Thursday, 2 February 2012

'The Secret' Part 3 - Guest Fiction

The marvelous Esskay put his thinking cap on and came up with a 3rd part to his story The Secret which I proudly presented the first 2 parts of here last year. It's quite an eye opener, I hope you all enjoy it.

From Lina's House of Discipline. Kim goes to work on her brother-in-law's buns.

This image by Jayem is the sight that may have greeted Stan when he arrived at Kim's house.

From Waldo. Kim admires her handiwork.

      It had been about a year since Joan had instituted her program of punishing Stan, and all was well with the couple. From her point of view, spanking him about once a month kept harmony in the marriage and despite his protestations on days when he actually was being spanked, she knew he really was grateful for her taking control of him.

      She was correct about that -- he truly did feel very comfortable with the arrangement and felt secure knowing Joan kept her eye on his actions constantly. Of course, when a spanking was imminent, he was less enthusiastic -- his pleas for mercy were sincere and at those times he would have liked to end the arrangement. His wife, however, left no doubt that she was in charge and he had never managed to talk or plead his way out of a spanking after one had been announced.

      Joan had also been correct when after his first spanking she had said he would be crying from them in the future. Tears did start flowing the second time she had spanked him, and it seemed that each spanking after that brought him to tears earlier than the prior one. She had instituted some pre-spanking corner time for him, and the last couple of times he had been there, he actually had started to sob even before he was called to come to her for his punishment.

      An unexpected problem for their marriage arose, however. The advertising agency Joan worked for acquired a large new client, one that had a substantial business in Europe, and the agency had agreed to open an office in London to service the account. Joan was offered the opportunity to help open that office by building its art department from scratch and hiring six people to staff the department. It was an incredible vote of confidence given to a 24-year old woman and had many inducements attached -- she would become a V.P. of the agency, get a large raise, and also a very large bonus when her six months in England were completed.

      Although neither Joan nor Stan wanted to be apart from each other, they agreed the offer was simply too good to turn down. The bonus she would receive would be enough to help them make a down payment on a house a few years before they would have thought that to be possible.

      Two nights before she was due to leave, Joan told Stan she a made “a couple of arrangements” for him while she would be away. “What did you have in mind?,” Stan asked.

      “First, I’ve made arrangements for you to go to one of the legal brothels in Nevada. Once a month, I want you to drive out there and enjoy yourself with one of the women there.”

      “No! I’m absolutely not going to cheat on you,” Stan protested.

      “It’s not cheating if I want you to do it,” Joan replied. “You’re a healthy, normal, 26-year old man with sexual needs, and it’s not your fault I have to be away for six months. I’d much rather you go to a clean legal place in Nevada than go downtown and pick up a cheap hooker on Hollywood Boulevard. You can even go online and pick out a woman ahead of time, and if she does some things you really enjoy, you can tell me about it and we can try to add it to our lovemaking.”

      “I’m really not too happy about this, Joanie,” Stan said.

      “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you,” was the answer he got.

      “You said a couple of arrangements. What else were you thinking?,” he asked after a few seconds.

      “On a different day, but also about once a month, you’re going to go to my sister’s house for a spanking.”

      “NO! That’s a definite No! I will not do that,” he responded quickly and nervously.

      “Yes you will,” she said. “You need that as much as you need the other thing. You need to be relieved of the guilt you will feel every time you do something you know I wouldn’t accept. I don’t want to come home and have to deal with a husband who has a 6-month long guilty conscience. You make a list of what you’ve done that’s wrong, tell Kim, she’ll punish you and then you will feel much better.”

      “But what about Ben?,” he asked. “I guess I kind of assumed you had told Kim you spank me, but I don’t want Ben to know too.”

      “Don’t worry about Ben,” she replied. “He’s been getting his tushy spanked by his wife a lot longer than you have.”

      “Joanie, please, I’d really rather not do this,” he said.

      “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you,” she repeated.
      Although Stan’s initial reluctance had been honest, it did not take long for him to take advantage of the arrangements Joan had made for him in Nevada. The trip to Pahrump took him about five hours, and while he was somewhat nervous on the Eastbound trip in the morning, the return trip, after a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon, was a very pleasant drive.     
      He knew that Joan had arranged six visits for him while she was going to be away and decided he would return in four weeks.

      The other arrangement Joan had made for him, however, was a very different situation. He most definitely did not want to visit Kim even once, let alone six times in six months. Yes, it was true that he was favorable to the concept of a woman exercising control over a man by spanking him, and he was pleased that Joan was that kind of woman. But he had no desire at all to be spanked by Kim. Kim was no taller than Joan, but she was a bit heftier, and always had exhibited a strong personality. The truth was she intimidated Stan, both physically and to a lesser degree, intellectually also.

      Joan called him a couple of times each week, and her calls and emails were becoming increasingly concerned with his failure to set up a day and time with Kim. He offered her some feeble excuses which she saw through immediately and he realized their long-distance relationship was becoming strained. After receiving a text from Kim saying “My house, Thursday at 6PM, be there,” he simply responded, “OK.”

      Thursday was not a pleasant day for Stan -- he got little done at work as he spent a lot of time thinking about how embarrassing the evening was going to be. He felt the pain of the spanking was not going to be the worst part of the night, rather he feared he would break down and cry during the punishment and embarrass himself to Kim. He greatly hoped his brother-in-law Ben would not be present to also see his shame.

      To make things worse, he had expected the trip from work to Kim’s home in Anaheim would take about an hour but the traffic on the Santa Ana Freeway was particularly bad that night and he soon realized he would be about a half-hour late. Stuck in traffic, his mind wandered to an incident from his childhood. He was about 11 or 12 when he got into a fight at school, and his mother was called to come to school and take him home. As soon they had reached her car, she told him he was to get a spanking when they got home, and he started to cry. On that day, however, what normally would have been a 10 minute trip home also encountered very heavy traffic, and he spent almost a half-hour crying in the car knowing what would be in store for him when they reached the house. His crying had increased in its intensity as the time passed, and he had been almost hysterical by the time Mom had pulled into the garage and led him into her bedroom for a very painful session with the paddle she used for punishments.

      Shuddering at that memory, he called Kim’s home from the road to tell her he was going to be late. Ben answered and told him Kim was also caught in traffic and also would be late.

      He arrived shortly before 6:30 and Ben answered the door. “She’ll be here soon,” he said. “Want a drink?”

      “No thanks,” Stan replied as they headed into the small living room next to the kitchen/dinette area.

      “Glad it’s you and not me tonight,” Ben said. “She got me last week and it really bothered me for two days after.”

      “How’s this going to work? Are you going to be here?” Stan asked.

      “No, she told me to disappear for about an hour, so I think we’re going to have a quick dinner, and then I’m going to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls.”

      Kim arrived about ten minutes later. The three sat down to dinner with no mention of what was to happen after the meal; Stan contributed little to the conversation and ate little.      
      After dinner, they all cleared the table quickly and Ben announced “I guess I better get going.” “Bye, honey, enjoy,” his wife said. Ben looked at Stan with what appeared to be a look of sympathy, but said nothing to him as he went out the door.

      Kim then looked at Stan and said, “I’m afraid you’re not going to enjoy the rest of the evening.”

      “I know,” Stan responded.

      “Follow me upstairs,” Kim said, as she started up a flight of stairs. The house had a small room at the top of the stairs adjacent to the master bedroom--Kim and Ben used that space as a small family room with a couch and coffee table. “Wait here,” she said as they reached the room. She continued into her bedroom.

      Within seconds she emerged carrying her hairbrush. Stan saw it and shuddered.

      “Take off your pants and shorts,” Kim commanded. “Spankings are on the bare bottom here.”

      Stan slowly started to comply, slipping off his shoes first to facilitate removing his trousers and shorts.

      “And what have you been up to that you need a spanking for?,” Kim asked as she sat down on the couch.

      “The apartment is pretty messy,” Stan said. “And I guess I’ve been going out with my friends too often, and not really eating as well as I should be.”

      “And?,” Kim asked.

      Now mostly naked, Stan wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say, and stood there with a quizzical look. “Not sure what you mean,” he finally said.

      “What about procrastinating about coming here?,” she said sharply. “Your wife cares about you so much she asked me to take care of you, and all you’ve done since she left is try to avoid me.”

      “I’m sorry,” he said. “What is it about men?,” she asked. “You’re all the same, ’I’m sorry,I’m sorry,’ is that all you can say? Well, young man, let’s make sure you’re very, very sorry. Get over here and get over my knee.” She brandished the hairbrush to make her statement very intimidating.

      Stan bent down over Kim’s lap and immediately started to notice differences in the way the two sisters administered spankings. Kim hooked her right leg over his ankles, so that his primary point of contact with her was her left leg. Joan had not arranged him that way -- with her he was primarily bent over her right leg. Joan usually started a spanking quickly, while he soon learned that Kim preferred to scold for a while, while rubbing the smooth side of the brush gently over his butt cheeks.

      “This is going to hurt, Stanley,” she teased him. “You’ve made it much worse by disregarding your wife’s wishes and not coming here when you were supposed to. Trying to avoid your responsibilities is childish, so a good spanking is exactly what you deserve.”

      “I’m sorry, Kim, I really am,” he answered.

      “Again it’s ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’” she replied in a mocking voice. “Yes, you will be.”

      Stan realized she had stopped the gentle rubbing with the brush and tried to brace himself for what he knew was imminent.

      “Ow!,” he screamed as the brush landed on his right butt cheek for the first time. It had started.

      He quickly learned that Kim had a different spanking technique from her sister. With Joan, what would happen was quite predictable. Joan would alternate spanks -- one to his right cheek, the next to his left, at a steady interval of about one spank per second. As her arm would get tired, she would stop to rest for a few seconds then start again in the same pattern. It built up to a very painful experience that he would be in no hurry to repeat soon, but he did at least find a bit of comfort by being able to anticipate where and when the brush would land next.

      There was no such comfort in receiving a spanking from Kim. She landed the first six spanks to virtually the same spot on his right cheek as fast as she could bring the brush up and down, and then did the same to his left cheek. The pain was already more than anything he remembered Joan having done to him. Kim then started landing spanks almost randomly and with varying cadence -- she would sometimes land three in a row quickly to one spot, then wait a few seconds before another to the same spot, then two on the other cheek, a pause, then three quick ones somewhere else, and so on.

      Stan had been reduced to the point where he was again an almost-hysterical little boy. He was crying harder than he ever recalled having done in his life, with the thought of being embarrassed having been made completely unimportant. All that mattered was how much this was hurting him, and when would it stop. His face was wet with tears, and he had even given up attempting to plead with her to stop. He was bawling like a small child would.

      Finally, it ended. He had no idea how long it had gone on for or how many spanks she had delivered. Kim let him rest in the same position for about thirty seconds without saying anything, then started to ease him off her lap and help him to stand up in front of her. He had stopped crying loudly, but tears were still coming from his eyes. He reached behind him to rub his butt, which she usually did not allow her own husband to do, but she said nothing about it and watched him as he tried to lessen the pain.

      “I expect you back here four weeks from tonight, Stanley,” she said. “Yes, you will get spanked then also, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as tonight was. Do you understand?”

      “Yes, Kim, I do,” he managed to answer as he continued to rub.

      “Good. I’m going downstairs. Use the bathroom up here to wash up and get dressed when you’re ready. Come down whenever you want.”

      Stan did not want to stay in the house any longer than he had to, and was very hopeful he could leave before Ben returned, so he managed to compose himself and get dressed in less than ten minutes. When he went downstairs he told Kim he would like to go home and she said she understood -- she even inquired if he would like a pillow to sit on while he drove. Stan declined, kissed her on the cheek and promised he would be back the next month.

      “Sooner if you need it,” Kim told him in response.
      Happily for Stan, there was little northbound traffic on the freeway when he left, and he was home in just over a half hour. While he was glad he had turned down Kim’s offer of a pillow, he admitted to himself he could have benefited from one.

      As soon as he reached the apartment, he checked for a email from Joan (there was none), then took a shower and had a snack before trying to get to sleep. Even though he knew it would hurt, he rolled over on his back putting his throbbing butt in contact with the sheets. It hurt less than he thought, and his butt was now feeling more of a soothing warmth than the pain it had felt just an hour ago.

      In the dark, Stan tried to think about his life at this point. He had always considered himself to be a one-woman man, and Joan was the perfect woman for him to be with. He loved her and she fulfilled all his needs, both physically and emotionally, including his need to be with a woman who could control him -- a “benevolent dictator” of sorts.

      Neither he nor Joan had wanted the separation they were now caught in, but both had known the opportunity was exceptional, and couldn’t be turned down. He had to think about another five months apart from the woman he loved and wanted to be with. The one-woman man had been put into a position where he needed to go to other women for his needs, both for physical relief and for discipline.

      In the upcoming five months, he could expect to spend time with five different women for his sexual needs, and a different woman for his disciplinary needs. It was the way Joan had wanted it, and not what he had wanted. He had not looked for variety in his life, but it had come to him anyway.

      But, he reasoned, Joan knew he had needs and she provided for them in her absence. He had enjoyed his first trip to Nevada, and while he couldn’t say he enjoyed his trip tonight to Kim, he did have to admit to himself that it was an experience that probably on balance was good for him. He had been feeling a little guilty about the way he had been living since Joan left, and he had received a spanking for it. The slate was clean -- he realized he now had no guilty conscience at all about anything. Joan had been right.

      He rolled onto his side to try to get to sleep. “Life is good,” he told himself.


  1. I enjoyed the story very much, felt bad for Satn (NOT) lol.

    Would have loved too have been in his place.


  2. Kim is a little meaner than Joan, but I think Stan sees himself as a lucky man. Thanks for the comment, James.

  3. This was terrific, not sure I like the brothel part but nice touch to the story but the brushing over the sister's knee, wow, off we go. Great writing as well, loved it.

    I agree James, wish that was me but lovely story and well, dramatic spanking too!

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Ahhhh yessss, I think every man needs a Kim in his life! I enjoyed the story very much and could relate quite well. I visited my "Kim" yesterday as my wife too is unable to fulfill my disciplinary needs because she is away. As a result I am sitting on a very tender and sore bottom today ;(

  5. By the way ma'am, the Jayem illustration is one of my favorites and just hot.


  6. speaking as a man who has to go elsewhere for his discipline, I know the feeling that plagued Stan, I too put off going to see Aunty Shan for nearly a week with the result that not only was my punishment more severe and more intense, the hair brush played an even greater part. It took a week before I could sit without discomfort and nearly two weeks for the bruises to fade. Yes I have my Kim, I only wish my Joan was more involved and my Kim less involved.
    I loved the story Aunty Andrea.
    Ps. Mommy sends her regards.

  7. Dave, Ron ana Mario, your comments are all very welcome. I think the arrangement between Stan, Joan and Kim is a lovely one and Joan understands her husband's needs so intimately and deals with them accordingly. I'm not normally a big fan of Jayem's work, but this one said exactly what I needed it to for the story. Mario please pass my best regards onto Marta.