Thursday, 22 March 2012

Road Test 8 - Bared Affair and Kimberley Susan

We have come to the end of the week and the end of the Road Tests and we've finished with the best implement ever! I love going out on a high note.

The Hairbrush
The old favourite. This is the preferred item of maternal displeasure the world over. Wherever women brush their hair they also flip it over and brush bottoms.

Pros: Size, variety, multifunctional, can be used in a number of positions, easily fits into a handbag or purse, can be made out of a number of substances, easy to obtain and can be as expensive or inexpensive as personal tastes and circumstances dictate.

Cons: Are they any? We don't believe so.

A selection of hairbrushes, a sight to strike fear into the hearts of owners of naughty bottoms and joy into any mother or aunt, big sister in my case.

Road Test:
As the hairbrush is in use in every country we road tested we asked our spankers and spankees what their favourite implement was. Whilst our spankers liked to use the item that originated in their homeland and some of them have developed an affinity for the implements they road tested, the support for the brush was unanimous. Our spankees were a little different as none of them actually enjoyed a trip over maternal knees or having a hot little fire kindled on their upturned bottoms. They did say that the minute their mothers, aunts or housemistresses produced a good old fashioned hairbrush the tears pricked their eyes. We took that as another vote of support. Having a weapon of choice is exactly that: a matter of choice. We at Bared Affair hope that this article has made that choice a little simpler for you.

A depiction of a soundly hairbrushed bottom, glowing merrily after an encounter with an old fashioned brush.

From Teen Spankings. A young lady has a painful encounter with Mummy's weapon of choice.

Kimberley Susan's assessment: I honestly can't add much to what has been said here, but the hairbrush is my favourite, too. I know Aunty loves her ebony hairbrush and I treasure my rosewood one that has lit many a fire here in the shop and at home with my sisters and brother. Mummy has a mahogany paddle model and that's feared, too. You can't, in my opinion, go wrong with a hairbrush, regardless of age or offence.

That's all for this series. Happy spankings!


  1. Kimberley,

    I was hoping you saved the best for last, well the hand is the best, but yes I too love the brush. I still would love to feel Aunty's ebony but the brush is just wonderful to use and feel. Then you puntuate this loevley and charming series of essays with just an adorable drawing of that young lady and her well brush bottom followed by the sexy and amazing Amber Wells, we love her.

    Wonderful lines, thank you

  2. There is good reason the hair brush strikes fear in the hearts of many a boy and girl, if you have ever been on the receiving end of one, and I have..... the thing hurts like crazy ;( I think it is more often used by women spankers since they usually have access to one wherever they are, and now days traveling through security at different airports, no one will question having one in your luggage. I have always been reluctant to carry a paddle, just not fond of having some security person asking "now what is this for?" Hehe, they probably would not ask that but it would be embarrassing just having them see it there, at least for me. Not so with a hair brush, even men use hair brushes these days, so no one would even think twice about seeing it in your luggage, or anyplace else for that matter, like the bathroom, bedroom or car. It then becomes a great multipurpose tool, and my second favorite instrument next to the paddle, and much more versatile.

  3. Thank you for this informative set of articles. It is interesting to see the various spanking implements chosen throughout the world to be used for punishment of the buttocks. The impression left on the recipients in their formative years by these disciplinary items must have been as profound for those in other cultures as they were for myself and those around me, each implement the source of a unique sensory experience. I have always been fascinated or drawn to the implements I am most familiar with. The small paddle and hairbrush are the most potent suggestion of spanking to me. These similar objects played a significant role in our upbringing at home, objects feared, respected, and imbued with powers I can't say I fully understand. Other common American implements that were used as a matter of tradition---the ruler, the belt, the strap, the switch---are the implements that adults today remember so vividly to drive their desire and obsession. Inanimate objects, perhaps; lacking vitality, I think not.

  4. TFD, welcome to the Spank Shop, darling, it was a favourite article of mine from Bared Affair and Kimberley really added to it I feel, I was also a regular recipient of the hairbrush and wooden spoon when growing up, so I do know what they're all about.
    Dave, the ordinariness of the hairbrush is one of things that makes it so perfect, it can be used for more than one thing and no one will question it's presence, they can also be handed down from mother to daughter.
    Ron, the lady giving the spanking to young Amber is none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer, so the picture is almost perfection personified.

    1. I remember spanking pictures from years ago from shadowlane where Chelsea Pfeiffer was the spankee. She has been in the scene for many years.