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'Two Couples - Part 3' - Guest Fiction

I am pleased and proud to present the third and final part of Esskay's Two Couples.

Picture courtesy of Lina's House of Discipline.


Two years had passed. Brian and Abby were in their fifth year of marriage, and had moved to a house they had purchased. Brenda and Gary had recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and were living in his old apartment.

All four of them considered themselves generally happily married, and both couples looked forward to starting families in the near future. Both women were certain their practice of spanking their husbands for poor behavior contributed greatly to a successful marriage. Brenda had a bit of regret over one aspect of spanking Gary -- unlike her brother, Gary never cried during spankings. She did believe that a spanking could be an effective punishment even if the spankee did not shed tears, but she also felt that a man crying truly illustrated that his wife was completely in control of the relationship. She regretted the fact that Gary’s lack of tears kept her from that feeling.

The men had somewhat differing views on the subject.

To Brian, getting a spanking from Abby had become an almost-routine part of his life. Certainly it was far from a pleasant part of his life, and he did what he could to avoid being punished, but he had come to accept the fact he would be spanked when he displeased his wife, and while he never discussed the subject with anyone, he roughly equated it with other unpleasant things people had to do, like going to the dentist.

Gary was less accepting about his trips over Brenda’s knee. He had now been spanked a total of seven times by Brenda (two before the wedding and five times since) and he remembered and resented every one. He loved Brenda, and recognized all she had done for him that made him feel like a complete man. And he admitted to himself that the threat of a spanking from her had had a positive influence on his actions and interactions with other people. But he still resisted the concept of a man, now a man who had recently entered his thirties, being treated like a little boy even when he had done something wrong. He also doubted Brenda’s estimate that a half-million men were in the same boat he was, getting spanked by their wives; he felt that was hugely overstated, and the true number might be just a few thousand nationally, or maybe even just a few hundred. He had once asked Brenda who the woman she knew who spanked her husband was, and Brenda said confidentiality would not allow her to say. Gary never felt Brenda had completely lied to him about there being such a woman, but he suspected there had been some embellishment of the facts. Certainly, he felt, he did not know any man who was getting spanked by his wife.

It was late November, and a cousin of Brenda and Brian's was getting married in Stockton; both couples were invited to the ceremony and reception. There was a problem, though -- the event was in direct conflict with the “Big Game” -- the annual football tilt between the University of California and Stanford University. The year before, Brian and Gary had had a huge amount of fun built around the game, especially as Brian was a Cal alum, and Gary had earned two degrees from Stanford.

The couples had decided to drive together to the church and Brenda had volunteered to be designated driver for the day. The game started while the ceremony was in progress, and when Brenda noticed Gary glancing at his phone to get the score during the ceremony, she gave him a very stern look that communicated how inappropriate his action was.

The reception was at a country club nearby, and the men got a few minutes of the game on the car radio as they drove to the country club. Once they got there, the trouble escalated. There was a bar at the country club, and the television at the bar had the game on. A large group of men, mostly regular members of the club, had gathered to watch the game. Brian noticed the bar first, and whispered to Gary about it; after that the men kept on creating excuses to leave their wives. They ran together to the bar, watched some of the game, then when there was a commercial break would head back to their table for a few minutes. The women, of course, saw through the charade, and knew exactly what the men were up to. There were two other couples at their table (both other cousins of Brenda and Brian plus their spouses) and neither of the other men were leaving. Abby and Brenda were getting angrier and angrier at their husbands’ antics; meanwhile with the men spending time at the bar and neither responsible for driving home, they drank quite a bit and were each growing a bit tipsy.

They did recognize their wives’ growing displeasure. In fact, each man considered internally that his actions ran the risk of earning a spanking later that night; but fueled by alcohol and the fun of watching a close game within a crowd of men enjoying the game, both made the decision they would continue to do what they were doing, and deal with any possible consequences later. Of course, neither man had any inkling that the other was also risking getting a spanking.

It was a close game that needed to go into overtime, and that coincided with the culmination of the celebration, when the bride and groom cut the wedding cake. When the two men finally returned to their table, each one was looking at a furious wife. Each tried to mollify his partner but the damage had already been done.

They left shortly after. Gary started to get into the front seat of the car, and Brenda sternly told him to “get in the back with your drunk friend” as Abby moved up to the front seat. The ride back was mostly in silence, and as their alcohol-fueled “highs” started to wear off, the two men in the back seat were each beginning to dread what was likely to happen to them once they were alone with their wives later in the evening.

When they arrived at Abby and Brian’s home, Brenda parked the car, and all four went in. Abby took charge, and told the men to wait in the family room; she said she and Brenda needed to talk. The men sat quietly until Gary quietly said, “They’re really angry, aren’t they?” Brian attempted to put on a brave face by saying, “Well, screw them if they can’t take a joke!” Gary and he laughed, but it was a meaningless show of bravado--internally each man fully expected to be sprawled over his wife’s knee for a painful spanking soon. Brian expected that Gary and Brenda would be leaving within minute,s and he would immediately be told to get ready for a spanking; Gary calculated that counting the trip home, he was probably about an hour away from starting to feel Brenda’s hairbrush.

Brian certainly wasn’t looking forward to his punishment, but having grown quite used to getting spanked, he was quietly resigned to his fate. Gary, however, still thought differently. He rejected the “inequality” of him being what he thought was one of the very, very few men who was spanked by his wife -- it was essentially an adult version of the child’s lament, “It’s not fair.” Look at today, he thought. “Brian was at least as guilty of bad behavior as I was, but I’m going to get a spanking, and is Brian going to get spanked? Of course not.” In his wildest imagination, he could not conceive that Abby was the type of woman who would spank her husband, or that Brian could also get spanked.

The women had gone into the bedroom to talk, and the men could not hear what was being said. The discussions didn’t take long -- in less than five minutes the men could hear the women coming towards them.

Brenda entered the family room first with Abby right behind her. The men had almost completely sobered up by now, and when they saw what the women had brought, they became very alert. Abby had brought the “spanking chair” with her, and Brenda was holding Abby’s hairbrush.

Each man had an individual internal reaction. Brian thought, “Brenda knows I get spanked, but why does Gary have to know?” Gary also did not understand the women’s intentions. His reaction was to think that Abby was going to lend Brenda her hairbrush so that Brenda could spank him there; he still had no inkling the hairbrush was to be used on Brian also.

Abby spoke, in a voice and tone that Brian had heard before, but Gary never had. “Well, well, well,” she said. “Look at the two naughty little boys. Brian, tell Gary what happens in this house when you’ve been naughty.”
There was no escaping, he thought. “I get spanked,” he said quietly.

Gary was absolutely startled by what he had just heard. He couldn’t believe it--but it must be, Brian had said it.
“Gary, tell my brother what happens when you’ve been naughty,” Brenda said.

It was much easier for Gary after what he has just heard. With little hesitation, he said, “I get spanked too.”

Both men looked at each other and each almost smiled. Neither had guessed about the other, but the old adage “misery loves company” set in and each immediately felt better about his own situation.

With the hairbrush displayed prominently in her right hand, Abby started speaking again.
“That’s right,” she said. “Each of you is lucky enough to be married to a woman who cares enough about you and your behavior to punish you when you deserve it. And today, you both deserve it.
“Today each of you behaved very badly and each of you embarrassed your wife. But Brian, not only did you embarrass me, you embarrassed your sister too. And Gary, you’re my brother-in-law, not only did you embarrass Brenda, you embarrassed me too.
“So here’s what we’re going to do.” (She lifted the hairbrush higher to make sure each man could see it). You’re each going to get TWO spankings. Brenda is going to spank Brian, and then I’m going to spank you, Gary. And then I’m going to make sure Brian gets all that he deserves, and Bren will finish with Gary.
“So, little boys, each of you will now stand up and get undressed. Gary, you can head for that corner over there and Brian go to that corner.”

Each looked at each other, but quickly proceeded to do as he had just been told.

As he stood in the corner, Brian recalled that when he had been 9 or 10 years old, older sister Brenda had been in charge of him after school until either parent got home. He had on many occasions disobeyed her, and she had asked their parents for “spanking rights” over him. Their parents did not grant those rights (mostly because they had felt a 2-year difference wasn’t quite enough to give Brenda a real physical or judgmental advantage over Brian). Brian thought it very ironic that now, about 15 years later, someone else -- his wife! -- had finally given Brenda the spanking rights she had wanted. He wondered if she remembered.

In his corner, Gary had many very different thoughts. Strangely, for someone about to get two hard spankings, he was almost happy. He had just found out that he was not the only man he knew who got spankings. He had just learned a woman he never suspected as a spanker in fact spanked a man who he never imagined as a spankee. If he was that wrong about Abby and Brian, maybe there were many other men who got spanked, maybe others he knows. He started to think about his older brother Rick, who was married to a woman a few inches taller than he was. Gloria had been a star on her college volleyball team when she was younger, and had kept herself in great athletic shape. And he had seen a couple of incidents that had made him think that she may have “worn the pants” in their household. Was it possible that if he never realized Brian got spanked by Abby, maybe Rick was getting spanked by Gloria and he didn’t realize that! Maybe Brenda’s 1% estimate was too LOW -- maybe a million men get spanked, maybe more.

Gary also thought about Abby. He had never seen her at all like she had projected in the last few minutes. He was about to get spanked by her. That made him nervous. His previous physical contact with her had never been more than the usual peck-on-the-cheek kiss. Now he was about to stand in front of her naked and then go over her very-shapely legs. She had worn a short dress of leather-like material to the wedding that had highlighted her legs and made her look exceptionally attractive that day. Gary was concerned how he might react when he had to go to her.

Each woman usually made her man wait about 15 minutes in the corner, but tonight was different and both wanted to get started, so waiting time was cut to about five minutes. The two reentered the family room, and saw the two naughty boys obediently standing in the corner. Brenda sat on the chair, and said loudly, “OK, Brian, come over here.”

Brian slowly walked towards her and went to her right side. “I’m a lefty, remember?” she said. He went to her other side, and quickly laid down over her lap. Brenda (yes, she did remember her request 15 years ago), looked at his bare butt, and smiled slightly before landing the brush for the first time.

Brian quickly started loud groaning, interspersed with the usual “ouch,” “I’m sorry,” and “please” phrases. His voice started to waver and break, and Gary, standing with his back to the action, wondered if Brian was starting to cry. Curiosity got the best of him; he moved his feet slightly to the left and took a quick glance over his shoulder.

Abby saw his movement and firmly said, “Fine, Gary, you want to watch and see what you’re going to get, turn around.” Gary did so, only to hear the next line from Abby, “and that peek is going to cost you an extra 25 spanks from me.” Brenda, still spanking Brian, added, “Me too.”

Brenda finally released Brian and Gary could see his brother-in-law had a very red face to go with his red butt. Just under his eyes there were a few tears -- he hadn’t gone into a full-fledged cry, but the wet area on his face was noticeable to all.

Brenda stood up, and handed the brush to Abby, who took her place on the chair. Gary knew it was his turn. He walked to her; she had her left leg crossed over her right leg and was holding the hairbrush in her right hand with her arms crossed. The sight of her legs and the brush were each disturbing; Gary moved his eyes to look directly at Abby and became sorry he had done that -- she was looking directly at him with a glare that communicated both annoyance and an impatience to get started with the brush. She was very intimidating. Gary had never actually been scared by the prospect of a spanking from Brenda, but as he approached Abby, he truly became afraid of what Abby was about to do to him.

Another thing he did not know about Abby was how deeply she felt that the embarrassment of getting a spanking should be equal to the physical pain. She believed in scolding and taunting Brian so she felt Gary deserved the same treatment. As she lightly rubbed the brush over his nervous butt cheeks, she said, “Gary, you’re thirty years old and today you acted like a 10-year old. Aren’t you ashamed?” He didn’t answer which brought him a sharp spank with the brush. “Aren’t you ashamed?” she repeated. 

“Yes, Abby,” he said. 

“A naughty little boy, that’s all you are. Maybe your wife doesn’t spank you often enough. I hope she gives you a lot more spankings to get your behavior to improve. Right, Gary?” 

Gary had learned what happened when he didn’t answer; “Yes, Abby” he said quickly.

Abby started with her usual technique of five quick spanks directed at the same spot on both cheeks. It caught Gary by surprise, and left him gasping for breath. He was completely disoriented, laying the “wrong way” over her lap, her legs under him feeling very different than Brenda’s, in a different house and with an audience. Plus, it hurt! He started to believe Abby was spanking him harder than Brenda ever had, and he did not like it at all. “I know I deserve a spanking,” he thought to himself. “But I want Brenda to spank me, no one else.” He was losing his self-control and felt himself on the verge of tears. He didn’t call out verbally but internally kept on saying, “Please stop. Stop. I want Brenda to spank me.”

Abby stopped for a few seconds, then said, “And now for the extras for peeking.” The brush started falling again, and Gary again realized he was close to crying. “It’s just 25 more,” he said to himself. “Then she’ll stop.”

Finally Abby did stop, and Gary crawled off her knees and gratefully headed back to his corner. He wasn’t sure if he was now allowed to watch what happened, but no longer cared to. He stared straight into the corner, and listened while Brian headed back to the chair for his session with Abby.

Abby scolded Brian a bit before she started, but Gary could hear the brush landing many times very quickly, and before long Brian lost his self-control and started to cry loudly. It startled Gary a bit; he had felt it to be un-masculine to cry, but frankly, at the moment, he wasn’t positive he could avoid tears when he was called back to the chair. In a way, Brian’s loud wails opened the door a bit in case he cried and might make his tears a little more tolerable, but he still did not want Abby, and especially Brenda, to see him cry.

But at least, he thought, the remainder of his punishment would be done by Brenda -- that was way, way better than having Abby spank him.

He lost count of how many times he heard the brush make contact with Brian, but he knew it was many. Finally the sound of brush against skin stopped, and he heard Abby tell Brian to get back to the corner. He knew it was now his turn again, and he turned in time to see Abby rise and hand the brush to Brenda.

He almost rushed to get over Brenda’s knee -- he knew he was going to undergo a lot of pain, but somehow the fact that it was going to be Brenda spanking him almost made it comfortable. Brenda wasted little time getting started -- although a lot of energy had already been expended in the room, she had rekindled her anger at her husband for the afternoon’s unacceptable behavior at the church and the reception. Gary’s butt still hurt from the first spanking, and Brenda’s additions were just plain excruciating. But he didn’t want to cry, no matter how much it hurt. Barely, just barely, he was managing to keep his tears within him.

Finally, Brenda stopped, as Gary’s butt throbbed with the pain. “I made it. I didn’t cry or beg off,” he said to himself. Brenda paused for a few seconds as Gary savored his “victory.” But then….guess what Gary! “Now there’s the little matter of the extras for peeking,” Brenda said.

Gary lost it. “No,” he screamed. “Please, no, honey. I’m sorry. Please. I’m so, so sorry.”

“You deserve every spank you’re getting tonight,” Brenda said as her left arm descended with the hairbrush.
And then Gary cried. He cried loudly, in a manner he hadn’t done in at least two decades. But in a strange way he didn’t understand, the act of crying gave him some relief he had never felt previously. It was as if now that he had stopped trying not to cry, the spanking itself was much more tolerable.

After the spanking ended, Brenda sent Gary back to the corner. She and Abby left the room to allow the two sobbing men to cool off and regain their composure. After about ten minutes, the women returned. Brenda told Gary to get dressed, it was time to go home, and the pair left shortly after Gary got his clothes back on.

As Gary sat down in the car, Brenda smiled and said, “Sorry, I didn’t bring a pillow for you to sit on.” Gary actually laughed a bit at that, and the tension between them dissipated. Gary apologized for his behavior during the day; Brenda said she knew he had been fully punished for that behavior and hopefully things could get back to normal now.
When they returned to their apartment, Brenda suggested Gary take a shower, and he quickly did so. They decided to try to go to sleep after he emerged (Brenda had a strict rule there would be no sex on days Gary was punished) and the two went to bed.

But both were still wide awake and neither could fall asleep. Brenda thought she heard Gary sniffling, and rolled over to look at him. To her great surprise, she saw tears in his eyes. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

Gary smiled a bit. “This is a good cry this time,” he said. “I was just thinking how much I love you. Until today, I hated the fact you spanked me. But when Abby was spanking me, all I could think about was that I knew I deserved a spanking, but it should be you spanking me, not her. Crazy as it sounds, I really wanted you to spank me. And as much as it hurt when you did spank me, it just felt right when you did. Please promise me you’ll never let anybody else spank me. Spank me when you think I need it, that’s OK, but you, no one else.”

Brenda smiled (and had a few tears also). “I promise.”

“Thanks honey,” he said. “I love you so much, even more than I thought I did this morning. I know this sounds nuts, but in some ways I’m thinking today may have been the best day of my life.”

“Really?” she said. “Why?”

“Stanford won, of course!”

Brenda laughed. They hugged, then Brenda’s rules were suspended for one night.


  1. Oh my, can not believe I woke up to this amazing entry and story. I love her rule makes a spanking a spanking and while the brushings to tears were wonderful so was the ending, when he tells her to spank him whenever she thinks he needs it!! Oh Lord I am awake now!!

    Thanks Aunty

  2. Yes, this entry was certainly an eye opener, Ron. I am sure Esskay appreciates your comment.