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I was feeling in rather a romantic mood today and this story from Seegee fitted my mood perfectly. It's a little exotic and very sexy, I hope you all enjoy.

Masked revellers at Venice's world famous Carnivale.

From Firmhand Spanking. Marco takes control of his spoiled Contessa.

From Spanking Club. The Contessa's reddened globes make their way upstairs.

Julietta clapped her hands and giggled delightedly, her blonde curls bouncing with her mirth. "Oh Antonio, you are so wicked!" she chortled.

The young man who had made the mildly witty comment that had so amused the somewhat vacuous Venetian heiress Julietta Cippolini, shrugged his broad shoulders and looked slightly embarrassed at Julietta's rather excessive reaction. He then responded to a question from Maria, a dark haired companion of Julietta and the younger sister of one of Antonio's closest friends, the scholarly, softly spoken Marco. Julietta immersed herself in a vapid conversation with Antonio's best friend Giulio.

Julietta snapped at Marco as the young man, who had only recently returned to Venice from Florence where he had been studying, made the comment "Men do not appreciate an excessive reaction from women."

"Honestly, Marco," the girl sighed, 'what would you know? You've been in Florence for the last two years."

"I think Marco is quite knowledgeable on this subject as he is on many others, Julietta." Giulio tried to point out to the girl.

"Oh rubbish," Julietta snorted, "Marco spends all his time with his nose in a book, rather than out living life as Antonio does. I bet he's never even been kissed."

Marco coloured at the cruel comment and the five friends fell silent, although Julietta attempted to laugh it off.

"She is such a bitch, sometimes." Maria spat, as she and Marco made their way back home.

"Who?" Marco asked offhandedly.

"The Contessa Cippolini of course. That comment about you never having been kissed was entirely uncalled for."

"It was also untrue." Marco added.

His sister turned her dark eyes on her older sibling "Truly?" she asked breathlessly. "Who?" she grabbed him by one muscular arm, which was hidden by his loose clothing, her brother had filled out from the skinny youth who had left Venice to study in Florence and his physical development tended to surprise many people who had not witnessed it occurring gradually. "Tell me or I'll hurt you." she threatened playfully.

"A woman in Florence." Marco confessed.

"Does she have a name?" Maria pressed.

"Yes, but it would not mean anything to you, it is not as if you'll know her."

A frown creased Maria's brow as something about her brother's phrasing occurred to her "You said woman, not girl."

"Yes, I did and I meant it, she was not a girl, she was a woman."

At their luxurious palazzo Marco and Maria discussed the events of the afternoon and their plans for the upcoming Carnivale "I'm so glad you're back, Marco." Maria told her brother. "Papa is only letting me out on the proviso that my big brother will protect me."

"It will be my first Carnivale out on the streets, too, Maria." Marco reminded her. "It will be an experience for us both."

"I don't really need any guardian though, we'll be with Julietta and her crowd and as if her Papa won't have taken steps to make sure his little Contessa is kept safe."

Marco chuckled, Count Cippolini's protectiveness of his only daughter was well known throughout the circles in which he associated. "Do you like her?" Maria asked.

"You know I do."

"You've had that crush ever since we were little. She still thinks of you as Marco the Mouse." the girl said, reminding her brother of a hated childhood nickname. "She may find out that the mouse can roar." Maria finished with a small smile.

"Under all that finery and her selfishness she is an intelligent and compassionate girl, her father has spoiled her."

"You're probably right," Maria agreed, "it would be nice to see someone give her the short, sharp shock she needs. She's got her heart set on winning Antonio's affections at Carnivale."

To Maria's surprise Marco burst out laughing at her comment.

Maria frowned at her big brother "What is so funny?" she demanded, dark eyes flashing.

"Julietta trying to win Antonio's heart." Marco replied.

"Why? I know her tongue is sharp, but she's pretty and she brings a big dowry."

"I would not matter if she were the most beautiful girl in the world and her father was the Doge. She will not become Antonio's bride and she'll be fortunate if she gets more than a brotherly kiss on the cheek."

"Stop talking in riddles, Marco."

Marco wiped the smile from his face and lowered his voice "What I tell you is not to leave these four walls, Maria. Do you swear?"

The girl wrinkled her nose, but crossed her chest and intoned solemnly "I swear."

Marco looked around and then told his sister in hushed tones "Antonio is not interested in Julietta, he is not interested in any woman. His heart has already been Giulio."

Maria's mouth dropped open and then she whispered "Antonio and Giulio are...."

Marco nodded and finished his sister's statement with the word "Lovers."

"Oh, I wish I could tell Julietta." Maria giggled. "The look on her face would be priceless."

"You promised." Marco reminded her.

"I know brother, dear and I will honour my word. The secret you have entrusted to me will not pass my lips."

As Carnivale approached Marco played Antonio a visit "Are you attending Carnivale with the rest of us?" he asked the handsome young Venetian.

"Of course I am, Marco." Antonio told his friend.

"What do you intend to wear as your costume?"

Antonio made a face "Julietta has this idea, she wants us to dress as our star signs. I don't know how one would costume themselves as a set of scales or a twin, but fortunately I am Taurus."

"As am I?" Marco remarked.

Antonio raised one eyebrow "I was not aware of that, Marco."

"Neither is Julietta." the young man said with a smile. "She'll look rather sweet as a lioness."

"You know her sign?" Antonio asked with interest.

"I know many things about Julietta Cippolini." Marco replied cryptically.

"Then you know that she secretly wants a man who can master her?"

"I think with the Contessa Cippolini that is more of a need than a want."

"I have a deal to offer you, 'Tonio." Marco said to his friend.

"What sort of deal?" Antonio inquired, laying back languidly on his couch.

"Would you like some time without Julietta pestering you at Carnivale?"

"Of course. I would like nothing better than for Giulio and I to be alone at Carnivale." Antonio replied.

"I cannot offer you that, but I believe that I can remove the Contessa if you agree to watch over my sister and her other girlfriends." Marco said.

Antonio shrugged "It's not quite the time I'd like with my beloved Giulio, but I have to admit that we would both prefer the company of your sister and the other girls without Julietta attempting to make herself the centre of attention and prattling on at Carnivale."

"Then we have plans to make, my friend." Marco smiled, sitting up and outlining his scheme to Antonio.

As Marco left Antonio's apartment the other man confided "I have to thank you for this, Marco, if it does work and I sincerely hope that it does, you will remove a very dangerous situation from my life. Eventually Julietta will find out the truth about Giulio and I and that could prove ruinous for both of us."

The night of Carnivale arrived. Maria entered the entrance hall of her family's palazzo and pirouetted in her costume. She was dressed as Diana the Huntress, complete with a bow and quiver full of blunted arrows. "What do you think?" she asked a grinning Marco.

"You outshine the Goddess herself." her brother complimented her.

"It's too brief." her father grumped.

"Oh Papa!" the girl laughed, kissing her frowning father on the forehead.

"What are you meant to be, anyway?" he asked.

Maria smiled "It's Julietta's idea, she wanted us to dress as our star signs. I'm a Sagittarius; the Archer. I thought this stretched the concept a little, but it works."

"It does indeed." Marco agreed.

"Why aren't you in costume?" Maria asked as they left the palazzo and stepped into a waiting gondola.

"I left it at my apartment. I'll be leaving you with Antonio and Giulio and the rest, get changed and try to rejoin you later."

"Has this got anything to do with Julietta?" Maria questioned her brother, eyes narrowing.

"Of course not." Marco replied innocently.

"Where is the Mouse?" Julietta asked as Maria arrived at Palazzo Cippolini on board a pleasure barge loaded with all of Julietta's other revelers.

"He is not a mouse!" Maria retorted hotly and then explained. "He had to pick up his costume from his apartment."

Julietta, who had her face painted to resemble a lion and her hair artfully styled to look like a mane, she was also wearing a body hugging dress with a tail attached to her pert rump. "Oh, I see." Julietta replied, tossing her 'mane'. "Does he know where to find us?"

"Of course he does." Maria told her friend.

Julietta wrinkled her nose and muttered "Pity. His costume will probably be lame. I hope people don't think he's with us." before Maria could angrily defend her sibling Julietta was engulfed by three of her friends.

The entire journey to Piazza San Marco, Julietta whilst she chatted happily to her friends and 'oohed' and 'aahed' over their costumes and they over hers, her eyes remained fixed on the tall muscular figure at the other end of the barge. He was dressed in a costume that left his upper body revealed and tight fitting leggings that showed off his toned legs, she could not see Antonio's face though, that was hidden by the head of a bull that he wore to complete the illusion of his star sign. Antonio spent most of the trip in close conversation with a smaller, dark man, who was dressed as a water carrier; that was Giulio, he was an Aquarian.

They alighted from the barge and stepped into a whirl of lights and images. People male and female alike were dressed in fantastic costumes of feathers, fur and fabrics of all colours, they were laughing and chattering, dancing and flirting. Guards hired by the Count Cippolini stepped protectively around Julietta and her friends to make sure that they were not molested. A tall man wearing a bull costume that was the twin of the one that Antonio was dressed in tried to enter the throng and the guards blocked his way. Antonio stepped in and spoke quietly to the guard, who stepped aside and allowed the second bull to join the party. Antonio clapped his friend on the back and melted into the shadows to share a laugh with his lover Giulio.

Julietta sipped her drink and then saw the bulls head approaching her group. She tossed back what remained of her drink and made her way through the crowd towards the tall figure wearing the bull costume. They met in the middle of the dance floor. Julietta whirled into the strong arms of the bull and laughed as he swung her around and then clasped her close. "I thought you were ignoring me." she pouted.

"Never, Contessa," a muffled voice said from inside the costume's head, "you are too beautiful to ignore."

"Oh aren't you sweet?" Julietta simpered, tapping the bull's nose with her fan. "Your costume is very good."

"Thankyou Contessa. Yours is also very well done. Perhaps I stayed away from you because you scared me. Bulls should not tangle with lions."

Julietta laughed and snatched a drink from a passing waiter and then drained it in one gulp as her partner skillfully guided her back onto the dance floor and through the celebrating, gaily costumed crowd.

Although Marco had learnt to dance in Florence and he was quite good at it and more graceful than anyone who knew him previously in Venice would have ever believed the costume and the crowd made it difficult. It was February and the night air was cool, but Marco was sweating profusely due to the costume and the physical exertion, plus the close proximity of other dancing, sweating bodies. He needed a drink badly or he would dehydrate, and judging by Julietta's behaviour she too was feeling the heat. The girl was not used to alcohol and she was drinking heavily. Marco could feel her getting less coordinated as they danced. He leaned close to her and warned "Contessa, I believe the drink is affecting you, maybe we should sit for a moment to cool down."

Beneath her mask Julietta's eyes flashed "Nonsense!" she snapped, and then to prove her point guzzled down another glass of wine. Her eyes unfocussed for a second and her knees buckled, only Marco's strong arms held her up. Marco took a firm grip on the girl's upper arm and guided her from the dance floor. "Sit!" he ordered, pushing her onto a bench, beside a young man wearing a rams head. Then he went in search of water. He needed to remove the head and slake his own thirst, then pour some into Julietta to counter the alcohol.

Antonio met Marco on the periphery of the party. Marco pulled off the bulls head, shook his sweat soaked hair, and sprayed a laughing Antonio and Giulio with droplets of perspiration. "Water!" Marco gasped. "I need water!"

Grinning wickedly Giulio tipped a dipper of cool water over Marco's head "Hothead!" he joked.

"You should be wearing motley, Giulio." Marco told him, slicking back his hair with a hand and accepting the mug of water that Antonio held out to him.

"Oh, do not encourage him, Marco." Antonio warned with a smile. "It only makes him worse."

"I'll need some water for Julietta, too. She's rather hot and bothered and she's been drinking a lot of wine."

Marco replaced his costume's head and with a jug of water in hand went back to where he had left Julietta.

Julietta gave the boy with the rams head a smile and her drink muddled mind tried to work out who he was and how she knew him. There was something odd about Antonio, she was not able to quite put her finger on it, but he did not seem quite himself tonight. Maybe it was the costume that confused her or it could be how much she had drunk. Antonio had been quite forceful with her, she reflected, and to tell the truth she liked him more because of it. Antonio had always been beautiful, but like everyone else around Julietta he would never put her in her place. In fact the only person that ever really fought Julietta was Maria, it was a shame that her brother was not as fiery as his sister. Julietta may have liked him more or at the very least respected him. All her life Julietta had been given everything she ever wanted, her father doted on her, but what she really needed was someone to say no to her and mean it, someone who could tell her what to do and back it up with actions to make them obey her. With a little thrill she wondered if Antonio was that man.

Marco looked at the bench where he had left Julietta and beneath his bulls head he frowned. She was not there. No one was. The bench was empty. Marco scanned the dance floor looking for Julietta's distinctive costume with the wild mane of hair. No, she was not there. Surely, she could not have left the piazza? Marco was really worried now, then he heard a commotion near the water's edge. He set the water down and sprinted towards the edges of the piazza, he leapt up onto a raised dais to see over the heads of the crowd and gasped.

Julietta was doing a delicate balancing act, walking along the outside edge of a gondola. The crowd was urging her on. Despite having spent her life in Venice and therefore near and around water Julietta could not swim. If she fell off the gondola and into the water she was going to drown. Marco stood watching, his heart in his mouth, then the inevitable happened. Julietta over balanced and tumbled into the water. Marco dived from his perch and hit the water in a flat, fast dive. He surfaced and took hold of a floundering Julietta. In his panic he had forgotten to remove the bulls head, but in a way that had helped him. It kept the water out of his eyes, he hooked an arm under Julietta's flailing arms and dragged her along with him in a strong side stroke.

One useful consequence of Julietta's actions had been to sober her up. The shock of the water and the dangerous situation she found herself in had driven the effects of the alcohol from her mind. Marco pushed her up onto a street and then hauled himself out the canal and onto the cobbled street. Julietta sat on the stones, coughing and crying. Marco looked around. The current had obviously pushed them out of the Grand Canal and into one of its many smaller offshoots. The area they were in was darkened and any non native of Venice would have been hopelessly lost in the maze of palazzo shrouded streets and canals. Marco had however grown up in this city and he knew exactly where he was. By happy coincidence he was not far from the studio apartment he kept in the city. He looked down at Julietta. The girl was cold and wet, as was he. They needed to get off the streets and into somewhere warm and dry. Julietta raised her head and looked up at Marco, she shrank back from the bulls head, which looked angry and bestial in the darkened street. Her makeup had run and streaked her face, she had lost her mask and her artfully styled hair was a sodden mess.

"What happened?" she asked in a small voice.

"You fell off the gondola and nearly drowned yourself." Marco replied shortly, his voice angry.

"Oh." Julietta remarked.

Marco turned on her "What did you think would happen, you little idiot?"

"I don't know....," Julietta said, her voice broke and she started to cry again, "don't call me an idiot, I didn't think....."

"No, you didn't think." Marco told her. "You never do. What you need is a damn good spanking. Maybe if you had your precious rear end paddled more often growing up you wouldn't be such a snippy, self-centred, little brat."

Julietta sat, staring in open mouthed shock, no one had ever in her entire life spoken to her like that. She got to her feet and blazed right back "How dare you speak to me like that! I am the Contessa Cippolini! Take me back to the party right now!"

Marco regarded the indignant girl with the streaked and ruined makeup and the mass of soaking wet yellow hair piled on top of her head and a thought struck him. What he had said was entirely true. Julietta was a spoilt child and like all spoiled children she was in desperate need of a soundly spanked bottom.

"No." Marco said firmly. "You do not need to go back to the party. What you do need is to be somewhere dry and warm."

Julietta stamped her foot and glared at Marco "It was not a request." she said haughtily. "That was an order. Take me back to the par....ooooeewwwwwaaaaahhhh!"

The girl's order was cut off into an outraged squeal as Marco scooped her up and put her over his broad shoulder. With her protests ringing in his ears and her little fists pounding insistently on his back, legs kicking wildly he carried her to his apartment. One drunken reveler hailed him with a wineskin and wished 'Sir Bull' the best of luck with his 'princess'. 

Marco kicked the door to his apartment open, he dumped Julietta on the bed and left her there to regain her composure whilst he lit a fire and put a kettle on to boil for some tea. As he turned from the fireplace Julietta flew at him. Her hands hooked into claws to scratch his face, of course all she encountered was the hard surface of his mask. Marco took hold of her wrists and forced her back down on the bed. "I am becoming angry, Contessa," he said in a level voice, "and you do not want to make me any angrier than I already am, young lady."

Eyes wide Julietta sat down and looked at Marco, there was an authority in the muffled voice behind the mask and only her father ever called her 'young lady'.

Marco looked down at her and tossed her a blanket. "Get out of those wet clothes and wrap yourself in the blanket and I will bring you some hot tea."

Although Julietta hated being told what to do, she did want to get out of her costume, it was cold and unpleasant feeling and the thought of hot tea was a tempting one. She nodded, picked up the blanket and made her way to another room to disrobe.

Marco finished making the tea and turned to look at Julietta, he could not suppress a smile behind his mask. No one could ever connect the forlorn and petite form of the girl who sat on the bed, wrapped in a blanket, patiently waiting for her tea, with the hell raiser that had caused such a sensation on the Grand Canal, not an hour previously. She accepted the tea with a murmured thanks, cupped her hands around the mug, blew on the surface of the steaming liquid to cool it and then sipped daintily. "You drink that," Marco told her, fondly, "then we will discuss your behaviour."

Julietta wanted to argue, but she wanted the tea more, she could feel its warmth flooding through her and she really needed that feel after her unexpected swim earlier. Whilst Julietta was busy with her tea, Marco went into the same room the girl had undressed in earlier. He slipped out of his costume and dried himself off before wrapping a towel around himself, as he left he snatched a length of black cloth from a table and stuffed it into the waist band of the towel.

Julietta was still sitting huddled on the bed, hunched over her tea and drinking in the warmth that radiated from the cheery little fire in the grate. Marco crept up soundlessly behind her and slipped the black satin cloth over her eyes, he knotted it deftly behind her head. Julietta squeaked in surprise and fright "What are you doing?" she asked in a quavering voice.

"I want you to listen to what I have to say, Contessa." Marco told the girl. "Losing the use of one sense often sharpens the others. You need to listen and to feel. Have you finished your tea?"

"Yes." Julietta answered in a small voice.

Marco took the still warm mug from her hand and placed it safely out of harms way. He then went back to the bed.

Marco stretched out one long arm and took Julietta's little hand in his own, he pulled her gently to her feet and sat down on the bed, then turned Julietta around. Blindfolded as she was the girl had no option, but to trust the sure, strong hands that guided her. She felt her body being bent over something and then gasped as her feet left the ground entirely. She was dangling over a set of muscular male thighs. What on earth was happening? How could anyone talk in this position? "Ummmm...I don't think I can talk like this." she said in a confused voice.

"That is quite alright little Julietta," that smooth, authoritarian voice told her, "you will not be required to speak, only to listen and this is the position I need you to be in."

As Marco scolded the girl for her behaviour earlier that evening, his hands stroked and fondled her round, tender buttocks, he marveled at the springy resiliency of the flesh and the satiny feel of her young skin and admired their alabaster perfection. For her part Julietta barely heard Marco's words, she luxuriated in the feel of his long fingered hands comforting and massaging her upturned bottom. Marco felt her squirm and grinned. She was enjoying this entirely too much, for that matter so was he and this was meant to be a punishment.

He continued to scold as he lifted his hand and brought it smartly down across one exposed cheek "You judge people entirely too much by appearance, Contessa." He told her as the slap rang out around the small room and a pink hand print bloomed on Julietta's right bottom cheek. Julietta yelped and wriggled. "You never give people a chance to prove themselves to you." CRACK! The hard palm impacted on the left buttock, a hand print stark against the white flesh and the spank was answered by another squeal from Julietta.

"What are you doing?" she wailed.

"Giving you a long overdue spanking." Marco replied, scattering firm smacks over the entire surface of the bottom over his lap, watching the colour gradually change from a creamy white to a blushing pink.

"Why?" Julietta implored, rolling her bottom from side to side in a vain attempt to avoid the punishing palm and the heat it delivered to her tender hindquarters.

"Because," SMACK, "you," CRACK, "deserve," SPANK, "it," SPLAT, "young," THWACK, "lady!" with the last slap of that stinging volley the flood gates broke and Julietta started to cry. The tears slid from beneath her blindfold, trickled down her cheeks and splashed onto the wooden floor.

As her spanking continued and her bottom caught fire Julietta bounced and wriggled over the lap of her chastiser, her legs waved as the pain in her pert rump made her kick her slender legs. She came to the realization that it was not entirely the pain, the stinging or the heat that was making her cry. It was the knowledge that what had been said during the scolding was true. She was a superficial child, she had regularly put others at harm and dismissed them out of hand for her own pleasure and never given it a second thought, not believing that anyone would dare to discipline her for it. She sobbed as the thought blazed through her mind, the thought that she had really earned this spanking and that it had been a long time coming.

Marco watched Julietta's bottom bound and flame over his lap and under his palm. The cheeks had gone from a cool white to a warm pink and were now a deep, rich, glowing cherry red. Julietta was almost done, but she needed something a little extra to bring the spanking to its burning crescendo. Marco's eyes darted around the room and they lit on his painter's easel, laying on the ledge of the easel, within arms reach was a slim, flat stick that he used to stir paint with, today he intended to put it to a different use. He snatched up the stick, listening to Julietta's heavy, hitching breaths. He could feel the heat radiating up from her soundly spanked bottom. He placed the stick on her inflamed flesh and felt her flinch as she tried to work out what it was. He did not need to raise it high or give her full blooded slaps, but just sharp little pats all over her bottom, paying special attention to the very tender crease where bottom and thigh met, right where Julietta would sit her pampered rear. Julietta howled and her legs kicked wildly, as her hand curled into fists and her nails dug into the coverlet of the bed as the slender slat of wood reignited fires all over her derriere. Marco kept it up until the kicking and howling subsided and the girl lay limply over his lap, sobbing heartbrokenly into the bed covers, her blindfold soaked through with her tears and a couple of strands of her meticulously styled hair was plastered to her cheeks with a mixture of tears, sweat and snot. Marco set the paint stick down and let Julietta cry as his hands gently fondled her properly punished cheeks, feeling the sizzling heat that his hand and the slim little paddle had put there.

After he felt Julietta had cried herself out he lifted her up and nestled her hot bottom in his lap, feeling the heat flood his groin. He rested Julietta's head on his broad chest and stroked her hair gently as she burrowed her face into his shoulder. Julietta cried and drank in the warmth of Marco's chest, she enjoyed the feel of his chest hair against her damp cheek, she inhaled and drew in the man smell of him. All her life she had longed for a man to master her and treat her with love and authority, she had never dreamt it would happen this way, but was oh so glad that it had.

Marco was overcome with longing and desire for the girl. The warmth her bottom had sent to his groin turned into a stirring and he felt himself harden. He lay Julietta down on the bed and watched her body squirm with wanting "I want you," she whispered throatily, "I want you in me now."

Marco undid his towel and tossed it across the room. He straddled Julietta's firm, young body lifted himself up above her and guided himself inside as she opened her legs to receive his length. Again and again with smooth, sure strokes Marco gave himself to Julietta. Julietta lost herself in the feeling that Marco's manhood sent through her. Their lips met, parted and their tongues explored and their hips ground together, they both cried out as they climaxed explosively at the exact same moment. Marco let out a long, shuddering sigh and rolled off Julietta. Julietta gave a contented murmur and closed her eyes as she let a wave of pure bliss flood through her entire body. Marco propped himself up on one elbow and gently stroked Julietta's cheek. The girl smiled, Marco bent down and his lips traced a line from the nape of her neck, along her cheek, under her ear and then kissed her tenderly again. "Let me see you." Julietta asked.

For a moment Marco hesitated, if this had not worked and he had misjudged the girl then this was going to be very embarrassing and possibly ruinous. He took a deep breath and untied the blindfold.

Julietta blinked as light flooded into her eyes, after a moment they cleared and she stared into the face of the man who had taken charge of her and given her more pleasure than she had believed existed in the world "Anto....," she breathed and then saw with a shock that the face in front of her was not Antonio, but Marco, "Marco?" she said in wonderment.

His face split into a smile and she suddenly realized how very handsome he was, with the strong face, the firm jaw, deep, expressive brown eyes and his artfully tousled chestnut locks. "That was you?" she asked.

Marco nodded "From the moment you threw yourself into my arms at the party."

"So you danced with me, then saved me, spanked me and made love to me?"

Marco laughed "I'm the only one here, Contessa."

Julietta frowned, but she was not upset, just puzzled "I never knew you were a Taurus."

"There is a lot you do not know about me, Julietta."

"So I found out tonight."

Marco took her in his arms and held her tight as he murmured "I learned things about you also, as you did about me. We all wear masks, Julietta, the trick is to see who is really behind them."


  1. Oh my, this is very erotic and what a lovely spanking, I really enjoyed this story, so well done.

    Thanks, I love your romantic mood Aunty, as much as your stern mood.


  2. Thank you Ron, I have many moods, romantic, stern and everything in between.