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'The Secret' Part 1 - Guest Fiction

Hello all! Hoping lovely warm Christmasses were enjoyed out there. I know I had a beautiful day. I'm taking a break from work and will return to warming bottoms in the New Year. Esskay has very kindly provided me with a 2 part story to keep you all entertained over the break. Here is part 1 of The Secret. I wonder what it could be?

The formidable Dana Specht, she has certainly discovered The Secret.

Two of the ladies from Women Spanking Men share The Secret.

Clare Fonda shows a young man The Secret at Clare Spanks Men.

      The two sisters worked within a few blocks of each other on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Kim, the older at 28, was an insurance adjuster and had been married for almost three years, while Joan, 23, was in the advertising business and was still a newlywed about eight months into married life. Although they saw quite a bit of each other on weekends, it was almost always with husbands or other family around, and they had started a tradition of an extended lunch once a month -- a fast sprint through Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center, followed by a quick lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Both greatly enjoyed the time together, and appreciated the chance for one-on-one talk with her sister.

      The small talk had always come easily for the two girls who had shared a bedroom when they were growing up. Despite a five year difference in their ages, Kim had always been a caring big sister to Joan, and had on many occasions given the younger girl the benefits of knowledge of experiences that she had already gone through.

      “How’s Stan?,” Kim asked about Joan’s husband right after they ordered their meals.

      “OK,” Joan responded in a less than enthusiastic way.

      Kim looked at her in an inquiring manner.

      “Maybe it would have helped if we had lived together before we got married,” Joan said. “It’s frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I still love him and I’m happy we got married, but he’s no help at all around the apartment and he’s messy and makes a lot of extra work for me. I tell him about it and he promises to do better but doesn’t. I don’t want to be a nagging wife and I let a lot of it ride, but some times he treats me more like a maid than his wife -- at least what I think a wife should be.”

      “Joanie, that’s pretty typical of a man who just got married. And no, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference if you had lived together. Ben and I lived together for a year before we got married and I went through the same kinds of things.”

      “But you went ahead and got married anyway.”

      “I fixed the problem,” Kim said smiling. “I knew The Secret.”
      “The secret?,” Joan asked. “What’s the secret?”

      “I knew I would tell you The Secret at some point,” Kim said. She looked at her watch to reassure herself they had enough time for a full discussion, and was pleased to see that they did. “I guess today is the day to tell little sister The Secret.”

      She had Joan’s full attention.

      “Joanie, here is The Secret: Deep, deep down, the vast majority of men want a woman to take control of them. They want their wife or some other woman to set standards and limits for them, to watch over them, and to discipline and punish them when they go over the line.
      “I don’t know why, but it’s in their DNA or genes or something. Maybe they subconsciously remember being a little boy who had to hold Mommy’s hand when he crossed the street. Maybe deep down they think that was the best time of their life. I don’t know. But I do know that when a man is confronted by a really determined, persistent, confident woman who says they’re in charge and you need to do what I say or you will be punished --when that woman is really confident and determined - -the man will end his macho nonsense and fold his cards.
      “On some level, just about every man wants his wife to take charge. He may not know it yet, but Stan wants it too.”

      “What do you mean by punishment?,” Joan asked.

      “Joanie, when Ben is a (she emphasized the next two words although in a quiet manner since there was a couple at the adjacent table) bad boy, I spank him.”

      “You spank him?,” Joan asked (a little too loudly for the location).

      “Your brother-in-law goes over my knee for a bare-bottom spanking with my hairbrush,” Kim announced with pride.

      “But he’s so much bigger and taller than you are,” Joan remarked.

      “Who’s in charge is not a matter of size. It’s a matter of attitude,” Kim responded. “When he breaks the rules and knows he’s going to be punished, he doesn’t think like he’s six inches taller then me. He thinks like he’s a little boy and he knows if he gives me any more trouble or resists me in any way, it’s just going to result in a longer and harder spanking for him.”

      “So you’re the boss in your marriage,” Joan mused.

      “This may sound funny” Kim said, “but I really don’t think of it that way. I see it as we have a 50/50 marriage 98% of the time. I defer to him in lots of things, like cars and electronics. Most of the time when we go to a show or movie, it’s something he wanted to see. He gets to watch almost all his sports and he gets his boys nights out with his friends. I still do most of the cooking and most of the cleaning. He does just fine in our marriage. But in the other two percent, when he breaks the rules, everything changes. I completely take over and he has nothing to say about what happens -- and what usually happens is that he gets a painful and embarrassing spanking.”

      “And he puts up with it…,” Joan said in wonderment.

      “Puts up with it, Hell,” Kim responded. “He thrives on it. Just last week we were talking and he said he has never been happier in his life and it may be time to start trying to have kids. And that was just two nights after he got a particularly long spanking that had him in tears.”

      “He cries when you spank him?”

      “I can make him cry,” Kim answered. “I usually don’t. He has a tolerance of about 50 spanks. If I stop at 50, he has a very red butt and I know he’s in pain and suffering, but he doesn’t cry from that. But on occasions when I feel he deserves it, I go up to about 100 spanks, and before I get there he’s crying and begging me to stop. I’ve also added some corner time recently, both before and after the spanking. He doesn’t like that, and it helps to make it a real punishment that he will change his behavior to avoid.”

      “You know the statistics as well as I do,” Kim added. “Half of all marriages end in divorce. Well, I’d bet among marriages where the woman knows The Secret, that number is way, way lower. There’s no uncertainty in those marriages, no surprises. The man knows his limits and what is expected of him, and knows what will happen when he misbehaves. I swear to you I’m absolutely convinced just about every man would prefer to live that way. They just may not know it yet, but once they learn the rules, they’re happier. Ben was that way - -when I told him the way it was going to be, he was shocked. But now I know he’s much, much happier living the way we do.
      “That’s The Secret: men want woman to take charge.”

      “How did you find out about it?,” Joan asked.

      “You remember Cheryl who works at my office. You met her at my house last year. She told me. Her cousin had told her. Cheryl spanks her husband, and her cousin spanks her husband. It works for them, and it works for me. It will work for you too. Stan wants you to do it -- he may not know he wants you to do it yet--but he does want you to do it.”

      “I don’t know,” Joan said. “I need to think about it.”

      “Of course you do,” her sister answered. “I’m not saying you should run back into Bloomie’s and buy the biggest hairbrush they have so you can use it tonight. Of course you need to think about it and get ready. The first night is very tough -- he’ll resist it. But Joanie, once you get it established, you’ll be happier and Stan will be happier.”

      “Ben resisted you?,” Joan asked.

      “Sure,” Kim replied. “I’m sure there are some men who understand this is what they want, but they’re probably few and far between. With Ben, it took about ten minutes for him to break. It was even before we got married, but I remember almost every detail of that night. He had been on a business trip during his mother’s birthday. I had reminded him to call her, but he forgot and Cora was very, very hurt he didn’t call. After Cheryl had told me about The Secret, I was waiting for him to do something that warranted a spanking and I felt that did.
      “As soon as he got back from the airport, I told him how angry I was and that while this time he had been irresponsible and had hurt his mother, on too many other occasions he had treated me as badly. Then I told him that from this moment on, whenever he acts irresponsibly like a little boy, he will get spanked like a little boy.
      “He laughed, which I had expected. Then I told him it wasn’t a joke, I meant it. He had earned a spanking and he was about to get one. Then he went into what I expected next -- saying that was ridiculous and he was a grown man. But I stayed very firm, and the key thing you have to do is to stay calm. Eventually he starts to get nervous, but you need to stay calm and confident and determined. I told him that he may be a grown man physically, but he acts like a little boy too often and from now on, little boys get spanked in our house. I told him I had bought a hairbrush for his spankings which was in my dresser, and he was to go into the bedroom and bring the brush to me.
      “He said he wouldn’t, and I said yes he would, and the longer it took him to do so, the longer and harder his spanking would be. At that point, he started to understand I was very serious about it, and he tried to talk me out of it. He apologized for his behavior and said he’d call his mother to apologize to her; I said his apology would be much more meaningful if he was sitting on a very sore, very red bottom when he called her. I told him again to go get the brush, and I said if I had to go get it, he’d end up a very sorry little boy.
      “At that point, he started to weaken and I knew I had won. He was getting visibly nervous, and said maybe some sort of punishment would be justified, but not a spanking. I said the way it was going to be was that I get to decide what his punishment is, not him, and I had decided that he will be spanked whenever I feel he has earned it, and tonight was going to be just the first time. Then I told him this was his last chance to go get the brush himself--that if he didn’t go right now, I’d get it and his spanking would be a lot longer than it had to be.
      “Then he went to get the brush.”

      “Wow. That’s awesome!,” Joan said almost breathlessly. “You spanked him even before you were married, and he married you anyway.“

      “He realized it was best for him,“ Kim answered.

      “How about Cheryl. Did her husband resist her?,” Joan inquired.

      “She had a tough time. Jason really held out on her. She told me it took almost a half-hour before he gave in. She finally said to him that he had a choice -- he could either go into their bedroom and get her hairbrush or he could go into the bedroom and pack his bags. And that was the key for her. As soon as she started talking about throwing him out, he started to shake and almost started to cry, she said. Then he went quietly into the bedroom to get the brush and didn’t say another word until she had him bare over her knee. She said he started to plead with her to not make it hurt too bad, but she stayed very firm and told him it was going to hurt a lot and he might as well get used to it because he was going to be in this position a lot in the future. And she said he started crying almost immediately, and he has never resisted her again.”

      “And you both use a hairbrush,” Joan noted.

      “It works well,” her big sister instructed. “Sometimes with Ben if I just mention the word hairbrush he gets nervous. And when he’s going to get spanked I make him go to my dresser to get it and bring it to me -- I think that adds to the punishment element that he has to go fetch the implement that’s going to be used on him. When his behavior has been borderline, I sometimes leave it out in the open, maybe on the kitchen table. I don’t say a word about it, but when he sees it there, it reminds him what might happen to him. He becomes a good little boy very quickly.”

      “I’m blown away, Kim. I never imagined,” Joan said.

      “It’s a lot to think about when you first hear it,” Kim admitted. “I thought about it for a couple of weeks after Cheryl told me. Then I decided I would do it, and I went out to buy a hairbrush. What you need to do is to buy a brush or whatever implement you plan to use. It’s like you’re making a commitment to do it when you buy one. Then you wait for him to do something that deserves a spanking, and you spring it on him.”

      “I don’t know if I could do it,” Joan said.

      “Of course you can,” big sister replied. “What you really need to understand and believe is that he really wants you to do it. He may not know it, but he really wants you to do it and once you start he’ll be happier and you’ll be happier.”


  1. Excellent story! Few tasks bring home the reality of what is about to happen than having to bring the instrument of correction to one's partner. Really sets the tone and establishes her as being in charge of the entire episode. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Wonderful story. I agree having to bring the paddle can really set the butterflies going.

  3. Hi Aunty

    Wonderful part one to the story, love it and just love the conversation and let's hope the results. Wow really nice story line. We all want the brush!


  4. Hello Ma'am, great story, and the words are true, I think most men can benefit from a trip over their wives or girlfriends knee. And I can attest from experience that hairbrushes are the worst.


  5. Make him admit his need for a spanking... very healthy for the boys! And buy some additional implements like a cane and a paddle

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate them and I am sure Esskay does as well. A big welcome to Maria who is I believe new to the Spank Shop. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion which has just been posted.