Friday, 3 February 2012

'Bewitched' - Fan Fiction by a guest

When Aunty is busy she can always rely on her lovely followers. I am sure NJSpank is known to many of you through his comments here, as well as having a mutual interest in spanking we are both fans of the classic sitcom Bewitched, starring the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery. He has written this delightful bit of fan fiction about the show coming to the Spank Shop. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Samantha's strict and powerful mother; Endora.

Sam from the view Andrea and Kimberley saw.

Sam and her naughty cousin Serena

“MOTHER, REALLY” shouted Samantha Stevens, as she stamped her right foot on the ground, crossed her arms over her chest, and stared angrily at her mother; Endora who was sitting on the couch.

“Oh, Aunty, you are just so uptight” Samantha’s cousin Serena purred with disdain as she turned away with disgust.

The three were in the living room of the Steven’s suburban home, as Endora sat and grew more and more fed up with the antics of her daughter and niece.

Samantha was dressed, as alway,s nattily in a tight white sweater, a very short dark blue miniskirt, white knees socks and black flat shoes. Serena, ever the lost hippy, was equally natty in her paisley mini dress, with a dark purple main color and set off by yellow and green designs. She wore a lovely pair of black heels. Samantha was the model of the suburban housewife with just a touch of sexiness, while Serena was simply sex kittenish.

“I am just so fed up with you two and your constant arguing and fighting, it is just silly” Endora said looking at both ladies.

“MOTHER, enough! Serena is just out of control and I am tired of her antics!” Samantha said with anger.

“Oh cus, you are just so square, you even dress square” Serena retorted quickly, and with a large level of sarcasm.

“SERENA, I …..” Samantha shouted.

“ENOUGH” insisted Endora. “What am I supposed to do with you two?”

Samantha moved closer to her mother, her panty lines evident as she moved, and the skirt hugged tight to her bottom, “Mother, listen, she turned Darren into a donkey” Samantha said as she pointed outside, where a donkey was tied to the swing set.

“Tee Hee” giggled Serena, “But he deserved it! He is a human and Durwood is always so uncool! Serena continued, “I had no choice.

“Well maybe if you would give him a chance,” Samantha shouted, again stomping her foot.

The two began to argue again, Samantha raising her voice, and Serena being sly and cunning in her sarcastic responses.

Endora got up, and walked in between the two ladies, and put her hands over her head. “Stop, you two are acting like two little naughty children, and I plan on doing something about this right now!" Endora said with such emphasis both the ladies ceased their argument. They turned and look right at her. “I have a plan and for you both it will be a nice trip to Down Under for a few minutes!” she stated.

The two ladies looked shocked, as Endora took each by the hand, and raised them over her head.

She chanted,

 “Bubble, Bubble, you two are just trouble.
 As of now your witch craft is no longer,
 until I hear that you will not argue any longer.
 A trip we take
 so your bottoms will feel the make of Aunty Andrea’s brush.
 Once you pledge to not argue any more,
 your powers again will be yours.
 I must hear an apology sincere
 based upon the pain in your rears!”

 Endora dropped their hands, and let them go.

“MOTHER” Samantha cracked, “You can not do this, I need my powers” she insisted. Samantha looked at her table and twitched her nose trying to levitate the vase, but nothing happened. “MOTHER” she shouted!

“Endora this is just not groovy, I have a date to get to” snarled Serena.
“Well too bad my dear, we are off to The Spank Shop where you will both be taken care of in the right manner. You have left me no choice with your naughty and childish behaviours.” Endora stated, and snapped her finger. A cloud of white smoke rose around them as they began the quick journey to Australia. Witchcraft at it’s best.

Poor Darren, still a donkey just lowered his head and sat on the grass. He simply chewed on the grass resigned to his plight for now. 

Kimberley sat at her desk at The Spank Shop, moved back on her chair, and put her feet on the desk. It was late in the day, and the shop had been active all day. The ladies had barely had time for lunch. Kimberley smiled to herself as she listened to the brushing going on in Aunty Andrea’s office. It was hard and fast, mixing the sounds of the ebony brush doing its work, while the cries and shouts were clear as well. Kimberley smiled, Ron was getting himself exactly what he earned she thought, and he was now in tears from the sounds. His wife had sent him again as he continued to stare at other ladies. Ron was a regular and one of the shop's favorites. A successful business person, with a lovely wife, but he still had a naughty side that needed tending. The spanking he was receiving was a classic.

Kimberley thought about a few minutes earlier, as she led Ron into the changing room, and stood there while he undressed. She loved teasing him, and he was clearly nervous having her watch him undress. She reached across his naked front to grab an apron, and helped him on with it. She made sure her hands gently touched various parts of his body. She noticed a slight bulge in the front of the apron, so she knew what to do. She moved in front of Ron, and dropped her pen right in front of him. She slowly stooped down into a squat in front of him, the back of her blouse pulled out of her pants while the pants lowered as she squatted. There in front of Ron sticking out of Kimberley’s pants were her silky white panty in full view; she stayed in this position for a long time. She stood and turned to see him at full mast under the apron, “What do you call this you naughty boy?” she purred, as she touched his hard on.

“Now, you know I would be over Auntie’s lap if I allowed you in there in this condition, hold up your apron.” Kimberley ordered.
Ron did as he was told. Kimberley took hold of his manhood, and began to jerk him hard and fast, she gripped it tight and pulled on his hard on. Ron moaned from the pain of her rough pulling and the pleasure of her hand. Kimberley pumped him hard and fast, and within a minute or two, Ron moaned. She quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it over his hard on. She pumped harder and faster until Ron’s knees buckled, and he exploded into the towel. Kimberley was as expert at milking as she was at spanking. Ron came quickly and efficiently. His knees remained buckled for a moment as Kimberley finished the milking. Kimberley knew his pending spanking would now hurt more than ever after she relieved him.
“Get cleaned up and get in there for your spanking.” Kimberley ordered sternly.

The brushing in the office was slowly winding down as Kimberley settled back to work. The spanks were slower but harder. Ron’s yells were loud, but his crying was much clearer. Kimberley had been there before and knew Aunty was putting the finishing touches on his spanking. 

“Yikes!” Kimberley shouted as she was startled by the cloud of white smoke that appeared in front of her. “What the ….” Kimberley said, but then stopped.

There in front of her appeared the awesome sight of Endora standing in the middle, and holding the hands of Samantha Stevens and her cousin Serena. “Wow!” Kimberley thought to herself, she was a huge fan of the Bewitched series and now in front of her were the main characters. She could not believe how incredibly beautiful Samantha and how sexy Serena were in person.

“Endora, how lovely to see you again,” Kimberley said walking from behind her desk, and offering Endora a friendly hug.

“Kimberley wonderful to see you,” Endora returned the hug affectionately.

“What brings you to The Spank Shop?” Kimberley asked as she stared at the two cousins.

“These two are in desperate need of some time with Andrea, is she available?” asked Endora.

Thankfully Ron’s spanking was done, and all they could hear were his crying and the low voice of Andrea, who was lecturing him.

“Well, Endora, Andrea is with a client right now,” Kimberley responded.

“I need to see her, please, this is desperate!” Endora begged.

Knowing the friendship between her boss and Endora, Kimberley quickly mollified the witch, “Let me check with her for you. Please wait here.”

“MOTHER, enough!” demanded Samantha.

“Aunty, just not cool” protested Serena.

Kimberley whirled, and stared at each lady. “Samantha, your temper is legendary, and Serena your flippant attitude is well known as well. It is no surprise that you two are here, but trust me one more word from either of you and I will take you over my knee right here!" Samantha lowered her head like the submissive house wife, while Serena curled her lip and looked away.

Kimberley knocked on the office door, and entered the room carefully, but quickly.

“Kimberley, what is the meaning of your interruption” snapped Aunty Andrea. She was hugging a tearful Ron as he cried out his spanking. His bottom was a bright red, purple and just so well spanked.

“Endora is here and needs to see you immediately, ma'am.” Kimberley quickly said, knowing she just saved her bottom a quick spanking before she went home.

“Oh my, is she alone?” asked Andrea, still holding onto Ron.

“No ma’am, she has both Samantha and Serena in tow, and things are not good. She is insisting that she has to see you now.” Kimberley responded.

"One moment.” Andrea said.

She hugged Ron harder, and whispered in his ear, “I need to go now, you behave or you will be back over my knee!” 
“Yes ma’am” Ron responded through his final tears.

“Kimberley please get Ron cleaned up and on his way, we may be busy.” Andrea softly said, as she opened the door, and entered the front office.

Kimberley walked over to Ron, and touched his red blazing bottom. She was shocked how burning hot his bottom actually was to her touch. “Come with me please and quickly, this room is going to be busy 
in a few minutes.” 
“Yes ma’am” was Ron’s tearful response.

They walked quickly into the changing room, and Kimberley watched as Ron slowly transformed himself from a naughty punished young man back to the kind businessman he was. Kimberley smiled as he winced when he pulled his underpants over his scalding bottom.

“You learn your lesson, Ron?” Kimberley asked kindly.

“Oh yes ma’am, Aunty made her point very well today!” Ron responded.

Ron moved to hug Kimberley good bye but she put her hand up and stopped him. She looked right into his brown eyes, and said “What color are my panties?” Ron quickly turned red in the face, and lowered his head.

“Answer me,” Kimberley snapped. “What color panty do I have on today?”

Ron raised his eyes, and almost tearfully responded “White, ma’am!”

Kimberley came closer and looked into his eyes. “You will call me tomorrow morning to make an appointment with Aunty for next week; you clearly have not learned your lesson!”

“Yes ma’am” Ron responded quietly.

The two friends then hugged long and hard, and said their good byes for now. Ron happily skipped out the back door. Kimberley smiled just thinking about Ron’s return next week!
“Endora, you look marvelous, what brings you to The Spank Shop?” Andrea asked loudly, and with great pleasure when greeting her long time friend.

“Andrea my dear, I am at the end of my rope but thank you for the kind greeting.” Endora said, as the two long time friends hugged.

“Ah I see you have company, and very well known company” Andrea stated, as she looked over at the two beautiful but naughty ladies. “I was wondering when you would lose your patience with these two.”

Endora then launched in a long and detailed speech relating the stories of the two ladies arguing, fighting and just acting like two spoiled brats. Andrea did chuckle when Endora told her about Serena turning Darren into a donkey simply because he called Serena an ass! They are funny, Andrea thought. Endora then got specific, and told Andrea that she was not able to handle Samantha’s temper, and that Serena was just so sarcastic and not caring. Endora told Andrea she wanted to spank them herself, but that shejust can not bring herself to do it plus the network in the US would not allow her to spank them!

“So, Endora are you asking me to spank them?” Andrea asked.

“Absolutely, and I need you to give them both a good sound brushing, like you have to others in the past for me.” Endora responded.

“What about their powers, I can just see them turning their bottoms into cement and me breaking my brush on them? “ asked Andrea.

“MOTHER….” shouted Samantha.
“What did I tell you?” snapped Kimberley, causing Samantha to lower her head.

Serena just snarled, and turned her head.

Endora explained she had taken their powers away temporarily until they apologized and promised to behave. She told Andrea after their spanking, they could pop themselves back to where they needed to be, but before that they had no powers of witchcraft. Andrea just smiled.

“Well, clearly these two naughty young ladies need to visit my lap and I will be glad to oblige, but I do need you to sign a contract for us” Andrea said.

“Aunty remember Endora signed one the day she popped in with that Helen of Troy lady, the one who ,started that big war, remember” Kimberley offered thinking back to the beauty of Helen.

“Oh yes she was a real trouble maker and the king asked me to help him with her,” Endora smiled, and remembered. It seems that these witches really got around.

Andrea smiled, remembering the severe brushing she had doled out to the lovely Helen, she was a beauty and no wonder men fought over her. Too bad the brushing was too late to save Troy, but she had a lovely bottom.

“If the contract is not valid, I will sign another one.” Endora offered.

She then pointed her finger at Kimberley’s desk, and suddenly a pen was signing the bottom of a blank contract. Kimberley and Andrea were both amazed at their friend's witchcraft. “There now all done.”

“One last favor Andrea my dear,” Endora spoke, “I do need this done now and quickly, Samantha has to get home to take care of Tabitha, so time is of the essence”.

“I don’t like to rush Endora but because it is you, we will not go through our usual procedures and these .two will be over my lap very soon” Andrea responded.

“You are a dear,” Endora said. “I will pop in next week and we can fly over to France for lunch.”

The two friends hugged. Andrea hugged harder and closer as she was now beginning to realize she was about to have Samantha and Serena over her lap; a dream come true!

Endora stepped back, stared at her two charges, looked into their eyes and just smiled. She knew she had done the right thing. She raised her arms and disappeared into a cloud of white smoke. 

It seemed as if time stood still for a moment, as all four ladies stood in the parlour and did not say a word. Samantha was now scared as she knew the inevitable was about to happen, Serena was just pissed off about wasting her time. Andrea was gathering herself to prepare to do something she had only dreamed of, and Kimberley was shaking at the thought of seeing these two being spanked.

“Into the office now young ladies!” Kimberley broke the silence. She noticed a stare from Andrea, as she took charge temporarily. The two naughty girls slowly walked past Andrea and entered her office.

Andrea turned to Kimberley. “This will not go along as usual, we need to get them brushed, and on their way so I will spank them by simply pulling up their skirts and dresses and lowering their panta. You do not need to have them change, thank you.” Andrea began to walk away.

“Aunty,” Kimberley pleaded “may I please assist you?” again she begged. “You gave me the Bewitched box set this Christmas and you know I love these two, please may I assist you?” Kimberley said almost tearfully.

“I should not Kimberley, but well…..if I catch you even looking at them the wrong way or stepping out of line, I will bare your bottom in front of them!” Andrea threatened.

“I promise I will assist only, thank you Aunty” Kimberley smiled. She quickly hugged Andrea.

The two ladies walked into the office. Andrea moved quickly and stood in front of her desk, Kimberley stood off to the side of the couch.

“Samantha go stand over in that corner, face to the wall, please” Andrea ordered.

“Now Andrea please….” Samantha cooed, turning on her best whimsical voice.

“Samantha, I know your style and you are not about to talk yourself out of this spanking. You do as I say or this will be worse than you could ever imagine.” Andrea replied slowly and quietly.

Serena just stared at Andrea, and moved to the other corner when she was told to. Andrea could swear she actually saw Serena smile at her as she turned to face the wall.

“Now ladies, it is time for each of you to be put over my knee for a sound spanking with my ebony hairbrush. This spanking will take place over my knee and is intended to teach you both a good lesson about how you should behave, and in fact how you should dress, the mini dresses and skirts you have on barely cover your bums!” announced Andrea.

“Kimberley, please bring Samantha over to the couch.” ordered Aunty Andrea, as she took the ebony brush off her desk, and moved to the couch. Andrea was wearing a very conservative grey skirt and light blue blouse, she moved delicately, but quickly to the couch. She sat in the middle, and smoothed out her skirt, slowly hiking the front hem up to further show off her lovely and shapely legs and lap.

Kimberley took Samantha by the hand, and walked her slowly over to the couch. Samantha was starting to plead, but knew it would not work. In her mind she knew of Aunty Andrea and The Spank Shop, so she knew she would not be able to get out of her well earned spanking. Instead she decided to cooperate, and reduced herself to the submissive house wife she was at times. She stood directly in front of Andrea who was sitting with perfect posture on the couch.

“Kimberley, lift this little skirt up, please.” Andrea ordered sternly.

Kimberly’s hands were shaking as she touched the hem of the blue mini skirt and slowly lifted the back and front over Samantha’s shapely hips. Kimberly gasped slightly at the site of Samantha Stevens beautiful and round bottom encased in a silky light blue panty. Aunty Andrea as well took a deep breath as she stared at Samantha from the front view of the panty and her rock hard stomach.

“Turn around Samantha” ordered Aunty Andrea.

She watched as Samantha moved slowly and her panty clad bottom became in full site. What a wonder Andrea thought, this lady is just so beautiful. “Kimberly please lower her panty” whispered Andrea.

Kimberley could barely contain herself, but she did, as she slowly lowered the panties to just below Samantha’s thighs. Andrea was looking directly at two lovely and shapely white globes; the beauty was hard to comprehend.

“Samantha Stevens get over my lap now!” Andrea declared in a volume just above a whisper.

“Andrea, please! Pleaded Samantha quietly,

“SAMANTHA, it is now Aunty Andrea or Ma’am, do you understand?” chastised Andrea.

“Aunty, please ma’am, I will …..” Samantha again pleaded but was interrupted by Kimberley.

“Samantha, you can’t twitch your nose or con Aunty Andrea, your mother has requested this discipline for you and you will listen to Aunty!” stated Kimberly.

“For the last time my little naughty witch, Samantha lower yourself over my knee, right now or you will be even more sorry than you are now, my cane is right in the corner.” Andrea commanded.

Then from the other corner of the room, came a purr from Serena, “Stop being such a drag cus, get over her knee, it will be fun and just groovy!!”

“Serena, enough” Andrea stated. There was little doubt in both Andrea and Kimberley’s mind that Serena had been over someone’s knee before and was just maybe looking forward to her spanking.

Kimberly took Samantha’s hands and helped move her to the side of Andrea’s knees as Samantha awkwardly and slowly lowered herself onto Andrea’s lap and knees.

Andrea let out a slight gasp as she felt Samantha’s flesh meet her bare legs, it was an amazing moment.

Samantha was trying to move herself on Andrea’s lap but Kimberley quickly placed her hand on the middle of her back. “Stop fidgeting, surely you remember being over Endora’s lap at some point.” Kimberley said.

Samantha turned, and said “ By mystery unknown, take away the spell take me from this pending hell” she chanted and snapped her finger.

Nothing happened; she was still laying over Andrea’s lap on the couch, feeling Kimberly’s hands lifting her skirt higher on her back. “Damn!” she cursed.

Andrea smacked her bottom hard with her hand. “Watch your mouth young lady I have a fresh bar of dove in the drawer”

Samantha now knew the spell her mother cast would not be undone. “Ah trying to get out if this and you are challenging Endora’s powers I see.” Andrea said as she admired her red hand imprint on Samantha’s right cheek.

“UNCLE ARTHUR!” Samantha shouted.

As if on call, there was a huge flash of white smoke and there in front of them all, including a bare bottomed Samantha appeared the loony and off beat Uncle Arthur.

“Ha, he chortled, Sammy dear, what is going on?” he questioned.

“Help me, Mother wants Aunty so spank me but it is not my fault, it is all Serena's.” insisted Samantha.

Uncle Arthur, holding a bottle of scotch, turned and saw Serena wave to him.

“Well, Aunty Andrea, how lovely to see you again, Ma’am” Uncle Arthur blurted out.

“Arthur my friend, if you don’t want a repeat of last week, I suggest you pop yourself and your bottle out of here now.” Andrea said.

“Ha, yes ma’am, I still can’t sit down.” he said, as he again disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.

Kimberley shook her head, what a day, she thought.

Samantha, looked back at Andrea, her eyes met the glowing emerald eyes of her Aunty. “Any more tricks my dear?” She asked.

“He was here last week?" Samantha inquired.

“He got himself into some trouble, and felt the cane” Andrea responded “and if this silliness does not cease, so will you!”

Samantha turned back and looked up at Kimberley, she lowered her head onto the couch, “Yes ma’am.”

“Oh for goodness sake, will you get on with it Andie?” chattered Serena.

“That will cost you Serena, now face the wall." ordered Aunty. “And you better refer to me as Aunty or ma’am!”

Kimberley was in a daze, not sure who or what would pop in next.. She looked over and saw Aunty Andrea now moving Samantha’s bottom closer to her, and shifting her up slightly. Kimberley knew Aunty was about to start.

She looked at Samantha, while Kimberly could not wait to see this spanking, she felt badly as tears welled up in Samantha’s eyes. Samantha jumped high, and let out a loud “OW” as Aunty Andrea’s hard hand began to spank her beautiful round and shapely bottom.

Aunty began her initial hand spanking, and it was very fast and very hard. Samantha was squirming and moaning but trying to take her spanking as quietly as possible. Samantha pushed her head down onto the couch as the spanking continued to redden her bottom. Her legs began to kick and her head was bobbing up and down as the spanking increased, and her bottom began to turn bright pink. Every other spank resulted in an “Ow!” or an “ouch” from the lovely witch.

Andrea delivered a good old fashioned hand spanking, discipline style and not as a warm up. The feel of Samantha Steven’s bare thighs and leg rubbing on her leg was distracting, to say the least, but Aunty stayed her course. The lovely site of perhaps the sexiest bottom she had ever seen turning pink and eventually a nice red further served as a distraction, but she continued. She promised Endora she would do the spanking, and she willed herself to overlook the sexiness of Mrs. Stephens, and just spanked the naughty witch.

Kimberley was equally distracted at the lovely sight of Samantha’s bottom being spanked, she felt almost compelled to rub herself, but resisted. She looked down at Samantha, her blonde hair in her face, as she continued to grind herself into the couch to try and avoid the spanks. She was starting to cry slightly, but the spanking continued. Kimberley was distracted, but continued to watch this incredible event. 

Aunty spanked harder and faster, but then suddenly stopped. She kept her hand on Samantha’s bottom feeling the heat, and looking at the red color. My God she thought, this witch is just gorgeous.

“Oh thank the stars” Samantha cried out “I am so sorry, Aunty”

“No my dear thing, we are not done yet, you are not properly spanked. If you remember that temper of yours has called for a dose of my ebony hairbrush as was your mom’s wish” Andrea reminder the tearful witch.

“No please” pleaded Samantha.

Kimberly then took the initiative to move to the couch and lift Samantha’s head, she then sat next to Andrea, placing Samantha’s blonde mane on her lap. She reached over and took her hand as well. She looked at Andrea and nodded.

Andrea sat up taller, presenting Samantha’s bottom even higher on her lap. “Wow, that is so groovy looking and her ass is so red” chimed in Serena from across the room.

She turned back to the wall when Aunty starred her down.

Kimberley stroked Samantha’s hair and held her hand tightly as Aunty picked up her brush from the couch and rubbed the cold hard back over Samantha’s nicely hand spanked bottom.

“I hope you are prepared for this my naughty witch” offered Andrea. “From what I have watched you are rude to your mother, your cousin and your husband. You need to learn to be humble and curb that temper right now. Also, I do not want to see your behind hanging out below these short hems lines anymore, I don’t care what the network says.” Aunty Andrea demanded.

Breathless and tearful Samantha offered a weak “Yes ma’am”

Kimberley saw Aunty raise the brush, and her eyes immediately followed the path as it crashed down on Samantha’s left cheek with a familiar crack followed by a loud yell of “Ow!” from Samantha.

The brushing began, Samantha’s bottom bounced under each spank, she twisted, kicked and screamed out as the brushing was now at full volume. Her head wiggled, bounced and switch places on Kimberley’s lap. Her blonde hair flew everywhere as Kimberley held her head and her hand. Samantha almost squeezed the blood from Kimberley’s hand at each spank. Samantha was now almost giving into the brushing as her head stopped moving and she buried her blonde hair and face into Kimberley’s lap. Kimberley was actually upset she was not wearing a dress so she could have felt Samantha’s skin on her legs.

Andrea was now up for the task, as distracted as she was by the beauty and loveliness of Samantha, she concentrated on delivering a sound brushing. She made sure every part of Samantha’s lovely bottom felt the brush multiple times. She spanked her sit spot soundly as she wanted Mrs. Stevens to remember this spanking for days to come. Andrea thought to herself as she spanked, this is what your husband should be doing, not me but damn I am sure lucky to be spanking her.

Samantha now was crying loudly in between yells, her legs stopped kicking and she almost slumped into Auntie's lap as the punishment continued. It was clear that this naughty witch without her powers had now given into the spanking and was taking it better than both ladies of The Spank Shop could ever anticipated.

Aunty slowed the spanks down, as she knew Samantha was reaching her limit and no doubt by the site of her crimson, purple and amazingly red bottom, she was well spanked. Aunty made sure the final spanks were very hard as if to make her point. Kimberley stroked Samantha’s hair, her pant leg was wet from Samantha’s tears. Kimberly was also afraid her panties were equally wet from witnessing this spanking, but she remained focused on holding Samantha.

Samantha was crying now like a well spanked young lady. Andrea stopped the spanking and slowly began to rub her bottom for a moment. Samantha’s light blue panty was around her ankle and her head, hidden by the blonde hair, was in Kimberley’s lap. What a sight, thought Andrea, too bad my camera was not at the ready.

Andrea took her hand off Samantha’s bottom, reluctantly and moved herself back slightly. “Samantha, got up and go back to your corner, keep your panty down and hold your skirt up, now!" commanded Aunty Andrea.

“Yes………ma’am!" Samantha sniffling, crying said.

She moved so slowly, as she was crying, and sort of slumped off Andrea’s lap. Her skin rubbed on Andrea’s bare legs as she moved off her lap. She feel to her knees in front of Andrea and actually laid her head in Andrea’s lap as she cried. Andrea held her blonde hair, and let her stay for a moment.

“I am so sorry, Aunty and I will work so hard to be better, I promise. Please forgive me and I am so sorry for being rude to mother and Darren.” She tearfully promised. With that Samantha felt an odd feeling take over her body. She knew her powers came back to her as Endora’s spell said they would.

“I understand my dear,” Andrea said calmly, "but now go to the corner to complete your punishment."

Samantha stood slowly, her panty at her feet, and stared at Aunty. “Even though I have my powers, I will do as you say Aunty out of respect for you.” She turned and shuffled off to her corner still crying.

Kimberley was shocked, she was not sure if Samantha would cast a spell on them but she had to admit it was pretty hot seeing her so submissive. She knew Samantha could have done anything to the two of them yet she obeyed Aunty. Wild.

Andrea sat up and just gazed on Samantha’s wonderful and now well spanked bottom. It was a lovely crimson and blue, as some bruising was developing. It was just a sight that Andrea knew she may never ever see again, the sexiest lady on TV standing in the corner after being spanked in her office.

Kimberley stood and tried to gather herself. Her pants had one visible wet spot from Samantha’s tears and she hoped her other wet spot was not visible.

She walked quickly to Samantha, fixed her skirt in her hands so her bottom was on display, and rubbed her bottom softly.

She turned and walked to Serena.

“Kimmy babe, is it my turn now, that looks just so groovy! Serena purred.

“Oh, you are next young lady, but we will see how groovy it is! Kimberley stated as she took Serena’s hand and pulled her to the couch. Serena had short dark hair, unlike her cousin’s long blonde hair, but her body was as tight and sexy as Samantha’s.

Serena stopped in front of Andrea and literally immediately lifted her short dress to expose her crotch enclosed in sexy, lacey black panties. She whirled around laughing to show Andrea her bottom, which was as well covered in the black panty! Andrea gasped, and knew she was in for a time with Serena.

“Kimberley get her pants down and get her on my lap now” chastised Aunty.

Kimberley whisked down the black panties, and again there before her was a just gorgeous white round tight bottom. Kimberley pulled Serena around, and almost pushed her onto Aunty Andrea’s lap.  Serena as she landed on the skin of Auntie’s knee almost grinded herself into her crotch as well. She wiggled playfully over Andrea’s knee, laughing and giggling all the while.

Kimberley barely moved out of the way when Andrea’s right hand cracked hard onto Serena’s left cheek, “Ahh, that feels nice,” Serena purred, as she rubbed herself into Andrea’s lap. “More please!” she laughed.

Andrea obliged with as hard and fast a barrage of spanks her hand could deliver. She spanked Serena twice as hard as her cousin, but all the while Serena just made some low groans. Serena seemed to lift her bottom up to receive each spank, and continued to grind herself into Andrea’s lap. Andrea now knew Serena had been spanked before, and was in fact enjoying the spanking so far. She may even be getting herself off on Andrea’s lap.

Andrea continued to spank. “Kimberley pull up a chair please.” she said while she spanked.

Kimberley almost ran over to get a chair and she moved it in front of the spanking. “Closer,” Andrea said, “Touch my knees”

Kimberley did as ordered, and now Serena’s bright red bottom was right in front of her. She noticed Serena was still wiggling and grinding into Andrea’s lap. She looked at Serena, whose face was almost blissful.

Andrea stopped spanking for a moment. “Kimberley you take care of the outside cheek and sit spot, and I will handle the inside. Spank her very hard” Andrea ordered, “Now.”

Kimberley began to spank hard, and Andrea did as well. The two ladies were now almost in cadence as their hands spanked relentlessly, almost as if they were spanking to a metronome. Serena at first was still grinding, but as the heat of the two hands began to take its toll; her pleasure was now being interrupted by a sound double spanking. She stopped grinding, and the movement of her bottom was no longer to meet the spanks, but now to avoid them.

Serena was now making the sounds of a well spanked lady. Her ouches and ows were loud and sincere. eThe spanking went on for a long while. Andrea then stopped, only to have Kimberly continue with perhaps five more before she took her cue from Aunty.

Serena now lay still, not grinding but sobbing just slightly. “Now this is coo,l but wow it hurts.” She offered. “DR BOMBAY, HELP!” Serena shouted out.

Now again the room was full of smoke as the loony and unpredictable Dr. Bombay appeared, with a martini in one hand, and a lovely young lady on his arm.

“Oh my!” he said with an accent “I heard Aunty had you two here this evening and from the looks of Samantha, Aunty has done her job.” He went on.
“I need something for my bottom!” Serena said loudly.

“I have no elixir for a well spanked bum, my dear,” responded the good doctor. “Oh now far be it from one to interrupt the work of Aunty Andrea and well, without your powers my dear, I am not afraid of you. So please Aunty spank away and add a few on for me. I am off to Rome!” He chanted, and as witchcraft goes, he was gone in a flash.

“Nice try, Serena.” Kimberley said.

Without notice Andrea commenced the brushing, as the ebony fell hard and heavy on Serena’s now red bottom. Kimberley sat back slightly as Aunty began a very hard hairbrush spanking on the glorious bottom of Serena. Like Samantha, her head began to move, her cries were louder, and her bottom tried to wiggle away from the relentless brush. Andrea was going to make sure this spanking took, and made its impact on Serena. Every once in between spanks Serena would still rub herself into Andrea’s lap, but now the brushing took its effect. Tears began to well up, and she was crying out loud as the brush painted her bottom and sit spots a bright red, then crimson to purple. Kimberley watched intently, she loved how when the brush made its impact the skin would turn white hot for a moment. Aunty was now in tune and spanked relentlessly.

Kimberley sat and watched, She looked over at Samantha who was watching as well. Samantha smiled kindly at Kimberley, and then faced the wall again.

Serena would not give in as Samantha did, but her tears and crying were an indicator that she had been properly spanked. Slowly, but much harder, the brush slowed in between spanks, but when Andrea did spank Serena felt them to her bones. It hurt, and her sit spot was bruised and well spanked.

Aunty stopped as Serena almost peacefully cried on her knee, bottom still up in the air. “Serena, you may get off my lap and go back to your corner.” Andrea ordered.  Serena just laid there, and slightly pressed herself down into Andrea’s lap.

“Serena, now” Aunty ordered, when the sexy hippy lady would not move. Andrea emphasized the 'now' with a sound spank on Serena’s swollen bottom.

Serena scrambled to her feet, her panties had come off, but she just moved silently to her corner.

The Spank Shop ladies looked at each other, and smiled.

“Serena, anything to say?” Aunty probed.

Serena slowly turned, and said through her tears “May I come back next week? This was just far out wild.”

Again an odd feeling came over Serena, as her powers returned. She looked at Samantha, and said tearfully, “Sorry Sammy, I was mean.”

Serena turned and held her arms over her head, Andrea and Kimberley ducked as they were unsure what was about to happen. But Serena said

“Oh my sore bottom
 return Durwood a person
 even if he is a bore”

 She snapped her fingers.

Unbeknownst to Andrea and Kimberley, Darren turned back into himself in his back yard. Serena in her own way had learned her lesson as well.

Serena turned and faced the wall.

Kimberley began to clean up the room. Andrea had moved to her desk and sent a text to her partner, saying she was sorry to be late but that there will be some passion in the house this evening! Her partner did not need to know anymore than that.

“OK, ladies, you may clean up and get home.” Andrea offered.

She sat and watched the two lovely witches pull up their panties, and straighten themselves up. They looked at each other, and smiled. sThe two well spanked witched hugged. They held hands as they walked obediently to the front of Aunty Andrea’s desk. They were just beautiful.

“Now that we know each other, any time Endora wants, I will be repeating these spankings. I want you both to understand that and know my brush is only a finger snap away! Understood?” Andrea commanded. “Also I better not hear either of you snapped your finger or twitched your nose to repair your well spanked bottoms, if you do, you will be strapped!" Andrea continued.

“Yes ma’am!” was the resounding response, as both were still sniffling from their crying.

Samantha was the first to move, as Andrea moved around to the front of her desk. Samantha looked at Andrea, apologized and then hugged her tightly. Andrea was again stunned at her beauty and how wonderful her body felt so close to hers. She knew she was aroused ever so. “I promise I learned my lesson and will be a better wife, cousin, daughter, mother and most important, witch.” Samantha said as she moved away from Andrea. “Thank you for teaching me a hard, but well deserved lesson.” Samantha added.

Kimberley held her breath as Samantha slid over to her and hugged her hard. Kimberley was amazed at having this wonderful body pressed against her. While one wet spot was drying, the other was getting wetter. “Thank you for helping me through my spanking my dear sweet Kimberley.” Samantha said.

“My pleasure,” Kimberley said breathlessly, and noticed a glare from Andrea. “You go and be a good .witch now”

Samantha stepped back, looked at the desk, twitched her nose, and there appeared the loveliest bouquet of local summer flowers, it was as beautiful as she was. She then smiled, and disappeared in the now familiar cloud of smoke.

“My she can be so cool.” cooed Serena.

Serena took a different path and walked over to Kimberley, hugged her hard. “You my dear are just so lovely, I would love to take you over my knee one day,” she whispered in Kimberley’s ear “Give me a shout one day!” she said, and moved away from Kimberley.

Serena then ran over to Andrea, and jumped high into her arms. Andrea almost fell over taking her in, but kept her balance. “Aunty, you are just so groovy, want to come to the Grateful Dead concert with me now?" She asked.

They hugged, but Andrea maintaining her balance and dignity, lowered Serena to her feet. “Now Serena, let’s not get too familiar here, or I will take my brush to your bottom again right now.” Andrea warned.

“Oh don’t be a square Aunty” Serena responded, but then backed away when she saw the serious look on Andrea’s face.

Serena too stepped back, snapped her fingers, and there on the desk next to the flowers were two lovely bottles of French wine.

“Thank you ladies, be cool and peace!” Serena shouted, as she too disappeared in the cloud of smoke.

The Spank Shop was now quiet. Both ladies stood for a moment looking at each other. Andrea then moved around the back of her desk and grabbed her bag. She took out her car keys, and moved around again to the front of her desk. She took a deep sniff of the flowers and took one of the wine bottles and put it in her gag. She turned and look at her beautiful and sexy assistant, Kimberley.

She pointed to Samantha’s tear spot of Kimberley’s leg and asked “Is that the only wet spot you have my dear?

Kimberley turned as red as she could be, and lowered her head. “Well ma’am, probably not.” she answered.

Andrea took a deep breath; she too was wet but would not admit it to her youthful assistant. “Well, we will talk about this in the morning.” she said to Kimberley.

Kimberley knew that the “talk” could very well be on her bare bottom, but looked up and said “Yes Ma’am.”

Now completely out of character, and much more familiar than Andrea had ever been with Kimberley, she stated as she took the brush and put it in her bag “My partner better be naked in the hot tub when I get there or another bottom will be spanked tonight!”

She moved past Kimberley, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Lock up my dear please and go get that wet spot taken care of.”

The wonderful Aunty Andrea then left the office for the day, ending one of the most incredible days of her career.

Kimberley turned off the lights, and moved slowly around the office, checking all and locking up as she left. She was busy texting out to some special friends about her need for some “wet spot” drying action.

The Grateful Dead had just began a long instrumental opening to “Truckin” back in the wings was Serena now in a loose and extremely short flowered sun dress, dancing and spinning to the song. She whirled, turned and pulled up the back of her skirt to let the cool San Francisco air cool her bottom. She laughed and smiled at all who watched her show off her pantied red and swollen bottom. She knew she had at least three suitors, including one lovely female waiting to tend to her needs, she was well spanked and ready for action. “I love you Aunty Andrea,” she kept singing to the tune of the Dead’s song.

Samantha was home, and dinner was ready on the table. She was dressed in a very conservative, tight but knee length red dress. She picked red for obvious reasons. Her daughter Tabitha was setting the dinner table in the most unorthodox way, by manually twitching her nose to move each dish to it’s place.

“Tabitha,” chastised Samantha “how many times have I told you not to use your witchcraft when your father is home?” Samantha looked around, hoping Darren was not yet in the room.

“But mommy,” Tabitha responded, “it is fun.”

Samantha stopped, twitched her nose, and there on the table was an ebony hairbrush that she secretly borrowed from Andrea’s purse. “Now, Tabitha we have never spanked you but if you don’t behave we have a new Aunt who will take you over her knee and use that brush on your tiny backside”

Tabitha gasped, and immediately walked to the cabinet, and took the plates out by hand. “Yes Mommy.”

Samantha twitched her nose again, and brush was put back into Andrea’s bag.

“How are my ladies?” Darren asked, as he came downstairs dressed in his suit but now freshened up from work.

Samantha Stevens was now the obedient wife, she made sure Darren had no recollection of his day as a donkey, thanks to witchcraft. She walked up to Darren, handed him a well made chilled martini, and reached up to place a hot, slow wet kiss on his lips.

“Oh my,” Darren responded, “What did I do right?”

“You my dear are always right, and you better be ready once Tabitha goes to bed as I am more than ready now! Samantha whispered in Darren’s ear.

“Wow!” Darren responded.

“And more than once my husband.” Samantha challenged, as she turned and wiggled her bottom at her husband.

Darren followed her wiggling bottom, then delivered a sharp and fast spank right to Samantha’s backside. “Ouch!” Samantha cried out “Save some of those for later my dear.” she said, as she turned to Darren.

Samantha then moved to her chair, slowly and gingerly lowered herself onto the pillow she had placed there, and winced as her bottom gingerly landed onto the pillow.

“Mommy, did our new Aunt spank you with her brush today” asked Tabitha loudly.

“CUT THAT IS A WRAP.” shouted the director.

Kimberley shot up off her pillow awakened by the shout, blankets all over the place, her hair mussed and eyes full of sleep. “That was one hell of a dream.” she thought. Then she felt an all too familiar wet spot on the crotch of her panties.


  1. Thank you Aunty for sharing this, I know it is not to the overall quality of the proffessional writers but it was fun and I do enjoy lending a hand to the blog, thanks for the opprotunity.

    Love ya

  2. My pleasure, Ron. It's a delightful piece and I'm sure the readers had some fun reading it. I know I did.