Sunday, 18 March 2012

Road Test 4 - Bared Affair and Kimberley Susan

Hi everyone! I was dreading this one. You'll see why when you see what it is. *Shudder*

The Cane

Although this implement seemed to originate in British public schools, it has become a common way of meting out discipline to young South African ladies. It must be something about the wood in the vast bush veldt - its reputation is legendary from frequent use in South African homes and reformatories.

Pros: Very traditional implement, not hard to obtain and viewed by many as the ultimate deterrent. Very few strokes are required because of the sting imparted.

Cons: Can be expensive, use frowned upon by an increasingly liberal society. Too large and long to carry anywhere. Difficult to use over the knee. Care must be taken when using, can break skin and leave lasting marks.

A selection of old fashioned school canes arranged in a fan pattern.

Road Test:

An old fashioned Scottish lady offered to test this on her niece. She reasoned that the girl was used to the tawse, the cane would not hurt her over much.

Spanker: Miss McKellam, Edinburgh, U.K. I got six of the best more than once back in my school days. It smartened me right up. I thought that given my Dorothy's recent behaviour she could use a dose of it and as they wouldn't do it at school, it was up to Aunty. I'd never used one before, but I remembered seeing others get it at school. I had to be careful and I only gave her eight, but you would have thought I was murdering her for all her carrying on. I spaced them out across her entire "setter" and gave her two right where she sat, oh didn't she howl! It made her every bit as red as the tawse and she gets a lot more than eight with that. She had eight very nice tramlines the following morning. It won't be Dorothy's last caning.

The cane leaves marks, as this picture from Sarah Gregory Spanking shows.

Spankee: Dorothy, age 15. I nearly wet myself when Aunty said she was going to cane me. I never got the cane of course, but heard about it from other people and a boy I know still gets it at school. He doesn't get it bare, though. I've had the tawse lots, but it doesn't compare. You have to bend over for the cane and you can hear it before you feel it and when it hits - Oh, God! You just about jump out of your skin. I couldn't sit properly for two days! Aunty said she's going to use it again. Not if I have anything to do with it, she won't! Ouch!

From Spanking Dollars. Young Dorothy feels the effects of the cane.

Kimberley Susan's assessment: I will state straight out that I do not like the cane. I both fear it and respect it. I've been caned. It is not pleasant, it hurts more than anything else I've ever had. I've only been caned once and I hope to never have it happen again, it left marks that lasted for days, they hurt and they were ugly. I've never used the cane, it takes a certain mastery, you can seriously damage someone if you don't have that mastery, and I don't yet. I've seen Aunty use it and I've helped to hold people being caned, they need that during a caning. Mummy has said she'll ask Aunty about caning lessons for me, I sure hope that means I'll be taught how to use it. I already know too much about receiving it!


  1. Speaking as one who has lived through the experience of being caned, let me tell you I fear it second only to Aunty Shan's ebony hair brush. The last time I was naughty, and I mean really naughty she caned me after an extended session over her knee with that self same hair brush.
    Aunty Shan deemed it necessary to give me 24 strokes with her cane.
    I was already bawling and as I bent over the spanking bench I heard Aunty tell me she would be giving me 24 strokes. I cried out for mercy and heard Aunty tell me that if she didn't give them to me I would never forgive her. I lost count after six, and simply lay there until I felt Aunty smoothing some arnica cream over my bottom and helping me to my feet. I know she must have carried out her plan but I cannot remember anything I was in spank land for over 15 minutes.

  2. I totally agree with you Kimberley, I have experienced both giving and receiving a caning, and I do not like getting it, or using it on someone else. It can easily break the skin, and like you say in some instances leave a lasting mark. It does hurt a lot, but there are other instruments that hurt almost as much and can be used for a much longer period of time. Many people do not know how to use the cane, therein lies the danger. I suppose and expert with the cane can use it properly, but too often damage is done to the skin, and I am not at all interested in something that can do that. I do own a short 18" OTK cane from CANE-IAC that if used properly can be quite effective, but again there is a learning curve. If one insists on using the cane a good place to practice in on a pillow, spacing the marks parallel but not intersecting, and 12 strokes should be a maximum in my view.

  3. Not a fan at all, just me but appreciate the view and the review Kimberley, love the series


  4. It seems everyone agrees with Kimberley. I have to confess I don't much like the cane as an implement personally, unless you have small one they're hard to use over the knee and you have to be careful not to seriously hurt someone with one. I will use them, but they're much a last resort implement. Mario you have my sympathy, darling, undergoing 24 strokes. I would have given them to you in sets of twelve over two days if I had even decided to give you what I feel is a little excessive.

  5. Thank you Aunty Andrea, I do realise that 24 strokes was a very harsh punishment especially after a hair brushing. I know I fully deserved the punishment as Aunty Shan had warned me that if I neglected my medication she would deal very harshly with me. It did what she intended it to do, I will never disobey her ever again, the thought of a caning followed by a hair brushing without a warmup spanking before hand scares the hell out of me

  6. Sigh... now I'm totally imagining the delightful Miss Kimberley undertaking 'caning practice' under her mum or Aunty Andrea's tuition, using a cushion... or an unfortunate 'volunteer'! ;)

    Actually, I have to confess that I've never really felt the cane, but it still makes me nervous! It really does feel like an 'ultimate sanction' type implement, with its reputation, sound and the fact that so little effort (on the spanker's part) can impact such painful effect.

    I once had a lady threaten me with a "washboard bottom" (courtesy of the cane) and even though it never happened, I've never forgotten that mental picture! :)

    And I just know I'd need that extra 'help' being held down... *blush*

  7. Welcome to the Spank Shop, Banjo! I know you've been threatening to come visit for a while, and I for one am very glad you've made good on the promise. A washboard bottom? I've never used that particular term, although I can see how it would be done, my butter pat creates a similar effect. One common caning term is the '5 bar gate', that relates to the old fashioned 6 of the best, you lay the first 5 strokes along the length of the bottom and the last one diagonally, if you've done it properly when the 'tram lines' appear they'll look like and old fashioned 5 bar gate that can be found on farms.