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'Two Couples - Part 1' - Guest Fiction

Recently I was contacted by Esskay. He's a new writer in the world of Spanking Fiction. He sent me a story in 3 parts for consideration and possible posting here. I quite enjoyed it and have agreed to post it here. I hope you all read and enjoy Two Couples by Esskay.

Picture from Lina's House of Discipline.

The car sped Westward on Interstate 80, bringing Brenda Brewer and her brother Brian from their respective homes in Sacramento towards the San Francisco Bay Area. Brenda, 26, and Brian, 24, were on their way to visit an aunt who had been hospitalized there.

Brenda was single and taught at a Junior High School near Sacramento. Brian was an accountant who had been married to Abby for about two years. Abby would have joined them but her job as a Transportation Security Administration inspector at Sacramento International Airport called for at least one weekend shift a month, and this was the weekend she was on duty.

The siblings had been close when they were growing up, but now saw each other only once or twice a month, and the trip offered them a rare chance for an extended conversation. Although Abby had an active social life, there was no one special man in her life at the moment. That had led Brian to joke with her on prior occasions about her biological clock ticking (their mother also reminded Brenda of that, but with much more intensity).
 “How’s your sex life?” was the way Brian phrased the question about a half-hour into the trip.

“Not bad,” Brenda responded. “How are you and Abby doing after two years of married life? All good?”

Brian paused before answering; the pause lasted a couple of seconds, and caught Brenda’s attention. “It’s fine” he finally said. “We’re OK.”

“Bri, I didn’t like that pause,” Brenda said. “What’s going on?”

“Bren, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s embarrassing.”

“Sex problems?” she asked.

“No,” he responded emphatically. “Absolutely not. That’s great.”
“So what’s wrong then?”

“Honestly, Brenda, it is kind of embarrassing. If I tell you you’re just going to laugh and you’ll think less of me. Let’s forget it.”

But Brenda’s curiosity had been raised, and she wasn’t going to let it go. She had no doubt that if she persisted, Brian would tell her what she wanted to know. She loved her brother, but she also knew his weaknesses. Brian had never been confident around girls when they were growing up, and even now as adults an assertive woman could easily manipulate him. She had never discussed this with her sister-in-law, but had seen evidence on some occasions that Abby also understood Brian’s tendencies.

“Embarrassing?” she said. “That never stopped us before. What about that time you were 12 and really wanted to see what a girl’s body looked like? That was pretty embarrassing for me. We confided a lot of embarrassing things to each other when we were growing up. As far as laughing, I don’t know what it is so I can’t promise I won’t laugh, maybe I’ll think it’s funny. But I can promise that I won’t think any less of you. You’re my brother and I love you. You can tell me anything and that won’t change.”

Brian was silent, and Brenda knew she had won. He would tell her.
Finally he spoke, in a low voice, and with short pauses between almost every word. “When…when Abby…is unhappy…with my…behavior…(a longer pause)…she spanks me.”

Brenda almost did laugh, but caught herself quickly. “She spanks you? Like Mom did when we were kids?”

“I knew you would laugh. I’m sorry I told you.”

“No, Bri, it’s OK. It’s certainly not the answer I was expecting, though. How did that get started?”

“I almost screwed up the marriage in the first year,” he said. “I probably should have waited longer before getting married, but you know how much I love Abby and I didn’t want to wait. But I was pretty immature and did some stupid things. I was the first one of my friends to get married, and the guys kept on calling me to go out and do things. Abby was OK at first about some “boys nights out”, but I know now that I overdid it. If I said “no” to some of the guys, they called me henpecked, and I usually said I’d go. So I wasn’t spending enough time with Abby. And I wasn’t helping out around the apartment very much, and with her crazy schedule at work that was a problem too. We talked about it a lot, and I tried to improve, but after a while, I kept on making the same mistakes, and she was getting very frustrated. One night we were talking about it and she said if things didn’t change, we’d probably end up in divorce court in a year.”
Brian sighed before continuing.
“I knew it was all my fault, Abby is just great, and I knew I was screwing up the marriage. I got pretty emotional and told her I’d do anything to keep the marriage together. We talked for a long time, and at one point she said at times I acted like a spoiled little boy. I had once told her Mom used to spank us when we were kids, and she said she wished Mom had spanked me more so maybe I wouldn’t act like a naughty little boy now.
One thing led to another, and I said I’d rather get spanked than divorced. So we ended up agreeing that whenever Abby felt I deserved a spanking, she would spank me.
I guess I do believe that it has saved our marriage. I really do try to avoid doing things that make her upset. But it’s not what I expected from marriage. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and looking at the person you love--and wondering if she will spank you before the day is over?”

“And it’s been going on for a year now?,” Brenda asked. “I never would have guessed.”

“She’s very good that way,” Brian responded. “She won’t embarrass me in public. and she promised she would never tell anybody what we do. But in the house, when we’re alone, things can be very different. She’s pretty intimidating when she wants to be--maybe it’s from all the training she’s had at the airport.”

“How often does she spank you?”

“There’s no pattern, since it’s only when I do something that gets her upset. I guess on average about once every other month.”

“That’s not too bad,” Brenda offered as consolation.

“Easy for you to say,” Brian responded. “I admit it’s not that often, but on a day I get it, it’s a very bad day. Not only does it really hurt, it’s very embarrassing even if no one else knows about it. And believe me, it really hurts a lot. Abby doesn’t look like the kind of woman who could spank a guy that hard--but believe me, she is.”

“I don’t want to embarrass you any more,” she said. “But one question, and then we’ll drop it. You used to cry a lot when you got spanked when we were kids…do you cry when Abby spanks you?”

There was a long pause. “Yes,” he finally responded.

The car continued its journey and true to her word, Brenda changed the subject.


It was the first Tuesday of the month. Each month on the first Tuesday, Brian’s firm held a conference call between the home office in New York and all the regional offices. Since the call spanned four time zones, it was held at 11AM New York time, 8AM Pacific time. Brian’s Office Manager required the staff to be in by 7:30 so they could be alert for the call. Brian’s commute could be difficult on some days, so on the first Tuesday of each month he set the alarm for 5:30AM and tried to leave by 6:30.

Most days in the Brewer apartment, it was Abby who got up first, sometimes as early as 4AM if she had the early shift at the airport. She would then reset the alarm for Brian, usually for 7AM. Today, however, she had the luxury of a 9AM-5PM shift, so Brian had the task of resetting the alarm for her.

And, today, he forgot to do it!

Abby got to work about 20 minutes late, enough to earn the anger of her boss as lines were building up at the checkpoint she was supposed to have been at. As soon as she was able to take a break, she fired off an email to Brian from her phone. “Because you forgot to set the alarm for me this morning I got to work late and caught a lot of crap for it. You and I will have a discussion about your irresponsibility tonight.”

“Discussion” was the key word, and Brian shuddered when he saw her email. A “discussion” usually had three participants--Abby, Brian, and Abby’s hairbrush.

After sending Brian his email, Abby quickly sent out another before heading back to work.

Because of the early conference call, most of the staff at Brian’s office headed home early, and he was home before 5PM. Fully expecting a spanking before the night was over, he walked into the bedroom where he would be spanked, and sighed while looking at the corner he expected to stand in both before and after his spanking. He hated standing in the corner--the pain of the spanking was bad enough, but standing--naked--in the corner was downright humiliating. Abby made him stand there before spankings for about 15 minutes so he could think about his behavior, and he had to return there after the spanking (with a warning that rubbing his butt would result in a return trip over Abby’s knee for more spanks).

This is going to be a bad night, he though to himself. How could I have been so stupid to forget the alarm?

Shortly after 5, he received a text from Abby: “Brenda joining us for dinner. Need some groceries, home about 6.” He was somewhat surprised. Brenda had been over for dinner on other nights, but he was surprised Abby had agreed on a night he expected to be punished. Maybe it’s a good thing, he thought. Abby s still pretty angry, I’m sure, but if Brenda stays until about 9 o’clock and Abby relaxes, maybe it won’t be so bad this time. Maybe she’ll even postpone punishment until tomorrow. This could be good.

Abby arrived with a bag of groceries just before 6, still wearing her uniform with its distinctive blue blouse and a black skirt that made her appear to be very much a person in control. She gave Brian a quick kiss and headed for the kitchen noting Brenda was due shortly. There was no mention of the missed alarm or any talk of an upcoming spanking--again, Brian thought, maybe his luck had changed.

Brenda arrived about 10 minutes later, and the three chatted pleasantly while Abby finished preparations for dinner. They sat down at the table around 6:30 for an enjoyable meal, and the local wine Brian served seemed to add to the meal. Abby was smiling through most of it, and Brian’s hopes for a reduced punishment soared. During the meal he started to think that with Abby in a much better mood, if Brenda stayed until 9, he could play the “long day” card and get Abby to postpone punishment until tomorrow--when she would likely go much easier on him. Maybe, just maybe, he thought--maybe, I’ll get even luckier and she’ll change her mind about the spanking. But at least I won’t get it right away, while the alarm incident is still fresh in her mind!

Dinner lasted about a half-hour and the three shared the task of clearing dishes from the table. They moved into the living room part of the apartment, which had two couches, one with three seats and the other with two. Brenda sat at one end of the larger piece of furniture while Brian sat on the smaller piece, expecting his wife to join him.
It was to be the last time Brian sat down comfortably for a while.

Abby entered but did not sit. Still dressed in her uniform, she looked directly at Brian and spoke to him in a completely different tone of voice than she had earlier in the evening.
“Well, now,” she started. It was enough to get Brian to sit straight up immediately. “Brian, it seems that a couple of weeks ago you decided on your own to tell Brenda about your punishments.”

Brian had not told Abby about his conversation with Brenda. He had feared she might get angry about it, and although he had never told his sister not to discuss the subject with Abby, he assumed she wouldn’t. He now recognized he had made a bad mistake.

“I guess if you wanted to tell Brenda you get spanked, that’s OK--although I never told anyone and never planned to. But what I am really upset about is that you did not tell me that you told Brenda. I didn’t know about it until Brenda and I had lunch last week.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” Brian responded weakly. “I should have told you.”

“Yes, you certainly should have told me,” she said coldly. “And since Brenda and I ended up in a conversation about your spankings, she mentioned to me that she always wanted to see you get spanked by your mother when you were kids, but your Mom never let her watch."

Brian did not like at all the way this conversation was going. With a very nervous voice, he managed to say, “That’s true.”

“Well, I’m not your Mom, and I think that since you continue to act like an irresponsible little boy way too often, maybe a little embarrassment will help you remember what you’re supposed to be doing…so…I invited Brenda to come over and see her little brother get spanked next time he deserves one!”

“No!,” screamed Brian’s brain, but he dared not to say it aloud. All his hopes of just a few moments ago about an easy punishment had come crashing to the ground -- he now knew he was going to get punished, and with Brenda present, it would be more humiliating than any he had ever had before, either from his mother or his wife.

Abby glanced at Brenda then moved her eyes directly to Brian. “Go get ready for your spanking,” she commanded.

Brian rose slowly but silently, and looked at Abby with pleading eyes that appeared ready to cry. But he saw no mercy in her eyes and he knew his fate was sealed. “Yes, Abby,” he said softly as he turned to walk towards their bedroom. 

As he started to leave, Abby added “You’re lucky you’re not getting two different spankings, Brian, one for not telling me about your conversation and the other for the alarm. But since you’re getting spanked for two things, you can expect a longer and harder spanking than you have had before.”

He walked off, and Abby said to Brenda, “Let’s finish off the wine. I’m going to let him wait for 15 minutes or so to let him think about what’s going to happen.”

Brian entered the bedroom and knew all that was expected of him. There was a single straight-back chair in the room that had become the “spanking chair,” and he moved it to Abby’s desired place at the foot of the bed. The next part was more distasteful -- he went to her dresser and opened the top drawer. In it he knew he would find her hairbrush, a heavy wooden implement he had grown to hate. He took it out, looked at the flat side closely, and shuddered for a moment as he realized he was just minutes away from that brush landing on his backside dozens of times. He placed the brush on the chair.

Next he had to make himself naked. He undressed slowly, making sure he put all his clothes where they belonged, either in the hamper or hung in the closet if cleaning wasn’t needed. It would be very unwise for him to leave dirty clothes where Abby could see them when she entered.

He then realized for the first time that Brenda would see him naked. In itself, that didn’t bother him greatly, but he was very upset that Brenda would see him getting a spanking naked. While he had admitted to Brenda that he did cry when getting spanked, he had never imagined she would see it--that would be the worst part, and maybe, just maybe, he could control himself and not cry tonight. If he could just avoid crying, maybe tonight wouldn’t be as bad as it could be.

Lastly, he knew he was expected to stand in the corner and wait, and he hated that also. He knew that Abby usually made him wait about 15 minutes before she came in, and on some other nights he sat naked on the bed, and waited until the last minute before going to the corner -- it was a tiny act of defiance, but he hadn’t yet been caught. But with Brenda there, he thought Abby’s timing might change and he felt it best to get in the corner immediately.

His head spun with thoughts as he stood there. Why did he tell Brenda he got spanked? That was stupid. She wouldn’t be here tonight if he hadn’t told her. And why didn’t he tell Abby he had told Brenda--he was afraid she’d get mad, but now she’s mad and this is worse. And how could he have been so stupid to forget the alarm? He hated the fact that he got spankings from his wife, but he had agreed to it, and he had to admit that in an arrangement where he did get spanked, he absolutely deserved to be spanked this time. But deserved or not, he didn’t want his sister to see it -- that was the worst part of what was going to happen. Please, please, please, Brian said to himself, please don’t cry in front of Brenda. But then he remembered Abby had spoken of the longest spanking yet, and he doubted if he could control himself.

After what seemed like an hour, he heard Abby and Brenda enter the room. He knew to keep his eyes straight ahead until Abby called him and he had no appetite to do anything that would make her angrier than she already was. She called him quickly, however, and he immediately turned and walked towards the chair with his head lowered. He could see Brenda’s legs -- she was standing near the door where she would have a clear view of his face -- but he avoided looking at her as he did not want to make eye contact. Abby tapped her leg with the hairbrush, his signal to lay down, and he did so without comment.

His toes touched the carpet on Abby’s right side, with his fingertips touching the carpet on her left. He knew she would anchor his legs by putting her right leg over the back of his ankles, and she did so. Next he felt the smooth side of the hairbrush gently sliding along his backside -- it would have felt good had it not been for the knowledge of what was going to happen next.

In the past, Abby had scolded Brian a bit before actually starting the spanking, and with an audience in the room, she enhanced it a bit. “You’ve been a bad boy, Brian,” she said.

 “I know, Abby,” he managed to reply. “I’m sorry. I really am sorry.”

 “Not as sorry as you’re going to be,” she said.
“Tell Brenda again what happens when you’re a bad boy,” Abby said. 

“I get a spanking.” 

“And you deserve a spanking, don’t you,” she said. 

“Yes, Abby, I do,” he said in a strained voice.

 “Good,” she said, as she lifted the hairbrush ahead of its first descent.

Abby’s favored technique was to deliver five fast spanks to Brian’s right butt cheek, all as close as possible to the exact same spot, and then to the same to his left cheek. In less than 15 seconds, he was suffering a lot of pain on both cheeks. After that, she spanked in no particular pattern between cheeks, but she would move landing spots for the brush so the area of pain would continue to grow. He never knew where to expect the next spank, which made the experience even more troubling to him.

It was a very thorough spanking. Brian quickly started to believe it was the worst spanking he had ever received from her, but he was in no position to think through whether that was because of the actual pain or the fact that Brenda was there.

Brian kept on saying all the typical things spankees of all ages try to say during their punishments, interspersed with the usual “ows” and “ouches.” In a desperate attempt to hasten the end of the session, Brian kept on trying to say things like “Please… more…..owww….please, honey, it hurts….owww ….I’m sorry….I’ll be good, I promise……please, Abby, no more please….I’m sorry….” But words soon gave way to sobs, and Brian realized that despite his resolve, he was starting to cry. He had of course cried before, but in the past it had mostly been quiet crying, and this time he was starting to make much louder sounds. Was it that this spanking hurt more? Or that Brenda was there? Did it matter? It just hurts so much. “I can’t take it any more,” he thought, but his legs were pinned, his left hand couldn’t move, and if he tried to cover his backside with his right hand, Abby would scold him and he’d get even more spanks. He was totally, totally helpless.
And then he cried -- loudly -- as if he was a young child. “Bwaaaa….I’m sorry……bwaaaaa!”

Brenda watched with mixed emotions. Of course Brian was her brother, and she felt badly for him for the pain and embarrassment he was suffering. But she was fully aware that he was essentially a follower who truly needed leadership from a strong wife, and Abby was certainly showing herself to be exactly the kind of woman he needed. He also had tendencies to do some immature and irresponsible things, and as she watched him being spanked, she felt Abby was doing precisely what was best for Brian, and if an occasional sore butt was the price Brian needed to pay to be under the supervision of a woman like Abby, he was still a very lucky man.

Brenda was also very impressed by the way her sister-in-law was handling the evening. She recognized that Abby was angry at Brian, but had never lost her self-control, and had never become excessive in her treatment of Brian. She was clearly in complete command of the situation, but was being fair and treating Brian in a very loving --albeit painful -- manner. “Good for you, Abby,” her admiring sister-in-law was thinking.
“Could I do it as well?,” Brenda thought. “Yes, I think I could.” Of course she was not allowed to spank her students in school, but she recognized that Abby was handling her husband in essentially the same manner as Brenda might deal with a naughty student. “Yes, I could do that with a man,” she thought.

Brenda’s thoughts roamed to a man she had recently dated, and eventually “ditched.” Gary was a brilliant young computer engineer, and she had had a couple of mostly enjoyable dates with him, but she had found him to be almost completely devoid of social skills, and he had a habit of saying some very inappropriate things that embarrassed her in public. Although she did like him in many ways, she had felt he probably would not make a good husband in the future, and she had told him she didn’t care to continue seeing him. But now she, for the first time, started to think there were some similarities between Gary and Brian, and while watching the scene in the bedroom, her mind projected that she was holding the hairbrush, and Gary was over her knees.

After what seemed an eternity to Brian, Abby delivered ten especially hard spanks, five to each butt cheek, and then stopped. Brian was still crying, and she let him continue to lay over her lap for about a minute, then she gently started to ease him off. He rested on his knees, with his face against her leg, as his crying finally started to slow down. Abby then helped him to his feet, and led him to the corner.

Abby looked at Brenda. No words were exchanged, but it was as if to see if Brenda approved. She did, as a slight smile indicated, and her eyes communicated, “Wow!” The two women went back to the living room area while Brian stood in the corner sobbing. Abby knew Brian would rub his butt while they were out of the room, but she felt he had suffered enough and she would let him get away with the forbidden action this time.

“Good job,” Brenda told Abby . “He deserved it and I don’t think he’ll forget the alarm again.”

 “Thanks,” Abby said. “Yes, I’m sure he won’t.” 

The women chatted again for about five minutes and Brenda suggested that maybe she should go now. Abby nodded. Assuming that Brian was rubbing his backside, she called out loudly to warn him, “Brian, Brenda wants to say goodnight.”

The women returned to the bedroom; Brian was still facing into the corner, and Brenda could see how thoroughly red blue his butt had become. “Good night, Bri,” she said. “Please be a good boy from now on.”

“I will, Brenda,” he said. “Good night.”

The two women went back out, and Abby walked with Brenda to the door. They hugged each other; Brenda left, and Abby closed the door. Brenda looked at her watch--it was only about 8 o’clock. “I’ll be home by 8:30 at the latest,” she thought. “Not too late to call Gary.”


  1. Again a great story, I could almost feel that hairbrush bouncing off his bottom.

    Sometime being spanked in front of another woman is a nice experience, and sometimes it's not.


  2. James, I thank you for reading and commenting, and I am sure Esskay does as well. I hope to have Part 2 posted later today.