Friday, 10 February 2012

'Public Transport'

This is a sweet little story with a twist in the tale/tail.

From Clare Fonda Pass. Justine soothes her soundly spanked tush after Maria's disciplined it.

Hairbrushes can be evil where a tender naughty bottom is concerned.

From Sarah Gregory Spanking. Maria and Justine post spanking.

Maria stepped off the escalator, looked at the crowds waiting for the next train and frowned. She knew the schedules, and if the trains were on time then there should not be this many passengers waiting. It appeared as if the previous one had been cancelled. She looked at the board and then waited for an announcement. There it was! Due to a vandalized train the previous one had been cancelled.

"I knew it!" Maria hissed to herself.

Vandalism was the scourge of the public transport system. Maria worked as an inspector for the company and the very reason that her feet were sore, and she wanted to relax and sit down on the way home was because she had spent a large part of the afternoon inspecting vandalized vehicles that she would have to spend most of the following day doing paperwork for. Most of the offenders were bored teenage delinquents, who were the offspring of parents who either did not know or simply did not care where their children were, or what they were doing. On the rare occasions they were caught they were let off with light sentences due to their age. If Maria had the responsibility of sentencing them she'd make them fix the damage they had caused and maybe face the wrath of some inconvenienced passengers as well. The seat she had hoped for was probably now a fond hope and fat chance.

The train rolled up to the platform and drew to a halt. Maria crowded on with everyone else and looked around for an empty seat. She was just about to give up when she saw one that was not occupied. What a stroke of luck! Two older gentlemen in business suits made way for her to allow her a path to the seat. Maria arrived there and stared down at a pair of booted feet that were crossed on top of the otherwise empty seat. Her dark brown eyes followed the boots, the slender legs clad in rainbow coloured leggings until they disappeared under a short dark skirt and eventually settled on a small, slim girl with pale blonde hair that had purple and blue streaks through it. The girl could have been aged anywhere from late teens to mid twenties. Maria put her somewhere in the middle of the age range. She was oblivious to the stares and mutters of fellow commuters. Her eyes were closed, her teeth were busy with a wad of gum and earphones were jammed securely in her ears. It was too much for Maria. It was not an often enforced rule, but placing feet on seats was prohibited, and the sheer insensitivity of the girl incensed her. Maria reached down, yanked an earphone out of the younger woman's ear and said loudly, "Excuse me!"

Shocked blue eyes regarded her, and then the angry retort came.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

Maria did not respond to the profanity, although there were raised eyebrows and a few shocked gasps from other commuters. Maria's face took on a stern expression and she pointed at the girl's feet propped up on a seat. With an exasperated exhalation of breath the younger woman swung her feet down, and glared up at Maria "Happy now?"

"Not entirely, no," Maria replied in a level voice. "You've committed two offences against the public transport corporation that manages this line."

"What?" the girl said aggressively.

Maria's eyes flashed and she indicated the list of rules above most seats. They clearly indicated that passengers could be fined for placing their feet on the seats or using offensive language.

The girl laughed, "No one takes those seriously."

"I do, young lady." Maria told her, and produced her identification from the inside pocket of her jacket.

Maria was not a member of the transit police, but she did have the authority to issue a notice and fine someone for breaking rules or fare evading. Ordinarily she did not use the authority, but the blonde girl had well and truly crossed a line with her behaviour, and after the day Maria had endured she had picked the wrong person to cross.

The expression on the blonde's face changed from smugly defiant to concerned. "The maximum fine for both offences is a thousand dollars combined." Maria informed the girl, to murmured approval from most of the commuters in the carriage.

"A thousand bucks!" the girl wailed. "I don't have a thousand dollars!" 

"Maybe you should have considered that before you decided to abuse me." Maria said. "Let's see your ticket and I'll sort this out."

There was a pause where Maria's brown eyes locked with the girl's blue ones, and then the girl whispered, "I don't have one."

"What was that?" Maria asked, her tone dangerously low.

"I don't have a ticket," the now thoroughly miserable blonde girl whimpered.

There were shocked and scandalized expressions from many of the business suited travelers and one gentleman gave Maria his business card in case she required a witness, and two teenage boys across the carriage sniggered to see someone in trouble. Maria shot them a glare, but decided against taking further action.

"Well that rather changes everything, young lady. Fare evasion is a criminal act."

"No!" the girl blurted out, near tears. "It can't be!"

"It is," Maria continued mercilessly. "It's theft. I think we'd best get off at the next stop to sort this out."

As Maria spoke the train slowed and pulled smoothly into a suburban station.

"Come on!" Maria ordered brusquely, tugging at the younger lady's slender upper arm.

Miserably the girl got to her feet, and followed Maria out of the carriage onto the stations concrete surface. The two ladies sat on an iron bench and watched the train disappear into the distance. The look on the younger woman's face said that she would have much rather still been on the train, the approaching evening and the chilly overcast conditions were not helping her mood. She looked angrily at the older lady, and determined to make this difficult for her.

Maria took a spiral notebook, with a pen tucked into the spine, out of her handbag and asked "Name?"

The blonde girl looked at Maria, and drawled, "Betty Rubble."

Maria's lips pursed, and her brown eyes narrowed. "This is not a joke, young lady. You're facing serious charges. I hope you have ID that proves your name. Let's see a licence."

"This is harassment!" the girl whined. "You can't do this to me."

"Would you prefer we concluded this at the local police station? It's right next to the train stop. ID."

With an expression of annoyance the girl took her purse out of her bag, snapped it open and withdrew a licence which she handed over. Maria scanned the card, and murmured, "Justine Nicholson," before noting it down in her book.

"Can't we do something else?" Justine pleaded as she put her licence back into her purse. "I don't have a thousand dollars."

"That was just for the feet on the seats and telling me to fuck off ..."

"I asked what the fuck your problem was." Justine retorted before she could bite the comment off, she quickly shut her mouth and drew back into her seat as Maria unleashed a withering glare on her.

"As I was saying the fine was for the feet and the abuse, knowingly travelling without a valid ticket is a criminal offence, it'll have to go to court."

"What?" Justine blurted out, tears spilling from her blue eyes. "I'll lose my job if I get a conviction."

"You should have thought of that before deciding to ride the train for free." Maria replied unsympathetically.

"Please," Justine begged, "isn't there something you can do that doesn't involve money and a judge?"

Maria huffed breath out through pursed lips and said, "If you were my daughter I'd give you a good hiding."

"A hiding." Justine echoed.

"Yes, a smacked bottom." Maria clarified, her brown eyes flashing.

Justine's eyes widened, and she licked her lips quickly. "Could you do that?" she whispered.

"What?" Maria asked, her head turning quickly to look at the younger woman, and her own eyes slightly shocked.

"Smack me." Justine said in a small voice, dropping her eyes.

Maria ran a hand through her thick, straight dark brown hair. "Do you know exactly what you're saying, Justine?"

"I think so," the girl replied uncertainly, putting a strand of her hair in her mouth and sucking it, "does it mean I don't have to pay a fine or go to court?"

"Stop that!" Maria snapped, jerking the hair out of Justine's mouth and smacking the back of her hand when she automatically attempted to replace it. "This is highly irregular, Justine, but it would save a lot of paperwork." she did not add that the judge would be unlikely to assign anything other than a stern warning to Justine, and that she would have a devil of a time making the fines stick.

"I'll do it!" the girl decided with a positive statement, standing up. "When?"

"No time like the present, miss." Maria replied, taking hold of Justine's slender hand.

Justine allowed the older lady to pull her to her feet, and stumbled down the platform after her. "You mean now?" she said to Maria's back.

"I live near here," Maria said brusquely.

"What's your name?" Justine thought to ask as they exited the station and entered the suburb itself.

"Maria." the businesswoman replied.

It suits her, Justine thought, she looks like a Maria. Despite the fact that she was being made to feel as if she were a five year old being taken shopping with a parent, Justine did not mind following Maria, it gave her chance to examine the other lady. At 5'9" she was tall for a woman, she had wide shoulders, which were accentuated by the shoulders of her jacket, a slender waist, a full curvy bottom and long shapely legs. Her hair was straight and dark brown, it was well looked after and hung to her shoulders. The cut of her clothes also told Justine that this was a woman who cared about what she wore and how she looked when wearing them. Justine had also seen the labels, and Maria's clothing was certainly not cheap. She looked around her surroundings as she followed Maria through the narrow, tree lined streets populated by terrace houses and what used to be workers cottages. Once this had been a working class inner suburb, but now only wealthy upwardly mobile types could afford to live here, and the lower income earners had been pushed to the outer suburbs.

At a neat little cottage Maria stopped, she reached over the low wire fence and unlocked the gate, then stepped inside and tugged Justine's hand gently to lead her up a narrow brick path, bordered on each side by short flowering shrubs, as they were now well into autumn the shrubs had stopped flowering, but they were still green. The path led to a tiled porch. Justine followed the older lady and waited quietly while Maria removed her keys from her handbag and unlocked the door. The two ladies entered into a small entrance hall. Maria flicked on the light, which illuminated the little room and showed that there were folding doors, panelled with patterned smoked glass that led into a cozy sitting room. Maria took off her jacket and hung it on the coat rack, she motioned Justine into the sitting room, and gestured to the couch. Justine sat carefully on the edge of the couch and looked up at the stern older woman who intended to spank her later.

The room was chilly and Justine shivered. Maria noticed, and apologised "That's part of the problem with these old houses, they're lovely, but it costs a lot to get modern heating installed." she pointed to a fireplace, that had a fire laid and waiting for the flame to be put to it. Maria took a box of matches from the mantelpiece, lit one and dropped it into the pile of kindling. "We'll have it warm and toasty in no time." she assured her young guest.

"Thanks." Justine said absently, her eyes flicking around the room.

"Would you like some tea?" Maria asked the younger woman. "I'm just about to put the kettle on."

"Yes, please." Justine answered.

She continued to sit nervously, watching the flames in the fireplace flicker as she listened to Maria bustle about in the house's small kitchen. The kettle sang, and not long after Maria appeared with two steaming mugs in her hands. She set one in front of Justine, and seated herself in an armchair just across the coffee table from the girl. Justine wrapped her slender hands around the mug, blew on it and sipped delicately.

Maria regarded the girl, before blowing on her own tea to cool it, and sipping.

"So what happens now?" Justine asked.

A smile played across Maria's full, generous lips and she replied with a question of her own.

"Your mother never spanked you, Justine?"

The blonde girl made a face before answering "My Mum was a junk ... addict. I was only little when she died. I was fostered."

Maria nodded in understanding. "When we've finished our tea, I'll get changed and then I'll make your bottom pay for your ticket."

Justine gulped, and her already fair complexion paled even further, she took a quick sip of tea to cover her embarrassment. Justine set her mug down.

"Would you like to go to the toilet, Justine?"

Suddenly the girl became aware that her bladder was very insistent that she empty it, and she nodded.

"Take your mug out to the kitchen and rinse it, then set it on the sink. The bathroom is the second door on the left down the hall."

"Yes, ma'am." Justine replied, doing as she was told.

While she was going about her ablutions in the nicely appointed, very feminine bathroom she heard Maria moving about.

Maria was seated on the couch, she was wearing a long, pleated skirt and a comfortable looking cardigan, laying on the coffee table was a long handled, broad backed, rectangular  wooden hairbrush. Somehow Justine doubted Maria intended to use it to brush hair.

"Come stand by my side Justine." Maria ordered.

Justine did as she was bidden.

"Do you understand that what you did was wrong, young lady?" Maria asked, her brown eyes serious.

"Yes, Maria."

"I think for the duration of the punishment, Justine, you had better call me ma'am or Miss Maria."

"Can I call you Aunty?"

Maria's eyes looked amused, "If it makes you feel more comfortable, it makes me feel old, but I don't mind."

"Most of my foster Mums were Aunty." Justine explained, her cheeks flaming.

"Aunty Maria it is, then." the older lady agreed.

"What do we do now?" Justine asked.

"Well, first we need to get you out of those leggings, get your skirt off and panties down." Maria said very matter of factly.

"What?" Justine blurted, eyes wide.

"I need to bare your bottom, Justine. And what happened to Aunty Maria?"

"Why do you need to bare my bum, Aunty Maria?" Justine asked, blushing again.

"To spank you of course, silly." Maria said with a chuckle.

"But, but ..." Justine said, her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

"The only butt I want is yours bare and over my lap, young lady." Maria said in a stern voice.

"I don't see why my bottom has to be bare, Aunty." Justine tried to protest weakly.

"My mother always said that a spanking wasn't a spanking unless it was administered on the bare bottom. It's also safer. If I can see how red your bottom is getting and feel how hot it is I know that I'm spanking hard enough, but not too hard."

Justine could barely believe she was having this conversation, even worse was that on some level it was turning her on.

"Now that I've explained all that, missy, take off your shoes and I'll deal with the rest."

Taking a deep breath Justine bent and unlaced her boots, she took them off and put them neatly side by side near the couch. "Cost a lot, did they?" Maria asked as she took hold of Justine's slender arm and drew her in close.

"Ummm ... yeah." Justine mumbled.

"I thought so," Maria continued calmly, unzipping the girl's skirt. "You don't take such good care of some cheap knock off." She gave a tug, the skirt slid over Justine's narrow hips and puddled around her ankles. Justine stepped out of it feeling as if she were in a trance. Maria picked up the garment, folded it neatly and placed it on a table next to the couch. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of the girl's rainbow leggings and rolled them down over her hips and bottom and down her legs.

"Step out, sweetie." Maria ordered softly. Justine did as ordered, and her tights joined the skirt on the table.

"Now the panties." Maria announced reaching for the brief, filmy underwear.

"Do we have to, Aunty, please?" Justine begged.

"Haven't we already gone through this, Justine?"

"They won't give me any protection," Justine reasoned, "they're really thin and you can see my backside through them and feel if it's hot or not."

"That's not the only reason, darling." Maria explained warmly. "It's also to drive home the feeling that you are a big girl having to be spanked like a little one. I think that will do you good Justine. Now down these panties come!"

There was a gasp from the blonde girl as her underpants were whisked to her ankles. Her hands immediately covered her front. Maria looked up at the girl's face. "Take the hands away please, Justine."

"But you'll see!" the girl wailed.

"You don't have anything I haven't seen before, miss."

Blushing Justine moved her hands slowly. In order to make the young woman feel a little less exposed, Maria averted her eyes, and patted her lap. Justine awkwardly lowered herself over it, affording Maria a brief glimpse of tawny curls between her legs as she did so. Maria lifted the girl up a little, positioning her buttocks in the centre of her lap, and pointing them at the ceiling.

"Lift your legs up onto the couch, Justine," Maria ordered. "We want you settled securely on Aunty's lap."

With a whimper Justine raised her legs and nearly toppled off Maria's lap as the panties tangled around her ankles made the movement difficult. Maria's arm around the younger lady's waist kept her where she was. She reached across and removed the undergarments from Justine's ankles.

"There," she said with satisfaction, "you're all free to wave your legs about, and if I'm anywhere near as good as my own dear mother was at this then you are going to do just that in short order, my girl."

Maria gazed down on the alabaster white hemispheres arranged over her lap and marvelled at their whiteness and how soft and yielding they were under her fondling and caressing palm. Justine squirmed a little as Maria's gentle ministrations tickled her buttocks. Justine was a slender girl and she had long oval cheeks, but they were still well covered enough to accept a sound spanking.

Maria rested a hand on one trembling rotundity, then lifted that hand high and brought it down with a sharp crack across the twitching buttock. Justine heard the report of the slap, and then squealed loudly as the sting settled a moment later, by that time Maria had administered another stinging spank on the opposite cheek. Justine squealed again, and Maria began to cover the bottom's entire surface with slow deliberate smacks. The older lady was careful about where she planted each stinging stroke. She ensured that she had slapped every inch of Justine's offered up backside, and created a shimmering pink glow, before she settled into a steady rhythm. As Maria had prophesied, Justine began to wave her legs around and beg for mercy as Maria's stern palm beat a steady glowing tattoo into her writhing bottom. As Maria spanked the girl, and endeavoured to keep her wriggling body in place over the lap, she wondered if she had presented a similar spectacle to her mother all those years ago. Justine was wailing loudly under the onslaught, and Maria was positive that her eyes would be awash with tears trickling down her cheeks, she wriggled and squirmed vigorously, and was becoming difficult to hold in place, her bottom was alight with a rosy glow as it rolled and writhed trying to avoid the hard palm, and her legs were waving about as she kicked, allowing Maria a full view of all her delights.

Maria became aware that the palm of her hand had become a little numb and she could no longer really feel the sting of the spanks, although Justine's yells and movements indicated that they were still hurting. Maria decided that it was time for the brush. She rested the back of her hand on Justine's bottom, and whistled through her teeth, they were simmering.  They felt every bit as hot as they looked and they appeared to be sizzling. Maria reached across Justine to pick up the hairbrush that lay bristle side up on the table. As she did so she could feel a lovely heat emanating from the girl's glowing bottom onto her full breasts through her open cardigan and the thin material of her blouse.

Justine shivered as she felt something prickly on her hot stinging bottom. She heard Maria's voice ask gently, "What does that feel like, Justine?"

"I don't know, Aunty," the girl replied in a trembling voice, she had been hoping it was all over.

"Oh go on try and guess, darling." Maria encouraged, a slight pout in her voice.

"It tickles," Justine tried, "kind of scratchy."

"What do you think tickles and can feel scratchy at the same time?" Maria asked in that same soft voice.

"A hairbrush, Aunty." Justine answered in an almost inaudible voice, and she started to cry again.

"Oh clever girl!" Maria complimented the girl. "But this one isn't going to be used to brush hair, is it, dear?"

"No ma'am," Justine sobbed.

"Tell Aunty what you think it's going to be used for," Maria requested, her voice firming.

"To spank me, Aunty," Justine blubbered.

"Yes, Justine," Maria affirmed, flipping the brush and gliding it's flat cool back across Justine's steaming cheeks, "Aunty's hairbrush is going to spank your naughty little bottom up soundly until you're as hot as a stove back there, young lady."

"Ahhhh, owwww, oh myyyy Goooddd!" Justine wailed as Maria applied the brushes solid, broad back to her burning hindquarters.

The blonde girl had not thought her bottom could get any hotter or sorer, that was until Maria had brought the hairbrush into the punishment. There were no thoughts of modesty as she flung her legs around, and squirmed her backside frantically to try and ease the pain, and avoid the heavy brush. If any object had ever been designed to have two uses it was the hairbrush, particularly the one that Maria was belabouring Justine with at the present moment. There was a volley of particularly searing slaps that made Justine's upper thighs feel as if a hive of bees had stung them all at once. Justine threw her head back and screamed. Tears ran down her cheeks, her nose was streaming, and she could taste the burning tears and snot in the back of her throat. Strings of saliva were spraying from the side of her mouth, and her face was screwed up in agony. If this went on any longer her rear end was going to burst into flames. Justine was not aware when Maria brought the chastisement to an end, she simply lay limply over Maria's lap and bawled.

Maria looked down at the throbbing, glowing red buttocks in her lap, and she could feel the waves of heat shimmering off the superheated globes onto the knuckles of the hand that held the hairbrush loosely. Her mother had always spanked her to this point, when she just cried and lay unresisting over the knee, no longer yelling or screaming, no legs flailing about, no trying to get away from the implement, she had been spanked until she broke and a little beyond that, this was where Justine was now. Maria set the brush down, and said in a firm, but gentle voice, "Justine, your spanking is over, sweetheart. You can get up from Aunty's lap now."

Justine did not respond immediately, but after getting her breathing under control, she levered herself awkwardly and carefully up from Maria's skirted lap, and onto her feet. Before Maria could speak, Justine sighed loudly, and then her hands flew to her abused rump and she began to hop around the room, furiously rubbing her crimson derriere in a vain effort to soothe and cool it down. Maria sat back and a smile spread across her face at the girl's antics. She had done the hot bottom boogie many times growing up, she wondered if she looked as silly as Justine did at this point.

"Stop that silly carry on, Justine and come to Aunty, please young lady." It was obviously an effort for Justine to remove her hands from her roasting situpon and to stop dancing and go to the older lady seated on the couch, but she did as she was told. This told Maria that if nothing else she had gotten the message that she was to be obeyed across to the younger woman. Justine stood demurely in front of Maria, hands clasped in front of her, head down, occasionally hiccuping and sniffling.

"How do you feel, Justine?"

"Sore," Justine mumbled.

Maria chuckled richly, "That was the intention, darling. Look at me, please." Justine sniffed, and raised her head.

"You do look a picture." Maria commented, seeing the tears running down the girl's face, her cheeks and chin covered with a mixture of snot, saliva and tears, strands of blonde and dyed hair sticking to her face. Maria reached out and took a tissue from a box nearby. "Kneel down, sweetheart." she instructed.

Justine gave the older lady a quizzical look.

"Don't question me, young lady," Maria said, that commanding tone creeping back in her voice, "just do as you are told."

Justine folded to her knees in front of Maria, wincing as her sore, swollen buttocks made contact with her calves, and immediately rose up so her knees were taking most of her weight.

Maria's face broke into a pleased smile, and she used the tissue to clean Justine's face. Justine could not help but heave a huge sigh of relief as she felt the woman clean her up. She had wondered what fresh pain and humiliation she was in for when she had been asked to kneel. Although the spanking had been extremely painful and embarrassing she still felt it was a better outcome than the enormous fine and possible criminal conviction that Maria had mentioned earlier. Her bottom would feel better a lot sooner than she could earn back that money and criminal convictions never went away and made it very hard for girls like her to get employment.

"That's better!" Maria exclaimed with a smile, as she examined the girl's face. "Now let's get you up and into a corner, so you can reflect on the evening's events."

Corner? Justine thought. Maria was going to stand her bare bottomed in a corner like a little kid. Could this night get any more humiliating? Numbly Justine allowed herself to be drawn to her feet, and led meekly to a corner of the room, where she was told to stand and face the wall.

Staring at the wall, feeling her still hot bottom throb and pulsate with the residual pain of the soundly administered spanking Justine reflected on what she had done, the way she had acted and how stupid she had been. It was wrong to travel without a valid ticket, it was also wrong to react so angrily to someone when they were only making a reasonable request. Although her backside hurt abominably, and she had cried and yelled until her eyes stung and her throat was raw, Justine felt strangely good about the chastisement. She was somehow purged and cleansed, she no longer felt guilty or stressed out, and she had warm feelings towards Maria for taking the time and effort to correct her and treating her the way she should have been dealt with growing up and taking the place of a mother correcting an errant child. God! Her bottom was sore and hot, if she could just rub it a little to soothe it. Her hands crept to her glutes, and she began to gently massage the abused cheeks, sighing with pleasure as her hands eased the burn. So rapt up in the feelings her fingers were sending through her body Justine was unaware that Maria had left and reentered the room. That was until her wrists were taken firm hold of, her hands were removed from her inflamed rear, and Maria's hard hand descended on her backside, the authoritative voice scolding with each stinging slap.

"You are not permitted to rub, young lady! I did not go to all the trouble and time to heat up your naughty little bottom only to have you rub it away. Put your hands on your head and stand there, staring at the wall until I give you permission to move." Fresh tears trickling down her cheeks, Justine did as she was told.

"Justine," Maria's voice sounded after what seemed like an eternity, but had in reality been only ten minutes, "remove your hands and turn around, do not rub, but come to me, please."

With a sigh Justine unlaced her hands from atop her sweat sodden blonde locks, and put them by her side. Maria was siting back on the couch, looking relaxed, a half full glass of red wine was on the coffee table. Justine didn't see if but there was also a bowl of cool water, some cloths and hand towels and a bottle of lotion.

"Back over my lap, darling." Maria invited the girl.

"Back over, ma'am?" Justine said disbelievingly. Not more spanking, surely. A raised eyebrow and a flash of anger in Maria's brown eyes were enough to quell any argument or protest from Justine, and she lay meekly over the offered lap, trembling, her quivering buttocks anticipating another stinging barrage of smacks. To her surprise she felt the blessed coolness of soothing lotion, which was then thoroughly and gently massaged in by Maria's firm and talented fingers. Water was sluiced over her still steaming rump and then the excess grease and moisture wiped away. "How do you feel, darling?" Maria asked.

Justine made a noise of pleasure and contentment before yawning, "Sleepy, ma'am."

"Would you like a nap, sweetheart?" Maria offered.

"Yes, please," Justine accepted enthusiastically.

Maria helped the blonde girl to her feet, and led her by the hand to a bedroom, before putting her to bed and tucking her in.

It had been dark for some hours when Justine woke up, she yawned and rubbed her eyes before running a hand through her hair, she wriggled and sat up in bed, wincing as her still aching hindquarters took her weight and contacted the mattress, she wriggled until she was in a less painful position and could sit up without undue discomfort. The light came on in the bedroom and Maria stood in the doorway, wearing a sheer negligee and holding two steaming mugs of tea in her hands. She smiled at Justine, sauntered to the bed and handed one of the mugs to Justine, who took it in her both hands with a murmured thanks.

"Scoot over." Maria said, as she slipped into bed beside the girl.

"How do you feel, honey?" Maria asked, before blowing on her tea to cool it, and sipping.

"Good," Justine said with a smile, sipping her own tea. "Sore, but unstressed. You really laid it on."

"I felt you needed it, darling. You were very tense."

"Yeah, I know. I've had a rotten week."

"You've been pretty cranky for a while."

"I know, I'm sorry. I'll be better now."

"You better be, you can always take another ride over my lap, bratgirl!"

"Bratgirl!" Justine said with a laugh. "I'll make you remember that next time."

"It'll be your turn next month." Maria mused.

"I know. Hey, can I use the police woman uniform? I always like that scenario."


  1. Just a lovely and very hot story, love when she reached over for the brush, just hot.

    Batgirl, love it


  2. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this one, Ron.

  3. A really enjoyable story with a great twist at the end. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your comment, titch. I like the twist myself. I know you've been a member for a while, but this is I believe your first comment, so I extend a warm welcome to the Spank Shop, and hope to see more from you in future.

  5. Hm.. tried posting a comment the other day on this, but it didn't seem to take, so I'll try again:
    Just wanted to say thanks, Aunty, for your recent comment on my blog, and after reading this little gem of a story, you're not the only one who needs a cold shower now!
    You're a talented writer - very evocative phrasing. I want to hear more about Maria. I love the way she scolds Justine ('the only butt I want from you is bare and over my lap')


  6. Hi Aunty Andrea, I have tried posting several times but it never accepted them for some reason but now it seems to like my comments lol P.S Will do better (honest!) titch

  7. Thank you RR, and thanks for trying, because I do appreciate each and every comment I receive here. The scoldings are often my favourite parts of the stories.