Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Road Test 6 - Bared Affair and Kimberley Susan

Oh thank goodness! We finally come to a road test of an implement that doesn't make my knees tremble with terror.

The Paddle

Used many places, but most famously in the United States where it is still legal in schools in some states. It is also the weapon of choice for college fraternities and sororities.

Pros: Variety. This implement comes in all shapes sizes and materials. It can be as small as the ping pong paddle or the big fraternity type. It can be made of wood, leather or even plastic. It can be solid or have holes to make it sting even more. Depending on size it can be placed in a handbag or hung prominently on a hook.

Two paddles here, one is an old fashioned hickory paddle and the other a novelty leather one with the word OUCh printed on it.

Cons: Unless you opt for the ping pong racket they can be hard to obtain, and custom-made paddles can be expensive. Overall not easy to carry around with you. Not easy to use over the knee and generally has to be administered to a bent over posterior as with the cane.

Road Test:
For this one an Aussie stuck her hand up straightaway, much to the chagrin of her college-aged daughter.

A specially decalled ping pong paddle being used to display Apple computer's famous logo on a bottom.

Spanker: Mrs. Thatch, Sydney, Australia. I had been spanking Kylie for years and the spoon was always good enough, but when she decided to attend university I felt I should upgrade the punishment accordingly. An American friend mentioned that she was paddled at college in her sorority, so I thought "why not?" And as Bared Affair was providing the paddle it was an ideal opportunity.

I have to say I am impressed. I prefer to turn her over my knee so that's a drawback, but on the upside it's big enough for one good swat to cover all of each bottom cheek. Ten spanks and she's red hot and wailing. Twenty and she won't need her backside reheated for some time. The paddle is now hanging on the hook that used to be taken up by the spoon.

From Premium Spanking, a really well paddled bottom. I do hope it isn't Kylie Thatch's.

Spankee: Kylie, age 21. Who told Mummy about the bloody paddle is what I want to know? The spoon was bad enough, plus if I really didn't want to get spanked I could hide it. Not with this thing. It's enormous, it hurts and it only takes a few whacks to get me yelling and set my bum on fire. Mum loves it. Now she's replaced the spoon with it. If I find out who told her about it they're in big trouble. I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down!

From Bad Tushy, a small leather paddle being applied to a bent over bottom.

Kimberley Susan's assessment: may I first say that I love the paddle! I don't really like getting it, who does? I do however like using them for a whole range of reasons. If young Kylie was booked into the shop with that mouth I personally would take the greatest pleasure in thoroughly washing her mouth out and then giving her a memorable paddling. One thing that's great about the paddle is that they can do the job with younger children and adults as well. This is partially because the word paddle covers a variety of 'evils'. You've got the ping pong paddle, right up to large Spencer paddles with holes that if not used correctly can create some very nasty blisters. Paddles were even used as punishment in some US prisons right up until the early years of the 20th century. Because there are so many types of paddle you can use them over the knee or bending over and always be confident that you're going to get excellent results. I don't know that it's my favourite implement, but it goes close.


  1. Kimberley, wow, thick and heavy, hurts like the demon but ah feels sooo good.


  2. Now you are talking about my favorite instrument other than my hand. Growing up in the 50's I was on the receiving end of the paddle many times, even in high school. Most all our teachers had a big wooden paddle usually several inches wide and from 18 inches to 2 feet long. They would have us bend over with our hands on our knees for 1 to 6 swats, depending on how severs the infraction was.

    I usually start out a spanking by hand but at some point switch to a paddle. My favorite paddle is a leather paddle I got from shadowlane many years ago, it about 3 inches wide and very flexable. For a little harsher discipline I use a lexan paddle which has an amazing amount of sting, but seems to do very little damage to the skin. For the most severe, I have a spencer wooden paddle with holes in it. All my paddles are at least 3" wide, so they cover a larger area with each swat, which means they sting like crazy, but usually don't do any damage to the skin. The exception is the spencer paddle, which needs to be used carefully. Knowing that it very well may do some damage, I use it very carefully, paying close attention to the affects to the skin.

    Thanks for this report kimberley, I agree with everything you said.

  3. Thank you Dave and Ron. Like the two of you, I adore the paddle. My absolute favourite is the hairbrush, but the paddle comes a close second, versatile and effective. Lexan is wonderful, Dave! Whatever will they think of next?