Friday, 6 April 2012

Mother and daughter

It's no secret that mother daughter spankings are something that I have a great deal of personal knowledge of and they're something I enjoy seeing depicted. I've found some pictures that I think illustrate them perfectly. They're from Spanked Sweeties, and speak for themselves.


  1. Naughty young Ladies need to have their bare bottoms spanked, and who better to do the job than Mommy? Of course being a guy, I also think it can be a job for Daddy :)

    HUGS, Dave

  2. Thank you Dave. Oh yes Daddy definitely has a part to play in the discipline of any traditionally rasied young lady.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Aunty Andrea. Traditional parental spankings are what I have personal experience of. A daughter being disciplined by her mother is a very special image to me. There is something especially pure about it. A little girl getting a spanking from her Daddy is powerful, but I feel it is a mother's natural place to raise her daughter. The mother is the primary model and mentor for the daughter.


  4. In a family I believe mommy is the natural disciplinarian. Discipline is not simply a case of taking the errant child across the knee and whaling away, if only it were that simple. My birth parents believed this to be the case and it wasn't until mom came into my life that I learned from being spanked.
    Right from the onset, that very first session with her wooden ruler in the car park at the resort mom taught me the error of my ways. My father practically flayed the skin from my butt but I refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I cried myself to sleep afterwards but never in front of him. Mom scolded me before she laid a stripe on my butt, I was practically in tears before she even started spanking me, I cried in her arms for seemingly hours afterwards as she told me she loved me and because she loved me she was not prepared for me to misbehave.
    Whether it is boys or girls getting spanked the natural choice is mommy.
    To this day mommy stills spanks me to tears, I am still her little boy.


  5. Thank you for your input Franz and Mario. You both share my view that spanking is largely a maternal activity. There is a place for Daddy in most girl's lives, but Mummy is the natural spanker, and I don't think you're ever too old to be turned over that maternal lap for some old fashioned loving spanking.

  6. Soundly spanked red bottom. Love the short and panty spankings.