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'The New Car' - Guest fiction

Happy weekend darlings! The gorgeous Esskay has come through with another wonderful story, he's expanding his repertoire with this one and I think he has done a marvelous job. Please enjoy The New Car.

From Spank Art, a lovely depiction of an older woman spanking a naughty young man.

Monday mornings are usually very slow for a luxury car dealership, so on this particular day only junior salesperson 23-year old David Tyler was on the floor when the doors were opened at 9:30. No one entered until shortly before 10, when a tall blonde woman opened the door. 

“I don’t believe it,” David said to himself as he walked towards her.
      “Mrs. Williams?,” he asked to make sure it was her.

      “David?” she replied. “I had no idea you worked here. How are you?”

      “I’m fine,” he said. “Been here almost six months and it’s going quite well. How’s Robbie?”

      “Great. Senior year at Rutgers, he graduates in May. Now he just needs to find a job.”

      “And Allison?”

      “Sophomore at NYU. Doing well, thank you.”

      “And Mr. Williams?”

      On that question, she paused. “You’ll have to ask someone else about how he’s doing. Mr. Williams decided life would be better with a younger woman -- she’s about your age actually.”

      “I’m sorry to hear that,” David said.

      “I hope he enjoys her a lot,” Beverly Williams replied. “My lawyer is making very sure that she is costing him plenty. That’s why I’m here, I’m buying a new toy to celebrate the divorce. You’re the closest BMW dealership so I thought I’d start here.”

      “Well, it would be my pleasure to help you,” he said as he shook off the surprise of seeing her and tried to regain a normal sales posture. Still, this was not just an ordinary customer -- they had had some history together ten years earlier, and David felt a little nervous in her presence.

      She seemed very interested in one of the most expensive models on the floor, and David mentally calculated what his commission might be if he were to close that sale. “Would you like to take a test drive?,” 
he asked. 

“Yes, definitely,” she replied.

      “Our policy is that I have to go with you,” he told her. 

“David, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said. “Of course I want you to come with me.”

      It took a few minutes to arrange the test drive and to get another salesperson to cover the floor, but shortly afterwards Beverly Williams exited onto Route 22 with David on her right.

      “Remember the last time I drove you somewhere?,” she asked.

      He chuckled. “Very well. The ice cream soda at Lake George.”

      “The ice cream soda at Lake George,” she repeated.
      It was ten years earlier, and 13-year old David Tyler was at the home of his best friend, 11-year old Robbie Williams. David spent much of his free time with Robbie, and both sets of parents wondered about the relationship. There were plenty of boys closer to David’s age in the neighborhood who he could have played with, and two years makes a big difference in maturity at that stage.

      For Robbie, of course, it was all good. Having a “big kid” as a friend was a status symbol in the sixth grade, and even though David always beat him at all the games they played, he couldn’t have been happier. Robbie’s parents, Beverly and Steven, suspected that being able to win may have been David’s major motivation in befriending their son, but as Robbie was happy with the arrangement they had no reason to force an end to the friendship.

      After a couple of months, Beverly had realized that the boys played at her house almost all of the time, almost never at David’s home. Knowing they were better off economically than David’s family, with a bigger house and more expensive toys, she assumed that was the reason.

      Summer was approaching, and the Williams family was planning to spend a week at a rental home in Lake George, New York. They had done so the year before with both parents very much enjoying the week, although Robbie and younger sister Allison claimed to be bored and ended up fighting frequently. One such altercation had earned spankings for both of them.

      As the family discussed the upcoming vacation one evening, Robbie asked, “Can we bring David too?” Allison jumped on the bandwagon saying, “If he can bring David, I want to bring Melissa.” Steven and Beverly looked at each other, finally Beverly said, “Let Mommy and Daddy discuss that. Maybe.”

      After the kids had been put to bed, the parents did discuss it. They both realized that adding a 13-year old boy and another 9-year old girl to their family for a week would be a big responsibility, but they also thought that having friends around could keep many of last year’s problems from happening again.

      “If they have friends with them, they won’t fight as much as they did last year,” Beverly said. “I’d like to make it through a vacation without having to spank them,” she added.

      “What about the other two kids?,” Steven asked. “How do we know how well behaved they will be?”

      “I’ll talk to both of their mothers,” she replied. “I certainly don’t want to punish either of them, but as long as they know they can be punished, I don’t think they’ll be a problem. When I was a kid, we used to call it “spanking rights” where one mother told another she could spank her kid. When we were in somebody’s house and we knew their mom had spanking rights on us, we acted differently.”

      A month later, Beverly, Steven, and the four kids were on their way to Lake George.

      They had rented the home for a Saturday-to-Saturday week, and with frequent rest stops, it was close to four o’clock by the time they were able to get into their lodgings. There was much to be done that first day between unpacking and picking up food they would need for the week. Before leaving for the store, however, Beverly wanted to lay out ground rules for the children.

      She sat them down on couches in the living room area and addressed them while Steven watched. Most of what she told them concerned their safety, and she was particularly firm about no one swimming without an adult present, and wandering off without an adult knowing where they were.

      To wrap up she said, “I do not want to have to punish anyone this week. But David and Melissa, you need to know that I have talked with your mothers and each one told me that if I have to punish you, I should do whatever I think is right. In our family, that usually means a spanking. I don’t want to spank either of you, but I will do it if you make me. Understood?”

      Melissa said nothing, but David had a question. “Mrs. Williams,” he asked, “If we need to be spanked is it going to be you or Mr. Williams doing it?”

      “I’m the one who spoke to your mother, so I would be the one to spank you,” she replied. David nodded.

      It was a long day and it was almost 10PM by the time the kids got to bed. In the boys’ bedroom, Robbie fell asleep immediately, but David managed to stay awake for a while -- he had some thinking to do. He could hear that Mr. and Mrs. Williams were still awake and talking, but he could not hear the words they were saying.

      “You brought the hairbrush, right?,” Steven asked Beverly.

      “Yes, why?”

      “I think you’re going to need it.”

      “What do you mean?”

      “You’re going to have to spank David before we go home.”

      “Why? What makes you say that?“ Beverly asked.

      “I think we have just learned why a 13-year old boy hangs out at our house with an 11-year old all the time. It’s not that he wants to be with Robbie. He wants to be near you.”

      “That’s ridiculous,” Beverly shot back.

      “No, I don’t think so,” Steven said. “David has a crush on you. I was watching him when you were talking to the kids about punishments, and I finally understood it. It’s not that unusual for a boy that age to get a crush on an older woman, a teacher maybe or possibly a friend’s mother. There was a kid on my block when I was growing up. His mother was a little younger than most of the other moms, and she was a big woman as I recall, and attractive. I always felt a little different when I was at his house and his mom was there. There was just something about her that made me want to go there.”

      “What does that have to do with getting a spanking?,” Beverly asked.

      “We don’t even know if David knows about the birds and the bees yet,” Steven replied. “But somewhere inside him he’s getting urges that he wants physical contact with you. The physical contact with a woman he knows about at his age is being sprawled over her lap getting a spanking. He wants to be there, and he’s going to do something on purpose to make you spank him.”

      “I’d say I don’t believe you, but he did ask that question about whether it would be you or me who spanks him.”

      “Yes, and I watched him when he did that. When you said it would be you spanking him, he smiled a little.”

      “So should I not spank him?”

      “No, I think you have to. The kids know when someone has done something they deserve a spanking for. You already told them they’ll be spanked for bad behavior, and you can’t back down or you’ll lose credibility. You have to go through with it.”

      “I hope you’re wrong, Steven,” she said.

      “So do I, but I’ll bet he’s lying in bed right now thinking of something he could do that would get you to spank him.”

      He was.

      David had already decided that getting spanked by Mrs. Williams would be a good thing. It wasn’t like he had never been spanked before -- he had received plenty from his own parents when he was younger, although they hadn’t spanked him in quite a while. He had thought that now that he was officially a teenager, maybe his parents had finally decided he was too old to spank, although they had never said that to him.

      His problem was finding a way to do something that would earn him a spanking without getting Robbie in trouble also. He knew he could easily talk Robbie into doing something wrong that would get both of them spanked, but he liked the younger boy enough that he didn’t want to be the reason Robbie got spanked. He knew that all of them were going to go swimming on Sunday and to The Great Escape amusement park on Monday and he decided to wait and see what he could do.

      On Sunday, all six spent most of the day together on the beach and in the lake swimming. It was the first time he had ever seen Mrs. Williams in a bathing suit, and he paid a lot of attention to her legs, imagining what it would be like to be sprawled face down over her legs with his own bathing suit down at his ankles. One time he thought she might have noticed that he had been staring at her, but he quickly looked away. In fact, Beverly did think he might have been doing just that, but she wasn’t positive and thought that she might have been too self-conscious after Steven had brought up the concept of David having a crush on her.

      On Monday morning the six went to The Great Escape and divided into two groups -- Mrs. Williams went with the girls to rides they would like, while Mr. Williams went to the more advanced attractions with the boys. David liked Mr. Williams and thought he was very lucky to have a wife like Mrs. Williams.

      The two groups met up for lunch and during lunch, David suggested that he and Robbie were old enough to go off on their own. He promised he’d watch out for the younger boy and Robbie enthusiastically begged his parents for the chance to go off without his dad watching them. The parents had noticed during the morning that there were quite a few children of their age that had been walking around without parents, and they knew the environment was generally safe, so they reluctantly agreed, telling the boys to meet them at three o’clock at the same restaurant they were eating lunch at. It was now about one o’clock.

      At three o’clock, the parents and the girls arrived back at the restaurant to find a crying Robbie, and no David. Robbie explained that about an hour before, David had gone to the boys’ room and didn’t come out and when Robbie finally went in to look for him, he noticed there was another door out that David might have taken. The parents immediately went to the park’s security office to report David missing and the person at the desk radioed David’s description and what he was wearing to other park employees. In less than ten minutes, a golf cart drove up with one of the park’s security officers; David was sitting next to him.

      When Beverly demanded to know where he had been, David simply explained that he wanted to explore some of the park on his own. He didn’t even try to apologize. Beverly looked at Steven, whose return glance seemed to be saying ‘Told you so.’ They immediately left the park to go back to the house with all six of them knowing David would be spanked when they got there.

      As soon as they got back, Beverly ordered David into his bedroom, and told the other three children to go outside to the play area in the complex. Steven went with them, leaving just Beverly and David in the house. She went into her bedroom to get her hairbrush then called him out to the living room. She sat on the couch holding the brush.

      There was no need for words. He knew he was about to get a spanking, and she knew he wanted it. He walked over to her and she unbuckled the belt holding up his shorts. They dropped straight down to the floor. David was experiencing the first erection of his life and it was noticeable to Beverly, so she moved him over her lap with his undershorts still on. Once he was in place, she pulled the back of his underwear down to bare his butt cheeks, while the front of his shorts stayed in place. Still saying nothing, she brought the brush down sharply for the first of about fifty times.

      “He wanted this, I’m going to make it something he remembers,” Beverly said to herself. She spanked him with a vigor she had never had with her own kids. But while there were plenty of exclamations like “ow” and “ouch” from the boy, he never once pleaded for her to stop and he did not cry. He squirmed around a lot, his front side in almost constant motion against her bare legs and the shorts she was wearing. Beverly felt frustrated as it seemed he might be enjoying the punishment, and she tried to spank even harder. Still she could not make him cry and after about fifty spanks, she ended the session for fear of doing real damage.

      She stood him up, and quickly rotated him so she did not have to look at the front of his underwear. She lifted up the back of the shorts and told him to go to the bedroom and close the door. He did. She tiptoed over to listen at the door, thinking he might have started to cry once he was alone, but she heard nothing.

      The rest of the week was without incident. Beverly and Steven each wondered if David would look for a repeat performance, and Beverly tried to stay with the girls and avoid the boys as much as possible. But the “family” went places together each day, and while David did nothing to get into trouble, the rest of the week was very uncomfortable for Beverly.

      Friday night dinner was to be at The Montcalm, Steven’s favorite restaurant in the area, and the rest of the day was to be spent swimming in the lake. But after having a discussion about it with Steven the night before, about two o’clock Beverly approached David and said she would like to take him into town so they could talk. “Let’s go for an ice cream soda together, just you and me,” was the way she phrased it. Of course, the other children wanted to go also but they were told they would stay at the lake with Steven.

      The house they were in wasn’t that far from town that walking was impossible, but Beverly really didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of time with David. She drove into town and found a parking spot near Fort William Henry, then they walked the short distance to a strip of stores across the street from the south shore of the lake. After ordering an ice cream soda for each of them, Beverly guided David to a table.

      “David,” she said after a couple of sips, “We had that one real bad day, but the rest of the week has been quite good. I know Robbie is glad that you came with us.”

      “I’ve had a good time, Mrs. Williams, thanks,” he replied.

      “David, what I really wanted to talk to you about is that I think it’s time for us to realize that you’re a little too old to be best friends with Robbie. You’re a teenager, another year and you’ll be starting high school, and you probably should be spending time with boys your own age. And Robbie has to make friends again with the kids that he will be in high school with in a few years. Do you understand that?”

      “Yes, Mrs. Williams, I understand that.”

      “Good. So you won’t be coming around to the house any more?”

      “No, Mrs. Williams, I won’t be coming around any more.”

      “Thank you, David. Enjoy your ice cream.”

      David Tyler had just been “fired” as a friend for Beverly Williams’ son.
      The test drive was nearing its end, and both persons shifted their thoughts back into the present time. Beverly parked the car and the two walked back into the showroom to sit at David’s desk. “What did you think of it?,” he asked hopefully.

      “I liked it. What I would like to do is take home a brochure on the car and think about it for a couple of days. Then you and I can meet again and I’ll ask whatever questions I come up with.”

      “Certainly, Mrs. Williams, that would be great. I can give you a copy of my schedule so you’ll know when I’m here.”

      “For starters, David, you’re a grown man now. Please call me Beverly. And I have an idea. Robbie is supposed to be home Wednesday night because he has a job interview in New York Thursday morning. Why don’t you come to the house for dinner? It will be like old times having the two of you together again.”

      David had no burning desire to see Robbie, but if that was want she wanted and it would help him sell the car, he would do it. “Wonderful, Beverly,” he said. “I’ll be there.”

      He arrived on time at 7PM on Wednesday and Beverly greeted him at the door. She walked him towards the dining room and said “It turns out Robbie had to stay on campus tonight, and he’s going to drive into New York tomorrow from there. But the good news is I remembered how much you used to enjoy my meatballs and spaghetti, so I made that for you and I think it turned out great.”

      David felt a little uncomfortable during dinner, realizing he was alone in the house with a woman he used to have a crush on. During dinner he tried a couple of times to ask about the car--Beverly said each time that she liked it but kept on changing the subject. She wanted to know a lot about David’s personal life, things like did he have a steady girlfriend, did he live alone or with roommates, and the like.

      She served what she remembered to be one of his favorite desserts, apple pie a la mode, and after dessert they went into the family room. David sat at one end of the couch, while Beverly stood near him. “David,” she asked, “Do you remember what happened after we got back from Lake George? The next day?”

      He thought for a moment. “The only thing I remember was that I got spanked at home that day. My mother said she had called you to find out how I had behaved, and you had told her I got a spanking. So she spanked me too because I had behaved badly for you.”

      “Well, your mom was being nice to me. It didn’t happen exactly that way. What really happened was that I called her to complain about your behavior. I wanted to get you into trouble at home.”

      “I didn’t know that,” David said.

      “I knew you wanted me to spank you in Lake George. So did my husband. And we knew you acted up to make sure I would. Then when I did spank you, you didn’t cry, you acted like you enjoyed it. That made me angry so I called your mother when we got home, hoping she would spank you again. I‘m sorry I did that”

      “It’s OK. It was a long time ago.”

      “Maybe it is OK with you, but it’s not OK with me. I tattled on you to get you into trouble and I embellished the facts to make it sound even worse than it was. I was an adult at the time, but I acted like a child. When I saw you this week, I started to remember all of it, and I have a guilty conscience about what I did.”

      “Mrs. Williams -- Beverly - -it’s not that important. I do remember, though, my Mom told me that she had hoped I had become too old to spank, but she said that had proved I wasn’t too old and I could expect more spankings in the future. She did spank me for a while after that, until I was in high school.”

      “You see? Because of me you got a lot more spankings. David, there’s only one way to even things up and erase my guilty feelings.”

      “What’s that?” he asked.

      She opened the drawer of an end table, and removed a hairbrush -- the same one she had used to spank him with ten years before.

      “You need to give me a good spanking,” she said. She was smiling.

      “I can’t do that, Mrs. Williams,” a surprised David managed to say.

      “Of course you can, David,” she replied. “And remember, it’s Beverly, not Mrs. Williams. Ten years ago you wanted me to spank you and I did. Now I want you to spank me.” As she said it, she stepped out of her high-heeled shoes and reached back to unzip her dress. The dress fell to the floor, leaving her standing in just bra and panties. She was revealing no more than David had seen ten years before when she had worn a bathing suit at the beach, but of course the context was very different now. With her shoes off and just a white bra and panties on, she looked quite a bit younger, and David was struck by how attractive she looked for a woman approaching fifty years old.

      Refusing to take No for an answer, she walked over to David and handed him the brush, then placed herself over his lap in the classical spanking position. David looked down at her panty-clad backside and found the sight to be quite erotic. He was almost in a state of shock -- this was a woman he had fantasized about dozens of times when he was a boy, and now she was laying across his lap almost naked.

      He put down the brush and delivered a few light spanks with his hand.

      “On the bare, David. Please. I spanked you on the bare. Take my panties down.” She arched her body to make it easier for him, and he reached into the waistband and lowered the garment halfway to her knees. Then he resumed with light hand spanks, alternating on her cheeks.

      “Harder, David, please, I want to feel it,” Beverly said. “Are you using the brush?”

      “I will,” he said. “This is just a warm-up.”

      “OK, David, whatever you say. You’re in charge,” she said between spanks.

      He laughed to himself. In charge? Not likely. Yes, he was the one delivering the spanks, but he was not in charge by any means. Everything that was happening had been orchestrated by Beverly, and he did not yet know what the rest of the script called for. He also wondered if Robbie had ever planned to be home this night, or had she told him a lie to get him to come to the house.

      After about thirty hand spanks, he saw her butt cheeks becoming slightly colored, and he felt it was time to escalate the spanks. He picked up the brush and started with it. Beverly immediately felt the change -- she started with exclamations such as “oooh” and “ouch,” and started squirming as she rested over his legs. But she was also moaning pleasantly as if she was enjoying it, so David continued and started spanking harder.

      Finally, her butt started to take on a dark red hue, and David felt time might have come to stop. “Enough?,“ he asked.

      “Yes, enough,” Beverly said and he could tell she was short on breath. He released his hold on her waist, and she stood up and smiled at him, while rubbing her buttcheeks. Then she joined him on the couch, just inches away from him, resting on her knees.

      She put her head on his shoulder and he could tell she was out of breath. After about thirty seconds of silence, she spoke. “When I was first married,” she said softly, “my husband and I used spankings on some occasions as foreplay. I spanked him a couple of times, but mostly he spanked me. It put me in a -- how should I say it -- receptive mood for the rest of the night. I found that the harder he spanked me, the better I liked it. That’s why I bought that hairbrush.
      “Well, as with a lot of things in a marriage, it died out in time. After the kids came along and got older, the only times the brush got used was when they were punished, and on you that time in Lake George. I guess the brush has come full circle now, it started with me, then it was used on you and the kids, and now it is back to me after probably more than twenty years.”

      “How do you feel now?,” David asked.

      “Good, David. Very good.” She paused. “Receptive.”

      He was holding her in the crook of his right arm and while he thought he understood what she was building up to, he was afraid to make the next move in case he might have misunderstood. She sensed his reluctance, and moved even closer to him. He could smell her perfume and it added to his arousal.

      “You know, David,” she said. “Very few men get to actually live out the fantasies they had when they were boys.”

      “I’m sure that’s true, Beverly.”

      “But you can,” she said. She stood up with a smile and held out her hand to him. He rose and took her hand, and she led him up the stairs towards her bedroom.
      The next morning, the dealership opened its doors at 9:30AM as usual. At 9:33, Beverly Williams entered and walked directly to one of the desks.

      “Good morning, Mr. Tyler,” she said with a big smile. “I’d like to buy a new car this morning.”

From Triple A Spankings. David lives out a boyhood fantasy.


  1. Hello Aunty Andrea:

    Excellent story, I enjoyed the role switching, and to be honest I didn't see it coming until it happened.

    Always good to feel a Ladies lap under me, and have one over my lap occasionally.

    Thanks for a great story.


  2. Always enjoy a switching tale. Thanks

  3. Another great story from Esskay, thank you for sharing. Where can I find more stories by this author? Being a switch I especially like the part that both David and Beverly gave each other spankings when called for, they will make a great Spencer spanking couple, age difference is no factor to me. Thanks again Aunty.

  4. Wonderful spankings and switch story, this is the reason why I love switching, awesome Esskay, so well done.

    Thanks Aunty

  5. Thank you all for your replies. All writers appreciate comments and I am sure Esskay is the same. Dave, to the best of my knowledge the stories here are all of Esskay's work to date, but he and many other marvelous spanking writers put their work on the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction. I have a link to it on the right hand side of the front page.

    1. Thank you Aunty, I guess I should get a spanking for not seeing that link ;(

  6. Note to the author, a nice sound NJ spanking story, thanks but next time SHU and not Rutgers. Also if we switch the vacation site to Avalon, wow then we are in good places. Love this story, fantasy but so real to me.


  7. I'm sure Esskay will take your advice on board Ron if he decides to set another story in your home state.

  8. Well... I REALLY liked this one, especially the switch at the end. I was expecting to get a repeat performance over Beverly's lap, rather than her over his, but them getting together afterward was almost a foregone conclusion.

    I wonder though, when she sent to the bathroom after his spanking and then listened at the door to see if he cried, if she really was listening for something else... ;-)