Saturday, 28 April 2012

Drop those bottoms!

I've posted the occasional picture of young women being spanked  in their pajamas. It's a very cosy image to me, and it brings up memories of my own spankings growing up. My sister and I were regularly spanked at bedtime and we were usually in pjs for them. I never had a pair of dropseats as a child, but I love them and the image, they seem tailor made for little girl or boy spankings. Just lower the flap and spank away. They're not quite as practical as they sound, because unless they're a little large you don't get good access to the upper thighs and as I've discussed here the past any proper spanking is not complete without a pair of red hot stinging thighs to match the buttocks glowing above them. Over at Spanking Teen Brandi they made a decent fist of it, and there are few more expressive spankees than young Brandi as I believe these images display. Plus 'Mum' using a wooden spoon or spatula and that is always a winner for me.


  1. Nice pictures Aunty, I do agree with you the upper thighs are as important as the bottom when it comes to a good sound spanking. I have found that usually the upper thighs are even more sensitive than the bottom, so it is quite effective to spank there also. Bedtime is an excellent time for a good spanking, it releases all those pent up endorphins and emotions, both the spanker and spankee will sleep much better knowing the issue has been dealt with.


  2. I always found that I slept like a top after a good bedtime spanking. As well as releasing the endorphins and emotions, it is physically quite tiring. Once the sting and heat has faded a little the remaining warmth is not at all unpleasant, especially on a chilly night.

  3. So good to hear that you were spanked growing-up. So was I but strappings on my bare little bum were usually given by my mother in the morning before I went to school so that I had to sit on my sore bottom on a hard school chair.

    I have to agree that smacks on the upper legs were, and are, particularly painful!

  4. Yes, Janice, it sounds like we were both raised traditionally. My mother liked to take her time about a spanking, so she preferred to give them in the afternoons or evenings, rather than before school, thank goodness! Mum's weapon of choice was a hairbrush, yours sounds like she preferred a leather strap. That was usually Daddy's prerogative in our house.

  5. My mum was divorced so there were only the two of us and yes, Aunty, it was invariably the strap which my mother applied to my bottom, right from early days at senior school until I went to university and beyond!

  6. I must admit to wanting a pair of drop bottom underwear, purely for having them, then wearing them when next I visit Aunty Shan. Seriously my mommy's preferred weapon of ass destruction is her trusty hair brush. I know Aunty Shan likes her slippers but for some reason the ebony brush always renews it's acquaintance with my bare bottom. I think the only person ever to take a strap to my bottom was Aunty Amber, mommy's best friend. aunty Nita seems to prefer the paddle I made her. Very nice photo's though Aunty, I love looking at other naughty boys and girls getting a spanking, especially when it's not my bum in the firing line.hehehe

  7. Thank you, Aunty Andrea. Those pictures are a perfect illustration of why I like dropseat pajamas. We never had them as children. I think I only knew of them from cartoons, but must have recognized immediately why I was happy I didn't have to wear them. :)

  8. Dropseats are just lovely. We did not have them either and just to add in, my mom, aunt, neighbors and cousins spanked when and where needed!!


  9. Thanks for the comments, TFD and Ron. It's not too late for either of you, you can get dropseats for adults, you know.

  10. I also have dropseats which have been very useful for keeping warm during the cold spells over the last two winters and I have most certainly had my bare bottom reddened in them on several occasions.

    Of course they create a highly attractive image of the bared bottom, such as the ones you show, but for the recipient they also provide a exciting little variation on the normal ritual of having your pants pulled down. Being fully clothed with just your bare bottom peeping through the flap does very much emphasise the sense of being in a "bared and prepared" state.

    They do have the slight drawback (well not if you are on the receiving end) you identify - that the lowered flap does not leave the bottom completely bare, certainly the tops of the legs. K has two strategies for dealing with this

    - pushing me further forward across her lap so my upper body is bent down more to the floor and my legs up of the floor - this stretches the one piece more and pushes the bottom out through the flap more.

    - the second is to switch the hairbrush to her other (left)hand and use the normal (right) spanking hand to hold hold the lower half of the suit down, exposing the lower bottom and to spank laterally down with her left hand.....both work, my own red bottom proves this!.

    Hope this helps those who need to smack a bottom in a drop seat!

    Oh, and corner time with a smacked bottom poking out of a lowered drop seat is always special!