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Super Strict Nanny - Bared Affair

I'm not sure if anyone can remember this clearly, but a few years ago a popular TV concept was having 'nannies' or childcare professionals go to a home with misbehaving children and sort things out with a combination of common sense and childcare techniques. The two biggest shows were Nanny 911 and Super Nanny. This is a Bared Affair article which examines the concept from it's own rather unique viewpoint, with a suitable form of show.

A behind-the-scenes look at a new lifestyle show with the aim of helping harassed mothers of spirited teen girls

From CP Concepts, the same people who brought you last year's smash reality show 'School Days,' comes the new show 'Super Strict Nanny.' Inspired and encouraged by the success of such shows as 'Nanny 911' and 'Super Nanny' and emboldened by the wonderful reception and ratings for its own show 'School Days', CP Concepts realized that there was a market for this program. 'Super Strict Nanny' gives some much needed assistance in the discipline department to mothers who were at the end of their wits with their own bold adolescent girls.

The show's star is Julia Fraser, a no-nonsense real life British nanny of many years' experience, mostly in dealing with rebellious young ladies. She certainly looks the part: a tall, imposing, buxom woman with her thick chestnut hair drawn severely back from her face and dressed in sensible shiny leather pumps, nylon stockings, an austere black dress that ends well below her knees. Ms Fraser favours a rectangular pair of thick rimmed glasses which make her look sterner. With her plump lips pursed disapprovingly and a wagging finger, she is the very picture of the stern British governess.

The star of 'Super Strict Nanny' Julia Fraser in a typically stern pose in a publicity shot for the show.

One of the first episodes of 'Super Strict Nanny' dealt with the case of Heather Barrington, a single mother in her mid-40s with two teens, Wendy, 19, and Susie, 16. The girls had been ruling the roost and paying very little attention to their mother, and in desperation Mrs Barrington put the call through to Ms Fraser.

Heather Barrington with younger daughter; Wendy, before the girl required the services of the 'Super Strict Nanny'

We spoke to the harried parent, a somewhat nervous but well meaning woman, some time after the episode had been filmed.

"I had to admit," Mrs Barrington confessed, "I was at my wits' end with Wendy and Susie. Wendy was going out all hours and failing all her university classes, and I didn't like the company she kept. Susie had become a Goth girl and was continually whining about not being allowed to get her lip pierced. She spent most of her time in her room on a goth teen chat site."

That sort of behaviour has been termed by Ms Fraser as, "unasseptible," a word which she charmingly mispronounces. Many Bared Affair readers would no doubt reward Mrs Barrington's two girls with an old fashioned spanking which would soon see them smarten up their ideas.

"I had thought of spanking the girls," Mrs Barrington continued, "but at 19 and 16 I believed them too old for such a childish punishment to have any effect. Julia wasted no time in showing me that what made it so effective was that it was both childish and humiliating. Susie got her bottom smacked and was made to clean up her room for the first time in months. Wendy got her spanking when she arrived home late that night. Julia set some rules and observed from afar."

Returning to (Bad) Form

How did things go once the new nanny was out of sight?

Mrs Barrington gave a nervous laugh and admitted that they hadn't gone well. "I just couldn't bear to be the 'bad Mum'. The girls went back to form. Ms Fraser returned and two sound spankings afterwards I had two angels. Although it did not take them long to overstep the boundaries and this time I was the one that had to spank them. I found it empowered me, the girls responded well û and as time has gone on we've all become more comfortable with the new methods shown us by Julia. Whilst I do still spank, it's not as frequent as at first and the girls know exactly what they can and can't do. We have a happier household all around now that there are consequences for behaviour."

It was clear that the mother was satisfied, but would her offspring, the recipients of those heated posteriors, feel the same way?

"I couldn't believe it the first time Nanny Julia spanked me!" Wendy, a tall, perky brunette exclaimed. "I was even more shocked when Mum did it! I'm 19 and in college! But in a funny way I knew I needed it, and I was almost glad when Mum put her foot down and told me no. Then she smacked my bum when I argued about some stupid thing. If she hadn't I would have missed a deadline for an assignment and may have failed the entire year. I don't like getting a sore bottom, but I do enjoy not having to put on an act all the time. I think Nanny Julia did a really good thing here."

Susie, a shorter, thinner version of her sister, rolled her brown eyes and mimicked her older sibling. "'I think Nanny Julia did a really good thing here,'" she repeated, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "You are such a suckup, Wendy! I hate, hate, hate, the spankings, OK? I really do! But yeah, I do like that I don't have to do the Goth thing any more. One, it's kind of out now. I was sick of wearing black all the time. And two, honestly. it's kinda boring really. I didn't like it when Nanny Julia spanked me. It hurt and she used this big hairbrush, but I'm glad she showed Mum how to do it. This sounds really weird, but I feel like Mummy really loves me when she does spank me. She always gives me a cuddle afterwards, which is nice," Susie finished with a becoming smile.

From CF Shots. Heather deals with one of her daughters after Julia's visit.

Opinions about Ms Fraser's old fashioned methods vary, even on her own production staff. One of her most strident insider critics is outspoken production intern, Denise Oldman, 22. "That a spanking and a hug fixes everything is such a crock of BS," the blonde girl asserted. "They never show you the families we film where it doesn't work. What Julia does to these kids is quite frankly barbaric. We're in the twenty-first century here, not the 1950s."

It certainly seemed an odd opinion for someone working on such a show to hold. It was explained by another production assistant who did not want to be named that only days before our visit to the set, Ms Fraser had found it necessary to turn Miss Oldman over her knee.

From Premium Spanking. Intern Denise Oldman after a 'discussion' with Julia Fraser regarding her opinions about the show's methods and message.

Never having been spanked before in her life, the liberally raised intern was finding the experience rather difficult to deal with. Ms Fraser appeared on set not long after her production intern had rashly spoken her mind. Miss Oldman was taken to Ms Fraser's caravan for a 'discussion' about dealing with the media. It has to be admitted that Nanny Julia has a rather unique way of summoning girls to her caravan û Miss Oldman was dragged by her earlobe. She appeared 30 minutes later, rubbing her bottom, and retracted her earlier statement.

Julia Fraser herself was regrettably too busy to speak to us on this occasion, but we think the testimony of her previous case and her employees speak for themselves, and vouch that some very entertaining viewing will be headed your way this season.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 4.02


  1. Dear Aunty Andrea,
    Thank you so much for that post, I will be looking forward to watching. Maybe, just maybe some of the world is coming back to the proven old fashioned methods of discipline. I grew up in the 50's and can tell you because of liberal application of spanking, the worst thing we did was sneek a beer every now and then., compare that to the drugs and crime today. As far as I am concerned, bring back the 50's when it comes to discipline!

  2. Thank you Dave, one can only hope it comes to a network near you. Yes, there were some things about the 1950's that I wouldn't like to return, but old fashioned discipline is not one of them.

  3. One thing I've always appreciated about Bared Affair is their philosophical commitment to what's already been commented on; namely, 'good old-fashioned spanking.' Traditional domestic-style bottom warmings. And so much of it comes down to their choice of descriptive language. My kind of spanking.

  4. Thank you Rennie. I agree with you, it was something Bared Affair did so well and not just in the articles I've been allowed to post here.

  5. Aunty,

    Another wonderful entry from Bared Affair, love it, thanks and wow, wish I knew when we can actually watch it.


  6. it may hurt, no let me rephrase that, it hurts oh it hurts!!!!! I would not change anything, If I spend the rest of my life over my mama or my aunty's knee getting my bottom blistered I would not change it at all. Yes they say, be careful what you wish for, I wanted structure, order and discipline in my life. Being spanked because I have been naughty or failed now I have it, I have the structure and the order, Once or twice a month I have a sore bottom and go to bed early and sleep on my tummy.
    Ps, Aunty Andrea, Since the end of September last year I have lost 14 kg in weight, had two spankings, not because I did not take my medication but to remind me never to forget to take my medication.