Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pretty in Pink

These two photos from Firm Hand Spanking are a delightful depiction of a spanking, featuring both the spanking itself and the aftermath as a soundly spanked young lady tries to soothe her hot stinging cheeks. I called it Pretty in Pink, because not only does her bottom glow rosily, her outfit seems to be predominantly pink. Just something fun for a Monday.

I do love the spankee's adorably bratty expression. She is just begging to have her bottom slapped and the woman over whose lap she is draped is doing an admirable job of it, as the colour of 'Miss Pink's' bottom attests.

Aren't they always so cute as they do the 'hot bottom boogie' and desperately try to quench the fires in their recently flamed botties? The young woman on the couch has such a stern and unconcerned expression, too. Lovely.


  1. Yes and what a delightful bottom to turn pink, I can imagine that might be Aunty Andrea applying the pink ;)

  2. These two are just so pretty and such a nice spanking, Aunty you are so kind to share these very hot ladies with a hot bottom.


  3. My pleasure, Ron. Glad you enjoyed it and my thoughts about it.