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'The Surrogate Mother' - Guest Fiction

Once again the darling Esskay has given me one of his stories to share with all of you. This one is a sequel of sorts to 'Not In His League', although it can be read without having any prior knowledge of the first one. It is also his first F/F effort.

From Firm Hand Spanking. April is turned over Sue's lap for a good old fashioned spanking.

Girl Spanks Girl supplies this image, which could represent April's first spanking from Sue in front of her mother.

From Good Spanking. April nurses her freshly scorched buttocks in the corner.

(Note: Some of the characters in this story were introduced in ‘Not In His League.’ Although this story is self-contained, its background would be better understood by reading ‘Not In His League’ first).
      It was five years later and much had changed in Sue‘s life. The new family of four had moved into a much bigger house, but Stacey’s and Michael’s rooms were now vacant most of the time since they were away at college. Both of them had originally thought that commuting to a local community college was all they could expect to do, but their stepfather had offered -- insisted, really -- to pay all expenses for both kids in college and grad school if desired.

      At first after the marriage, Sue had decided to keep her job at Weiss & Haskell. Although Angelo was paying most of the bills, she felt it important to keep on working so that she could have some of “her own” money to spend. But at the same time that Michael was getting ready to head to college, Angelo and the children did an “intervention” of sorts with her, and finally convinced her nothing now stood in the way of her fulfilling a dream: going to college herself!

      She enrolled at the university as a full-time student planning to secure a degree in sociology in four years. Although the other freshmen were younger than Stacey and about the same age as Michael, she found herself growing close with three girls in particular who were in several classes with her. With April, Megan, and Rachel, Sue formed a study group to help them get ready for exams. April had a car she had brought to college with her, so most of the times she drove the others to Sue’s house to study (and often for a home-cooked meal as well).

      Megan and Rachel each struck Sue as serious and mature young women, much like she believed Stacey to be. April had not made as good an impression -- Sue saw her as flightly, self-centered, and immature. The other young women were in college to build a basis for their future lives, but April, although certainly intelligent, showed no ambition and seemed to be in college primarily for the social life it afforded her. Her grades reflected her lack of effort, and at the end of freshman year she was placed on academic probation, which she blamed a variety of people and situations for.

      “It’s not fair,” was April’s mantra, and she overused the thought. She would never accept responsibility for her actions and instead blamed her teachers, her schedule and anything else she could think of as the causes for her failures. She even blamed the fact that she had a car at school for some of her problems. Her father had told her their insurance did not cover her lending the car to friends to drive, so whenever a friend needed a ride somewhere, April felt she had to drive them. She did not have the strength to say ‘No,’ even if her time would have been much better spent studying, or even attending classes on some occasions. (Of course, she insisted on bringing the car back for sophomore year, telling her parents she needed the car to get to the library and to Sue’s house).

      Sue liked April, but thought of her as an 18-year old who thought like and made choices that a 12-year old might make. Sue had no doubt how she would deal with April if April were her daughter, but of course she was not and Sue’s solution was a moot point.

      April’s sophomore year started off as badly as her freshman year had been with poor grades on her midterms, and she was now in great danger of flunking out by the end of the first semester. One evening, a Monday, Sue answered the phone, and a woman identified herself as April’s mother. “Do you have a few minutes to talk?” she asked.
      April’s mother drove up from Cincinnati on Wednesday morning. Wednesday was a day when Sue’s class schedule was just classes at 8 and 9 o’clock, and they both knew April had no afternoon classes on Wednesdays. Janice arrived at Sue’s home about 11:30 and the two women spoke over coffee.

      “As I told you on the phone,” Janice started, “April is suggesting she needs a ‘surrogate mother’ here to keep an eye on her and maybe help her get back on track. She’s very fond of you and thought you might be able to help her.”

      “I’ve thought about it a lot since Monday,” Sue said. “The problem is that what she really wants is a ‘surrogate mother’ to just give her some cookies and listen sympathetically while she blames everybody else for her problems. Her professors aren’t “fair.” It’s “not fair” she has 8 o’clock classes five times a week. She has even said the school should change the rules so that no one could have 8 o’clock classes more than 3 days a week. Her sorority housemother isn’t fair. It’s not fair that she can’t lend her car out to friends and there’s so much pressure on her to drive people around. Please don’t get me wrong, Janice. I really do like April -- she’s very bright and very personable, it’s hard not to like her -- but she’s an 18-year old who acts like she belongs in Junior High School, not here. She refuses to take responsibility for her bad choices, and she blames everybody else for her actions. Saying she wants a surrogate mother is just setting up another excuse for failure -- she‘ll flunk out, then go back to Cincinnati and tell everyone she tried so hard--she even got someone to be a surrogate mother and even that didn‘t help.”

      “So you wouldn’t want to be her surrogate mother?,” Janice asked.

      “Janice, if I were her surrogate mother, I would act in ways that neither she nor you would like. Maybe I could help her, but trust me, you wouldn’t like it.”

      “What do you mean?”

      “Janice, let me explain to you the kind of mother I am……”
      An hour later, Sue was not particularly happy with the responsibility she had just agreed to take on -- trying to get April to become motivated enough to stay in school -- but she liked Janice and although the latter was surprised by Sue’s beliefs in how to raise children, she agreed to everything that Sue said. Janice called April around 1PM to tell her she was in town at Mrs. Carter’s house, and she told April to be there within a half hour. April was surprised her mother was in town, and confused a bit by her mother’s “bossy” tone -- usually April had felt she could manipulate her mother easily, but today Mom seemed both tense and tougher than April was used to.

      April arrived in about 40 minutes, and tried to take control of the situation. “Mom,” she said. “I wish you had told me you were coming. I could have changed my schedule around. I have a lot of work today and need to go to the library.”

      “Forget it, April,” Janice replied. “I’m tired of your excuses and your nonsense, and so is Mrs. Carter. You wanted a surrogate mother? Well, you’re going to get one. But you know the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get it. That’s going to be on your mind a lot, starting today.”

      “Mom, I don’t understand. What’s the problem?”

      Sue jumped in. “The problem, April, is that you’re flunking out of school -- and despite your refusal to take responsibility for your actions and choices, it is completely your fault. You’re 18 years old, and you act like you’re 10 or 11. Your parents have treated you based on your chronological age, but your Mom wants me to be your surrogate mother, and I believe in treating you the way you act. With me, you’re going treated like a 10-year old until you prove to me you’re a responsible adult.”

      Janice then took over “April, your father and I are fed up with the way you have behaved since you came to college. You have a choice -- either accept everything Mrs. Carter plans to do with you, or Dad and I will come up this weekend and clean out your room. You’ll be back in Cincinnati -- with no car -- and you can get a job for your spending money.”

      April still felt she had a chance to talk her way out of this confrontation with the two women. “Mom,” she said, “It’s really not been my fault. There’s a lot of things going on and there’s a lot of pressure on me. I’m trying hard. I can’t believe the two of you are ganging up on me. It’s not fair.”

      “Forget it, April,” her mother responded. “We’ve heard it all before. You’re either going to do everything Mrs. Carter wants from now until the end of the school year, or you’re home this weekend. Period. Your only choices.”

      “I don’t want to go home,” April said weakly.

      “Good,” Sue said. “But I promise you, your life changes in a big way starting right now. I’ll do everything I can to keep you in school, but you’re not going to like a lot of it.”

      April realized she was losing the battle against two very determined women. Her usual charm and ability to talk her way out of trouble was clearly not working. She was on the verge of tears and simply repeated, “I don’t want to go home.”

      “You will have to accept discipline and punishment from Mrs. Carter,” Janice said. “Her rules, not mine.”

      April didn’t like either word--“discipline” or “punishment.” “They’re going to ground me,” she thought to herself. I’m going to have to spend weekends here. That’s not fair.” But she nodded and said, “I will.”

      “Good,” Sue said. She reached over to the end table next to the couch, opened the drawer, and pulled out a hairbrush. April’s eyes widened and she gasped. She hadn’t been spanked in many years, but she knew what a hairbrush can be used for, especially when displayed within seconds of the word “punishment” being uttered.

      “You’re crazy,” she screamed. “I’m too old to be spanked.”

      Sue remained very calm just as April started to melt down. “You met my daughter Stacey. She was 20 when she was home last summer. She decided it was OK to get a ride home from someone who had been drinking. Ask Stacey how old you have to be to become too old to get spanked. It’s not 20.
      “And besides,” she continued. “You’ve been acting like you’re 10 or 11 so that’s the way I’m going to treat you. Now get over here and lower your jeans.”

      “Mom, stop her,” April appealed to Janice. “Don’t let her do this to me, please.”

      “It’s either that or you could be stocking shelves at Kmart next week,” Janice told her.

      April slowly moved towards the couch Sue was sitting on; it seemed like she was dreaming and she really couldn’t accept she was going to get a spanking. “Pants DOWN,” Sue ordered, and April slowly complied, still not accepting in her mind what was going to happen. Only when Sue reached into the waistband of April’s panties and start to pull them down did April completely understand she was going to really get spanked. As she felt the panties go down past her buttcheeks, she became very scared and started to beg  “Please, Sue, please Mommy, don’t do this. I’ll be good, I promise. I’ll try harder, honest. Please don’t spank me.”

      Again Sue’s calmness was in stark contrast to April’s loss of composure. “April, understand this: you are going to get spanked for your behavior until now. I think you deserve a spanking and your mother thinks you deserve a spanking, so you ARE going to get a spanking. What you need to think about is your behavior from now on -- as long as you are in Columbus, I will spank you whenever I think you deserve it. And unless you make big changes, you’re going to get very familiar with this hairbrush.”

      And then she spanked the girl.
      Whether April had been behaving as an 18-year old or a 12-year old might have been debatable, but when it came to being spanked, she was acting more like an 8-year old. She started crying immediately, and she cried hard and loudly. At first she had felt mostly embarrassment being bare-bottomed over the knee of a woman she thought of as a friend, not to mention having her mother in the room to see it. But the pain of the initial spanks overtook those thoughts in a hurry, and the only thing that mattered was how much it hurt each time the brush landed. She didn’t know how long it was going to last, but it was already going on too long, and in between sobs she was trying to make promises to behave and plead for the spanking to end.

      “Ow, ow, please Sue, please Mommy, no more, please,” she tried to call out. “I’ll be good, please stop, ow, please, no more, it hurts so much.”

      Janice almost told Sue to stop, but she caught herself and allowed the spanking to continue. She told herself her ways of dealing with her daughter had led to April being on the verge of flunking out, and maybe Sue was April’s last chance to succeed. Still, it bothered her to see her daughter over someone else’s knee in such obvious distress.

      The spanking only lasted about three minutes, but it was more than enough to have been very, very effective. Sue let April up and guided her into a corner. “Stand there,” she said to the girl who was still crying loudly. “Your mother and I are going to talk and then we will be back to explain the new rules to you.” Sue and Janice went into the kitchen, as April cried into the corner.

      The two women spoke for about ten minutes and emerged to find April sobbing softly in the corner. Sue told her to pull her panties and jeans back up and when April did so she felt some discomfort on her aching butt. Sue told her to sit on the couch and when she did she felt more pain, and the tears started to flow.

      Sue explained the new rules. Janice was going to email all of April’s teachers to advise them that Sue was going to become April’s surrogate mother, and to please feel free to share information with her. Sue would also speak to them (three of whom were also Sue’s teachers) about April. Sue told April that cutting any class at all would result in a spanking, and that Sue would spot-check some of April’s classes to make sure April attended. Additionally, April would report to Sue’s house by 6PM each Friday and would stay there on the weekends to make sure she studied. April would be allow to go out on dates on Friday and Saturday night, but with a 1AM curfew that would be strictly enforced.

      April started crying again. “I might as well give up and go home,” she said.

      “Your choice,” Janice told her.

      “I’ll stay,” April said through her tears.
      April felt she was in a no-win position -- either she had to put up with Sue’s new rules (and probably get more spankings) or go home to live with her parents. Despite her resentment of all that had happened, she and Sue started to work together to get her grades up. She dropped one course to allow her to better concentrate on her remaining four courses. For the first time since she had started college, she attended every session of every course (albeit more from fear of Sue’s hairbrush than a desire to really attend the classes). And she did live at Sue and Angelo’s home on weekends.

      Sue spanked her three more times during the semester. The first was when April tested how serious the 1AM curfew was -- her butt learned it was very serious, with two spanks for each of the 28 minutes she was late. Two weeks later, she mouthed off to Sue, calling her a “prison warden” among other things. Not only did she end up over the warden’s knee that afternoon, she was also told to cancel the date she had that Saturday night. And the third spanking came about when Sue received an email from one of her professors speaking about April’s lack of participation in his class.

      Getting spanked frequently did not make it any easier for April -- she still cried heavily during each spanking and was truly fearful of getting another. She gave serious consideration to giving up and going home, but in a sign of perhaps finally growing up, she decided the best course was to stay in Columbus and do her best to do what Sue was demanding.

      Sue decided April would move in for all of Finals Week (which actually was ten days) and the two put in long hours getting April ready for her tests. When the grades came in, April had done exactly the minimum she needed to do to stay in school -- if any one of her courses had been one letter grade lower, she would have flunked out. But her late improvement during the semester was just good enough to make up for the poor start, and she would be able to come back for the second semester. To celebrate, Angelo and Sue took April and her sorority roommate to dinner at Ernie’s.
      Sue and Janice discussed how to handle April for the second semester and they felt despite the small victory from the first semester, that April was still on probation and they needed to keep the pressure on. April was upset to hear the rules would not be relaxed -- based on averages for the last couple of months, she estimated no change in rules meant another four or five spankings for her in the next semester. But she did accept the fact that Sue’s strict discipline was helping her, and having had at least a little academic success in recent weeks gave her some confidence she could do well in the upcoming semester.

      With April’s maturing attitude, Sue only found reason to spank her twice during the semester, and both recognized things were improving. It was a good semester for April’s grades, although she had again only taken four courses and was falling behind in credit hours needed to graduate on time. But she got two A’s and two B’s in her courses--enough to get her off of academic probation.
      To make up for dropped courses (and actually get a few credits ahead), April and her parents decided she would attend summer school. With her sorority house closed, living at Sue’s or living in a dormitory were the only options. She would have preferred the dorm, but Sue told Janice that April could live with she and Angelo for the summer, and April was told she would live with them. Again her first thought was how many additional spankings that decision meant for her, and with Michael and Stacey each home for the summer, how embarrassing would her spankings be with them in the house.

      Classes were going well that summer, but early in July April missed a curfew and Sue felt she needed to act if only to remind April of her responsibilities. Michael happened to be in the house when April arrived, which created a need for making April’s spanking as private as possible. Sue ordered April to the master bedroom to wait for her -- the guest room that she was staying in would have been too small. Michael felt uncomfortable being in the house while April was being spanked, and he felt badly for her when he heard her muffled crying and pleas for a speedy end to the punishment. About a half-hour after Sue finished, he knocked on the guest room door and went in to help console April. Later in the evening, with his mother’s permission, he took April to a local restaurant so she could get away from the house for a while. She winced noticeably when she sat down in the booth, and they both shared a small laugh over that.

      April got spanked again about a month after that, but other than those two incidents the summer went well, and April spent a good amount of time with both Michael and Stacey (who left early in August to start medical school). And of the four courses she took that summer, April got three A’s and one B.
      With April starting to become an academic success, Sue and her parents agreed to ease the rules dramatically for her Junior year. Sue and April were still in some classes together, and spoke on the phone frequently, but she was no longer required to spend her weekends with Sue and Angelo. Even with the relaxed restrictions (and no spankings!), she had a successful first semester for the year with two A’s and three B’s. Sue still spoke frequently with Janice, and both were delighted by April’s progress.

Second semester also was going well, and early in May, Columbus had a great spring day, which tested any student’s resolve to attend classes. In fact, April decided to cut a class for the first time in more than a year (knowing it was a class that Sue was not in). She filled her car with sorority sisters and they drove to a park out of town with a picnic meal the sorority’s cook created for them. April’s roommate had reminded her that she had been thinking about doing something Sue would see as a “spanking offense,” but April decided to take the chance.

      It was an enjoyable afternoon for all of them, and April knew she had successfully cut the class and no one --specifically Sue -- would find out.

In the last year-and-a-half, however, April had changed in many ways. The morning after she had cut the class, she started to feel guilty about her actions. She saw Sue in a class that morning and felt uncomfortable, especially as Sue was speaking to her about an assignment in that course.

      By lunch hour that day, for the first time in her life, April was starting to feel real remorse about her actions. She had a 2PM class that day and spent most of it thinking about her actions. During that class she decided that she had in fact committed a “spanking offense,” and even though her disciplinarian had not learned what she had done, a punishment was called for.

      At 4PM, April rang the doorbell at Sue’s house.

      “Hi, didn’t expect you,” Sue said. “Everything OK?”

      “I need to talk to you,” April responded.

      The two went into the living room, and April choked up a bit and started to sob. “I cut a class yesterday,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

      Sue was surprised for a couple of reasons -- first that April had cut the class, and more so that she had confessed without having been caught. She was thinking about her response when April added, “I deserve a spanking.”

      Now Sue was completely surprised! April volunteering for a spanking? Amazing!

      Yes, last year, she had told April she would be spanked if she ever cut a class, but this was very different. She quickly made a decision.

      “April, yes, you probably do deserve a spanking for cutting the class. But you just did something I’ve been waiting for ever since I met you.”

      “What’s that?,” April asked.

      “You took responsibility for your actions. You didn’t blame someone else for what you did -- you said I did it, and I deserve to be punished. April, you finally started to act your age! I love it!”

      Sue crossed over to the couch April was sitting on, and hugged her. April started to cry, but it was out of happiness, not from the pain of a hairbrush landing on her bare butt.

      There was no spanking that day, and as it turned out, Sue never did spank April again.
      A year later the two families celebrated graduation together with a dinner at Ernie’s. Sue finally got her college degree just a few days after turning 52 years of age. Michael had graduated from his college and was planning to go to law school. And April had caught up in time to collect enough credits to graduate in the normal four years, although the hodgepodge of courses she had taken really did not prepare her to do anything in particular. But she had decided to go to grad school to prepare herself to become a teacher. At dinner, she mentioned she would like to teach, hopefully at the junior high school level. “I should be able to relate to those kids,” she said with a laugh. “After all, it was only a year or two ago I was acting like one of them.”
      Two years later, the families again met at Ernie’s to celebrate April’s Masters degree in education and Stacey’s successful completion of her medical degree. Stacey was planning to start as an intern at a hospital in Cleveland, and April had two announcements to make. First, she had a job and would start teaching at a Junior High School in Columbus in the fall, and second -- and most important -- she was engaged.
      Another two years have now passed. April and her husband are enjoying life as newlyweds, now married for just over six months. She is happy with her teaching career, and her husband is off to a good start in his job as a young lawyer.

      Occasionally, April acts in a somewhat childish way, and on a couple of occasions, her husband has threatened her with a spanking. Being newlyweds, his threats have so far led to nothing more than tickling, giggling, and love-making. But in the back of her mind, April does believe that some time in the future, she is likely to do something that will make her husband put her over his knee for a real disciplinary spanking. In fact, he told her that he now has a hairbrush available to spank her with -- and it's the same hairbrush his mother used to spank her all those times!!!!


  1. Excellent story, well written. Enjoyed it very much.

  2. Thank you, Rob. Esskay does very good work.

  3. Aunty Andrea, thank you for posting this lovely story, it reminds me so much of the way mom took me in hand and changed my outlook on life through the frequent application of her hair brush on my bare bottom. There is nothing that adjusts a wrong attitude more rapidly than firm consistent loving discipline.A lovely story, please thank Esskay for me

  4. Thank you, Mario. Esskay drops in here from time to time, so will see your lovely comments.

  5. Esskay strikes again with a lovely and nice story. Thanks for sharing.