Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Hot Day - Update from Kimberley Susan

Happy New Year! It's a real scorcher of a day here, even too hot to smack bottoms, extraordinary isn't it. Aunty felt it was too hot for her to even post something, so asked me to see what I could come up with. Now, not wanting the temperature of my bottom to rival that of the ferocious sun, I found an image that I think encapsulates my feelings about the weather.

From Sarah Gregory Spanking. The marvelous Chelsea Pfeiffer takes the naughty Sarah Gregory to task and uses that fearsome paddle to really roast young Sarah's delightful derriere for her.


  1. Always nice to hear from you Kimberly, and you are as hot as your weather.

    Speaking of hot, your picture has two of the hottest ladies in the scene. A lovely no nonsense lap and spanker and a beautiful bottom.


  2. Yes, Ron, I have become aware that Miss Pfeiffer and Miss Woodley are two of the best names in the business since Aunty and I began the blog. I will be modest about your lovely compliment because Aunty and Mum spank me for vanity. Thank you.
    Kimberley Susan

  3. And well they should my dear but it is true.

    Aunty is as wonderful as the ladies above mentioned but again you my dear are lovely.