Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Single Image that Speaks Volumes - Guest Essay

With Aunty so busy it is just as well I have lovely followers that provide me with content. The image and this essay are both Rennie and are food for thought for all of us.


From the very first time that I saw it years ago, I look at this photo and I see the full depth and breadth of my spanking submissiveness. For the record, I’m not ashamed to be male, not at all. I’ve worked out in weight rooms, taken pride in the results. But what’s the first thing I imagine having done to me by a willing woman? I imagine her taking down my pants.

I think back to when I was 14, and my mother found a spanking book I’d forgotten in the bathroom. Privately to my face, she asked me if I felt I’d “missed out by never getting a bare bottom spanking.” Without question, we both knew the honest answer, but I was too embarrassed to admit it and my mum couldn’t bring herself to show that maybe she’d missed out just as much by never giving me that bottom warming.
To one degree or another, any female spanking me has played the role of my mother in that instance. After all, it was my mum who taught me how to wash, how to groom, how to dress myself, appreciating the importance of making a good impression. My bottom had been her domain until it was proudly mine; the foundation of my personal autonomy.

Yes, I owed all that to Mum. But naughtiness had a way (in my imagined boyhood) of abruptly dismantling my shrine to juvenile independence. All of a sudden, my pants reverted to her control, her fingers now unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping my pretension of early manhood. Horrible enough to have them so methodically taken down. But with my underpants to follow, the shame defied description!
So, here we have Mummy proceeding to pull down her bad boy’s pants for a spanking. One of this photo’s best attributes is the line it so successfully treads between fantasy and reality. The boy could be anyone. We see all of him that matters. His submissiveness is manifest.
And in a traditional domestic scenario, Mummy happens to have company at this worst of all possible moments for her naughty young man. A neighbour lady, perhaps with children of her own; maybe even a boy she’s had to put over her knee from time to time. Her mind is certainly fixed on the scene unfolding right in front of her. Who did this bad boy think he was, foolishly presuming he was too big to be spanked? Silly child. He’ll be getting his bare bottom paddled soon enough.

There’s any number of relationships you can apply to what you’re looking at. In my own case, I’d given my mother ample cause to pull down my pants and spank my bare bottom, but she never did. What if it wasn’t a neighbour lady watching my shaming but my oldest sister, the other figure of female authority in my actual boyhood (the one I’d had to answer to, in Mummy’s absence, when I was caught stealing change from my sisters’ coat pockets)?

Your imagination is your only limit. Mine absolutely thrives on what I’m seeing here. Not to be yelled at; not to be made a sissy; not to be some berated whipping boy. Simply to be subject to having my bottom soundly spanked when I’d been naughty. So please take your seat because the show’s about to start.


  1. "the foundation of my personal autonomy" - perfectly put.

    Having your bottom bared and then subjected to some rather rude treatment is a dramatic demonstration that this notion of autonomy has been nothing but pretense.

    And yes, I'm a fan of the image as well.

  2. This just shows that fantasy is the minds candy!!



  3. My mother found my private stash of reading material when I was a young teen, some of which included stories of F/m corporal punishment. She never confronted me about it, but I have to wonder what she thought when she found the material. There were several times as a child when I found my pants lowered in preparation for a trip over her knee and my bare bottom's reacquaintance with her paddle. Certainly none were in the presence of neighbors, but no doubt my sister was a witness to at least one of those sessions.

    The image and personal account above bring back memories.

  4. Apart from the hundreds of paddlings and strappings I've given myself, when the only bottom warmings I've ever known have been consensual, I can only imagine what it would've been like to have my pants taken down for a punishment spanking.

    Maybe it just made the relationship with my mother all the more interesting, because I definitely know there were times when she wanted to spank me but couldn't ever bring herself to do it. I also know it frustrated the heck out of me. If she wouldn't bare my bottom, I'd do it myself.

    What it all added up to was my backside becoming my most prized possession. Seriously. As much as anything, that's why I was so numb with shame when my mum found that book. I was literally putty in her hands. No way can I see myself having resisted being bared and turned over her knee. But she wouldn't go there, and even though it took years to pan out, the stage was set for a woman like Mummy Em to play the part - and do it to rave reviews from this Naughty Boy.

    Thanks for the comments, guys!

  5. Wonderful lines. Thank you for sharing


  6. I can well understand the fascination a punishment spanking can have for someone not having experienced it first hand.Personally I much prefer a "good boy" spanking as it has all the elements of sexual fantasy.
    Mommy spankings on the other hand contain no sexual connotations at all. It is purely punishment, it is not given for fun, mom means to teach you a lesson that can only be learned through the long and hard application of her hair brush to the seat of your bare bottom, paying particular attention to the "sit spot" as well as your upper thighs. It does not stop when you feel you have had enough, oh no mommy means to teach you a long hard and painful lesson. The harder and painful the spanking is, means she does not want to repeat it, but just as she does not wish to repeat it she wants you to believe that if you get another spanking that it will be worse than the one currently given. as another writer wrote " once she has you in spank land, the place where all that matters is the incredible burning in your bottom, she needs to convince you that you will never leave".
    I love my mom more than anything and as much as I love her, if I never have to go across her lap ever again it will be too soon. Yeah like that will never happen!!!!!!!!

  7. Like you, Mario's Mom, I'm a steadfast proponent of thoroughness (soundness) in a spanking. It's true I've never been spanked as punishment, but I've been paddled and strapped more than once with blood being drawn. As a committed self-spanker all through my teens and twenties (when mine were the only smacks being given), the more pain I could inflict on my backside (meaning my buttocks and upper thighs) the better.

    Consensually, I've known the sort of Mommy you described. One woman (a registered nurse as a matter of fact) used to bend me over and strap the living daylights out of my bare bum. I was unofficially in competition with just one other client of hers for pain tolerance. I took real pride in being good at getting walloped.

    "The seat of your bare bottom" - I like that. That's right where this particular naughty boy lives. ;-)

  8. Thanks for your thoughts, Rob. As I believe this is your first post I welcome you to the Spank Shop and hope to see more from you.
    On a personal note Aunty is loving the exchange this post is providing. The participation of my followers is something that makes this endeavour a pure joy.

  9. Renniesboy, I always believed that all little boys live on the seat of their bare bottom, sometimes it hurts to sit down when my trusty hairbrush has finished having a little "chat" to Mario's bare bottom.

    Mario, why are you still up at this time of the morning young man?


  10. Thanks, Marta. I do hope you don't have to spank young Mario too hard.

  11. Andrea, Mario could not give me a reasonable explanation as to why he was up and surfing the net at half two in the morning.
    I have told Mario to tell everyone here what happened when I called around to his house yesterday morning. I suspect he is experiencing difficulty in sitting down on the computer chair.
    I wish I had a camera with me when I confronted him about it, turns out he had told Ruth that he only spent an hour on the computer which meant he should only have been on until midnight. He got a spanking from both of us and while he stood in the corner after my hair brush had finished "chatting" to him, his Aunty Nita happened across the road. Ruth too allowed her hair brush to "chat" with that naughty bottom.

  12. That was a very sound spanking young Mario got, Marta, but he did break the rules and he knows the consequences.

  13. Aunty Andrea, mommy said that I had to log on and give you an update on my tale of woe. my bottom is still very sore and I really don't want another spanking so I need to tell you and all the other people who may read this that I am half way through writing the account and will publish it within the next few days and also to tell you once I have published it that I am not allowed online for a week. I am sorry you get to find out I got spanked and apologise for being naughty. Please forgive me.