Monday, 19 March 2012

Road Test 5 - Bared Affair and Kimberley Susan

I apologize in advance if I appear distracted today, it's probably because I am. I nearly wet myself when I saw what today's road test implement was. The martinet!

The Martinet

The martinet is a peculiarly French implement which to the best of our knowledge has never really caught on elsewhere. This may be because it's a rather fearsome looking flail arrangement, very like a miniature whip.

Pros: Small, easy to transport, its very appearance inspires obedience, it stings fearfully and is not an enjoyable experience.

Cons: Looks too much like a whip for many people to feel comfortable about it. Hard to obtain outside of France. Not easy to use effectively or safely for inexperienced people.

A martinet, it even looks really scary, trust me you do not want to be on the wrong side of one!

Road Test:

A brave British mother offered to test the martinet out on her spirited daughter, feeling that maybe the slipper was not getting the message through to the lass.

Spanker: Mrs. Halsey-Gates, Manchester, U.K. I offered to try the martinet on Elizabeth when the magazine sent out a call. I had heard about martinets, but never seen one before. When I did lay eyes on it I understood why they had trouble getting someone to use one. It looks like something from a medieval torture chamber. Even Lizzie squealed, "You can't use that on me, Mum! I last saw something like that in the London Dungeon." She has a talent for drama, does my Liz.

I bared her, set her on all fours and stood over her. I'd been told that's the best way to avoid damaging the kidneys or the back. I gave her a few lashes and because it has so many tails it only took a few to get her red and howling. Admittedly it did the job, but I think I'll leave it to our friends across the channel from now on.

Spankee: Elizabeth, age 18. When Mum showed me that "thing" I nearly passed out! It's a whip! There has to be laws about using that on anyone, especially one's daughter. I don't care that I am eighteen, that is a weapon! It was embarrassing having to kneel down and shove my bum out. It hurt like hell! I couldn't sit properly for days. I'm glad Mum said she won't use it again and I think she found the experience almost as painful as I did.

I couldn't find any pictures of a martinet in use (funny that!), but I do know what my bottom and face looked like during and after and these two images from Spanking Dollars do a pretty good job of showing that.

Kimberley Susan's assessment: regular readers of the blog may remember my one and only encounter with a martinet (Spank Shop #9). It was at the hands of Aunty's French friend Joelle Clemenceau. It was a highly unpleasant experience and not one I ever want to repeat. They're a relatively useless implement. I mean they hurt, but they look like a little whip, they're not easy to get outside of France, I suspect they're not all that easy to come by inside of it either. They'd be expensive to buy and hard to get through customs I think. It's not easy to use them over the knee and I don't like the bending over or on all fours position as much personally. Aunty Andrea has a martinet; Joelle sent it to her, but I don't think she's ever used it, she seems to keep it as much for show as anything, and it's appearance does scare people. You may have gathered I'm not a fan.

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