Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tears before bedtime

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope the furry long eared egg layer is hopping your way as I write.
Aside from a glowing red bottom that is positively radiating heat, how does one tell if a spanking has been truly effective? Oh  yes the legs can kick and wave, the feet can drum the floor and there are all sorts of yells ranging from 'Owwww! That hurts!' to 'I'mmm sorrreeeee!", but for me the real indication is tears. I love spanking a naughty one to tears. Spanking is, as I am sure, many of you agree an intensely emotional experience. Tears are an emotional response. I don't enjoy hitting someone so much that the pain forces them to cry, and I don't believe that is an appropriate response once you're over a certain age. What I do like is knowing that I have taken someone or been taken myself to the point of bawling. It's actually quite hard to fake tears and to wring tears from an adult, especially someone who is used to being spanked either as part of their lifestyle or because they're in the entertainment industry, I think you would need to cross a certain line, so it's all about head space and emotions.
These two pictures from Girl Spanks Girl made my day. I don't think the young lady is acting, and judging by the state of her bottom and that Clare is only using her hand, these tears aren't entirely due to the fire Clare Fonda's hand is igniting on her full half moons.

It begins and while Celia can feel Clare's hand she's not crying yet.

Isn't that lovely? I think it is. Celia is going to feel physically and emotionally cleansed when she's allowed up off Clare's lap and maybe after her corner time.


  1. I totally agree Aunty, the sign of a good discipline spanking is tears, and hopefully crying to go along with it. But adults don't normally shed tears or cry from the pain of the spanking. They do cry however from the emotional release of being sorry for whatever they are being spanked for. I love it when I have that release when I am spanked, and I love it when the Lady I am spanking has that emotional release. I find that it is definitely a sign the spanking is effective, and working its magic. Thanks for the post, it is something I have thought a lot about, and I think you are right on.


  2. A good cry can be very cathartic, can't it? Although you do need to have tissues handy otherwise the snotty, red-eyed thing that goes on can be very unattractive.

    1. Tissues provided at no extra cost... LOL

  3. A good hard spanking is always very cathartic, when the pain of the spanking overwhelms the senses, the rigidly held emotions and the so called macho attitude and the tears begin to flow, helped along of course by some extra hard spanks then the release of endorphins brings about a cleansing to the soul. As a child my Aunty Amber always encouraged me to let it all out and cry, normally at this point the tears would flow and the child departs this land into spankland, where nothing else but the pain in the butt cheeks matter, where the child is convinced that Aunty intends for him to spend the rest of his life there. It is at this point that the guilt is washed away by the tears and healing of the emotions takes place.

  4. I'd like to thank Dave, Veronica and Mario for providing their own commentary on this post. I am pleased that my thoughts tend to run along the same lines and yes Veronica I always keep some tissues on hand for just the eventuality you mentioned.

  5. Totally agree.

    In my opinion, causing tears is at the heart of spankings. Spankings are all about control. There's physical control in making someone assume a position and then delivering pain, but it's on a whole different level when the spanker is demonstrating that the little miscreant can't keep their own emotions in check. Out and out bawling is a clear indicator that they have nothing in reserve and are responding exactly as their disciplinarian would like.

    Now that's overstating the case by a lot, since it says nothing about the spankee's openness and receptivity to the spanker's correction. But you all know what I mean.

    And, great pictures. I'm always impressed by both models and amateurs who are willing to share that side of themselves with the world.

  6. Thank you for the comment, ajr. If you haven't posted before I extend a warm welcome to the Spank Shop. I was also surprised to find these particular pictures, it does take a special sort of courage to share that side of yourself with the world at large. I shouldn't be surprised that Clare Fonda is involved as she is always associated with work of the highest quality and this is just another example of that.

  7. Just lovely and an adorable bottom to spank.


  8. I never cry, but I bawl a lot....wahhhh...ahh...noooo..mahhhwaahh, that sort of thing. I call it the point of incoherence. The point at which you stop trying to control your reactions, accept that you have been naughty and give yourself up to the consequences and to whatever spontaneously comes out. I suppose that's what crying is about, not how much it hurts, just an acceptance, an abandonment of resistance. Its cathartic either way.R

  9. All the previous commenters have expressed what I wished to, but so much more eloquently. I feel inadequate to comment so I will only add this: Isn't it a wonderful experience to be so overwhelmed by a proper spanking that you can freely surrender yourself to uninhibited crying and total submission to your spanker?