many Daddy spankings, but this one is lovely and done quite tastefully, plus the father actually looks like one, although his 'daughters' are well over their majority.

 I'm not sure what the brunette is being punished for, but the blonde girl would find herself over my knee for putting her feet up on Aunty'a furniture.

 This is quite an unusual picture, with Dad having both girls over his knee at once, but I have to confess I like it and find it rather cute.

Now one sister watches her sibling get it, it's rather innovative having the spankee rest her hands on her sister's knees.

Oh the look on the blonde's face, she knows that her bottom will soon be toasted over Daddy's knee.

And yes there she is! A little teary even with her dress and panties on.

 This is a marvelous shot, the redness of the panties contrasting nicely with the reddened legs around them and with a full view of sis' simmering globes.

This one is even better. The blonde sister is crying as her bare bottom is soundly spanked, while her sibling sneaks a peek from where she kneels. Is that a smile on her face?

 The lungs open up and the legs kick. Wonderful! She is being taught a real lesson now.

And the fitting conclusion. Two soundly spanked young ladies kneel in the corners showing off their glowing red bottoms.


  1. Thanks and the lovely LillyAna she is a real doll!!!!


  2. They are both absolutely gorgeous and so very naughty. I simply couldn't resist reposting the photos with my comments here.

  3. Adorable. I bet these two cuties are going to remember their Daddy spankings for as long as they live. Thank you, Aunty Andrea.

  4. Dear Aunty Andrea
    Am I strange? The daddy spankings only appeal to me because of the most delightful bottoms of the two lovely females. Yet to see F/F or M/M,F/M spankings has a totally different affect upon me which is more than pleasurable to my eyes and elsewhere! But that is my personal preference I guess.But all the female bottoms on your site are quite sensational! Very worthy of daily viewings!

  5. Franz, any sound spanking should be remembered well after the sting and heat has faded and I think punishing these two young ladies together will ensure just that.
    Alan, sweetheart, you are not at all strange. We all have different aspects of this thing we do that appeal to us. I'm glad you're enjoying the site.

  6. Aunty Andrea, your site is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites, and this little story and pictures are one of the reasons why. I am a firm believer in discipline spanking, though I believe the most effective discipline is done either by F/M or M/F because of the added humiliation and power exchange, which compliments the pain in a bare bottom. If I were in charge of these two young Ladies in this piece, they would be towing the mark, or I would have those delightful bare bottoms over my knee every chance I got ;)