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'Two Couples - Part 2' - Guest Fiction

As promised yesterday here is Part 2 of Esskay's story; Two Couples.

Image from Lina's House of Discipline.


Six months had passed, and Brenda and Gary had become “an item.”

Brenda had called Gary the night she had seen Abby spank Brian. With Brenda having told Gary she no longer wished to see him just a couple of weeks before, he was surprised to see her name on Caller ID and characteristically didn’t know how to react. “Why are you calling me?,” he asked her.
Brenda responded by saying “Remember the old saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder?’ I missed you.” 

Gary always had trouble meeting up with women and had had no social activity since Brenda had dismissed him; his heart leapt when he heard that. Brenda invited him for dinner the next night and he readily accepted. He brought a bottle of wine that was much more expensive than called for on a typical dinner date.

The six months that had passed had turned out to be the best period in Gary’s life. He was a brilliant computer engineer (some people in his business actually were calling him a ‘genius‘), but he was also the epitome of a ‘computer nerd.’ For all his technical knowledge, he had very few skills in dealing with people. He was impatient, would very frequently insult other people without meaning to, and ‘brought his work home’-when involved in an ongoing problem at work, he would become detached from other people and distant to everyone. Because of that, he sometimes would forget commitments he had made. On one occasion, he had scheduled a date with a woman -- in itself a rarity for him -- but completely forgot about it while he worked late at the office. Needless to say, he never saw her again.

But his time with Brenda had been wonderful for him. She had become his first real “girlfriend” and people who had started to believe he would never find a woman became very hopeful. Brenda essentially validated Gary as a complete man. His parents would have accepted almost any woman as a mate for him, and they were absolutely bowled over by Brenda’s poise and personality when they met her for the first time.

Brenda shared her bed with Gary on their third date, and from that moment on he was, in his mind, hers forever. He told her he loved her that night; she responded that kind of talk was very premature and that he should not expect a similar response in the near future. Over the ensuing months, Gary did everything he could for Brenda and bought her expensive gifts (she finally ordered him to stop doing so) while bringing his “trophy” girlfriend as many places as he could. It was as if he was responding to his critics, “You see, I can hook up with an attractive, bright woman, even if you thought I couldn’t!”

The relationship was more complicated for Brenda. She had grown very, very fond of Gary, and recognized much in him that she could love. She could now visualize him as a potential husband, and felt he could become a good father for the children she eventually wanted to have. But the behavioral issues that initially had troubled her were still there. She had discussed them with Gary on those occasions, and he had promised (sincerely, Brenda felt) to do better for her, but after a week or two there was an inevitable relapse of bad judgment.

Although Gary was two years older than Brenda, and four years older than Brian, Brenda saw more and more similarities between Gary and Brian -- and on the occasions when they were together with Brian and Abby, the two men very much enjoyed the other’s company. Brenda had become convinced that what worked for Brian would also work well for Gary -- a disciplinary spanking when his behavior slipped would certainly help Gary become an acceptable husband, she was sure. The problem she faced, though, was how and when to introduce the subject --Brian and Abby had been married for a year when the concept of spankings was first discussed; she and Gary were just dating, and for only six months. There was no way to be sure that he would accept her as his disciplinarian.

Finally, she developed a plan as to how she would tell Gary she wanted to spank him. She resolved that after the next offensive incident -- she was sure there would be one -- she would act.

The week after Brenda had decided on her course of action, she and Gary went to dinner together on Saturday night. The restaurant was crowded, and the service was very poor. Despite having had a reservation, they had to wait a half-hour before being seated; the overworked waitress gave them the best service she could although it was slower than it should be, and then they had to wait too long for their food to be served.

Gary finally exploded and berated the waitress in a voice that was much too loud, and was clearly heard through much of the restaurant. The waitress, who had already had a very tough night, started to cry. Brenda tried to apologize to her, but it was a very embarrassing scene and a ruined evening. In the car on the way home, she decided the time had come to implement her plan.

Gary realized Brenda was upset; as he drove home he tried to apologize but she responded that she did not wish to discuss it until they got to her apartment. He guessed that he had lost his chance for an enjoyable overnight stay with her, but he had no inkling of what the next twelve hours would bring into his life.

They entered her apartment, and Brenda told Gary to sit down. She went into her bedroom and emerged with an envelope in her hand. She sat down opposite him and said, “Gary, please do not say anything. I don’t want to hear another meaningless apology. I want you to take this envelope. It has some internet addresses on it. I want you to go home and go to these sites and blogs. Do not call me tonight. Do NOT call me tonight -- if you do, I will not take the call. If you want to call me tomorrow, call me. If you don’t want to call me, I will understand.”

Gary was confused. “Why wouldn’t I want to call you? Why can’t I use your computer and look here?”

“Because that’s the way I want it,” she said. “I hope you do call, but you may not. If not, I’ll be sad, but it will be OK. But do not call tonight. I want you to do a lot of thinking before you decide what you want to do.”

Her answer did nothing to clear up Gary’s confusion, but he complied, giving her a light kiss and then leaving.

The envelope contained the internet addresses of several blogs and sites that dealt with a single subject -- women who administered disciplinary spankings to their husbands and boyfriends.

The phone rang at 7:58AM the next morning. It woke Brenda, who had not slept much during the night, but she immediately became alert. It was typical of Gary -- he had probably decided to wait until 8AM to call her, but was too impatient to do so exactly, and decided 7:58 was close enough.

“Hi“, she said.

 “Did I wake you?,” he asked. 

“Yes, but that’s OK,” she said. “I was hoping you would call.” 

“Can I come up and see you,?” he asked next. 

“Have you had breakfast yet?” was her question, and he said he had not. “Give me a half-hour and I’ll make breakfast for you,” she said. 

“Actually, I’m in my car right outside your building,” he replied. 

She laughed. “OK, give me ten minutes to brush my teeth and put something on and then come up.”

He gave her eight minutes before ringing the doorbell.

As she answered the door, Brenda realized she was very nervous, but she quickly recognized that he was just as nervous. She kissed him and said, “Coffee’s not ready yet. Do you want bacon and eggs?”

“Please Brenda, let’s talk. I’ll have the coffee when it’s ready, but we need to talk. I didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Me either,” she replied.

They entered the living room area, and he started right off. “You’re serious about this?"

Brenda had thought through some responses to questions she thought he would ask. “Yes,” she said. “I’m very serious about this. The truth is I just can’t continue the way our relationship is now. I know you’re sorry about how you behaved last night. And I know you mean it when you say you’ll try harder. But I’ve heard that about a dozen times since we started going out, and I have no confidence there won’t be something else next week, or the week after. I know you love me. I know you want me to say that I love you. I suspect that as soon as I said I love you, you would propose. Knowing you, you may already have bought a ring.” (Gary reacted internally -- in fact, he had planned to propose if and when Brenda said she loved him, and although he had not bought a ring yet he had thought about doing so).
“How could I marry you if I lived in fear of being embarrassed every time we went out…or you being so involved in work, you ignored me…or forgot something you were supposed to do with our kids in the future? You’re a wonderful man, but I just can’t count on you. And if you’re not the kind of man I could marry, why are we even dating? I’ll be 27 next month. If you aren’t someone I could marry, I need to move on and find someone I can.”
She stopped, and looked directly at Gary. 

He hesitated before responding, but finally said, “I’m flabbergasted at the very thought of you wanting to hit me. (He was having trouble simply verbalizing the word “spanking.”) I know you’re right about the things I’ve done wrong, but how do you know hitting me would do any good?”

It was another question she was prepared for. “I don’t,” she said. “But a while ago I learned that a woman I know spanks her husband. It surprised me -- I had never thought about adults spanking adults. But she told me she thinks it saved their marriage. I started looking for the topic on the internet, and found so much material I was amazed. A lot of it is commercial sites, selling tapes and whatever, and I’m sure a lot is fantasy. But enough of what I found looks legitimate enough that I’m sure there are many women who do spank their husbands, and it seems to be doing them some good.”

“I’m sure there are husbands who spank (there, he managed to say the word) their wives,” Gary said.

“I’m sure there are,” Brenda agreed. “And maybe in those marriages, that’s the right thing. This isn’t a female-dominant thing. It’s simply a question of in some marriages and relationships, the person who is more stable and reliable may need to punish the other one for bad behavior.
Think of it this way. If just 1% of married women in the country -- just 1% -- spank their husbands, there are about 50 million active marriages. That means there are about a half million men who get spanked by their wives.”

“And you want me to be one of them,” Gary said.

“We can’t go on this way,” she replied. “Maybe me punishing you would help. Maybe it wouldn’t. But the status quo isn’t an option.”

“I don’t want to lose you, Bren,” Gary said. “You know how much you mean to me.”

Brenda felt she was going to be successful. “You don’t have to lose me, honey. But you do need to accept the fact that I will discipline you for bad behavior when I feel it’s necessary.” She looked straight into his eyes in a kind of “staring contest.”

A few seconds passed before Gary looked away and in a quiet voice said simply, “OK”

Brenda did all she could to keep from smiling. She got what she wanted. “I’m afraid it has to start right now, Gary,” she said. “You were terrible last night and you need to be punished for it.”

Gary was startled. It was one thing agreeing in principle that his woman could spank him, but he didn’t realize she had meant right now! Still, he couldn’t think of losing her by refusing. “OK” he repeated softly.

Brenda had thought through the scenario many times in case she ever reached the point where she would actually spank him. “This is the way we’re going to do this,” she said. “I want you to take off your clothes --and I mean everything -- and go stand in that corner while I get ready.”

Gary was surprised again; he had thought only about the spanking itself and not about anything else such as corner time. He was becoming embarrassed, and felt his “manhood” slipping away in the face of a determined woman. When he had seen the websites and blogs last night, he had determined there was no way he was going to let Brenda spank him; now he was disrobing on his way to go stand in the corner of her living room.

Brenda went into the bedroom; she needed to calm herself down a bit and she wanted to put on some clothes; she was still in her robe at that moment. Her heart was beating quickly as she changed into jeans and a blouse; she felt it important that she be fully clothed while Gary was naked to project an aura of authority. She then opened her dresser and removed a hairbrush she had purchased a month earlier and took a few practice swings with it.

Brenda realized the next few minutes could well set the stage for the rest of her life. If she could handle spanking Gary as well as she wished to, she could well end up married to a generally good (but flawed) man, with the chance to mold him into what she wanted him to be, or at least punish him when he failed to meet her standards. But she had a fine line to walk -- if she wasn’t harsh enough, the punishment wouldn’t be effective; if she was too harsh, he might decide life with her wasn’t worth the price he had to pay. Having never spanked anyone, she could only use Abby as a role model, remembering how Abby had spanked Brian six months before.

She entered the living room and looked at Gary in the corner. He was mostly naked, but still had socks on. Trying to recreate the same tone of voice she used when she was angry at one of her students, she barked, “Gary, when I tell you to take off everything, I mean everything! Socks too! You can leave them on this time, but when you get spanked in the future, you take EVERYTHING off!”

“Sorry,” Gary replied weakly. While he was in the corner his thoughts had run in many directions -- he was angry, embarrassed, confused, sorrowful, and even a little scared, all at the same time. Predominantly however, he felt what she wanted to do was simply a silly waste of time that might sting him a little but wasn’t at all likely to change anything. Life without Brenda, however, was just not an option, and her threat of ending the relationship had made a big impression on him.

Brenda walked over to the dining area to get a chair; she glanced into the kitchen and realized they hadn’t even had the coffee she had promised when he had arrived. She spun the chair towards the living room area, sat down, and spent a few seconds looking at her man before she called him.

When she did call him, Gary hesitated a second before coming to her. Usually he was in his glory when he was naked in her presence, but in this context he felt uncomfortable being naked. He slowly walked towards her not knowing exactly what she wanted him to do -- and in fact, she wasn’t exactly sure either. She was left-handed, so she nodded her head to her left side; he walked there and crawled over her lap. Remembering how Abby had handled Brian, Brenda then moved her left leg over Gary’s ankles to lock him in place.
And then she spanked him.

At first, Gary thought it was all surreal -- he hadn’t been spanked in almost twenty years and could not believe it was happening to him as a grown man. Yes, he had thought while in the corner, he had been totally wrong the night before, but how does spanking a grown man correct his actions? But shortly he started to realize it was actually starting to hurt -- it was hurting a lot, much more than he could have imagined. He started to squirm trying to avoid the hairbrush, but Brenda managed to continue to land the brush on vulnerable territory. He tried to move his left hand up to cover his backside; Brenda grabbed the hand with her right hand and pinned it to his back. Now his legs were pinned, he had lost use of his left hand, and the brush kept on landing on an already sore and red butt.

It hurt! It really hurt! It REALLY hurt!

Gary’s face contorted a lot and he groaned frequently, but he did not cry or beg her to stop. Brenda was mostly concentrating on his backside, and didn’t think about the lack of tears at the time. When she thought he had suffered enough, she stopped and let him stay on her lap for several seconds while he caught his breath, and regained his composure.

Brenda wasn’t entirely sure what to do next; finally she said, “I hope you learned something from that, Gary. I want you to go back to the corner now.” Remembering Abby’s post-spanking rules for Brian, she quickly added, “And you better not rub your butt while you’re there. If I see you rubbing, I’m coming back over there with the hairbrush.”

She went into the bedroom to put away the brush, then returned to the living area (and was pleased that he was not rubbing his backside); she then went into the kitchen. Gary stood in the corner with his head swirling -- he could not believe what had just happened, nor could he believe how much it had hurt. In fact, he thought to himself, if she had continued for another minute or two, I might have lost control and started to cry -- well, at least I didn’t do that! He was angry about what had just happened; he had never seen Brenda in a dominant role such as she had just displayed. On the one hand, he felt she deserved credit for taking control, but on the other hand he wasn’t at all pleased that she had been able to order him around as she did, and certainly not pleased that she had actually spanked him!

He was lost in those thoughts until he heard the sound of bacon sizzling. Brenda called out “OK, breakfast is almost ready. Put your shorts on and come over.”
The punishment was over. He put his shorts on and moved towards the small dining area. Brenda asked if he wanted a pillow to sit on and he said “No, thanks.” When he sat down, however, he winced a bit. Brenda saw that and laughed; then Gary smiled and said he guessed maybe he should have taken the pillow after all. The little incident had served to break the tension, however, and they both started to eat their food.

Halfway through the meal, Gary looked directly at the woman who had just spanked him and embarrassed him and simply said, “I love you, Brenda.”

Brenda looked directly at him. She sighed. “I love you, too,” she said. And she knew she meant it.


  1. Well done, part two, was really nice, it showed how a couple can get to the bottom of problems (pun intended)and solve them.

    I know it works for us, and probably more couples then we know.


  2. Very good story Andrea, Reminds me of the time my daughter in law spanked my Mario for the first time.


  3. James, thank you so much for the comment. Your point about how many couples may use this form of discipline is covered in part in the final chapter.
    Marta, I am pleased that you're still reading and enjoying the blog.

  4. Amazing entry Aunty and just so darn hot, love it.


  5. I knew I could count on you, Ron. I think the 3rd part is the best of the 3, though.