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Gemini Island - Bared Affair

The lovely weather we've been experiencing here just recently made me think fondly of this Bared Affair article about Gemini Island, a resort catering to mothers and daughters with specific requirements.

A sneak peek at a truly unique resort that offers a service for vacationing mothers of strong-willed girls.

The Whitsunday Island chain, scattered off the coast of Queensland, is home to a number of resort islands. Australians and sun seekers from all over the world flock to one of the world's natural wonders in the Great Barrier Reef to enjoy the tropical waters along with the reef's natural beauty. The islands range from the very expensive and exclusive Lizard Island to the more family friendly South Molle Island. Somewhere in between these two extremes is Gemini Island.

A cutaway shot of Gemini Island; white beaches, pristine water and blue sky, beautiful one day, perfect the next.

It is named for the twin vegetation covered hills in the centre of the island that from the air resemble nothing so much as a firm pair of female buttocks. When the resort was first launched by wealthy Australian female entrepreneur and philanthropist Rae Brimacombe a decade ago, the intention was to occupy a niche market, and what a niche it discovered. Every resort island in the Whitsunday chain, with the possible exception of the adults-only Lizard, has a 'kids club,' or at the very least child minding facilities. The main function of these clubs is to provide an entertaining and healthy experience whilst allowing their parents the freedom to enjoy a more adult oriented holiday.

Gemini Island is no different in that respect. However, it only angles itself towards female guests, and especially targets ladies with adolescent daughters. Whilst Mum is out enjoying a set of tennis with friends or a relaxed lunch in one of the resort's restaurants, possibly after dinner cocktails, or even just relaxing with a book, her daughter, niece or ward is being 'cared' for by the attentive ladies of Gemini Island's Spanked Daughters' Club, or 'SDC' for short.

When guests arrive at Gemini Island, as at many of the other islands, they are presented with a handbook. It contains general information about the Great Barrier Reef, the island itself, a guide to the restaurants and bars, prices, and a list of activities and services offered. The SDC is one of these. A recent advertisement ran like this:

"Picture the scene: a leisurely lunch, 18 holes with your girlfriends on the island's world class course, drinks at the nineteenth hole, and where are the kids? Where are the cries of: 'Mum, I want this!', 'Let's go swimming, Mum!'? They are nowhere to be heard. Our guests at Gemini Island can relax, confident in the knowledge that their daughters will be waiting for them when they arrive back at their room or bungalow. She will have been kept 'entertained' by our friendly, competent staff at the Spanked Daughters' Club, and will be returned well fed, looked after, and with a pair of healthily glowing cheeks, either in bed or stood in the corner, according to her mother's specifications. Exclusively offered to young ladies aged 15 and up. Please enquire at reception."

 From Spank My Bottom. Ali Toscano cools down after a session at the SDC.

A Mostly Female Environment

On the surface, Gemini Island looks like any of the other resorts scattered across the clear blue tropical waters, with its beaches, water sports, cruises to the 'Reef,' pools, bars and palm trees. But it is then that you notice aside from the odd employee or young male child, almost everyone on the island is female, and certainly every paying guest is a woman, as Gemini does not permit men to book vacations there. "This is a place where the ladies are in charge," said Ms. Brimacombe, the island's founder.

"The guests generally tend to age from 16 to late sixties," she explained. "We get a lot of two types of vacationers: the successful housewife looking for a different type of vacation, such as a mother/daughter holiday or time with a sister and nieces; and the independent mother who is single, divorced, or gay û Gemini offers her a chance to meet and mingle with many of her peers. And the SDC gives their girls a place to blow off steam."

Not all guests avail themselves of the SDC's services. But for those who are interested, an appointment is made to see an SDC consultant. This lady will chat to the mother/aunt/guardian and her daughter/ niece/ward and make arrangements depending on age and the older woman's wishes. A variety of spankings are offered, from a light hand smacking to a tight lacing. Membership in the Spanked Daughters' Club does not have a cut off date, and it is not unusual for eighteen-year-olds to be wailing over the lap of one of the staff alongside a mature lady in her early thirties also being well tanned.

If numbers permit, each girl has her own personal spanker, otherwise the girls are put in groups according to age or severity of punishment. Girls can be assigned to the SDC for a day, or the entire length of the vacation, with new activities and spankings each day. Nearly every girl is booked on the SDC's weekly picnic, which is held on a secluded beach. After a picnic lunch and a fun afternoon of swimming and volleyball, the girls are treated to a mass spanking over the knees of the SDC's disciplinary consultants right there on the beach. Most are then offered the opportunity to cool their burning bottoms in the water before returning to the resort.

Many Gemini Island guests return year after year, and the island's marketing staff believe that the SDC has a lot to do with the repeat business. We spoke to some of the regular guests and staff about the concept.

Maria Toscano is a statuesque brunette in her mid forties. She is a handsome woman and it was no surprise to discover that she was a model prior to marrying and having her daughter, Alison. Although she has obviously gained weight since her catwalk days, she is still tall, well-proportioned and carries herself well. "Ali and I first came to Gemini for a mother daughter holiday when Ali was 15."

At this point Mrs Toscano's 21-year-old daughter interrupted with a correction. "I was 16, Mum." She rolled her eyes which, despite standing 5'11" in stockings, made her seem like a petulant eight-year-old.

"Really?" Mrs Toscano asked and before waiting for an answer she continued. "As I was saying, Ali was 16 and one thing that concerned me was my little girl's tendency to bend the rules to breaking point. Because of her height, she has always looked older than she actually is, and has been able to talk her way into over-age clubs, of which there are two on the island."

The 49-year-old woman explained that she was raised the old fashioned way, meaning time over her mother's knee with a stinging bottom. "I brought Alison up the same way. I had been advised of the island's Spanked Daughters' Club, but I honestly did not think they could punish my daughter properly. Ali did try and sneak into one of the drinking establishments, but fortunately she and her girlfriends were caught and brought back to their mothers."

It had been a tense moment for all involved, Mrs Toscano recalled. Several parents debated how to discipline the teenagers. "I was all for putting Alison over my knee there and then and keeping her confined to the room for the following day, but her friend's mother said that she was sending her naughty little one to the SDC. Why should I waste a day watching over her when there were experienced staff who could spank her soundly and keep an eye on her, leaving me free to enjoy my vacation?"

Mrs Toscano admitted that she had been skeptical, but the thought of keeping her daughter occupied whilst she went on a reef cruise was irresistible. "So young Miss Alison became a member of the Spanked Daughters' Club. It worked out so well that she had another visit and another hot bottom before we left that time, and ever since that she's been signed up to the SDC for the entire duration of our stay. She's also amassed a good collection of logoed shirts."

Every tourist season the island prints up new SDC tee shirts for guests to purchase. Young Miss Toscano was wearing the 2005 version, which showed a depiction of the island's famous mounds, only they were drawn as a glowing bottom and had the legend, 'I had a really hot summer on Gemini Island with the SDC.' Alison Toscano had a large bosom, and her breasts under the tight shirt emphasized the red hills on the front of it.

Despite the embarrassment of what happened to a grown girl at the SDC, Miss Toscano was only too happy to discuss it. "I thought it was really weird when I read the guidebook that first time," the girl admitted with a giggle, her green eyes sparkling, "a club to heat up girls' bottoms. I wasn't laughing after I got busted in the bar with Fiona and got sent to the SDC. Penny, my spanker that time, smacked us really hard, and I got the leather paddle as well because Mummy requested it. I think she was 24, but boy she could paddle! She was really nice about it, though. After corner time she let us have a swim to cool down. The second time I faced her, I got tawsed, and she had ice pillows for us afterward."

Mrs Toscano broke in with a clarification. "I think an occasional tawsing is good for a girl, so I always make sure Ali gets at least one roasting before we leave." Her daughter winced, but Mrs Toscano continued. "Of course, as bad as the leather is, she complains most bitterly about Mrs Fitzsimons and her cane."

The Most Knowledgeable Disciplinarian

The feared Sarah Fitzsimons was an older family friend of the island's owner, Rae Brimacombe, and had been with the island since the early days. No one knew exactly whose idea the SDC was, but it was believed to have been the brainchild of Mrs Fitzsimons. She was the most knowledgeable consultant and ran the SDC. Due to her age û she is 59 û it was the older, more mature members of the club who generally found themselves over Mrs Fitzsimons's stern knees.

From School Mistress Fantasy, one of the SDC disciplinarians with the dreaded strap in hand.

Her encounter with Sarah Fitzsimons aside, Ali Toscano was remarkably well disposed to the ladies whose job it had been over the past five years to spank her firm round buttocks on a regular basis. "Penny was friendly. I liked her, but she wasn't here when we came back. That second year it was a rotten year weather-wise so there weren't too many girls in the SDC. I had my own personal spanker, Sofie. She was a Dutch backpacker. She stayed here for a long time, though. She was here the next year. She really knew her way around a hairbrush, to be sure."

Spanker and spankee became good friends and later the Dutchwoman made it to the Toscanos' home town of Sydney for a friendly visit. "I showed her all around the nightclubs," the young girl said. "It was cute. She kept promising to ask Mum for permission to spank me the whole time she was here, but fortunately she was only joking. She's back in Amsterdam now, but we still email and when I go over there, she's going to show me around. And if I'm not a good guest she'll smack my bottom!"

Ali Toscano's mother believes that the SDC has a positive effect on her daughter throughout the year, and the girl agrees. "The funny thing is, I used to get spanked a lot at home, but since Mum and I started coming to Gemini I don't get spanked anywhere near as much. I think I save them all up for here." Miss Toscano giggled and tossed her long black hair. "A whole year's worth of spankings all at once. They should make that the new slogan!"

On the other end of the paddle, Katherine Helmsworth is a 27-year-old blonde from England. Like a lot of young travelers who come to Australia for a holiday, she supplements what money she has by doing casual work. "Gemini is great!" she enthused. "I get paid for working here, but it's like an all expenses paid holiday on a resort. The SDC are a wonderful bunch. We're similar ages, except for Mrs Fitzsimons, and so we're all chums."

Miss Helmsworth originally applied to Gemini as a maid, but when she said she'd been a nanny back home and had spanking experience, she was referred to Mrs Fitzsimons. "Soon, I had a naughty seventeen-year-old over my knee howling away as I put the wooden spoon to her tender little bum. Some of the girls are real brats and you genuinely want to tan them good and proper, excuse the pun."

By contrast, the British woman explained, there are other girls who are sweethearts. "You don't want to spank them as much, but you do, because you have to. Mum's orders, after all. I tend to become friends with those ones. The odd ones are the older ones and I don't mean early twenties, I'm talking about ladies a decade older, there are some even over 40, but I haven't seen one that old yet, besides they're exclusively Mrs Fitzsimons's clients."

Just two weeks ago the young woman had a 33-year-old assigned to her. "She had a lovely big bum; it wobbled like a strawberry blancmange when I put the slipper to her after a hand spanking." Miss Helmsworth laughed heartily. "It was such a buzz to have this woman six years older than me standing in front of me, tears rolling down her face, bottom totally roasting and having to call me Miss Kate and thank me for spanking her. I love my job!"

From School Girl Spanking. A guest is spanked in her room.

Although it is a strange concept it has worked well and all seem in agreement: mothers, daughters and staff, that spankings are good for girls on holiday. This article was written for the year-end issue of Bared Affair and we regret to report that by the time it sees print Gemini Island is fully booked for the 2006-2007 festive season, but if you wish to spend next Christmas in a tropical setting and have your little darling's bottom glowing around the tree, book early to avoid disappointment.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 4.12


  1. Love the pics Aunty, I most certainly could have done with a dip in the pool this morning to cool my super heated cheeks down after Aunty Shan had finished roasting them. Have to sit on a cushion tonight as it is too tender to sit on normally.
    Lovely story Aunty

  2. Wow, can you imagine having a "personal spanker", I love it. Also the quote towards the end from Ms. Helmsworth is just priceless, oh my, I love her job as well.

    Great entry Ma'am, thank you.


  3. Glad that you and Mario enjoyed this, Ron. Along with Twin Paddles Resort, these are two places I can certainly see myself holidaying in.

  4. Aunty Andrea and Njspank, here is a personal spanker fantasy I have had for years.

    A bedtime spanking is one of my oldest fantasies. I have fantasized for years about living in the same house as an Aunty. Of course we have separate bedrooms, but one of her requirements is that I report to her bedroom at a certain time just before going to bed in my pajamas. I am to knock on her door and come in only when invited. She will be seated on a love seat, when I come in, I will be told to come over beside her. By her side will be her favorite hair brush and paddle. As I am standing beside her she will reach out and lower my PJ's to the floor, and while I am still standing there she will address any naughtiness that I may have committed that day, if I have been a good boy she will explain that a good spanking every day will help to maintain my behavior. She will then have me step out of my PJ's and help me off with my pj top. I am now told to go across her lap as she raises her thigh length chemise to her waist so that I am laying on her bare thighs, my head on the love seat, and my feet on the floor. She then puts her right leg across my legs to lock me in place, holding my bottom and upper thighs where she can get at them best. The spanking will first start off by hand and will continue for about 5 minutes. The spanks get harder after a couple of minutes, by that time they are really starting to hurt, my eyes starting to shed some tears. By the time the hand spanking is finished I am crying profusely. If I have been a good boy for the day she will now release me to finish my crying in the corner. Then I am to come back across her lap to have lotion applied to my red bottom. If I had been naughty that day, after the hand spanking the paddle and hair brush would be applied in that order. I hate the hair brush, so usually I am a good boy, but on occasion.... well lets just say Aunty can make me very very sorry for being naughty. After the lotion had been applied we will stand up and she will give me a big long nite nite hug, with a few gentle pats on my sore bottom. I am then allowed to get dressed and go to my own bedroom.

  5. Dave, thank you so much for sharing that lovely fantasy with us. I am flattered that what was written here inspired you to do that.