Friday, 24 February 2012

Right Smack in the Middle - a follower's thoughts

Hello all! The lovely Rennie has provided me with some more of his musings about the thoughts behind being spanked and that longing so many of us have.

Please enjoy!


Quite simply, I love how getting it feels and I love how giving it looks (the extent of my practical experience). I’m talking about that spank right across the middle of some naughty girl’s or boy’s bottom. It’s where I like to think my mother would’ve smacked me just to get my attention and stop me in my mischief-making tracks. “Owww!”
After all, it’s such a natural target. Especially in its natural state of utter and unedited bareness. The smack across the crack (or, if you’re squeamish, the gluteal cleft) is all about punctuating the spanking itself as an expression of authority. That immediate, incomparable jolt of electric sting says in no uncertain terms that the backside in question is the personal property of its punisher. The aforementioned miscreant is nothing but its caretaker, with any complaints to be directed to Mother Nature.
If we concern ourselves with the lower regions of Middlebum (as I wickedly insist we do), one can’t help noticing the warnings of High Voltage. Getting spanked down there puts Naughtiness, at least for the squirming and squealing time being, on the highest available shelf. We’d never wish to get rid of it entirely, for heaven’s sake, but spanks of the sort we see that bottomly buxom schoolgirl receiving do tend to take the shine off being bad.
Or so the story goes. In my case, with the sting of a spanking being a narcotic and me (or, if you’re a grammarian, I) an incorrigible junkie forever wanting my pants pulled down and my bare bum paddled (strapped would be nice) seven shades of red, getting spanked where my naughtiness lives is Paradise. A very warm, hard statement of fact.
A spank right across the middle of the bottom, when I’m looking at it, is spanking’s perfect pitch, its epic poem, its masterpiece. It’s as close as I expect I’ll ever get to understanding exactly what convergence of circumstance and inspiration resulted in the very first over-the-knee warming of a barenaked bum. I can’t help thinking I was there in spirit. The rest, as they say, is history.


  1. Oh thank you Aunty, Rennie has so eloquently said what I and so many of us spanko's really feel in such a poetic way! I love watching that naughty bum reacting, and feeling my naughty bum reacting to the discipline that seems so necessary.

  2. Thanks so much, Aunty Andrea, for being soooo obliging. And to you, Dave. That 'naughty bum' you spoke of is really what I was writing about. Glad you could relate. :)

  3. Rennie, so well done and eloquently written, thanks for the thoughts such a great read. Thanks

    Thanks Aunty,


  4. To Dave, thank you Dave for expressing what I am sure many of us felt when reading this. Ron, I am pleased you enjoyed reading this. Rennie, I always love what you write and I am both delighted and privileged to be allowed to share your thoughts with our wonderful readership.

    1. I don't think I'm brave enough, Aunty, to wear a T-shirt saying "My Inner Child Needs A Spanking." But that's where my writing comes from; from my childhood fascination with the fact and the act of spanking in general, and bare bottom spanking in particular.

      It's why I verbally take on the role of a naughty boy when I'm being spanked. And why I'm always wanting my bum to be the focus of attention. All these decades of addiction to spanking stem from those early years of total enchantment with traditional bottom warming.

  5. I am looking for a t shirt as we speak, here in England the folks are a bit reticent to speak openly about spanking. I have no qualms about telling people I get hauled over my mama's knee and have my butt turned into lobster meat. I must be honest I am in full brat mode at the present time, mom is in Africa and will be so for another month. Mama bless her is in so much pain at this time I don't have the heart to be a brat and force her to punish me. That leave aunty Nita who at 32 weeks pregnant is really chomping at the bit. I have focussed my brattiness on her and so far have been warned twice. I snuck up on her and Pammie on Saturday night as they were on their porch having a sneaky cigarette and gave them a real fright. I got the second warning as well as a slap for that. Part of me wants Nita to really spank me but the other part of me is scared because she really hits hard and you know the saying "be careful what you wish for"
    A lovely post Aunty Andrea, please keep them coming.

  6. You do realise that brattier you are now the more you will pay for it later, don't you, young man?

  7. Yes Ma'am I do, however I don't want to stop, I know that only a trip to spank land will stop the brattiness. It has been 6 weeks since my last visit to aunty Shan and the stress is piling on