Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Great Outdoors

We're having a lovely indian summer here at present. The weather is so pleasant that tomorrow I may see if I can take a naughty boy or girl outside and give them a leisurely spanking out on the porch. The photo below from Spanking Dollars isn't quite what I was thinking of, but it is outside, and it is using a switch, which is one of the implements you're most likely to find and use outdoors.


  1. You don't know how much I want to be in that spanked cutie's shoes, Auntie. What a horrid, humiliating, painful way to be punished! I really think I'm going to have to be spanked standing up more often in future.

    And the thought of that punishment being delivered outdoors... where anyone might see or hear... oh!

    You wouldn't really spank a naughty boy or girl outdoors... would you?

  2. Penny, not only would I, I actually have. It's quite enjoyable and even the spankee can appreciate the cool breeze on their roasting hot bottom.

    1. Ohh! Yes, Aunty. I'm still not sure a cool breeze would balance out the humiliation I would feel... the yummy, thrilling humiliation...

      Mmm! It's just such a lovely idea!

      P.S. Aunty, not Auntie. Sorry :( I shouldn't comment when I'm sleepy.

  3. Oh Penny, it doesn't lessen the humiliation at all, it does cool the bottom a little. Humiliation is all part of it, sweetheart, as you obviously understand.

  4. Interesting, closest for me was a long spanking with the porch door open, and no the cool breeze did little to cool off my bottom.


  5. I'm sure it did, Ron, you were just too focussed on the fires that had been lit down there.

  6. Indeed but I will add that there was some additional enbarassment knowing the door was open and people may have heard not only the brush spanking my bottom but my yelps as well.

    Point taken ma'am