Sunday, 8 April 2012

Framed for the cane

As many of you know I'm not really keen on caning. I think it has a time and a place and it can be very effective if administered safely and judiciously, plus the effects can be rather eye catching. I saw this picture and I just fell in love with it even though it featured one of my least favourite implements.

The image is from Dreams of Spanking.

The girl has been positioned on a caning horse by the looks of it (it's a bench designed especially for the purpose of positioning someone for a caning). The red dress that she's wearing has perfectly framed her bottom, plus it's the best colour for spanking someone in, provides a wonderful guide. It's a rather thick cane, so must burn like fire, despite that she is taking it very well. Whoever is wielding the rod must be an expert they've laid the lines on so well, you can see each separate stroke, that takes talent. This young lady will have a lovely set of blue black tramlines later on and she'll probably feel the hot swollen ridges whenever she sits down for the next day or two.

Ohhhh Aunty has the chills now!

I realise I'm a little late (I think I was on a chocolate high yesterday), but I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. I love the photo as well, there is certain class in the picture which moves me. I do admit I am fond of caning, but nevertheless its a really great picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is still Easter here, so thank you and best to everyone.

    I know nothing about the cane, as it was truly a foreign object growing up. Seeing the results, I'm happy to have missed the experience. I can still appreciate effective corporal punishment when I see it, and that is a striking image, no pun intended. Those look like stripes of fire on that pale bottom. Thank you, Aunty Andrea.

  3. Thank you for the comment, Femme. Spanking pictures when done well can be works of art in their own way, but can also be rather tacky. This one, as you have said, does have a touch of class and that is part of way it moved me to post it. Welcome to the Spank Shop, darling.
    Thank you, TFD. You've been a lucky person to avoid the cane thus far. Despite the pain I do urge people to experience it at least once. Not everyone dislikes it and as I said it can leave some very artistic results if applied correctly by someone who knows what they are doing.

  4. Dressed for the play session. Very nice

  5. Aunty Andrea, thank you but the less I see of the cane the better off my bottom will be. Aunty Shan caned me about 4 months ago, after a hard hair brushing I got 24 strokes of the cane 1 stroke for each tablet I did not take multiplied by the 4 days I did not take the tablets. Seeing as my daily intake is 6 tablets a day I paid a heavy price for my disobedience. I never wish to experience that again.
    Aunty Shan merely has to threaten the use of the cane to instil instant obedience. I think secretly she is glad as she prefers to use her hairbrush on my bottom.
    nice pictures though. BTW didn't you cane Marcel and Nicholas?

    Mommy says hello as well


  6. I thought it was very class, OBB. Thank you, dear.
    Mario, you do have a good memory. I did actually cane Nicholas, Cameron and also Roddy, I didn't say that I never used the cane. I don't particularly care for the implement, though and someone has to be VERY naughty to get the cane from me. Please pass my greetings on to your delightful mother, darling.