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'School Days and Nights'

On this lovely sunny day Aunty has chosen to post one of Seegee's romantic M/F stories. We here at the Spank Shop hope you enjoy School Days and Nights.

From Premium Spanking. Kate dreams of a spanking like this.

From Girls Boarding School. Kate receives a long overdue scolding.

From Premium Spanking. The scolding is followed by an even longer overdue spanking.

Kate O'Loughlin opened her mailbox, removed the letters in it, fumbled the door keys out of her handbag and opened the front door. As Kate wandered from the living room and through the kitchen to her bedroom she ran a hand through her short, styled blonde hair and idly flipped through the letters. A bill, an invitation to apply for yet another credit card. 'Ho hum' the pretty blonde thought to herself, and then the letterhead on the final envelope made her green eyes open wide. The crest of Hillside High School, Kate's old alma mater. Kate had graduated....barely....from Hillside High just less than 10 years ago. Why on earth would they contact her now?

Using one well manicured thumbnail to slit the envelope open, Kate unfolded the piece of paper inside and scanned through it. It was an invitation to a reunion, extended to both students and staff of the 1997 Year 12 class. Kate poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned back against the kitchen bench to sip it and consider the offer and whether or not she would attend. When the 28 year old reflected on her scraping through her final year she had not been joking. Kate had been a poor student and she knew it. She attended school in Years 11 and 12 for two reasons; she had nothing better to do and her parents would have killed her if she left. Consequently she had not been interested and done just enough to pass. The only class she had taken more than a passing interest in had been Economics and that had nothing to do with the course content, but rather the teacher.

A smile crossed the girl's pretty face as a name ran through her mind. Gary Allen. Gary....or rather Mr Allen....was Kate's Economics teacher. He had also been her home room teacher. Kate knew that she was far from being alone in having had a crush on the young teacher. Mr Allen would have been in his mid 20's when he taught Kate. He was tall and broad shouldered with curly black hair and sparkling blue eyes, he was also a little on the rough side, he dressed for school in jeans and well worn shoes, his shirts were often un tucked and he never ever wore a tie. He had been known to arrive unshaven and on a few occasions sported a black eye or other visible facial scarring earned playing football over the weekend. All of this combined to make him even more attractive to the young ladies he taught and interestingly enough he was also popular amongst many of the boys as they tended to see him as more 'one of them', and no few of them aspired to be like Mr Allen.

Kate could clearly remember sitting in Gary Allen's Economics classes just staring at him, sometimes his eyes, other times his legs or backside, the denims he favoured showed off its taut toned muscularity, it was often his hands that Kate looked at. Those big, long fingered hands drew her eyes again and again. Barely hearing his voice, her mind would drift; twining her fingers in his glossy black curls, staring deeply into those bright blue eyes and then the hands. Feeling those hands, sure and strong, exploring her body, squeezing her breasts, running down her sides to rest on her hips, and then to firmly impact on her bottom. Oh that was the thought that did it to her every time. The idea of hearing Gary....Mr Allen....say "You've been a very naughty girl, Katherine Angela and I'm going to have to spank you soundly. Over my knee." Was for some reason intensely exciting and arousing. With a shock the woman realized that her fingers were between her legs and busily rubbing away. Kate came to, snatched her fingers away from her moistening sex, dropped her cup in the sink and headed to the bathroom, cheeks glowing hotly.

Later that evening, whilst relaxing in front of the television, Gary Allen again occupied Kate's thoughts. At the time when she had been dreaming about the teacher spanking her, Kate had not been aware that for many women being put over the teacher's knee and having their bare bottoms soundly spanked was a common fantasy. Kate found it odd that, gorgeous as Mr Allen was, the thought of him spanking her turned her on. Kate had always been a wilful and headstrong person. The quickest and surest way to get her to do something was to tell her not to do it. Because the fantasy would not go away Kate did allow a couple of her boyfriends to spank her. However instead of getting the intense, pleasurable rush that the daydream always brought her all Kate received from her boyfriend's chastisement was a sore bottom. It did not noticeably alter sex either. Kate decided that the fantasy would have to remain that, as it was only Gary Allen, or the thought of him putting her over his knee that had that effect on her, and she was not likely to see him ever again.

Things had changed for Kate after high school. Her marks had not been good enough to get her entry into any tertiary institutions, although even if they had she had no intention of continuing her formal schooling beyond high school. She turned her part time job in a clothing store into her full time occupation and quickly found herself progressing from junior sales assistant to senior sales assistant and then assistant manager. Realizing that having some business knowledge would advance her career quicker, Kate enrolled in a small business course at night school. The move paid off and she was soon promoted to manager of the store.

Kate had become ambitious and she used her night school education to start up her own store, it had been hard work, but the shop had begun to turn enough of a profit to allow her to open a second store. She was about to take over a third and was even considering starting up her own line, to sell exclusively at her shops. True, Kate had not taken the usual route, but she had been successful all the same.

Going through her successful career brought the woman full circle and back to Gary Allen's economics classes. Gary Allen was a modern style educator and did not believe in shouting at his students to learn or badgering them for homework. His take on it was that failure to learn or work would bring you undone later in life and he had been known to advise disruptive students to leave school and try and find a job, then return to school when they learnt that life was far more difficult without a decent education. This attitude was at odds with his occasional admission that corporal punishment still, in his view, had a place at schools. Gary Allen had gone to a private school, that due to it not being government funded, was still allowed to use the cane on especially poorly behaved students. Gary Allen had seen a few students headed for trouble in and out of school straightened out by judicious use of the cane across their adolescent backsides. For some reason on the rare occasion that he did speak of the punishment methods at his old school Mr Allen was always looking at Kate. The thought of it sent shivers down her spine.

Mr Allen and her alone in the classroom, she having been asked to stay behind. His voice would order her to stand and walk to his desk, he would get to his feet at the same time and pick up the cane from his desk, even in her dream state Kate always wondered how it had gotten there. Mr Allen's big, strong hands would go around her waist and he would gently position her so that her waist just touched the edge of his desk, then she would be bent over the desk and Gary Allen's hands would lift her skirt well clear of her bottom before her panties were lowered to her knee hollows. "Push your bottom up, girl." that authoritative voice would tell her and then the cane was placed tenderly on her trembling buttocks to gauge the distance and measure the stroke. Kate did not notice her hand had again crept under her dress was diligently rubbing away. At the same time as she felt the cane strike home in her fantasy, her fingers found the button and she collapsed on the couch into clouds of rosy, warm bliss.

Over the next few days Kate contacted some of her school friends and made enquiries as to whether or not they intended to attend the reunion. All answered in the affirmative and from what they said and the reaction when they had spoken with others from the class, nearly the entire year was expected to accept the invitation and most of the teachers were also going to show. Kate herself had always thought that the reunion may be fun, so she blocked out the date in her address book and made plans to attend.

Kate arrived at the school early, something that surprised other early arrivals, including both teachers and classmates. In her school days Kate O'Loughlin had not been known for her punctuality. Running her own business and being responsible for her time had taught her that it was better to arrive early or on time for appointments wherever possible. It impressed people and it was also common courtesy.

Accepting a drink; Bucks Fizz, from the catering staff, she had the impression from their youthful appearance that they were students who had been pressed into service for the occasion, Kate sipped and looked around. One thing that did interest her was how people had dressed for the night. Kate herself had opted for the LBD, she had the body and style to carry it off, she was wearing a lacy black bra and panties set underneath it, although it was unlikely that anyone other than she would see it. At the time of slipping into them she had muttered that 'a girl never knows her luck in a big city.'

It was interesting to meet up with people ten years down the track and see what they looked like now and what they had become. Some of the jocks had gone to seed and sported beer guts hanging over the belts of their pants, not all of the pretty girls had kept their looks. The school computer nerd was a self made millionaire courtesy of a software company. Some of the teachers had left the profession and put their skills to use in different fields; others were still teaching at the school and probably would be until retirement. The room had most occupations represented within it. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, trades people, housewives, delivery people, the service and hospitality industry, small business owners and even a few students.

Kate looked through the throng and tried to appear interested in the toilet training of an old classmate's youngest son. What she really wanted to do was spot Mr....Gary Allen and talk to him, the other thing she wanted to do was visit the bathroom all the talk about pooing and peeing had conspired to make her rather aware of the distinct pressure that the three drinks she had consumed since arriving were placing on her bladder.

Emerging from the bathroom, still rather self consciously fluffing her dark honey locks, Kate saw him....Gary Allen. He had not yet spotted her and she was just about to cross the room and strike up a conversation when she was intercepted by Anne Lockhart, the class gossip, nothing had changed, the woman was full of salacious details involving the class since they had all been in school. Gary Allen was deep in conversation with another teacher.

Gary occasionally looked up from discussing the federal budget with his former colleague to examine the crowd and see how many of his former students had turned up. There were some he wanted to renew acquaintances with and some he sincerely hoped to never see again. Gary was still teaching economics, although not at Hillside, he was hoping to soon move into tertiary teaching and was on the verge of being offered a lecturing position in economics at a local university. Gary saw Kate O'Loughlin talking and laughing with one of her former classmates Gerard MacManus. The teacher shook his head; the girl had certainly kept her looks. She had been a head turner back at high school and even now ten years later she was still what his younger football club team mates referred to as a 'glamour'. Gary turned on a smile as another former student said "Mr Allen, Debbie Sestanovic, do you remember....?"

Kate and Gerard finished their conversation and she turned to see Gary Allen disengage from his teacher friend and opened her mouth to say hello when the plump blonde figure of Debbie Sestanovic interposed herself between them.

Disappointed Kate turned away, snatched a drink from a passing tray and gulped it down. Gary tried to brush Debbie Sestanovic off as politely as possible. He had never liked the girl when she was a student of his. The girl had a mean streak and used it to bully and belittle classmates. From the brief conversation he endured with her it did not appear that she had changed.

Kate faded into the background and bided her time. Gary Allen would have to be free sooner or later. The man had been a popular teacher and he was someone that nearly everyone wanted to talk to, so from where Kate was standing it looked as if it would be later rather than sooner.

For his part Gary did want to catch up with Kate. He had always had a lot of time for her, despite the fact that she had been a difficult student. She had brains, but some stubborn streak had always made her try to buck the rules and in his class that meant not handing work in on time or simply not concentrating, yet she sat up the front of his class and spent a good deal of it making cow eyes at him.

At last the two did meet, in fact Kate nearly spilled a drink on her former teacher. She had just taken a glass from the tray and turned, bumping into Gary Allen's broad chest and narrowly avoiding tipping the glasses contents down his shirt. "Kate O'Loughlin!" he exclaimed, putting out a hand to prevent her from stumbling.

"Mr Allen!" she cried, obviously flustered.

"Oh for God's sake would you call me Gary?" the teacher requested. "Mr Allen is my Dad. I'm not that much older than any of you and tonight you're making me feel like I'm about a hundred!"

Kate could not help but giggle and the conversation had begun.

"Are you still teaching?" Kate asked.

"Yeah," Gary responded casually, "I hope not at high school level for much longer though."

"Oh?" Kate asked, raising one sculptured eyebrow.

"I've put in for a uni lecturing position." the teacher explained.

"Cool!" Kate exclaimed and then mentally castigated herself for sounding more like one of Gary's teenage students than the sophisticated adult she was trying to portray.

"What are you doing with yourself now, Kate?" Gary asked, showing no sign of amusement at her adolescent response to his news.

"I'm in retail."

"Oh." Gary replied, trying not to show his disappointment, he knew that Kate was not a keen student, nor did she enjoy school, but he had been hoping she had more ambition than to spend her life as a sales assistant. "You must meet some interesting people in that line." he quickly added to cover his genuine feelings about it.

Kate chuckled throatily and Gary felt a genuine stirring at that laugh, it was a turn on.

"It has its moments."

"Which store do you work for?"

"Oh you wouldn't have heard of it," Kate answered, "it's not a big chain."

"Just a small one, then?"


"I guess my economics classes wouldn't come in too handy."

"Au contraire! They've been great. They were a good base."

"For serving in a shop?"

Kate's eyes flashed "Who said I was a sales assistant?"

"You did."

"No, I did not!" she asserted indignantly. "I said I was in retail."

"That's a fancy way of saying you're a salesgirl." Gary told his former student, a number of guests at the reunion tried to 'upgrade' their occupation by using a name that made it sound far more than it genuinely was.

"It may be for some people, but not me." Kate told her teacher. "I started as a salesgirl, moved up to senior sales assistant, took some business management classes at night school, was made manager and then opened my own store. I have two stores, considering opening a third and selling my own label."

"Change feet, Gazz." Gary murmured, using a reference to mean that he had just placed his foot in his mouth, which earned a sympathetic smile from the girl.

"Besides you can't talk, you're still teaching high school kids." Kate put him down gently.

Gary winced and then nodded "I deserved that."

The two found that they were able to converse easily. Now that the teacher student barrier no longer existed Kate and Gary were on equal footing and there was no awkwardness between them. As they talked the two of them mentally sized each other up. Gary was still a good looking man Kate thought to herself, he looked a little older, a few lines on his face and just a touch of grey at the temples, but rather than make him look old or tired, it actually gave his face character. She did not know if he still played football, but he definitely kept himself in shape. She could see a well defined body beneath the shirt he wore and curls of chest hair peeped out over the shirt's open collar. Some women were not keen on body hair on their men, not Kate, she didn't like Wookiees, but body hair was natural and it was masculine, there was something not quite right about a hairless male chest to her way of thinking. Kate also assessed the age gap. When she was a teenage student Mr Allen....Gary had seemed a great deal older than her, but the reality was that he wouldn't have been much more than seven or eight years her senior. At age eighteen a twenty six or seven year old was wrong, but at twenty eight a partner in their mid to late thirties was very acceptable. Gary was examining Kate at the same time she was admiring his face and body and wondering about the age difference. Kate had always been a pretty girl and unlike many of her classmates she had retained her looks. If anything she had become more attractive. The difference was that the Kate Gary had known ten years ago had been a girl and the Kate who now stood before him was a woman. There had also been the issue that even if Gary had been unprofessional enough to allow himself to become physically attracted to the eighteen year old Kate there were the ethics of a teacher student relationship. A good looking, independent, twenty eight year old woman who was in no way indebted to him was much better proposition.

Kate and Gary's conversation and mental assessments were interrupted by one of the teachers announcing that the rest of the school had been opened if anyone was so inclined to wander down memory lane by visiting the class rooms. "Would you like to?" Gary invited Kate with a grin.

"I would if you would." Kate accepted with an impish smile of her own.

"Ladies first." Gary stepped aside to allow Kate to precede him into the corridor.

"I suppose you would like to visit your old wing." Kate mused as they strolled along.

"I'd get lost anywhere, but C wing." Gary admitted, chuckling.

It had been an aimless walk, but they somehow found themselves in exactly the same classroom that Gary had once taught economics to Kate.

The room had not changed Kate marvelled. Not at all. Even the furniture was the same. In fact the only thing that was different was that the graffiti she and her classmates had decorated the desks and chairs with had been replaced or written over by those that had followed Kate and her class. Kate peered at the front table and a pink flush came into her cheeks as she spotted her initials connected to Gary's with a heart. You had to look hard to see it, but it was most definitely there, as she tried to fight down the embarrassment she wondered if Gary had ever seen it. The teacher turned and Kate self consciously seated herself on the table right on top of the words and image she had scrawled as a teen harbouring a crush on her cute economics teacher.

"Why are you sitting on the table?" Gary asked, casually falling into the well worn, cracked leather of the swivel chair behind the teacher's desk, it was the same one he had sat in some years ago, he leaned back, hearing a creak as the chair protested. A smile played across his strong features, even the noise had not altered.

"Uhhhhh....," Kate murmured, looking around at the burnt orange plastic chairs scattered around the rooms, "those chairs were never all that comfy when I was a student and they're not all that hygienic."

"Oh come on!" Gary exclaimed, years of teaching teenagers had taught him to recognize an excuse when he heard one. Kate was sitting where she was for a reason and it wasn't due to any germs the students may have left on the plastic seats.

"Honest," Kate insisted, a pink flush creeping into her cheeks, "besides I don't want to get anything on this dress, it's an expensive one and it's a favourite."

Gary was not buying the lies, without any warning he uncoiled his lean frame from the chair and was at the table in a couple of strides of his long, denim clad legs, before Kate could protest he took hold of her wrist and pulled her to her feet. "Hey!" Kate said, but did not try to break the grip on her arm.

Gary looked down at the table "Kids," he muttered, his eyes scanning the graffiti covered surface, "there has to be years of this stuff all over the table."

"Of course there is," Kate replied cheekily, "kids get bored during class."

"Oh yeah? You ever get bored during one of mine?"

Kate did not say anything, but a grin gave her away.

"Hang on," Gary said, his eyes narrowing as he looked down at the table, "KO heart GA."

Kate moved a step away, her hands sub consciously going to cover her pert backside in the short black dress.

"That could mean anything," she said, "a lot of people have those initials."

"Yes," Gary murmured, "I suppose the fact that they happen to be yours and my initials is entirely coincidental."

Kate nodded.

"Didn't you used to sit there?" Gary asked.

"Oh, I don't know," Kate answered, her eyes examining the spitballs decorating the ceiling, "that was years ago. I can't remember."

Gary looked at the woman, it was fun putting her on the spot this way, and he wondered how far he could take this.

"This is graffiti, young lady." he told Kate sternly.

Young lady. My God, Kate thought, he called me young lady. She felt her knees go suddenly week and her bottom tingled uncontrollably.

"Oh, it was years ago, I was a teenager." Kate tried to put Gary off the track.

However he would not be deterred "No wonder you wound up having to take night school if you didn't concentrate during my classes."

Kate's temper flared "How do you know I didn't concentrate?"

"Well, if you were busy scribbling on the tables you obviously weren't paying attention. This is also school property, my girl."

Kate could feel her cheeks heating up and was certain that this conversation was heading in a long awaited for direction.

"Well, we're not in school anymore." Kate retorted, with more than a hint of sass in her tone.

"No, we are not." Gary agreed, his blue eyes hardening just a touch and his posture becoming slightly more aggressive. "If we were I would have wanted to put you over my knee and smack your naughty bottom for you."

Kate was so stunned that for a moment she could not reply, she had to wait for the intense feelings of sensuality that were flooding through her to subside before she could say with a good deal more conviction than she really felt "You wouldn't dare."

"Unfortunately I was never able to spank you during our school days, but you certainly needed it, miss."

"I never did.....did I?" she asked in a small voice.

"So you do admit that drawing on the table when you are supposed to be paying attention in class is wrong?"

"Yes, sir." Kate whispered.

"Well, maybe now that you can admit you did the wrong thing then that spanking is about due."

Dry mouthed Kate nodded.

Gary pulled a straight backed chair from behind the teacher's desk and placed it in the centre of the blackboard, facing the room, he sat on it and patted his lap. "Over here, young lady, by my knee."

On legs that were suddenly wobbly Kate tottered over to him.

"Ahhhh, a little girl dressed up as if she's all grown up. Take off those heels Katherine. We don't want them kicking all about the place."

As Kate slipped off her heels she wondered if Gary knew exactly how many 'hot' buttons of hers he was pressing, it wasn't just his choice of words it was the tone of voice. This was so many of her adolescent fantasies come true.

Gary watched Kate obediently do as she was told and noticed that she was shivering "Kate," he said kindly, "you don't have to do this if you don't want."

"Nnno," Kate stammered, hardly believing what she was about to say "I... wwant this. I...I nneed it, sir."

"Very well then," Gary said, his voice returning to the strict school master tone, "lay across my lap then."

Taking a deep breath Kate lowered herself over the waiting, denim clad lap. Once she was on it she could not help rubbing herself against the material of the jeans that covered the muscular thighs. Kate was so engaged in doing this that she was only dimly aware of Gary's hand sliding over the seat of her dress and lifting it up clear of her buttocks. "Lift up, please Katherine." he asked in a firm, but not unkind voice.

"Lift up?" she asked, confused.

"I need to take your panties down."

Kate's green eyes opened wide in surprise and she echoed "Panties down?"

"Well, there's no point in spanking your panties, they weren't naughty. A proper spanking has to be given on the bare bottom, my little graffiti artist. Let's see how you like my hand painting your bottom a scorching hot red."

Kate felt a rush of blood to her cheeks that turned them the same flaming colour that Gary had just promised to make her buttocks. She lifted her hips obediently and let out a little whimper as she felt her lacy black panties, slide over her arched backside and slip down her smooth legs to tangle around her ankles "I don't think they're school issue are they, Miss O'Loughlin?" Gary said in those iron stern tones.

"No, Gary." Kate murmured.

SMACK! Gary's broad hard hand descended on Kate's tender upturned white globes. She squealed and jumped. "What did you just call me?" Gary demanded.

"I....I....don't kn....yeooooowwwwwww!" Kate yelped as the hand impacted on the other cheek just as the sting from the first slap was dying away.

"Whilst you are across my knee having your disobedient little rump soundly spanked young woman you will address me as Sir or Mr Allen."

"Okay." a thoroughly chastened Kate muttered.

"You're not a quick learner, are you Katherine Angela?" Gary asked, following the question with a volley of quick hard spanks that stung her bottom and made her scissor kick her legs wildly.

"OW! OW! OWWWWW!" Kate wailed.

"What are you to call me?" Gary queried, his hand poised over that delightful, pinkening rear.

"Sir or Mr Allen."

"Very good. So the correct answer to my earlier question was?"

"Yes, Mr Allen."

"Much better." Gary's hand was moving in slow, soothing circles over her bottom and she was positively purring now.

Enjoying it way too much, Gary thought to himself, he had always liked spanking as a form of foreplay, but met very few girls that shared the same views, he had never thought that one would be a former student.

"Now we've got that sorted out, Katherine we can get down to you making restitution for the desk."

"The desk!" Kate exclaimed, trying to rise and being pushed back down by that hard, strong hand in the small of her back. "I thought that I'd been spanked for that, sir."

"Oh no, young lady," Gary chuckled richly, the words and the tone sending shivers down Kate's spine, "that was for disrespect. I think the desk deserves two burning hot red tomatoes, don't you?"

Knowing that the answer was going to earn her a very sore bottom Kate whispered "Yes, Mr Allen."

"Glad we are in agreement then, dear." Gary told her and commenced the spanking.

As fires expertly lit by Gary's firm hand ignited all over Kate's bottom she lay limply over the lap, occasionally squirming and wriggling when an especially sensitive or tender area was struck smartly. She could feel the heat rising from her raised derriere and knew that it must be a hot glowing red. The thought of that colour and the rising temperature in her seat was also producing a pleasurable moist warmth in her front between her legs. The boyfriends she had experimented with years ago were rank amateurs compared to Gary Allen when it came to spanking. Kate stopped fighting the feelings, fixed the image of a shimmering scarlet bottom in her mind, concentrated on the feel of the hard hand as it slapped relentlessly down, the furnace blazing behind her and the rough denim contacting some very sensitive areas as she squirmed and gave herself to the overwhelming pleasure of it all.

Gary held Kate firmly over his lap. He had administered enough spankings to know where and how to slap. When to smack hard and when to take it easier, he could gauge how the recipient was taking it and how much more she could handle by the temperature of her bottom and the hue of the redness that the spanking produced. Kate had a pert, but firm, well formed round bottom, although she had reddened up very quickly, it had taken longer for her to catch fire and her reactions told him two things, one was that she could take a good deal more before he had to stop and that she was enjoying it immensely. Kate let out a cry that was half pleasure half pain and her body gave one large convulsion. That was when the tears started. Kate's floodgates had broken at about the same time she had experienced a massive orgasm. Gary brought the spanking to a slow, gentle conclusion and lifted Kate from his lap. Her legs gave way beneath her as he set her on her feet; she slid down to the floor and clasped Gary's legs as she rested her head against his knees, sobbing. Gary stroked her honey coloured hair gently whispering "Shhhh, shhhhh, darling, it's okay now. All over, you're my good girl again."

It took nearly half an hour for Kate to gentle down. Gary stood and lifted her to her feet. They embraced and their lips sought each others out, they met and parted, tongues quested hungrily and they kissed long and hard. They broke apart at the same time. Green eyes looked into blue ones. No one wanted to break the silence. Gary looked down at the crotch of his jeans which were noticeably stained by Kate's juices, drawn by his gaze Kate also lowered her eyes and she started to giggle "Ooooppssss!"

Gary chuckled "Oooopppssss is right. I can't go back down like this, have to face some interesting questions. I'm going to need to visit the bathroom."

"I need to fix my makeup anyway." Kate said as she retrieved her panties from where she had kicked them during the spanking.

"So we meet up outside as soon as possible?" Gary asked.

Kate's tongue flicked out to look her dry lips and she murmured "Oh yeah."

"So school days weren't so bad after all?"

"No, but I definitely prefer the nights."


  1. What a terrific and sexy fantasy spanking story, loved it and so well written they way we were lead to her panties coming down. Thank you ma'am for this one, awesome


  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, Ron. I find a strong and believable build up is an important part of any good story.

  3. I have been instructed to read this story as mama feels that Mario should know that it is not only mommies that spank naughty boys and girls but men as well, must be perfectly honest I don't want to read it but mama is insistent and has promised me a sore bum if I cannot tell her the story line. My question, Aunty Andrea do you have a synopsis I can use. No Aunty Andrea I do not want a spanking.

  4. Well darling, it's a very simple story. There is a synopsis of sorts of the Library of Spanking Fiction.