Friday, 16 December 2011

Northline Mall - Part 1 - Bared Affair

Hello everyone, Kimberley Susan here. Aunty Andrea is off doing Christmas shopping, so asked me to post something to keep you all entertained. I found this article by Beth in Bared Affair which has a Christmas theme, it's part 1, she followed it up the next year, so hopefully Aunty won't be angry with me and will post that tomorrow.

Northline Mall shoppers were positively entranced when they saw what the mall had done with the old Ward's store for this Christmas season.  "We decided to put that space to good use for the community this year," stated mall manager Gus Jenkins. 

The upstairs section, which used to contain housewares, home furnishings, and major appliances, has been transformed into Santa's Village.  Kids of all ages will thrill at seeing Santa's elves hard at work making toys for all of the good girls and boys.  Boys and girls can visit Santa and have their picture taken with the jolly senior elf for a small fee.  Posted throughout the mall are the hours that Santa will take a break from holiday preparations to visit with Northline shoppers.  Busy families can even schedule an appointment for a visit with St. Nick.

Santa in his luxurious 'cave' at Northline Mall.

For the not so nice boys and girls during their shopping expedition, parents may want to take them to check out the downstairs part of the old Ward's store.  "The downstairs section was set up due to customer demand," said mall spokesperson Mary Evans.  "We found that parents would often come up to our customer service booths asking if there were someplace to take a naughty child for discipline.  We've tried to accommodate that need in the old clothing sections of Ward's"

In the little girls department, mothers may take boys and girls of all ages for a spanking.  In the juniors department, only mothers with teenage daughters will be admitted for administering a bottom warming.  The little boys department caters to fathers who need to spank, and again is open to children of all ages.  The teen boys sections is designed for fathers and their older sons.

The fitting rooms in all sections will be available for parents who prefer to spank in private.  Each room is equipped with a straight back chair for the parent's convenience.  In the floor area of each section, chairs, sofas, and benches are available for parents who prefer a more public punishment.  Three-way mirrors have also been set up in all sections for parents who want their children to see the results of their actions.

Many shoppers feel a hand spanking is more than adequate to get the message across or as a stopgap measure until the family gets home.  However, several mall stores have decided to advertise their merchandise by making it available for the spanking sessions.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has supplied a large selection of wooden spoons, hair brushes, bath brushes, and paddle-shaped wooden cutting boards for parents to choose from.  Abercrombie and Fitch has sent over a selection of men's leather belts.  For a small deposit, parents may use one of the floor models to administer the spanking.  All the stores who have supplied the implements have put up signs in their stores identifying the items to aid parents who may wish to purchase the model they used on their children.  Walgreen's has supplied boxes of tissues for its younger customers who may need them after a trip to the lower level of the store.

One of the stores that so generously contributed goods for Northline Mall's Christmas Spanking Room.

We were able to visit with some of the customers, both parent and child, who were using this latest mall feature.  Wanda Evans was on her way in to the juniors' section with her visibly nervous sixteen-year-old daughter Samantha.  Mrs. Evans grabbed a sturdy wooden spoon, and moved her daughter to one of the open area benches.  Samantha begged for a more private location in the fitting room, but her mother told her she was willing to act up in public, she could be spanked in public. 

As Mrs. Evans bared her daughter's bottom in preparation for what would be a very sound spanking, she told this reporter that she wished the mall had done this years earlier.  "Several times I've had to leave before finishing my shopping because one of my children was just begging for a spanking.  This way I can give the spanking that's needed and then get back to shopping.  I doubt Samantha will act up at the mall anytime soon after I'm finished with her."

From Premium Spankings. A young woman displays the results of a journey to the Spanking Room. Bared Affair was unable to ascertain the reason she was spanked, but we suspect it had something to do with this incredibly short hot pants she's wearing.

One young mother had three small children in tow as she headed to the little girls' department.  "Right now, just the two girls have a spanking coming," Mrs. Miller said with a grim look on her face, "but if Johnny doesn't shape up, he'll go over my knee, too."  Hearing his mother say that, the gloating look left Johnny's face as he saw his older sister, dress up and panties down, go over their mother's lap for the first spanking.

Upstairs in Santa's Village, you could occasionally hear the sound of a spanking taking place.  Several parents whispered to their fidgety charges that they could go downstairs to take care of misbehavior instead of seeing Santa.  It was positively amazing to see their behavior instantly change for the better.

Mall officials say that although they're busiest on weekends and evenings, both the upstairs and downstairs get plenty of traffic when the mall is open.  One mother asked if the mall would consider keeping the downstairs section set up after the holiday season is open.  "My children have never been so well-behaved in the mall.  We had to take a trip to the little girls' department on our first trip to the mall after it opened.  We've come back to the mall several times since, but only made one trip back to the spanking store.  My kids know it's there, and they know I'll use it.  It's helped keep them in line.  Before the spanking store was opened, almost every trip to the mall would end up in us leaving before all my shopping was done so I could administer a spanking back at home.  I hope they never close it."  With customer feedback like that, this is one store that may never go out of business.


  1. Kimberly, you know I think you are sexy and this post just confirms that, let's hope Aunty tends to your bottom but this is a delightful story, just so fun and easy to read. Great concept too, would love to read about a husband being taken over his wife's lap for a sound spanking!!


  2. I know this post is super duper old, but it made me smile so much!! :D