Friday, 30 March 2012

'Tar Baby' - Guest Fiction

I'm sharing a story one of my lovely followers sent me. It's a little raw and graphic, but it's still a compulsively readable piece and I think more than one of us has had this fantasy before.

A pleasant marina hides a multitude of scenarios beneath it's sunny exterior.

The Tar Baby at dock.

As our hero found to his dismay, one does not trifle with the attractive owner of the Tar Baby.

Rob turned the corner on his early morning walk on a beautiful and warming Tuesday on the docks in Tampa. He had arrived for the trade show and convention on Monday afternoon, spent time setting up his company booth and had the usual cocktails and dinner that evening. Rob was a hard working man, in his mid 50s; he used these walks in the morning to try and maintain his weight and keep his heart pumping strongly. Little did he know that this walk would accomplish that goal, plus much more.

Rob had been walking for half an hour, working up a nice preparation level and felt his heart beating nicely. He headed along a lovely newer pier lined with sail and power boats of all shapes, colors and sizes. He looked through his sunglasses at the beautiful sunrise, and the view of the bay. His eyes then lit on a beautiful sailboat ahead of him, a white hull with a bold and large dark blue stripe along side. The sails were tightly wrapped, but he noticed movement on the stern deck. As he moved closer his eyes caught the view of a lady walking around in what at first appeared to be a two-piece bathing suit. From his distance, she was certainly small in frame and shapely. As he neared the boat his heart began to beat much faster, this lady was not in a bathing suit, but a lovely light blue bra and matching bikini panty with lace trim!

Rob slowed his walk to a crawl as he approached the stern deck of the boat. While he could not take his eyes off the lady on board he did notice the name on the back of the hull; TAR BABY.

Rob tried not to stare, but thankfully the lady sat on a small chair, with a cup of coffee in her hand. He walked even slower as he approached the yacht, she was sitting with her back to him, her bottom tightly wrapped in the panty, she was tanned, with tight arms. Her hair was a dark brown, shoulder length and wet. She did not seem to notice her very interested passer by as she stared down into her coffee cup.

Rob walked by her, and thankfully nothing was in front of him or he would have smashed right into it, as he turned his neck to get as much of a view as possible. He now walked much faster down the dock, but then without any thought, turned and started back the other way. He was upon the TAR BABY in a moment. The lady now stood with her back to the dock; her panty had crept up into her lovely butt cheeks. Rob was breathless at the sight of her body. She was petite and very trim. Her bottom was small, but round, and almost perfect. He walked by so slowly that he almost tripped.

As Rob passed by picked up his pace and walked briskly back down the dock. He felt a tingle in his crotch as his blood flowed easily. Rob made a move that changed his trip. He stopped, and turned one more time to walk back down the dock toward the bay, thus allowing him one more pass by the TAR BABY, and its panty clad owner. He moved so very slowly, he could feel his heart beating and hear his hard breathing. He enjoyed the rear view one more time; sort of sighing, he picked up the pace and moved away down the dock. His next surprise came as he walked quickly away from the boat, only to be halted 25 yards down the dock by a locked gate. The docks were private and he had nowhere to go. He was now clearly distressed, he knew another pass may be trouble, but he had no other option. He turned and began to walk quickly back past the sailboat. He was convinced he would move past the yacht fast and be on his way, but then he noticed the lady faced him as he approached.

The closer Rob came to the vessel he could  clearly see her small, perky breasts straining through the lacy bra. Her stomach was tight, he looked at her face, she was attractive, and he figuredclose to his age. She was not a model, but certainly quite attractive. As he approached she starred at him and he had no choice, but to acknowledge her stare.

Rob politely touched the brim of his hat as a gesture of tipping his cap, and said “Morning Ma’am”.

“Ma’am” she said quietly “You call me Ma’am? Yet you show me no respect and have spent the last 5 minutes staring at me as you walked back and forth past my boat? And you have the nerve to call me ma’am like you respect me” She said loud enough for Rob to hear, she had a lovely voice with a touch of a southern drawl. Her face was tanned, and showed some of her age; her teeth were glaringly white, making her very easy to look at.

“I'm sorry?” Rob questioned her.

“Either you are a total pervert peeper or just a naughty young man who likes to look into a ladies house when she is in her underwear” she responded hotly. “You know the TAR BABY is my home, no different that yours except it is on the water. “ Her tone was now became scolding.

Rob was stunned, and stood in front of the stern of the boat, staring at her. Through his sunglasses, while he looked at her, he continued to stare at her breast and the tight crotch area covered by the blue panty.

“Nothing to say?” she asked.

“I am sorry ma’am, I got lost walking on the docks and well, just trying to figure out where I was going, I am not from Tampa” he explained.

“Ha, and tell me you were not looking at my ass when you went by” she demanded.

“Well, no….no” Rob stuttered.

She moved to the edge of the boat. “Take off your sneakers and socks, leave them on the dock and get your naughty ass onboard now” she told Rob softly, but sternly.

He hesitated, and she added “Either you are just a naughty young man or a pervert. I am guessing you are not a pervert, but if you don’t get on board marina security will be here, and you can tell them why you were peeping at me” She challenged.

Rob sighed, and slowly moved to sit on the piling and do as he was told. Once barefoot, he neatly placed his sneakers on the dock, and moved to board. She reached out to take his hand, but firmly grabbed his arm, helping him to gain access to the deck of her yacht.

Now on board, she stood in front of him; she was a few inches shorter than him, and looked up at him. She took off her sunglasses, and he saw deep beautiful brown eyes looking at him. “Take off your glasses please.” she said to him.

Rob did as  she instructed, and his smaller brown eyes were now looking down into hers. Wow! He thought, she is very lovely.

“So now tell me, you a pervert?” She asked him.

“No ma’am, I am not” he insisted.

“So you are just a naughty young man here on a convention that could not help but stare at me in my underwear? She asked him.

Rob stood rooted to the spot as her eyes pierced through him.

He tried to lie, “No ma’am, no.

“Well then I guess I will ring up security and have you arrested, they can handle you from there. Trust me, I will have you arrested.” She stated firmly.

“I can’t be arrested, I will lose my job” Rob almost yelling replied.

“Don’t you raise your voice!” she ordered.

“Sorry.” Rob said contritely.

“So Mr. Convention Man, what is it? Are you a pervert who should be arrested, or you just a naughty boy? She asked him yet again.

“I am not a pervert.” Rob said.

“Good, I did not think so, but now I must take care of this before I let you leave.” She said slowly.

Rob stood, and did not respond.

 “Come with me, now” she ordered.

Rob gladly followed her lovely pantied bottom across the small deck, down the stairs into the cabin. She stopped next to her small galley, and looked at him. “Wait here” she demanded.

She turned, and walked down the next few stairs beyond the galley. He watched with great delight as her pantied bottom disappeared further below.

He lost his breath when she emerged a minute later, holding a large brown wooden hairbrush, she stood on the top stair, and said “Come with me my naughty visitor, and let’s get this over with!

Rob slowly moved toward her. She then moved back down the stairs, ducking his head, he followed her down into what was clearly her bedroom. It had a large bed but was very small, and lacked a lot of space. He was almost standing next to her. “Ever had your bare bottom soundly spanked?” she inquired.

“Yes ma’am I have” he slowly replied.

“Good, I intend on teaching you a sound lesson this morning” she scolded.

She walked over to a door, opened the latch, leaned into and turned on the shower. She turned to him, and ordered “Get out of those clothes, get in there and wash off, quickly.”

Rob was stunned. He just stared at her, and did not move. “Fine” she said, “wait here and I will radio the police”

“No, please” Rob replied.

He then turned, and began to undress. He took off his cap, and long sleeve t-shirt and his under armor shirt. He slowly looked at her, and then lowered his shorts. He folded all these clothes so far and placed them on a stool. He looked at her, standing in his skin tight under armor under short. “Now” she ordered.

He turned, slowly peeled off the shorts, and placed them on the stool. He stepped over to the shower, but she put her hand up and stopped him. She looked him in the eyes again “I am going to take you over my lap and spank your bottom until you have learned not to stare at ladies in their panties, young man.” Rob became hard almost instantly. She looked down at his hard on, wrapped her hand around the base, and slowly rubbed it up and down as if she was about to milk him. “Very nice, young man, too bad you are not going to be using it!” she teased him.

“Get moving, I have to go to work.” she pointed with her brush to the shower.

Rob managed his way past her without dragging his hard on across her legs, and went into the shower, it was nice and hot. He stood and let the water wash him down, he put his head and face into the water, and thought for a moment that he could quickly jerk off for some relief. As he touched himself, her hand came through the shower curtain, and pressed the lever down, turning off the water.

He then saw her pull back the curtain, and hand him a large white and blue bath towel. “Dry off quickly.” she ordered.

Rob stepped out of the shower, and vigorously toweled himself off, dried his hair, and wrapped the towel around him. She giggled as she saw him do this, saying “Now young man, that is just not happening, put the towel in the hamper and get yourself over my knee.”

Rob did as he was told. She took his wrist, holding him tightly; her hands were hard, calloused but smooth. Her fingers were strong, no question in Rob’s mind that she was a sailor.

Now she towed him over to the edge of her bed, she sat with the brush in her hand, and pulled him hard over her knee. His hard on was in full bloom and she could feel it on her legs, Rob tried as best he could not to ejaculate right then. “This will not work.” she stated. “Get up.”

Rob scrambled to his feet, his hard on waving in front of him. She got up, and moved over to a small closet, unlatched it took out a small hand towel, again white and blue, matching the TAR BABY’s hull. She quickly sat back down, and laid the towel on her lap. With the brush, she pointed to Rob to get back into position. He did so without protest, making himself slightly more comfortable by moving his hard penis to the middle of her lap. She still felt his hard on, but knew her legs were protected in the event of an accident.

Rob moved his right hand down her leg, and held onto her ankle loosely. “Good you better hold on young man as I am going to teach you a lesson on how you are to behave on the TAR BABY.” she scolded him.

Rob was in a place he secretly loved to be. He loved being spanked over the knee, but his little kink was well, private. His spouse of many years tried, but she could just not get into his scene and was not interested in trying. So Rob from time to time would visit some “friends” who would spank him and satisfy his needs. He was not sure where this spanking would rate, but in his mind, this was a dream fantasy about to come true.

She said nothing as the only sound Rob heard was the bay water lapping up on the sides of the hull, as the lovely sailboat rocked back and forth ever so gently. He wondered what she was doing, so he turned his head and looked behind at her face. She smiled, and her brown eyes grew larger, as she raised the brush well over her head, while then moving the head of the brush down to her target and the brush came down fast and hard on his bare bottom. He screamed out, kicked his legs, and tightened his grip on her ankle.

The brush now became the only sound in the cabin as she spanked him hard and very fast. This was not a fun spanking; she was now brushing him as punishment. He yelled, cried out and kicked his feet slightly, but she was strong, and held him in place as she rained down the brush on his bottom. She spanked him very hard, and without any prejudice to his cheeks, sit spot and upper thighs, each got an equal amount of spanks. Rob was amazed at how much the pain was riveting through his body, his ass became numb as she continued to spank him relentlessly.

Rob had now stopped bucking and kicking, as she continued to brush him. He had slumped onto her lap, tears and sobs now took the place of his yells and pleas. She had truly spanked him into submission and he was just taking the ending spanks as best he could. Tears began to flow easily now.

As quickly as she started his brushing she stopped, Rob’s body slumping on her lap, his tears and his loosened grip on her ankle told her she had made her point. His bottom was scarlet, red, pink, blue, and looked swollen. She stopped his spanking.

He was now crying freely over her knee. He heard her say “Get up and get dressed young man!”

Rob could not move at first, the pain taking over his body, he slumped off of her lap, his vision blinded by his tears. He was sobbing, he knelt in front of her, looked up and said, “I am sorry ma’am, thank you”

“Get dressed.” was her only reply.

Rob was sobbing as he moved to his clothes. He dreaded putting back on the second skin underwear so he worked his way down. Tears made it hard to concentrate, but he slowly dressed. He screamed out as he tried to pull the underpants on. So tight, she walked over to him, still holding her brush, and grabbed the waist back, simply tugging them over his bottom. He cried out again and could not fathom the intense heat in his bottom that was now being held in too effectively by the under armor. He finished dressing, and stood in front of her. She handed him his sunglasses, and said. “Never let me catch you even wandering down this dock again, young man, or you will be back over my knee for another dose!”

“Yes ma’am” was Rob’s sniffling and sobbing response.

She took his wrist and marched him back on the deck, the sun burning brightly, but his ass felt twice as hot. He could not help but think his bottom was swollen twice its normal size.

He moved up and over the back deck, and stood on the dock. “Take your sneakers, and get off my dock.” his mystery spanker ordered “Remember if I catch you even near this dock you will get another dose.” she finished, holding the brush out in front of her.

Rob said nothing but turned and walked away from his pantied spanker. He could hardly move.

She watched him disappear around the corner, slowly her left hand moved moved down to the crotch of her blue panty. She touched herself and found what she expected; a soaking wet crotch. She moved back into her bedroom, sat on the edge with the brush in her hand. She moved her fingers down and through her panty, began to finger her clit fast and hard. She soon lay on her back, knees up and continued to massage her wet hot vagina, while holding the brush. She finally rolled onto her stomach, her fingers still masturbating herself. She held the brush in front of her face as she bucked her ass up and down, imaging what his bottom looked like as she brushed him. She rubbed her wet hot clit harder, she bucked up and down and slowly moaned and yelled as she exploded in an intense orgasm in her panty. She bucked and twisted, as she slowly moved her fingers off her clit and then lay still on her bed, enjoying in her mind his well spanked bottom, and the amazing intense orgasm it presented to her.

“WOW!” she said out loud “That is a hell of a way to start a Tuesday on the TAR BABY!”

Rob could barely walk back to his hotel, his ass burning him and he felt as if his skin was coming off. The workout underwear locked in the heat of one of the best spankings he ever received. He got to the lobby and almost ran over the guests as he got to the elevator. He avoided two co workers who were calling out his name and rush to his second floor room. Rob slammed the door of his room shut and fell to his knees as he tugged down his shorts and then pulled off the under armor that was holding the heat on his bottom. The cool air brought him instant relief as he knelt on the carpet and a few after spanking tears came down his cheek.

Rob stood and examined his bottom. It was an incredible color red with some small bruises forming. His sit spots and upper thighs were equally scarlet, he know sitting would be impossible most of the day. He stood and took a deep breath; there was an amazing calm over his body that he felt all the time after a sound spanking. He winched as he touched his blazing bottom but at the same time, he grew very hard. He reached into his shaving kit and took out a small tube of lotion, rubbing it liberally on his hand he began to masturbate in the mirror as he looked at his bottom. He then took a bath towel, spread it out on his bed and laid himself onto the towel. As his penis touched the towel, he felt like he was back on his mystery ladies lap. He thought about his spanking as he bucked up and down on the towel until he exploded in an intense and draining orgasm; shooting his cum all over the towel. He sighed and rolled on his side, unable to roll on his back.

“WOW” he said to no one in particular in his room “That was one hell of a way to start a Tuesday. I would love to be a crew member on the TAR BABY”

The sun was warm on Thursday morning, Rob walked briskly and with purpose. He turned the corner as his heart skipped a beat. There ahead of him was the shiny white and blue hull. He smiled and walked quickly toward the beautiful sail boat. He took a deep breath as he approached the stern of the vessel; there on the deck was the owner, tanned, wearing a silky white bra and matching panty. In her right hand she held her hairbrush.

“They always come back for a second dose on the TAR BABY” she said as he stopped in front of her boat!!!


  1. WOW, raw indeed but wow.

    Thank you for sharing Aunty, love the fantasy and the reality all at the same time.


  2. Great fantasy, thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, what a nice story Aunty, I love it :-) I only live about and hour drive from Tampa, so I think I will drive to Tampa and see if I can find Tar Baby..... hehe! Only kidding, I know it is fiction, but the story was delicious, thank for sharing.


  4. Thanks to everyone for their responses. This is one of the better and simplest F/M fantasies I've been privileged enough to present here. I know the author appreciates the feed back.