Wednesday, 7 March 2012


It's not what you all think! Stop it! Aunty may have to get her brush!

I mostly wear dresses or skirts, I'm a little old fashioned that way, and rarely jeans, slacks or shorts, although if the weather is hot enough I can be persuaded into a comfy pair of shorts.

Just because I don't wear them doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the clothing on others. I often look at a girls or boys bottom encased in a snug pair of jeans, slacks or shorts and fantasise about how to get them out of it and get that shapely bottom over my lap ready for a good old fashioned spanking.

Here's some images for you all to dream about:


  1. But Aunty, I love Ladies in dresses or skirts, those are my favorite. Thanks for the pictures though, like you I would be trying to figure out how to get those bottoms out of there and over my lap :)


  2. Actually, Aunty, it's about bottoms within bottoms (so to speak). Mmm, I love it when I find myself walking along behind an obviously shapely female backside in pants of one sort or another. When it's the shameless flaunting of a well-rounded bottom in either form-fitting sweatpants or skin-tight jeans, I consider it a deliberate act of naughtiness deserving of the soundest possible spanking across my only-too-happy-to-oblige knee.

    At the same time, a young lady's curvaceous, jiggly bumcheeks can prove just as mesmerizing in somewhat looser pants or shorts where my eyes are quickly drawn to the soft fabric's highlighting of Lower Middlebum. Her respectability notwithstanding, I'm still wishing I had private, privileged access to her nether regions for baring and fondling and spanking...and more fondling...yes, and more spanking. Always being careful, of course, not to hyperventilate. ;-)

  3. I will try and be more basic, I love ladies bottoms and yes Aunty I do the same all day, wonder how that bottom would look over my knee. Also I often wonder what I would look like over her knee. For me I also seek to see the wonderful panty line as a watch a lovely bottom go by. Love to try and figure out what style panty is under those pants!!

    Lovely pictures Ma'am, gets my day started!!


  4. Lovely to know that I am preaching to the choir and we're all of one mind about how we want to see our bottoms and where!

  5. I have to admit, Aunty, that I am very much an admirer of cute bottoms in tight jeans and shorts. *blush*
    However, and it may seem strange (for me!), my first thought at these pictures was a moment from one of your 'Spank Shop' visitor anecdotes... the unfortunate Jennifer:

    There was a noise of discomfort from the bedroom. Andrea giggled "She just tried to put on her jeans. I don’t envy her, trying to squeeze freshly spanked flesh into those."

    Yikes! I can only imagine what the compacting squeeze of tight jeans on a throbbing spanked bottom would be like! I believe you mentioned "exquisite pain" that "keeps the bottom nice and hot for hours”? Ouchies!