Saturday, 3 December 2011

'Lighting Fires'

Aunty must apologise for being a poor host lately. Christmas seems to be a busy period for me. Must have something to do with all those naughty bottoms trying to get back onto Santa's nice list. To get you through the next week (although I do hope to post during the week), I have a Seegee story about the dangers of playing with fire.

From Clare Spanks Men. Yvette deals with her fire lighter younger brother.

And from the incomparable Sassy Bottoms. A responsible older sister teaches a younger brother the error of his ways.

Yvette reached for the phone and listened intently as the formal sounding voice on the other end asked "Is that Yvette Rushton?"

Brows drawing together in a frown the girl replied "Yes. Who is this?"

"My name is Paula Harrison, I am the headmistress of Glenview High School."

Yvette sighed and exhaled, this was the call that she had been dreading, but hoped would not arrive "It's Holden, isn't it?" she asked, naming her younger brother. "What has he done?"

The headmistress did not sound surprised, but chuckled and said "You seem to know your brother well, Miss Rushton."

Yvette managed a wan smile and answered "Yes, unfortunately I do."

"Can you come to the school?"

"Yes, I'll leave work early and be there soon."

Yvette Rushton was twenty four years old and as she travelled to the school reflected that she should not be responsible for a trouble making thirteen year old brother. However Yvette had no one, but herself to blame for this. She had been the one who had insisted that her parents take the two month, well deserved, holiday to Europe. She had overridden their protests that they could not leave her brother alone with her. 'Nonsense', she had said, 'I'm in my twenties, I'm engaged to be married. It's only two months, I'm sure Holden won't burn the house down.'

No, he won't she thought to herself, not the house, the school.

That much Mrs Harrison had told her. Holden was in trouble for lighting a fire in a rubbish bin, a fire that had very nearly set the entire school ablaze and caused a call to the fire department to be raised and three fire engines to arrive at the school.

"Suspended!" Yvette shouted at Holden. "Suspended for a week! What the hell were you thinking? You're bloody lucky you weren't expelled!"

"It was only a little fire," the boy mumbled in his defence.

"There were three fire engines."

"They overreacted."

Yvetta clenched her fists, glared at her brother and counted to ten "Get out." she ground out from between gritted teeth. "Get out of my sight. Go to your room."

Holden shrugged, turned his back and sauntered to his room.

Yvette sank into a chair and put her head in her hands and ran her hands through her thick, lustrous jet black hair.

"He did what?" the masculine voice on the phone chuckled maddeningly.

"Lit a fire in a waste paper basket that nearly burned the whole school down." Yvette said despondently.

Her fiancÈ, Pete chuckled again "He doesn't muck around does he? I got caught smoking in the toilet, but I never set anything on fire. What did he get?"

"A weeks suspension."

"I got that for smoking and then my father lit up my backside with his belt."

"What am I going to do, Pete?"

"About Holden?"

"No about world poverty!" Yvette snapped tartly. "Of course about Holden?"

"If he were my kid or my brother I'd tan his hide."

"Do you think I can?"

"I'm surprised your parents haven't."

Yvette wrinkled her pert nose "They used to, but after Mum broke her third wooden spoon on his bum they tried different things. He wouldn't have done it if they were here, he's testing me."

"Then call his bluff. If you need any help let me know."

"Thanks babe, I'll tell you what happens."

Yvette switched on the TV and sat in her father's armchair, she was not a big girl and the large chair dwarfed her short, plump figure. The news was on, but Yvette was not really watching it. What Pete said had merit, but could she really spank her brother? He was almost as tall as she was and he was no weakling. He had been taught Tae Kwon Do to protect himself from bullying so he could look after himself, but then again Yvette had had the same teacher and she had always been that little bit better than Holden at the Korean martial art. Spanking her brother was however somewhat different than kicking his behind in a sparring session. When they sparred he was able to fight back, she did not want that if she were spanking him. She could ask Pete, she knew he would do it, but Holden was not his brother, she had already had murmurings from his family that she relied too heavily on him. Getting him to discipline her younger brother would only intensify those mutterings. If it was going to be done, it was going to have to be her and it was going to have to be done soon.

The other issue Yvette had with spanking was that her parents had never really used it as a discipline method. Yvette had been a model child and it had never been an issue with her. She could only ever remember getting one spanking as a little girl. She had been around eight at the time and gone to a friend's house to play. Time had slipped away from her and she had arrived home after dinner. She knew she was in trouble by the lateness of the hour, but what had made it worse was that her parents did not know where she was and were frantic when she walked in the door. Her mother had yelled at her and hugged her and then told her to go to her room and not come out until she was told. She had sat on her bed and worried. They were mad, about as mad as she had ever seen them, she was in huge trouble. After what seemed like forever, but was in actuality only ten minutes her mother fetched her. She led the girl out to the family room and then for a further five minutes her parents had lectured and scolded her, winding by telling her that she was to be punished. Yvette sighed, thinking okay no dinner tonight and an early bedtime. She had noticed the cane handled feather duster sitting on the coffee table and wondered why, but paid it no further attention. The next few words galvanized her and she heard them crystal clear: "Yvette Mary Rushton, you are going to get your little bottom smacked!"

Smacked? Smacked! Yvette had never been smacked, not even once, in her entire life. Her mother hauled her into the middle of the room, bent the struggling girl over her hip and belaboured the seat of the child's dress with a hard and heavy hand "Do," SMACK, "you," SMACK, "know," SMACK, "how," SMACK, "worried," SMACK, "I," SMACK, "was?" SMACK. This went on for three more sentences, each word underlined with a stinging slap. Yvette was doing the spanked bottom dance by the time her mother had finished and she could feel her bottom throbbing slightly. Her mother held her in position and her father picked up the duster. He whipped it across the backs of her exposed legs six times and Yvette squealed and howled and jumped up and down. Once her mother released her she fled to her room hands clasped to her abused behind and tears of shame, pain and rage streaming down her face. She threw herself on her bed, sobbing and cried herself to sleep. Reflecting on it now it had really been a rather mild punishment and she had deserved it, however she did not think she could do the same to Holden quite as easily.

Because Yvette had been so little trouble by the time Holden had arrived her parents had been used to a very easy style of discipline. Holden was totally different to Yvette. He was inquisitive and adventurous, this often led to him being naughty and mischievous. At first his parents had been totally non plussed, then they found out that the short, sharp shock of a smacked bottom worked, as Holden grew older one spank was not enough, nor was his mothers or fathers hand hard enough to make him pay attention or behave. A wooden spoon was brought into play, but after three of those broke over Holden's solid backside Yvette's parents gave up on corporal punishment. Grounding and removal of privileges did work, but only for the length of the punishment. Yvette had to devise something that would make him remember the punishment and what had caused it. She felt that the pain and humiliation of a bare bottom spanking over his big sisters knee would most certainly do that, but how did she get him to agree to it and what would make him stick to good behaviour once the pain of the spanking faded and he could sit comfortably again? Yvette's eye fell on her digital camera and inspiration struck.

"Holden," Yvette called, "can you come out here please? We need to talk."

The boy strolled out, a yo yo on his finger and he idly played with it, spinning it down hard and flicking it up to slap into his hand before repeating the procedure. Yvette watched it for a minute or two until her head started to spin and she requested "Can you stop that please? I can't concentrate with that spinning up and down."

Holden emitted a put upon sigh, but shoved the toy into his pocket.

Yvette patted the couch beside her "Come and sit down here."

Holden flopped next to his sister.

"Okay why did you do it?" she asked.

"Do what?" Holden asked innocently.

"Do you know how close I am to slapping you?" Yvette asked, trying to keep her voice steady. "Why did you light the damn fire?"

"Didn't Mrs Harrison tell you?"

"Yes," Yvette said, "I know what Mrs Harrison said you told her, but I want the truth."

"What did she say?"

Yvette gritted her teeth, she had played this game with Holden before, he had a maddening way of answering every question you put to him with another question until you forgot what you were originally grilling him for. "She said that you said you did it because it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Holden shrugged "So, there you go." he answered nonchalantly.

"No, that doesn't cut it, Holden. That would mean that you are a pyromaniac and since you've never done anything like this before I doubt that's the case. You do know that if you do anything like this again, if you so much as light a match in Mrs Harrison's presence she will have you in therapy."

"I'm not a nut!" Holden said hotly.

"My case exactly," Yvette stated triumphantly. "So why did you do it?"

The boy waggled his eyebrows up and down, sighed a few times and then mumbled "It was a dare."

Yvette's lips compressed into a thin, angry line. That was so typically Holden. If you ever wanted him to do something, just dare him to do it. He fell for it every single time. "So you won the dare?"

"Uh huh," Holden answered with a smug grin.

"So how do you think the ones who dared you to do it feel now?"

"I dunno. They're stuck at school for the rest of this week. I'm not."

"Holden!" Yvette shouted. "Suspension is not a reward. It's a punishment. I'm half tempted to suggest a month of detention after you get back."

"You wouldn't dare," Holden countered.

"I wish I could, young man. Holden, I can't let this go."

"What do you mean?" Holden asked, worry in his tone.

"Well, how am I going to explain a week's suspension to Mum and Dad? Next time they ring, oh by the way Holden got himself suspended from school for a week. What? Oh why? Well he tried to burn the school down."

"It wasn't like that and you can't tell them," Holden said, his voice rising in desperation.

"Why not? You seemed pretty proud of it a few minutes ago. Holden, I think I'm going to have to ask them to come home."

"Why?" Holden demanded, near tears.

"Well I can't watch you, you regard the suspension as an unexpected holiday. How do I know you won't just run wild while I'm at work?"

"You could punish me," Holden suggested.

"How?" Yvette asked, knowing the boy was falling into her trap.

"I dunno. I could do yard work."

"I don't think so," Yvette responded, her nose wrinkling, "we did that last week. There's hardly anything left. It would take you all of an hour. What happens for the rest of the week. I want you to stay in this house and not go out of the gate for the rest of the week."

"I can't do that!"

"Okay, well I'll just ring Mum and Dad. I think they're in Austria this week."

"No! What else can you think of?"

Yvette hid her smile "Well, I do have one idea, but you're really not going to like it."

Holden was suspicious, Yvette did not always look it, but she could be devious, this would not be the first time that she had put one over on him "What is it?"

"I think a spanking is long overdue and would do you a world of good."

"A spanking!" Holden scoffed. "They're for little kids. I can just see you whacking me with Mum's wooden spoon."

"Not the spanking I have in mind, young man."

Holden worried a little, but anything was better than having his parents blame him for ruining their holiday of a lifetime. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well," Yvette said, leaning back on the couch and warming to her task, "you regard a spanking as a few smacks on the behind with the wooden spoon. I regard a spanking as a long, hard slapping on the bare bottom with something somewhat more substantial than a wooden spoon."

"Like what?" Holden asked warily, his bottom tingling as Yvette described what she believed a spanking to be.

"I'm not totally sure yet, but whatever I choose rest assured it will hurt."

"This is child abuse," Holden hedged.

Yvette laughed musically "Oh c'mon Holden! I have been an absolute pussycat as a big sister and you are a demon child!"

"You want to hit my bottom!"

"And you tried to burn the school down! What are you, chicken?"

That was the final straw, no one called Holden Rushton a chicken and got away with it. Holden jumped to his feet and glared at Yvette "Okay!" he shouted. "Go ahead, do it! I bet you don't even make me cry!"

Yvette sighed happily as her brother stormed off to his room in a huff and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, make herself a cup of tea and get dinner ready. Dinner was almost ready and Yvette was sipping her second cup of tea when Holden reemerged. "You ready to talk?"


"Would you like a cup of tea?"

Holden wrinkled his nose at the offer and countered with "Can I have a Coke?"

Yvette nodded "Yes, you may."

Holden snagged himself some of the cold beverage and set the frosted bottle down in front of him defensively as he sat at the kitchen table across from his sister.

"Do you want to know how this will work?" she asked.

Holden swigged from his Coke and mouthed around the bottle "Uh huh."

"Okay. After dinner you will do as I say. I will spank you in the loungeroom. The couch should support your body whilst you're over my knee."

"Your knee?"

"Holden, I've read and heard about these things and the acknowledged and accepted best method is the good old fashioned bare bottom over the knee spanking."

Holden wondered exactly what sort of literature his sister had been reading to lead her to that stunning conclusion, but thought better of making a cheeky remark. "Okay." he muttered.

"Now, just because you a have a sore bottom is not going to make you take this thing seriously. I know you, young man." Yvette said to forestall the protest on her brother's lips. "So I have a little refinement. Prior to your spanking I will take a picture of your pristine, white, unmarked bottom, after I have spanked you I will take another picture of your freshly spanked behind."


"Insurance, my boy, insurance. I'll take the card out of the camera and hang onto it until Mum and Dad return. If you do as you are told then I will wipe it and no one will ever know. Whilst you are home you will work on schoolwork from between nine and twelve and one and four. Don't think you can slack off and just watch TV, because I will call during the day and I'll ask Mrs O'Reilly next door to drop in at unannounced times. If we find you not doing as told then those pictures will become public property. I can just imagine what your big, tough friends would think if they saw a picture of your pretty, little, red botty."

Holden blushed furiously and dropped his head. Yvette had him cold. She was devious, she had out thought him again.

"Yes, Yvette."

"Good boy," she said, rising and ruffling his short black hair fondly, "now go and wash up for dinner."

Dinner was a silent affair. Both Yvette and Holden had their minds on what was going to happen afterwards. Yvette was wondering if she had both the physical and emotional ability to punish her brother as soundly and thoroughly as she had promised. Holden for his part was musing on how embarrassing it was going to be for his big sister to see him naked from the waist and whether or not she could make him cry, he silently vowed that he would not cry.

Yvette took the dishes to the sink and said to Holden "Go change into your pajamas and come back here please."

"It's not bedtime," Holden informed Yvette.

"Holden, please do as you are told. This is for your spanking."

"What do my pajamas have to do with spanking?" Holden demanded.

Yvette flung the dishrag into the soapy water in the sink "Holden! Don't stand there and argue with me, just do as I tell you."

Knowing that his sister would make good on her threat to call his parents if he did not take the spanking Holden made an angry face at Yvette, but turned on his heel and stomped to his room to change.

Yvette shook her head and with an exasperated breath blew a stray lock of hair off her forehead. She then put the dishes in the drainer to dry and went to her room to get what she needed for Holden's spanking.

Once in her room she located her hairbrush on her dresser. Pete had given it to her for her birthday last year. She had never thought that she would be using it for the purpose that she now intended it for. One of her friends at school had been spanked with a hairbrush when she was naughty and she had once confided that her older brother still got it too and it made him howl. He was seventeen at the time and that story was what had given the idea to use it on Holden. The brush was made of cherrywood, it had a broad, flat oval back and it was quite heavy. Yvette cracked it on the thigh of her black slacks and winced at the slight sting and the meaty thwack it made. Then she nodded in satisfaction. Yes! This would heat up Holden's firm little backside perfectly.

Yvette picked up the camera and set it on the coffee table next to the brush, she settled herself onto the couch. Holden wandered out in a pair of long flannel pajamas. She smiled at the sight of him. Despite his age and insistence that he was an adult his pajamas were still covered with pictures of F1 cars. Yvette looked him up and down and her brown eyes sparkled. "So why am I wearing these?" Holden demanded. "You kept saying you were going to spank my bare bottom."

"I am darling," Yvette informed the boy, "and that is precisely why I asked you to put your pajamas on, so much easier," she reached out and put two fingers in the waistband of Holden's pj bottoms and drew him close to her, "to take down." then she calmly tugged them to his knees. Holden gasped and his hands immediately shot down to cover his privates. Yvette giggled and said "Holden, don't think you haven't got anything I haven't seen before. I used to help Mum change you as a baby you know."

Holden turned his back on his sister and muttered "I'm a lot bigger than I was then."

Yvette laughed and retorted "That my darling brother is a matter for opinion. Now you just stand there and say cheese for the camera." she picked up her camera and took a picture of the lily white bottom in front of her. Both Holden and Yvette were olive skinned, but as Holden's bottom rarely saw the sun it was still cotton ball white, unlike his tanned legs. "Okay," Yvette told him, "you can pull them up and go to the corner. Whilst you are there you can think about what you did and how your actions have forced your sister to light a few fires in that tender little behind of yours."

Yvette sat back and took a few deep breaths to calm herself. Her heart was pounding fiercely and the blood sang through her head, she knew her cheeks were flushed, she could feel them burning. If anything she was more nervous than Holden and it wasn't her bottom that would soon be receiving the brushes burning kisses. Holden stared at the wall and fought down the butterflies in his stomach and tried not to think about his tingling bottom. He had seen the hairbrush on the table. He had never been spanked with a hairbrush, but he had heard about hairbrush spankings. They were hard and unpleasant. Mum's wooden spoon had stung a little and that was through jeans and underpants, that brush was a lot bigger than Mum's spoon and he had no protection. Why oh why did he take that stupid dare?

After what seemed an eternity Holden heard his sisters voice say clearly "Holden, please turn around and come to me."

Holden turned and slouched across as nonchalantly as his nerves would let him.

Yvette knew that her brother was nowhere near as insouciant as he was pretending to be. He would soon lose that calmness when he was over her knee. She loved him, but she would spank him and spank him hard. "Look at me," Yvette commanded, Holden's eyes remained on his toes, "Holden Stephen Rushton!" Yvette's voice snapped like a whip as she used her brother's full name. "Look at me."

Holden's head came up and his big brown eyes looked at his sister's saddened face. Holden sniffed and swallowed as he fought down tears, tears of shame that he had made his sister take this course of action.

"You were silly, Holden, really silly. You were also naughty, very naughty and thoughtless," Yvette scolded, "what you did amounts to vandalism. You're lucky that nothing went badly wrong and no one got hurt. Mrs Harrison could have reported this to the police, you know. If she had done that, young man, you would be facing a lot worse than a sore bottom. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah," Holden murmured.

"What was that, young man?" Yvette inquired archly.

"I said yeah!" Holden retorted angrily.

Yvette's hand shot out and smacked the seat of Holden's pajamas. Although he barely felt the blow, his hand shot to his abused rear and his wide brown eyes regarded Yvette with a shocked look "You hit me." he accused her.

"The first of many," Yvette agreed with as calm and steady voice as she could manage, although what she wanted to do was apologize and burst into tears, "that is what a spanking is, Holden. The correct answer to the earlier question was yes ma'am, not yeah. Do you understand me, now?"

"Yes ma'am," Holden mumbled.

"Much better. Now stand close to my knee."

Reluctantly Holden shuffled closer to Yvette's knee. He raised his eyes ceilingward as he felt her fingers in the waistband of his pajama bottoms again. There was a gasp of shock as they were whisked down to his knees. Yvette let out a sigh of relief as she looked down at her brother's privates. She had heard stories from her friend about her brother and that sometimes when his bottom was bared for his spankings other parts of his body became a little excited. If that had happened with Holden she doubted that she could have continued with the punishment. She put a hand in the small of Holden's back and took a firm grip on his slender wrist with her other hand. A sharp tug and the boy sprawled across her lap. Yvette encircled his waist with her arm and with a grunted "Upsadaisy!" hauled his legs up onto the couch so that both upper and lower bodies were supported by the sofa.

Yvette's eyes went as wide as saucers as she looked at the upturned bottom over her lap. It looked so soft and vulnerable. It was hard to believe that he could cause so much grief when he was like this. Yvette ran a hand across the hillocks of smooth white flesh. Her hand left a trail of gooseflesh and Holden shivered. "Cold are we?" Yvette asked teasingly. Before the boy could answer she gave his bottom four sharp slaps, watching the handprints flush pinkly on the pale skin. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Holden yelped, wriggling his bottom.

Yvette frowned. They were firm smacks, but really not that hard, she had barely felt them on her soft little hand. Then she shook her head. Acting. The boy was an Oscar winner in the making. "Holden." SMACK "Stephen." SPANK "Rushton." SLAP. "Those first four spanks did not hurt and you know it!" The next lot of yelps and grunts were for real and Yvette knew it. Her hand was beginning to sting and she was sure that Holden's rapidly pinkening backside was too. "Thinking of lighting fires now are we?" Yvette asked, her spanking hand settling into a steady rhythm as it beat a tattoo on her brother's squirming, warming seat.

"No! No Yvette! I won't!" he wailed.

"Good, because believe me, young man, by the time I am done the only fire you will be thinking of is the one in your flaming red rear end."

Holden wriggled and squirmed and his legs waved gently as Yvette's small hand continued to smack firmly and steadily across Holden's upturned chubs. Yvette tightened her hold around his wrist and sizzled a few extra hard slaps across her brother's behind. "Owwwwww!" Holden squealed and although he did not vocalize it, Yvette knew that there was the unasked question 'What was that for?'

"That, brother dear," the annoyed brunette told her younger sibling, "was for the inconvenience you have put me to. I think its hairbrush time."

There was a sigh from Holden as the punishing hand ceased its continual assault and Yvette could feel the heat emanating from the boy's gently pulsating, bright pink bottom as she leaned across it to pick up her hairbrush. She weighed it in her hand and grinned down at Holden's backside. He had no idea exactly what he was in for. Yvette placed the back of the brush across the centre of her brother's stinging rear and asked "How does that feel?"

"Cool," came the wary reply.

"Is that all?"

"No," Holden quavered.

"What else?"

Holden sniffed, trying to hold back his tears "Hard, heavy."

"Oh good!" Yvette exclaimed. "Imagine what it will feel like as it smacks across your bottom. It will be hard, heavy and hot, most of all hot, my darling. As hot as that fire you lit earlier today."

Holden bit his lip and fought hard to hold his tears off.

Yvette picked up the brush and spun it around, she then placed the bristles gently on Holden's bottom and scraped them across it. Holden hissed and then squirmed. "Yvette!" he yelped.

"Does that hurt?" she inquired sweetly.

"Sort of," Holden said and wriggled in her lap, "it kind of tickles too."

"Tickles?" Yvette said in a wondering tone, then lifted the brush and told him. "Well this won't."

"Owwww! Owwww!" Holden howled as the brush cracked smartly across each cheek.

"Does that tickle?"

"No! That hurts!"

"Good," Yvette said sternly and applied the brush with gusto to her brother's frantically pumping backside. "You won't avoid your deserved spanking, young man."

As Yvette smacked the brushes unyielding back first across one plump round red hemisphere and then the other she thought of all the things Holden and she had gone through. All the times he had pulled boyish pranks on her, the boyfriends he had embarrassed her in front of, the times her cover ups for his misdeeds had gotten her in trouble, the dates she had had to cancel to look after him and as she thought of these she spanked him soundly. Holden wriggled, squirmed and roared as his flaming red bottom desperately tried to avoid the brushes searing kisses. Yvette applied the brush to that tender area where thighs and bottom joined and Holden's struggles reached new heights. He howled and his legs kicked wildly, his socked feet drumming furiously on the end of the couch. Yvette smacked hard and firm and she was determined not to stop until she got tears. Holden was yelling and she knew he was in considerable pain, the colour and temperature of the rolling crimson globes in her lap told her that, but she wanted tears. Holden would not be properly sorry until he cried. Yvette did not want to hurt her brother, but she would be doing him more harm than good if she let him off before he showed genuine remorse. She felt her own brown eyes fill with tears as she begged silently: Cry. Cry. Please cry, darling.

Holden's bottom went past crimson to scarlet and Yvette could feel that it was just about to burst into flames. Holden's struggles had almost ceased, sweat had broken out on his brow and his nose was streaming freely, then she heard the floodgates break and the sobs started. Loud, gulping sobs that shook his entire body. Yvette held Holden close and smacked the brush down hard six times, three on each glowing cheek. "I'm sorreeeeee!" Holden bawled. "I'm sorreeee, Yvette! I won't do it again. Puhleeese stuhstop spuhspuhspanking meeeeeee!"

Yvette felt all the tension go from her body and she lay the brush down, she held her blubbering brother close and lifted him into a sitting position in her lap. She rested his head on her ample chest and rocked him as she whispered into his ear gently "Sssshhhhh! Ssssshhhh baby. It's all over now. All over. You're my good little boy again. I love you, honey."

Holden's sobs became sighs and Yvette felt him relax and press into her warm body as he snuggled close to her. She continued to rock him slowly and whisper soothingly into his ear. Yvette kissed his damp cheek tenderly and using a tissue wiped his face clean and blew his nose. "There we are, darling." she told him with an encouraging smile and received an answering one through his tears.

Yvette helped Holden off her lap and told him "Now you get that little bottom back into the corner sweetie. Hands on head please."

Holden frowned, but did as he was told. Yvette could not help a grin as she watched the glowing little red situpon mince its way into the corner. He looked so cute when he had just been spanked. She wondered idly if this would be the last time she was treated to this view. She picked up her camera, focused and snapped a few shots of the burning fire engine red bottom in the corner.

Yvette told her brother "You just stand there like a good little soldier and later I'll give you a hot drink and tuck you into bed."

Later in the evening with Holden and his red bottom tucked safely into bed Yvette made herself a cup of coffee and sipped it slowly as she looked through the photos on the card, savouring them. "I wonder," she mused out aloud, "if I can get Pete to agree to this next time we have a row. I'm sure he wouldn't want his workmates to see a picture of his cute, red rump posted on the noticeboard."

Yvette smiled and thought that one bottom looked much like another. No one would know that this was a thirteen year old boy as opposed to a twenty six year old man. She was going to have to hold onto this card at least until Pete paid for that dress she had seen the other day.


  1. A lovely story from Seegee Aunty Andrea, Holden is a very lucky boy to have a big sister like Yvette. The first time she spanked him had to be memorable, I was a lot younger when my big sister Celestine first took my mothers clothes brush to my bare bottom, in fact I was about 6 years old and Celestine was 15. I hope to read how Yvette takes her fiancé Pete across her knee soon

  2. Thank you for the comment, Mario. Yvette certainly is a caring, but strict big sister. I don't think this will be Holden's last trip over her lap.

  3. I hope not Aunty Andrea. Mommy sends her best wishes and hope all the naughty boys and girls in Clarksville don't keep you too busy

  4. Aunty,

    Happy you are enjoying your pre holiday chores and fun, I love Christmas.

    This is a wonderful story thank you for posting it, just amazing and what a lovely brushing she delivered. Hoping her brush meets her fiancees bare bottom really soon, maybe both of them together !!

    Hot spanking


  5. Oh ma'am, I love that drawing and the young man's position of pure acceptance of his spanking, very hot.


  6. Mario if I don't get the chance before the 25th I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you and Marta a very Merry Christmas.
    Thank you for the comment, Ron. Yvette is certainly a very determined and responsible young woman who knows how to deal with the men in her life.

  7. A very interesting story and well done. Yvette is a remarkable older sister and perfect match for her younger brother.