Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oh would you look at that!

I came across this photo set at Premium Spankings, it features Clare Fonda, who as everyone here knows is one of my favourite spankers. I think I may have posted some of this before, but this is more complete and I have some different thoughts to share on the pictures.

It begins, as all proper spankings, should over Clare's lap, panties around the knees and with a firm hand against a tender bottom. The girl's friends look on with amusement.

Ouch! The hand lands, you can see the cheek flatten out under the impact of Aunty Clare's firm palm. The two onlookers are loving this, both are actually laughing. Laughing at someone else's misfortune ensures that the joyful onlooker will soon be crying here at the Spank Shop!

One girl becomes rather concerned when Clare picks up this huge paddle. It's fairly thin, but it covers a lot of ground. I must look into what it is and where I can get one. I'll make a note for Kimberley to investigate, just the sight of it should get a few bottoms tingling here.

WHACK! It strikes home. Look at the coverage, it's smacked an entire cheek, plus the upper thigh. Seriously effective implement. Judging by the hand on the short skirted backside I'm guessing that the blonde on the left has either just had a trip over Aunty Clare's denimed lap or she's experienced that paddle in the past. It's rather cute, either way.

And she's done! Put aside to be displayed while her friends examine and coo over the state of her freshly roasted backside. Undeniably cute sequence and something that brightened my Sunday.


  1. Thank you,AA, for the photos and the comments. Really enjoyable. But I must take you to task. Months ago I wrote to you about the new UK princess, Kate Middleton, and her mother and sister, Carol and Pippa...suggesting that all three were in need of a good spanking. You seemed to agree and I thought promised an article on the subject but I don't recall seeing one??? Do you need a good spanking yourself, AA?


  2. Thank you for your interest, Aristotle. I believe young Debbie did put out an article about Pippa being spanked by her sister. She has mentioned an article about Royal Spanking in general, but she can be a flighty young thing at times. I may mention it to her next time I see her.

  3. Aunty

    Very nice and she is just one of the most beautiful and lovely laps.

    I love her posture when spanking, straight and stern.

    Love it


  4. Yes, Clare always does sit up nice and straight when spanking, it does add to the image and the feel.