Friday, 13 April 2012

Spanking on the bare

Hello to everyone! As you all know I'm a firm believer in spanking on the bare, the bare meaning the bottom to be spanked. I've also featured pictures and stories that concern spanking girls who have bare breasts as well as bottoms. This picture from CF Shots reverses that scenario. I think it's really lovely if a bit risque.


  1. I completely agree about “spanking in the bare.” As long as a woman has good posture and a certain confidence, it doesn’t take a Hollywood-quality bust to be thrillingly commanding. That said, if she can’t feel self-assured without a demi-bra or corset, that’s up to her. Or, under the circumstances (like for strapping), even something like a sports bra. In any case, a partially or fully exposed upper half, particularly paired with jeans or slacks, further uderscores the power balance with the likewise half-clad spankee in the most delightful way.

  2. John welcome to the Spank Shop, and thank you very much for your well thought out and informative comment.

  3. Risque, but lovely Aunty. You know me by now, I love spanking on the bare but only after a long panty spanking.


  4. We've got one bare on the top and one on the bottom, I love the symmetry.