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Not In His League - Guest Fiction

Just when Aunty is busy, the wonderful Esskay comes to my rescue with another of his stories. Please enjoy Not In His League by Esskay.

From Women Spanking Men, the spanking begins with the hand, but soon moves onto implements.

From Clare Spanks Men, Angelo begins to regret his behaviour as the hairbrush bites.

Angelo Carter had at one time been highlighted as “Columbus’ Most Eligible Bachelor” by a local magazine, and why not? Carter was a partner in one of the city’s most-respected law firms and had a lot of family money to go with his impressive salary. His social circle included many high-ranking state officials, including the Governor.

 Which is why Sue MacDonald was shocked when she received an email from him with the headline “Remember Me?” The 43-year old MacDonald had met Carter on many occasions, and there was no chance whatsoever that she would have forgotten him.

The two were very far apart economically, as well as socially. Sue was a divorced mother of two teenagers, living an economically-challenged life. She collected small amounts of alimony and child support from her ex-husband, and supplemented it with a modest salary from her position as the receptionist at Weiss & Haskell, one of the city’s larger accounting firms. That was how she met Angelo--he used the firm when auditing was needed on any of his corporate clients, and Mr. Weiss handled Angelo’s personal taxes himself. Over the last couple of years, Angelo had been in W&H’s offices on many occasions, and would always entertain the receptionist with an engaging discussion while waiting to go to Mr. Weiss’ office.

“Remember him? Ha!” Sue thought. “Not the kind of guy you would easily forget.”
 Sue had not dated for several years after her divorce from Roger, and had only recently decided to dip her toes back into the dating waters. She signed up for an online dating service and had met a few mostly unimpressive men to date--she was considering letting her membership expire soon as the cost of the service ate into the tiny discretionary funds she had.

She found it amazing that Carter--widely known as a ladies’ man who had been seen with many of the area’s most impressive women--had also joined the service. “Maybe he’s slumming,” she felt. But she answered his email.
 Sue usually had lunch with Jane, Mr. Haskell’s secretary, and this day’s lunch started with Jane asking, “What were you doing in Weiss’ office this morning?”

“One of the clients asked me out and I wanted to check with Mr. Weiss to see if it was OK,” Sue replied.

“Who?,” Jane asked.

“Angelo Carter,” Sue replied, almost giggling.

It took Jane a few seconds to respond to what she considered to be stupefying news. “You’re kidding,” she finally said. “Columbus’ most-eligible bachelor? He’s known for going through dozens of women each year. I know for a fact he dated two of our female CPAs and he dumped them both after a week or two. Watch out, Sue, he’s just looking for a quick roll in the hay, then he’ll take you to Ernie’s for a nice dinner and dump you.” (Ernie’s was one of the city’s best-known and most pricy restaurants). You know I love you, but let’s be honest, you’re just not in his league.”

 “I know that, I have no illusions,” Sue answered. “But that’s OK. Maybe I could use a quick roll in the hay myself, and if he takes me to Ernie’s to dump me, it’s probably the only time I’ll ever get to eat there.”

“What did Weiss say?”

“Pretty much the same thing you did, but since Angelo asked me out through the online dating service and it wasn’t business-related, he said it’s OK. Then he said ‘Sue, Angelo’s a wonderful man and friend as well as a major client, but you need to know he’s not a one-woman man. I hope that when he decides to move on, there won’t be any tension afterwards when he comes to the office.’ So I told him I understand that, and he said, ‘Have fun. He’ll probably take you to Ernie’s.’”
The first date was in fact dinner at Ernie’s, but that was the only thing about it that Sue expected. Instead of the brash, gregarious Angelo that was his public persona, the Angelo that Sue dined with was simply an interesting and very nice man who was a complete gentleman to her.

Sue asked him what a man like him was doing on an online dating service, and he explained that he was tired of meeting the “phony” women he met in his life. He had gone online with the desire to meet someone “real” and was delighted to see Sue’s picture and profile. He said he always liked her when he was waiting in the Weiss & Haskell reception room, and that he had asked Milt Weiss if he had any objection to asking her out.

 As both exchanged their life histories, Angelo related that he was a third-generation attorney, but he was very different from his grandfather and father. His grandfather, who had changed the family name, essentially had a private practice as a “mob lawyer,” representing most of the unsavory characters throughout the state. His father had joined that practice when he became a lawyer, and both generations had made fortunes from their work. As an only child, Angelo had inherited a great deal of money when his father died.

To Sue’s surprise, Angelo did not invite her back to his apartment, and there was no “roll in the hay” that night. But Angelo did ask her out again for the weekend, and she accepted. Again he made no sexual moves (Sue actually started to wonder if she was doing something wrong), but the couple continued to date. The first roll in the hay did not take place for a month, until Angelo took her to Chicago for a very enjoyable weekend at one of the city’s most exclusive hotels.

Since Angelo was spending significant money on her and she was not in a position to reciprocate, Sue had invited him for a home-cooked dinner, and he accepted. He met 15-year old Stacey and 13-year old Michael for the first time, and greatly enjoyed the evening. As the two continued to date, a weekly dinner with Sue and the kids became an enjoyable habit for him.

In the second week after the Chicago trip, Angelo learned something new about Sue -- she was a strict disciplinarian with her children. He had arrived for dinner around 6:45 to find an upset and angry Sue. Stacey had been due home by 6, and had not called. (Sue had wished the family budget would allow for cellphones for the kids, but it was a luxury she could not afford.) Dinner was due for 7PM, but Angelo suggested they hold off until Stacey got home, which she finally did about 7:10.

Sue was already angry that Stacey was late and the teenager proceeded to make the mistake of mouthing off to her mother in front of Michael and Angelo by loudly protesting that she wasn’t a child, nothing bad had happened, and her mother was overprotective and disrespected her. Sue put her hands on her hips and gave Stacey a glare that communicated how much trouble the teen was actually in. “Upstairs,” she ordered Stacey. “Now!”

Stacey reluctantly started walking up the stairs and Sue said to Angelo, “Sorry, I need to take care of something right now. Can we delay dinner about 15 minutes?” Of course, Angelo agreed and he and Michael remained in the room. “Mom’s mad,” Michael said. “Stacey’s going to get it good.” 

“What’s that?,” Angelo asked, and Michael replied, 
“If I know Mom, Stace is going to get a big-time spanking.”

Angelo was surprised; he had never been spanked as a child and with no children in his life, it was a subject he had no experience at all with--if asked, he would have said he thought it was an old practice that had pretty much died out. But even with the door closed behind them, he could hear sounds coming from Stacey’s bedroom that made it quite clear Michael’s prediction was correct.

“Does she spank you also?,” he asked Michael. 

The boy nodded yes and said, “Afraid so. And unfortunately, Mom is very good at it. She has a hairbrush up there that hurts like blazes and she knows how to use it. Even when Stace and I are mad at each other, we feel bad when the other is getting spanked. I wouldn’t want to be her right now.”

Stacey never did make it down to dinner on that night; Angelo ate with Sue and Michael in a tense atmosphere. Later, after Michael had gone upstairs, he and Sue were able to talk and she told him more of her history.

 She had been raised in a lower-middle class family in which her mother was the dominant influence, and spanking was a frequent occurrence for her, her sister and two brothers. Despite the family having little money which would not allow any of them to go to college, every one of the four kids had grown up to be responsible adults. Sue credited the fear of her mother’s hairbrush with a large part of that--the rule in her house growing up was that as long as the children lived there, they were subject to “hairbrush rules,” and she herself had been spanked as late as age 19.

 “Mom ruled the house,” she said. “To tell the truth, we always suspected that she may have spanked Daddy too, but none of us had the courage to ask. They’re both gone now, so we’ll never know. But I think she did it.”

 Alone with her thoughts while laying in bed later that night, Sue questioned herself if she had done the right thing by sharing her suspicion about her mother spanking her father; it was the first time she had ever discussed it with anyone other than her siblings. Still, she thought, Mom and Daddy did seem to have a very good marriage. She thought of her ex-husband Roger. He was not a particularly bad husband and father, rather he was more of a man with little ambition or direction, who was unable to take control of his responsibilities. She wondered -- if she had spanked Roger the way her mother probably spanked her father, maybe she would have had a better marriage with him.
Much to the surprise of everyone at Weiss & Haskell, the relationship between Sue and Angelo continued to flourish. During Christmas week, he took Sue and the kids for a ski week at Aspen, and insisted the arrangements would be he and Michael in one room with Sue and Stacey in the other. He greatly enjoyed being with Sue’s children, and one or both of them joined the couple on many occasions.

Sue had also become his date for the social commitments he needed to fulfill, and she lived in great fear of embarrassing him. She did not have the clothes appropriate for some of the occasions he brought her to; he had offered to give her the money to buy what she wanted, but her pride didn’t allow her to accept money from him and she scrimped in some other areas to let her buy what she felt she needed. Angelo had introduced her to the Governor, and at one formal event, he and she ended up at the same dinner table with Mr. Weiss and his wife. To try to avoid embarrassing him, she went to many online sites she had never been to before to educate herself on politics and current affairs. Angelo had in no way ever hinted that she had embarrassed him, and she wanted to keep it that way.

 Almost a year into the relationship, at a dinner at her house, Angelo casually mentioned a “bigwig” was coming to town; could he impose on her to go with him? They would have to stand in a long line to go meet him and get their pictures taken with him, if that was OK with her. “Sure, if you want me to,” the receptionist said. “Who’s the bigwig?” 
“The President,” Angelo replied, as Michael almost choked on his chicken.
 As the relationship progressed, it went in both directions. He may have introduced her to the Governor and taken her to meet the President, but she also had social commitments with her family. Although she was at first reluctant to ask him, he was usually more than willing to go with her. It did make her uncomfortable -- she wasn’t exactly ashamed of some of her relatives, but she did recognize there was a very large gap in every way imaginable between Angelo and some of them.

Sue had been pleased that Angelo at least appeared to be comfortable with her sister and brothers and their families (even though they thought of him as her “hotshot boyfriend” and “sugar daddy”). But as summer neared a cousin invited her, the children and Angelo to a picnic at their house, which was meant to be an engagement party for their daughter. This was a branch of the family that even she felt a bit uneasy about -- she and her sister thought of those cousins as “rednecks” and Sue feared Angelo meeting them might not go well.

 She told him a couple of weeks before the party that she needed to go on that date -- she had hoped he might not want to go and she tried to emphasize he did not have to go. But in a typical Angelo reaction, he immediately said it would be fun to go with her and the kids.

As it turned out, the Saturday chosen for the party was not a good date for Angelo. He had been in court all week in a difficult lawsuit that was not going well for his client. He really would have preferred to have stayed home and worked on that day, but he felt he had made a commitment to go and needed to do so. He had no idea that Sue would have much preferred that he would not go.

The day went as badly -- perhaps even worse -- than Sue had feared. Angelo was in the worst mood she had ever seen him in, and once at the party, he slowed no tolerance at all for her relatives, getting into loud arguments twice and insulting the hosts. He also drank too much -- for the first time, Sue had to drive his Mercedes home. She left him at his apartment, telling him she would return the car the next morning, and drove home with Michael and Stacey.

She was angry and upset. She slept little that night, and concluded that as wonderful as the relationship with Angelo had been for both her and the children, maybe it was time to let it end. They were very different people from very different backgrounds, and it appeared to her the chasm was too wide to bridge. She had also seen Angelo at his worst on the day, and was angry at his behavior.
 After a night with little sleep, she awoke on Sunday in an angry mood. At breakfast with Stacey and Michael, the kids would have seen her as “spanking mad” if her anger had been directed at one of them.

Driving Angelo’s car back to his apartment, she had no idea what the next few hours would bring. She was prepared to walk away from the relationship and was proud that she would be the one to make the decision, rather than being dumped discreetly at Ernie’s. She used her key to let herself into his apartment -- although it was almost 9:30, Angelo was still asleep. After she had dropped him off last night he had taken in more alcohol, and when she woke him he was suffering from a hangover.

He tried making a feeble apology for his behavior of the prior day, but she would have none of it. In all the time they had been dating, they had never had an argument, and although he had seen some anger from her before when the kids misbehaved, he had never seen it directed to himself. “For a year,” she started, “For a year I have lived in mortal fear of not embarrassing you. I’ve done everything I could to learn enough about a lot of things so you would never feel ashamed of me with your friends. Well, you know what, Mr. Hotshot friend-of-the-governor? Yesterday you embarrassed me, and I was ashamed of YOU!”

The comment stung Angelo. If he had been a boxer, it would have been like taking a left hook to his chin.

Sue was just getting started….”And let me tell you something else! I never…NEVER expected us to end up get married. NEVER! But you know what, Angelo? After the way you behaved yesterday, if you asked me to marry you today, I would say no. I’m really, really upset that I saw a side of you yesterday that maybe you kept hidden from me for a year.”

And that was the right cross to the boxer’s face! He was staggered. Angelo didn’t want to get married, but he always had assumed Sue did. His one great fear about their relationship was that she would start to hint about marriage. Hearing that she might turn him down if he asked stunned him. He did not know how to respond. But he also was getting upset -- she had woken him and started right in on him without giving him any chance to collect his thoughts.

“So what do you want to do, Sue?” he asked angrily. “You want to spank me like your mother spanked your father?”

The comment caught her by surprise -- it was not something she had thought of. But it struck her as a possibility. Her earlier thought that maybe if she had spanked Roger the kids might still live in a 2-parent home came back to her. “That’s not the worst idea I ever heard,” she replied sharply.

Now Angelo was the surprised one.

 Both looked at each other -- neither really knew what to say or do next, so Sue took control. She sat on his bed and tugged him over to her, then pulled down his pajama bottoms. She then guided him over her lap, and was a bit surprised that he did not resist either verbally or physically. Angelo was also surprised at his reaction -- he was about to get a spanking like he was one of Sue’s children, and he didn’t feel like resisting!

At home Sue always used her hairbrush when punishing the children, but Angelo had nothing in his bedroom that would hurt, so she started spanking him with her hand. It really didn’t hurt him very much, and he showed almost no reaction, even though his butt was starting to turn slightly red. Sue was still angry and was becoming frustrated by the lack of a reaction from him. She knew there was a small paddle in the kitchen that she had used on some occasions when she cooked there so she told Angelo to get up and stay there. He complied and she went into the kitchen to get the paddle.

 She returned to the bedroom, ordered him back over her knees, and he silently went back over. The paddle made a difference. He started to make noises such as “oooh” and “ouch” and groaned and started to kick his legs. Sue felt she was getting through to some degree, but knew her hairbrush would have been even better. He didn’t cry --she really had not thought he would -- but she felt some satisfaction from what she was doing. Finally, she stopped and let him up.

She had no idea what he would say or do next -- would he order her out of the apartment, tell her the relationship was over, she just didn’t know. And what he did do turned out to be perhaps what she considered to be least likely -- he looked meekly at her and said, “Sorry, honey, I apologize for my behavior yesterday. I certainly didn’t expect you would spank me for it, but I guess I deserved that.”
Four months passed with the relationship almost back to normal. No more word was ever spoken about that spanking or any in the future, but neither could forget that she had spanked him and neither could predict what might happen in the future if there was another incident.

There was, however, a subtle change in the relationship. Previously, it was clear that Angelo was the leader of the relationship, a benevolent leader to be sure, but Sue always felt that she was only going to be part of his life as long as she pleased him. Now, however, having even considered ending the relationship herself, she felt she was on a much more equal footing. For the first time she started to see the relationship as a 50-50 arrangement.
Angelo needed a minor medical procedure done which would take up two days in which he could not drive, the first for the procedure itself and the second in which someone needed to bring him back to the doctor for an in-office check-up. Sue took two vacation days to allow her to help him.

The procedure itself went well as did the check-up the next morning. Both were hungry, so Sue drove them to a sandwich restaurant near her home. It was a little before the lunch hour and only a few other customers were in the store. They ordered their sandwiches, and sat at one of the tables to eat them when Angelo’s cellphone rang.

 It turned out to be a “spam” call, one of his major peeves. The recording said it could lower his monthly interest payment on his credit card debt (Angelo had none -- he always paid his bill in full each month) and if he wanted to speak to a live person he could press 1. Angelo had received this call a few times in the past months even though he had signed up for the do-not-call list and he became angrier than before each time he got the call.

 Angelo pressed 1, and when the person answered, he blurted out “Go f*** yourself!”

Unfortunately, the restaurant had grown quiet at that very moment, and his comment was heard by everyone there. He immediately apologized loudly to all, but the damage had been done and Sue was mortified -- and livid!

They finished the meal in silence. Angelo was truly embarrassed and felt stupid that he had acted so impetuously, also that he had embarrassed Sue. He tried to apologize again once they sat down in the car, but she was not inclined to let it go. “We’re going back to my house,” she said angrily. “And you’re going to get a spanking!”

Angelo did not respond. Internally he felt perhaps that was fair -- if he was in a relationship with a woman whom he allowed to spank him, how could he argue he didn’t deserve a spanking today? His legal mind saw it as he having entered a “contract” of sorts with her in which he had yielded the right to judge and punish his behavior to her.

Neither Michael nor Stacey was due back from school for a few hours so Sue felt she had all the time she needed to do this right. “Get in the bedroom,” she ordered as soon as they walked in. Once there she told him to get undressed and go stand in the corner to think about his behavior. Angelo had not said a word from the time they entered the house, and he did all that he was told to do.

 Sue got her hairbrush from her dresser and sat on the bed. She was still angry about Angelo’s outburst in the restaurant, and was focused on that, even though she thought the kind of spanking she was about to give him might have a big impact on their relationship. She decided she was not going to worry about that -- this man had embarrassed her with childish behavior, the precedent of her spanking him had already been set, and she was determined to punish him for his actions, no matter what would happen.

This spanking was nothing like the first time she had spanked him. The first time had been unplanned while this time each had several minutes to think about what was going to happen. Sue was much calmer and in better control of her emotions this time -- more like she was when it was Stacey or Michael who needed to be spanked. Angelo had had time to think about what was going to happen to him, and he had accepted the fact that getting spanked was justified. He also assumed he could control his reactions -- he remembered how much the paddle had hurt him in the apartment, and did not think whatever Sue would do today would be any worse.

Once she started though, Angelo learned that much to his chagrin, this was very different. He knew she was using her hairbrush, but he was shocked that implement hurt so much more than his paddle had done. This was really starting to hurt him, and it was becoming difficult to control his emotions. He felt himself close to crying, which he assuredly did not want to do. But Sue was showing no sign of letting up, and the pain in his butt was growing. He thought of the time he had heard Stacey crying through a closed door, and now he understood what she was feeling, also his conversation with Michael that night -- he was right, this thing hurts like Hell! And then Columbus’ most-eligible bachelor lost control, and started to sob himself.

 Sue continued for about five minutes and then felt satisfied that she had done what was right no matter what the personal consequences might be for her. She told him to lie on the bed and get dressed when he felt ready, then she went into the kitchen to collect her thoughts. She reflected on what had just happened--she had taken one of the most powerful men in the city and literally reduced him to tears. She knew how proud he was and assumed he would not wish to continue seeing a woman who had dominated him as she just had done.

After about 15 minutes Angelo emerged from the bedroom. She asked what he wanted to do next and he requested that she drive him back to his apartment, which she did.

Angelo did not call that evening, and Sue was sure that signaled the relationship was going to end. Still, she felt pleased that she had done what she believed what was right, even at the cost of losing a man whose resources could do much for both her and her children. But, she said to herself, we got along without him before and we can do it again. Aspen was fun, but self-respect is more important than material things and I’ve done what was right. I do love him and I will miss him, but I’m not sorry about what I did.
 She still had not heard from him the next morning, but at about 10AM she got a text from him saying, “Dinner at Ernie’s tonight? 6PM?” “And there it is, the dump-dinner at Ernie’s,” she told herself. “So be it. I did the right thing, and I’m proud of what I did.”

Sue arrived at Ernie’s a few minutes early -- Steven, the Maitre ‘D knew her well by now, and led her to the table Angelo normally used. He arrived a few minutes later, kissed her, and sat down. Each made small talk mostly about was he OK after his procedure and how was her day, but Sue was sure he had an agenda for the dinner --which he did. She expected he’d make it through the main course and tell her to “have a nice life” at the end of the meal.

They ordered their coffee and she saw Angelo’s face grow serious. “I need to talk to you about something,” he said. 

“What?” she asked, although she was sure she knew what it was.

 “You hurt me a lot yesterday,” he said.

 “You deserved it.”

 “Yes, you’re right, I did. I hope you won’t hurt me again today.”

“I wasn’t planning on it,” she said. “How could I hurt you today?”

 “If you turn me down, you would hurt me worse than yesterday.” And with that, he reached into his suit pocket, took out a small box and handed it to her. Sue knew what came in boxes that size and started to shake -- she was almost afraid to open it.

This was NOT what she expected to happen at this dinner. She opened the box and saw a ring with the largest diamond she had ever seen.

“Honey, I know you told me you wouldn’t marry me a couple of months ago,” Angelo said. “But I’m a lawyer. I want to appeal that decision. Sue, I know I’m not perfect. I proved that yesterday. But you seem to have a way to deal with me when I disappoint you. I don’t like it, I was very embarrassed yesterday, but I’m willing to have you be the judge of my actions.
“I love you. I’ve been with a million women in my life and you’re the only one I ever loved. Please marry me.”

Today was Sue’s day to cry and she started to. “The jury is back, counselor,” she managed to say. “The verdict is yes.”
 Sue wore the ring to the office the next morning. Her first stop was at Jane’s desk. She showed the ring to Jane and simply said, “I guess I’m in his league now.”

Jane smiled broadly. “I guess you are, honey. I guess you are. What did you possibly do to get Columbus’ most-eligible bachelor to propose?”

Sue chuckled to herself. “Sorry, Janie. You wouldn‘t believe me anyway, but in any case what I did stays between him and me.”


  1. Good lord so well done, what a nice heart and bottom warming story. Thank you Aunty and Esskay I loved it. Just a lovely story and let's hope a follow up in the future to read about how her brush is doing. Wow a no nonsence mom, wife and spanker. Loved it.


  2. I have to agree with Njspank, great story, I really enjoyed it.

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  3. Ron, I had the feeling that you may enjoy this one when I read and posted it. I'm certain Esskay will be pleased.
    James, thank you so much for your lovely comments. We hope to be around for some time to come yet, darling.

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