Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Road Test 2 - Bared Affair and Kimberley Susan

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping well. This is the second of the road tests published in Bared Affair, with my findings at the end. I'll be brief, because I'm pressed for time.

The Slipper

This is a largely British implement of correction and people from other countries find it amusing. The bottoms of young English roses will tell them that the slipper provokes tears, not laughter.

Pros: Easy to get, everyone has a slipper. Makes a nice loud sound and stings considerably. Does not necessarily have to be a slipper: a plimsoll or running shoe, even a sandal or flip flop can do the job just as well. Sole can be leather, rubber, plastic or even wood.

Cons: It is not easy to carry around a single piece of footwear, but it is better for the hygiene factor not to use a shoe that you regularly wear. Need to choose an item big enough to cover the bottom in question.

A British plimsoll, they tend to cover more area and sting a little more than a bedroom slipper.

Road Test:
It was an American maiden who became acquainted with the English slipper. She and her mother gave us this view.

Spanker: Mrs. Johnson, Galveston, U.S.A. I wondered what Bared Affair meant when they asked me to paddle Britney with a slipper. How could a slipper spank Britney's rear end? I'd threatened to kick her up the keester, but never spanked her with a shoe. What they handed me was a flexible, leather soled men's bedroom slipper. It made a nice loud crack when I slapped my thigh with it and it stung some too, not as much as the paddle, but a little elbow grease would fix that problem.

Britney giggled when she first saw it, but she wasn't very happy later on. It also allowed me to do something I missed from when she was a little girl. I could spank her over my knee with the slipper - I can't do that with the paddle. She won't get slippered every time she needs a butt warming, but the slipper is definitely a keeper.

Spankee: Britney, age 15. When Mommy told me to get my pants down and get over her knee and then shook that slipper at me, I had to laugh. I thought she was going to give me a pretend spanking. So not! That blasted thing hurt. It really hurt! Not as much as the paddle, well at first anyway, but I heated up real quick. Who wore that thing before, Bigfoot? Have you seen the size of it? Man! It packs a wallop. I don't ever want it again, but Mom says she's keeping it. This bites!

From Spanked Sweeties. Young Britney Johnson laughed when she was first threatened with the slipper, she didn't feel like laughing after it toasted her buns.

Kimberley Susan's assessment: I can speak from experience about the slipper from both over the knee and on the other end of it. Aunty and Mummy both use bedroom slippers, they're quite large and broad, they're heavy too the sole has been well polished from use on naughty bottoms. They sting and make a really loud noise. The hairbrush and paddle hurt more, but if you've got a younger child or you just want to get a hot sore backside in a hurry the slipper does a really good job. They're approved for the younger kids, so I've had the chance to use them on some clients and also on my little brother and sister. The noise makes it seem to hurt more than it really does, but I can tell you that no one wants another taste of the slipper once it's worked it's magic!


  1. Kimberley my dear, thank you for this series. I agree so much that the slipper's noise as it spanks your bottom it well wonderful and may sound louder than it hurts. But a slippering is so comforting, it can go on for a long time and yes does reallt sting. Wonderful review, thanks.

  2. Thanks for the slipper review, I have no experience using one, think it is more of a British thing, but would like to find a nice big British plimsoll and give it a go :) Any advice on where to get one?

  3. Regard "slipper" as a euphemism for any form of footwear. The most effective "slipper" is really a slipper or, contrary to popular, belief a plimsole. A woman's sandal, the type with just a loop for the toes, not lots of straps as these get in the way, and a good stiff flat leather sole. There is no upper so the heel end is easier to grip than a plimsole and the outdoor leather sole tends to be heavier than an indoor slipper. Most women have more than one pair of "open toed flats" for summer so there is usually plenty of choice when a good slippernig is called for. In the right hands this type of "slipper" will give a Hairbrush a run for its money any day. Not something to laugh at....I should know!


  4. As it is the weekend and Kimberley isn't at work I'll take it upon myself to reply for her. Ron, I think the slippering has that comforting feeling, because it is such a homey implement, not dissimilar to a hairbrush or even a wooden spoon, it's something most ladies have at home and isn't generally purchased specifically to smack a deserving bottom.
    Plimsolls are really just flat bottomed sneakers, Dave. You could google them and easily find one. You'd have the advantage of getting two as well!
    I agree with you R, that the term 'slipper' covers a number of 'evils'. I tend to use a plimsoll or even an actual slipper, but yes the type you describe does a sterling job both in terms of pain and emotion. How is the lovely K, dear?