Saturday, 28 January 2012

Spanked and Soaped

I'm sure my regular readers know two things about me. One I'm quite a fan of Clare Fonda and her spanking sessions at sites like Spanked Sweeties and Clare Spanks Men. Two I detest swearing and anyone who does it in my presence is soon going to have their mouth thoroughly washed out and their bottom soundly spanked.

This photo set from Clare's Spanked Sweeties with Alexis Grace and Clare herself illustrates this happening. I thought I'd share with you all.

It begins with the spanking, over panties, you can see by how red the lower buttocks are that it's quite the spanking, and Alexis was also obliging enough to wear a set of pants that give Clare a good guide as to what shade she wants that sassy little behind.

Then comes the soap sandwich. Tastes nasty, doesn't it Alexis? Well, that's what little girls with potty mouths get, young lady! I generally make them eat the sandwich first, then spank, I also find it effective to put them in the corner with the soap still in the mouth, that's highly unpleasant, and it was a favourite technique of my mothers.

And the spanking continues, that's a very red bottom, I'm sure it got a lot redder too. If Alexis had been in my bathroom I would have wet the bottom down and finished her off with the bathbrush. I'm betting her language will improve after this.


  1. My Mario knows all about the perils of swearing in front of either mama or myself, last time he swore he got a good spanking from Aunty Shan as well as a soaping from mama.


  2. The more power to your arms, Marta. If he were to do the same thing here, he'd be thoroughly soaped and then given a good hard wet bottom spanking.

  3. Yes, I agree, swearing should always be punished, as far as I am concerned it is right up there with lying, cheating and disrespecting. Especially for swearing and lying a soaping and a good hard wet bottom spanking is an excellent idea, and should be repeated as often as necessary whenever it happens.

  4. I am pleased that someone of the same mind as myself has discovered the blog, Dave. Thank you for posting.

  5. Aunty,

    I so dislike soaping but I do know when it has happened I earned it. Yech but I do enjoy having it done or doing to a red bottom. I like the idea of warming the bottom first. Ah and yes ma'am the glory and wonderfullness of a panty spanking!! Nothing better.

    No doubts swearing and lying results in a good soaping and spanking.

    Thanks, wonderful post


  6. Aunty Andrea, my mommy said to tell you that even though both mama as well as Aunty Shan have already punished me for this recent bout of mischief that she expects me to be on my best behaviour and if she hears I have misbehaved then when she comes to visit in three weeks time I can expect a hiding from her as well


  7. I do hope that you will be on your best behaviour for Mommy then, Mario.