Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Road Tests - Bared Affair and Kimberley Susan

Hello to everyone, it's Kimberley Susan here. I know this is a bit odd Bared Affair and I being mentioned in the same breath, but there is method to my madness. Debbie from Glowing Globes has gone AWOL at present, she's in for such a tanning when Aunty catches up to her! Aunty wanted to present some Bared Affair style articles and suggested that I might be able to help out (she suggested rather strongly if you know what I mean!). I racked my brains for ideas and I found an old Bared Affair article that road tested various spanking implements. Aunty said that she had already done a series like that, but I pointed out that this was a little different, and she agreed to let me repost them bit by bit as long as I added my own thoughts on both sides of the implement where I had the relevant experience.

Without further ado Bared Affair's Road Test begins with the tawse:

A survey of the most fabled tools for disciplining daughters.

Mothers worldwide have their weapons of choice and many swear by them - and their daughters swear at them. In its efforts to make discipline an easy chore for all you ladies out there, this month Bared Affair will list a selection of some of the most popular spanking implements worldwide, their country of origin and the pros and cons of each. We will also "road test" the implements on the bottoms of "volunteers" from all over the world in an effort to see how those not familiar with the implements rate them against their usual fare.

The Tawse
This short, broad, stiff leather strap, often split at the ends to create two or more tails, hails from Scotland and has warmed many a kilted "setter."

A fearsome looking two tailed tawse.

Pros: Short and easy to carry in a purse or handbag, imparts a wicked sting, requires little effort to have a young lady promising to mend her ways.

Cons: Hard to obtain out of its country of origin, may have to be custom made elsewhere, needs to be used carefully to avoid causing any real damage.

Road Test:
We tested this out on the bottom of a Russian girl. This is what she and her mother had to say about it.

Spanker: Mrs. Liobov, Odessa, Russia. I was not impressed by the tawse's size. My Tatiana is used to our birch. What fear could this small strip of leather instill in that rump? But I was pleasantly surprised at its effect. It makes a loud noise, much louder than the birch, and I think that makes Tati believe it hurts far more than it really does. She certainly howls as loudly as when I swish the birch across her nates.

It creates a very hot, crimson bottom and it does not have the effect of leaving welts or scratches as the birch does. Unlike the birch, the tawse does not have to be collected prior to use, I can just leave this hanging on a hook where Tati can see it. I made Tati have a hot steam bath as I do before birching her to tenderise her buttocks, but with the tawse it is not as necessary so it also saves time when Tati needs a swishing.

From CF Shots. Tatiana soothese her hot sore bottom after an encounter with the tawse.

Spankee: Tatiana, age 16. When Mama showed me the tawse and said that I was going to get that instead of the birch this time, I was very happy. I do not like the birch, it hurts and stings and leaves marks on my bottom, but I think I prefer it to the tawse! It makes a loud noise and it stings and makes my bottom very hot, it also lets Mama concentrate the sting in the one area, and not spread it out the way the birch does. Also, Mama gives me many more strokes with the tawse than with the birch. Now Mama hangs the tawse up on the wall and tells me that this is not the last time I will feel it. Boo hoo!

Kimberley Susan's assessment: I'm not really a fan of the tawse. Mrs Liobov and Tatiana are right, it does create a hot sore bottom and it makes me cry a lot. I find it rather hard to use over the lap, although Aunty and Mummy can do it without any problems. It's pretty extreme and therefore better used on an older recipient. They're generally quite thick and heavy, the tails spread the sting out, which is not at all pleasant. Some people prefer to use them on hands and no one at the Spank Shop has ever advocated spanking hands, the bottom was custom made for spanking, so why would you spank someone's hands and risk damaging them. It's not my go to implement, I will use it, but the age of the spankee has to be right and I probably wouldn't have them over my lap. For receiving, yes it hurts, but the paddle with holes is worse and probably more effective, despite this Aunty does like her tawse and finds that I respond well to it.


  1. Well Kimberley, you say you respond well to the tawse, and it makes you cry, that is what it is supposed to do. I would imagine that is exactly what Aunty is wanting to accomplish when she disciplines you. I don't know what Aunty thinks, but I would imagine you will be feeling the tawse more in the future when you step out of line.

  2. Dave, this is what I said to Kimberley, her response was a 'but, it's horrid, Aunty!' while clutching her shapely bottom protectively.

    1. Aunty, it sounds like the tawse will be training Kimberley's shapley bottom more in the future when she is naughty. I use to tell my Mom, "it hurts Mom", and she would say "I intend for it to hurt, and when you are naughty you will be getting it more and more".

  3. I must admit, shame on me, I have never felt the tawse. But if horrid means a lvoely burning bottom then sign me up please.


  4. Dave, I do not think Miss Kimberley Susan has felt the tawse for the last time and knowing it does really hurt her shapely backside makes me more likely to use it on her. Ron, 'horrid' in Kimberleyspeak definitely does mean a burning hot bottom.