Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Don't gloat too much!

I found the below picture on Sarah Gregory Spanking. I think Sarah is one of the best spankees out there, she has such an expressive face, and the spanker in this one is Chelsea Pfeiffer at her bottom burning best. Both of Sarah's friends here have also been over Miss Pfeiffer's lap, and you can see the redness on the bare bottom of the one on the left. What interests me is their obvious gloating. If I were there then those two ladies would be over my lap and that of Miss Pfeiffer's whilst Sarah cooled off in a corner.


  1. What a bunch of good looking bottoms to spank, like you, wish I was there to spank them all including Chelsea Pfeiffer :) I remember years ago in some Shadowlane videos Chelesea was the spankee, she has a very delicious bottom to spank also!


  2. Aunty,

    The ulitmate dream team!


  3. Oh Chelsea is one of my favourites, Dave.
    Ron, I beg to differ darling, the ultimate dream team is Amber over Chelsea's lap!

  4. I would like to see Chelsea over your knee, Aunty, followed by your naughty self over Chelsea's lap. I think she would give your mature bottom a real roasting???!!!

  5. Oh Janice! You've made Aunty blush, I think I may enjoy a roasting from Miss Pfeiffer.

  6. Agreed Aunty, but I love Janice's idea as well, as do you!


  7. I like it, but Sarah is the one in white on Chelsea's left, I believe (one of the "gloaters"). You can see Sarah over Dana Specht's lap in the last pic before the story in Spank Shop #25. I really like Sarah Gregory. She's one of the best spankees out there, and very sexy to boot.

    I like Janice's idea very much too... ;-)