Saturday, 19 May 2012

'Music Lessons'

Hello to you all! I hope you've been keeping well whilst Aunty has been busy, I know Kimberley kept you all entertained last week with her essay. She thanks anyone who commented and asked me to let people know she is now sitting again comfortably and only uses her work time for work and not slacking off anymore.

Seegee has also been using the time productively and has provided this lovely little story called Music Lessons. We both hope you all enjoy it.

From Lina's House of Discipline. Mrs Lee goes to work on an errant pupil's bottom.

Andrew finds out that Patricia Lee's daughter is every bit as strict as her mother.

Louise applies her paddle to Andrew's backside.

Patricia Lee looked out at the smiling young faces in her seventh grade music class, and asked “Does anyone have any thing they’ve learned about music that they want to share with the class?”

Predictably there was no response, you could have heard a pin drop in the music room. It never failed to amuse Patricia that outside of class, or when you wanted them to be quiet the children were capable of making enough racket to wake the dead, but ask them a question, or want them to speak in front of class and they all fell deathly silent.

After an interminable interval a hand rose somewhere in the middle of the class. A smile spread across the music teacher’s face. Andrew Fraser, her prodigy. The boy was a talented flautist, surely he would be able to contribute something of worth. “Yes, Andrew?” Patricia asked brightly.

“I’ve discovered a new note, Mrs Lee,” the boy confided.

“A new note?” Patricia queried, her brow furrowing.

“Yes, ma’am,” Andrew confirmed. “I call it the R note.”

“The R note?” the teacher repeated.

“Yes, because whenever I play it my aunt screams aaaarrrrrrrr!” Andrew delivered the punch line with relish.

Patricia let out a long steady breath, and raised her eyes to the room’s ceiling as the laughter broke out around her. She got the same tired old joke from at least one of her seventh graders every year. The only reason she had fallen for it this time was because it had been Andrew Fraser. She had thought the boy above such silliness, but she obviously over estimated the sorts of things that twelve year olds found amusing.

“Very droll,” Patricia commented dryly as the class settled down again. “We’ll discuss this later at your music lesson after school, young man.”
The smile immediately left Andrew’s cheeky face.

The twelve year old had time to ponder Mrs Lee’s words as he walked from school to her house for his twice-weekly flute lesson. Andrew did not know where his talent with the instrument had come from, neither of his parents or his aunt and uncle were musically talented, although his aunt and uncle did play a lot of classical music at home, which had instilled a knowledge and appreciation of the form in the young man’s mind.

Patricia Lee had been delighted when Andrew had been enrolled at the school, and she had found out about his talent. The devoted music teacher did not get many students who appreciated her class. Most of them did it under sufferance. The music lessons she gave at her house after school were generally attended by children who did not attend the school she taught at. Andrew’s aunt liked the fact that her nephew was interested in music, and was all too willing to pay the reasonable fees Patricia charged to nurture and expand the boy’s talent.

The boy got teased about his flute playing, and his close association with Mrs Lee, who some of his classmates felt was too strict, she was also their year coordinator, so in order to try and alleviate it he had made the R note joke. He felt he could get away with it, because Mrs Lee liked him, and because he far outstripped the rest of the class in musical knowledge, so really didn’t have to study in her class. Her reaction told him that he had pushed her a little too far.

While Andrew liked Mrs Lee; who had asked him to call him Aunty Pat at her house, she felt it made the lessons a little more relaxed, he had heard stories about how strict she was, and there were rumours she spanked students at home. Patricia Lee had two children; there was Louise, who was three years older than Andrew and Phillip, who was in his final year of high school. Andrew had met both of them and they were well behaved, but he didn’t know if Mrs Lee spanked them or not. There had certainly been an ominous note in the music teacher’s voice when she had mentioned discussing the R note joke at his lesson.

Strictly speaking Andrew was an orphan. His father had died in a workplace accident when the boy was still a baby, and his mother had passed away after a battle with cancer when he was only four years old. Andrew could not really remember his mother, sometimes when he looked at photographs of her he imagined he could hear her voice, but now he found it difficult to even do that.

Following his mother’s death, the boy had been taken in by his aunt and uncle. His uncle was his father’s older brother. They were an older couple, and had no children of their own. This was a decision they had made. Neither of them really dealt with children well, and they had never expected to have any of their own. They didn’t really know how to look after a child. Andrew never wanted for anything, they had always made sure he was well clothed and fed, they gave him presents at birthdays and Christmas, but there was a distinct lack of affection. They were very supportive of his musical talent, so that was a good thing. Despite all this Andrew had always felt there was something missing from his life. Mrs Lee, or Aunty Pat as he called her outside of school, had become idealized in his mind as the perfect mother figure from the brief association he had with her since transitioning from primary school to high school this year.

Patricia Lee had always loved children. If it had been possible she would have had more than the two that she and her husband had been blessed with. Her husband had a high paying job, and it was not really necessary for her to work. Her job as a music teacher at the local high school allowed her to combine her two loves of music and children. Patricia was of the opinion, most of which she had inherited from her own mother, that children’s needs were few. These comprised, in no particular order, food, rest, affection and discipline. She knew enough of Andrew Fraser’s home life to have reached the conclusion that he was missing the final two ingredients, it was a void that she felt she could fill to an extent.

The doorbell rang, and Patricia answered it to see Andrew Fraser standing on the step. “Hi, Mrs Lee,” the boy smiled at his teacher, with what he hoped was winning charm.

“It’s Aunty Pat here, dear,” Patricia reminded her student as she ushered him inside.

As Andrew got himself ready for his lesson, taking his flute case and some sheet music out of his school bag, he had to admit he was more than a little nervous. He could not dispel those rumours that went around school about how Mrs Lee spanked for misbehavior. She wasn’t allowed to do it at school, but this was in her home, and his aunt had told her to treat him like one of her own. Even though he had not been in Mrs Lee’s class for very long she had made veiled references about spanking. One girl had been told that she needed her bottom tanned, and not by the sun either!

“Andrew,” Patricia Lee said gently, “just look at me before getting anything else out of your bag, darling.”

Andrew froze with one hand still in his backpack, and looked at the pleasantly plump blonde music teacher.

“We need to have a little chat about what happened in class today.”

“Oh,” was Andrew’s soft reply.

“I know you thought the R note joke was very funny, and so did most of your classmates,” the teacher began, and Andrew had to fight hard not to smirk at the memory, “but it’s an old joke, and the only reason I fell for it was because it was you who made it, and I expected better of you, Andrew,” the boy’s face fell at both Patricia Lee’s tone and her words. “It was disrespectful and rude, and the Andrew Darren Fraser,” Patricia continued, Andrew’s face colouring as she used all three of his names, “ I know isn’t like that. I know you’re far more advanced than your classmates at music, so you don’t have to work as hard as they do, but I will not have you disrupting class for that reason. Is that understood, young man?”

Andrew swallowed hard, and nodded wordlessly.

“Good, now you know that we’ll deal with it, and ensure that it does not happen again.”

Andrew knew that couldn’t possibly be good, but he had no idea what Mrs Lee was going to do next. She patted her lap, and smiled at him encouragingly “Come here, sweetheart,” she urged.

Still not totally understanding what was going on, Andrew did as he was told.
Patricia Lee’s hands immediately began to unsnap the buttons on Andrew’s trousers and unzip them.

“What are you doing, Aunty Pat?” the worried boy asked.

“Taking down your trousers,” she replied benignly, lowering his pants to his ankles.

“But why?”

“To spank you of course, darling. I don’t know how you’re spanked at home, but I always spank on the bare bottom.”

“Spanking!” Andrew yelped. “Bare bottom!”

“All naughty boys get spanked on the bare bottom, Andrew. Even big ones like my Phillip.”

The news that Phillip Lee; the star of the school’s basketball team, was still turned over his mother’s knee and spanked on the bare bottom shocked Andrew so much that he it didn’t even register on him that the lady he called Aunty Pat had dropped his underwear to his knees until he was laying bottom pointing to the ceiling over her maternal lap.

The next thing that happened did register on Andrew’s pre adolescent mind, and that was Patricia Lee’s firm palm cracking smartly across his plump bare bottom. Andrew heard the report of hand striking buttock before he felt it, and so his howl of pain and outrage did not hit the air until Patricia’s hand was hitting the opposite cheek.

At just a shade over five feet tall and plump with it, Patricia Lee did not look particularly strong, but she had no difficulty in holding a squirming Andrew Fraser over her lap, and keeping him there while she steadily spanked fire into every inch of his wriggling rapidly reddening buttocks and thighs.

Andrew yelled, kicked and desperately tried to get his bottom and upper thighs out of the path of Patricia Lee’s hard and laser accurate palm, all to no avail. His bottom felt as if it had burst into flames, and when everything else failed Andrew simply gave into the inevitable and started to bawl. Both eyes and nose were streaming, and his backside throbbed with a dull pulsating heat by the time a breathless, and perspiring Patricia Lee said “It’s over now, sweetheart. You have a little cry and we’ll let you cool down in a corner.” The music teacher had to pitch her voice up a little to be heard over the boy’s sobs.

She helped him to his feet, and enfolded him into her arms, whispering in his ear “Shhhh. Hush now, baby. It’s all over. You were a good boy for Aunty Pat, and took your spanking well. I’m very proud of you and I love you, sweetie.”
As Patricia rose and escorted Andrew into a corner, she said over her shoulder to her fifteen year old daughter; Louise, who had heard the news from her room, and come to watch the show, leaning on the door jamb of the adjoining kitchen. “Would mind putting the kettle on, love? I’d like a cup of tea while Andrew does his corner time.”

They had a slightly shortened lesson, Andrew felt physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Patricia had put a big soft cushion on his chair, but he was distracted, and found it hard to concentrate. The teacher seemed to understand, and didn’t push too hard. The other thing Andrew felt was loved. His aunt and uncle did occasionally shout at him if he did something really bad, and they had grounded him and docked pocket money, but he never felt that they did it out of care or affection, not the way he had when Mrs Lee had first spanked him, then hugged him and kissed his tears away after the punishment. She had even said that she only did it because she cared about him and wanted to see him do his best. On his journey home that afternoon his bottom throbbed, but he had a big smile on his face, and he felt better than he had for some time. That was his first spanking, but he had a definite feeling it would be far from the last journey he took over Aunty Pat’s lap having his bottom scorched by her maternal palm.

Andrew became a regular visitor to Patricia Lee’s home, not just for music lessons. He developed a friendship with Louise and would often visit to play with her, and he even offered his services to weed Patricia’s meticulously kept garden, or do other chores around her house. Initially the teacher refused those offers, but after her son left for college and then moved out, she took her star music student up on the offer, she did insist on paying him, though.

Over the years Andrew became almost a surrogate member of the Lee family. He often stayed for dinner after his lessons, and Patricia treated him exactly as if he were another son. The relationship with Louise broke down a little when she entered her final year of high school and then went away to college. Despite this Andrew was still often at the Lee house. With Phillip and Louise away Patricia seemed to welcome his visits more than ever.

The spanking Andrew received that first afternoon was far from the last time Patricia Lee warmed Andrew Fraser’s backside for him. Rarely a week went by in the Lee household without one of Patricia’s two going over their mother’s lap, and Andrew soon joined them. Louise and Phillip earned their spankings, although Phillip didn’t get many more before he went to college, and that was the last time his mother spanked him. Andrew also earned his, but he did things he knew would provoke the maternal woman into spanking him. He didn’t like the spankings, they were both painful and humiliating, especially when Aunty Pat started to supplement her hand with a hairbrush, but he always felt so loved after, cuddling on Patricia’s lap or being held by her, even sitting on a cushion sipping from a mug of hot chocolate. Louise was often present during the spankings. Mostly she was an interested onlooker, but there were times when the two were spanked side by side, and cooled down sobbing in opposite corners. If Andrew’s aunt and uncle were aware of the bare bottomed discipline that Patricia Lee supplied their nephew with they never said so to him, and he certainly never mentioned it to them.

Andrew looked at the familiar door, took a deep breath and hammered briskly on its solid wooden surface. He stood on the doorstep and listened for the sound of footsteps inside. After a moment or two the door swung open and a tall, slender girl in her early twenties, with a pageboy cut of jet-black hair, and sparkling green eyes stood framed in it.

Andrew had not been expecting this, and the surprise showed in his eyes, he took a step back, and said “Oh, hi Louise.”

The girl smiled at him, and returned the greeting “Good afternoon, Andy. You’re after Mum, I assume?”

Andrew was a little taken aback by the directness of the question, and examined Louise while he formulated an answer to the question. She was an attractive girl, he had not seen her for a year, and even before then while she had been away at college he had only seen her briefly when she was home. She wore a tight white singlet, which emphasized her full high riding breasts and they peeked shyly from the garment’s top. Her long, shapely legs were encased by a pair of form fitting black jeans.

“Is she home?” Andrew finally managed to get out.

Louise chuckled “Sorry, but no.”

“Oh, well maybe I’ll call back when she’s home,” Andrew said, turning to leave.

“Andy, wait,” Louise called. “She won’t be back for a week or so, she and Dad have gone to be with Phillip and his wife. She’s about to deliver their first grandchild.”

A smile broke out on Andrew’s face, his old teacher would love having grandchildren. “So you’ll be an aunty.”

Louise grinned “Yeah, I guess I will. Aunty Louise,” she tried the title out, and her mouth quirked up. “Not totally sure it fits me. Maybe I’ll be the fun irresponsible aunt. Do you want to come in? Would you like a coffee? I was about to have one.”

The two were soon seated at the kitchen table with cups of coffee in front of them. “You graduated college?” Andrew asked the older girl.

“Almost,” Louise answered.

“Almost?” Andrew echoed.

“I did graduate, but I haven’t decided if I’ll do an extra year or not yet.”

“Why would you do another year if you graduated?”

Louise looked into her coffee, before taking a sip “I have a choice. There’s a research position at a library near the college, but I have to move away and fend for myself straight away if I take it. On the other hand if I do an extra year to get my teaching certification Mum will pay my tuition and help me get a position and I can live here while I earn some money and get set up.”

“That sounds like a sweet deal,” Andrew said, sipping his own drink.

“How did you do at college your first year?” Louise asked her guest.

“Good,” Andrew replied enthusiastically. “I made the band and I got high marks. I’m looking at being part of a band that put an electric spin on classical music as well.”

“Mum will be really pleased you’re doing well. I guess you wanted to tell her yourself.”

“Yeah,” Andrew confirmed.

There was silence for a few moments and the two filled it by drinking their coffee. Louise was the first to speak “Not many boys your age would come around to visit their old music teacher when they first got home on a break.”

“I like your Mum,” Andrew defended himself.

“Aunty Pat,” Louise said with a laugh.

“Umm yeah,” Andrew blushed.

“It’s amazing you still like her considering how often she spanked you.”

Andrew’s face went bright red, and he dropped his eyes to stare into the depths of his coffee cup.

“I’m sorry, Andy,” Louise apologized. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, it’s true,” Andrew admitted.

“Why did you do it?” Louise asked, her emerald eyes genuinely interested. “There were times I know you either did things just to push Mum’s buttons, and some of the stuff you confessed to I’m pretty sure you never did.”

“I dunno,” Andrew hedged, “kids are stupid.”

Louise laughed “Yes, they are,” she agreed, “but you weren’t really a kid. I know you got one just before you went off to college. Did you like Mum spanking you?”

Andrew didn’t know how to answer or respond to the question. He got to his feet and started to leave, making excuses. Louise reached out, and her hand encircled his wrist “No, don’t, Andy. I really want to know.”


“She’s my mother and you, and your smacked bottom was a big part of my childhood. I got a few alongside you, remember?”

Despite his distracted state of mind the memories of Louise’s glowing rear end and her tear stained face, generally seen through his own tear blurred eyes, brought a smile to Andrew’s face and a stirring in his loins.

A smile played across Louise’s generous lips as she saw Andrew’s expression change. “Oh you naughty boy!” she scolded, delivering a firm smack to the seat of his pants. Andrew let out a soft ouch, even though the slap didn’t really hurt. “Now sit down and talk to me about this,” Louise commanded.

Andrew sank back onto the kitchen chair obediently, there was more than a little of her mother’s commanding tone in Louise’s voice. “So did you enjoy it?” Louise pressed, sipping her coffee as her guest tried to formulate an answer.

“Enjoyed is the wrong word,” Andrew started to explain. “My aunt and uncle never spank. They also don’t kiss or hug. I know they care about me, but not the way your Mum did. She cared enough to punish me properly, and then I got a cuddle and everything after.” Andrew smiled again with the memory of the time he had spent draped over Patricia Lee’s lap or cuddling with her after a soundly administered spanking.

“That’s what it was all about,” Louise said. “That’s really sad, Andy.”

Andrew shrugged.

“I don’t mean it in a mean way,” Louise was hasty to add. “So you came here today angling for a spanking?”

There was not point in denying it after what he had just confessed, so Andrew nodded.

“Must be pretty disappointing that you’re not going to get it.”

“I’ll live,” Andrew said.

“How were you going to get it?” Louise asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I know Mum never needed much reason to spank, but she didn’t do it just because you asked. How were you going to get her to spank you?”

A flush crept into Andrew’s face again “I had a little confession about school to make.”

Louise leaned forward, a smile on her lips “Go on then,” she urged.

“I blew off a couple of classes last semester,” the boy confessed.

Louise shrugged “We’ve all done that. It’s pretty standard behaviour.”

Andrew seemed a little embarrassed “Yeah, but I did it because I was hungover.”

“Hungover!” Louise exclaimed. “Andrew Mark Fraser! I am surprised in you.”

A shock went through Andrew’s body at hearing his 3 names enunciated, and at the tone Louise used. At this moment she sounded remarkably like her mother. Whenever Patricia Lee used Andrew’s full name a bottom scorching session over her lap soon followed. “I got invited to a frat party.”

Louise had pledged to a sorority at college and she knew how much pressure that the fraternities and sororities could put on people to attend their parties. Andrew, possessing a talent, would have been considered prime pledge material. He didn’t seem the fraternity type to her, though. “You pledged to a fraternity?” she probed.

“No,” Andrew admitted. “A few did try to enlist me, though. The party sounded like fun and there were lots of girls there, so I went.”

“They held you down and poured the booze down your throat, I suppose?” Louise asked acidly.

Andrew shook his head softly, and dropped his eyes.

Louise looked at him, the poor boy looked so forlorn. “You’ve been feeling guilty about this ever since it happened, haven’t you?”

Andrew’s neat brown hair moved as he nodded gently.

“Would a spanking make you feel better?” Louise asked tenderly.

Andrew swallowed hard before answering. “I think so.”

“Does it have to Mum who does it?” Louise asked, an idea taking root in her mind.

Andrew’s head came up “What do you mean?”

“Well, Mum won’t be back for a while, and I don’t think you want to keep walking around with that guilt weighing you down,” Louise explained. One of her subjects had been psychology, and she had done well at it. Admittedly Andrew was the first actual person she had ever practiced it on, but she understood where he was coming from. Her mother had imprinted quite strongly on the young man who didn’t have any parents he could remember. Louise didn’t quite share her mother’s views on parenting. Children needed boundaries and discipline, but she didn’t believe in spanking for every little thing the way Patricia had. Louise had never discussed it with her mother, but she felt that the older woman got something more than the satisfaction of a job well done when she spanked her children or her students, there was no way she would have continued to spank for as long as she had or as often as she did without getting some sort of enjoyment on some level out of it. Louise hadn’t been spanked since just before her 18th birthday, as long as you didn’t count the birthday spankings, which were just play anyway, but she was well aware that it was not off the table by any means, and if her mother felt that her daughter’s behaviour warranted it, she’d be bare bottomed over the maternal lap again, wailing under Patricia Lee’s sturdy hairbrush.

Andrew stared at his old playmate, trying to work out if she was serious or not. He could remember her being present during many of his adolescent journeys over Aunty Pat’s lap. Louise was a silent observer, she never said much before, during or after the chastisements, so Andrew did not know how she actually felt about witnessing them. He could also recall a few occasions when they had been spanked together, it was usually one after the other. Patricia Lee tended to switch the order about, sometimes he would go first, and stand in a corner facing the wall, his bottom cooling down as he listened to Louise receive her correction, other times the order would be reversed, and he could see Louise’s glowing bottom in the corner, at least until his eyes became so filled with tears that the girl’s freshly spanked backside was just a red coloured blur. Andrew had never before considered the possibility that she wanted to, or even could administer the spankings herself. “Are you serious?” he finally choked out.

Louise nodded “Very.”

“Have you ever spanked anyone? Do you even know how?” Andrew asked.

Louise threw her head back and laughed musically “Andy, I can’t imagine any daughter of Patricia Lee growing up and not knowing how to spank. I haven’t done it a lot, but I’m not a novice either. I babysat for a couple of years, and I had spanking rights with some of them and I exercised the privilege. I also belonged to a sorority at college and we paddled, we didn’t do it all the time, but we did do it and I was considered one of the sterner paddlers in the house.”

Andrew’s mouth had dropped open, and his eyes were wide.

“So do you want me to deal with this and take all the guilt away, Andrew?” Louise put to him.

Wordlessly Andrew nodded slowly. He had never said this to Louise, but some of his teenage sexual fantasies had been fuelled by imagining the girl taking the place of her mother and spanking him. He had also fantasised about spanking her, but mostly it had been him over her lap.

“Well, if you’re finished your coffee we’d better get started, I suppose,” Louise said. She stood up, gathered the cups and took them over to the sink. “Andrew,” she said from the sink, “you go to the toilet and then put yourself in the living room corner. I’m pretty sure you remember the drill, young man. I’ll be out directly light a fire on that naughty little posterior of yours.”

The words, sounding so like her mother, sent a shiver through every part of Andrew’s body. He rose slowly and made his way to the bathroom. Relieving oneself had been a regular part of Patricia Lee’s spanking ritual. Andrew had never wet himself during a spanking, but one boy apparently had, and Aunty Pat had made sure that every about to be spanked child visited the bathroom before the smacking.

Louise ascended the stairs to her room once she heard Andrew enter the bathroom. She looked around on her dressing table and let out an exasperated sigh.  Once Andrew had reached a certain age, from memory Louise thought it was when he turned fourteen, her mother had no longer felt her hand was sufficient to teach him a lesson, and had begun to supplement her spankings with the assistance of a broad backed wooden hairbrush. Louise had made the brushes acquaintance a couple of years previously when she had graduated from the wooden spoon. Going along the same train of thought as Patricia Lee, Louise did not think her hand would be enough to actually make the sort of impact Andrew needed to feel. Unfortunately her mother had taken her brush with her, and none of the various brushes that Louise used on her hair were right. She was scanning the brushes on her dresser when an idea hit her.

Louise reached deep into the top drawer of her tallboy and withdrew an item; her pledge paddle from her sorority. She had purchased the wooden paddle in her first year of college when she had first pledged to a sorority. All the girls had their own paddles, which they were required to buy themselves. They were occasionally paddled during their pledge period and an initiation paddling was mandatory. Once a girl had been initiated the girls were allowed to personalize and decorate their paddles. They were then usually hung up on the walls of their room. Some of the girls went overboard with the personalization and decoration, which made the paddle unusable as an item of discipline. Louise had kept hers simple, she’d put the sorority’s Greek initials on one side and the handle had her name on it, but they were the only modifications she had made. Most of the girls never used their paddles after the initiation, but some like Louise did.

She hadn’t used it often, but she had done so. Her ‘little sister’ had been paddled by Louise on a couple of occasions during her pledge period for minor infractions of the sisterhood’s rules. There was also another first year who had been busted by Louise in a major way. The transgression was serious, and if the girl had been dealt with by the sororities discipline committee; of which Louise was a member, then she may have been ejected from the organization. Louise still felt the girl had promise and had offered to handle it discreetly, but the girl had to take a serious punishment paddling. She did so, and did it with good grace, she had even been the one who had suggested that Louise be given the position of Paddling Mistress. The position was purely ceremonial, but Louise did have reason to paddle the occasional girl properly. Louise hefted the paddle, and smiled to herself. Andrew Fraser may be getting a little more than he bargained for by agreeing to let her discipline him as her mother had during his adolescence.

Louise smiled as she entered the living room, paddle in hand, as he had been told to do Andrew was standing in a corner, facing the wall. Her mother had trained the boy well. Patricia Lee had not always used pre spanking corner time, but it came in handy in a situation like this where she had to leave the room and make the miscreant wait for their punishment. Andrew had obedience trained into him other the years, and him doing what she had told him to do so meekly told Louise that he had accepted her authority to discipline him.

She settled herself onto the couch, sitting in the middle of it. The paddle was placed on the coffee table, where Louise could reach it when she wanted it. Andrew would also get a clear look at it when he turned around.

“Andrew,” Louise said in a firm, clear voice, “turn around please, and come stand by my knee.”

Andrew took a deep breath, turned around so that he was facing the room and saw Louise sitting in the middle of the couch, her denim clad knees together, and a stern unforgiving expression on her pretty face. He had to force himself to walk to his childhood friend, there was something very scary about her at this moment. Andrew didn’t say anything when he saw it, but he did wonder about the paddle that lay on the coffee table.

Andrew came to a halt by Louise’s knee. The dark haired girl looked up at him, her blue eyes stern and said “Well, we have been a naughty boy, haven’t we, Andy Pandy?”

Andrew tried desperately not to raise his eyes to the ceiling. He loathed the childish nickname. It was something Aunty Pat had worked out fairly early on in their relationship. She found it very effective when spanking the boy, it underlined the childish misbehavior he had participated in to earn himself a humiliating, juvenile punishment. Andrew was able to stop the eye roll, which he knew he would have paid for painfully, but he couldn’t do anything about the blush. The softening of Louise’s expression told him that she found that endearing rather than annoying. “Yes, Loui…,” he started to answer, but a flash of those sapphire eyes reminded him that he shouldn’t be using her first name. “Yes ma’am.” he amended his reply.

“I’m a little young to be a ma’am, sweetie. Maybe Miss Louise will suffice, young man,” Louise said. “Would you like to try that one out, Andy?”

Andrew’s tongue flicked out nervously to moisten his dry lips and he said haltingly “Yes, Miss Louise.”

“Oh much better,” Louise cooed. “I don’t feel like I’m your old spinsterish aunt now. Now why don’t you tell Miss Louise what you’ve been up to and why she has to smack your naughty little botty.”

Andrew closed his eyes and felt his cheeks colour hotly all over again. Louise was determined to make this as embarrassing as she could “I went to a frat party, had too much to drink and blew off band practice the next day.”

Louise shook her head sadly, and said “That’s very naughty, Andy. Miss Louise is going to have to give you a good hard spanking for that. I’m sure the scholarship people weren’t paying your tuition and fees so you could get drunk with frat boys and just forget about your responsibilities as a scholarship holder.”

Andrew felt hot salty tears prick his eyes, he couldn’t believe that Louise could do that to him with a scolding. Aunty Pat had been the only person able to provoke that reaction with words. To try and take his mind off what Louise was saying Andrew averted his eyes to the coffee table and his thoughts to the paddle that lay ominously on it. He had never been paddled before. It was not allowed at school and Aunty Pat didn’t have one. He knew some of the fraternity boys got an initiation paddling, but they laughed it off as a few swats. “Miss Louise,” Andrew said softly and politely.

“Yes, Andy,” Louise answered, looking him in the eye.

“What is the paddle for, miss?”

“What is a paddle usually used for, Andrew?” Louise asked.

“Paddling,” Andrew replied simply.

Louise bit back a giggle, he was cute like this. “Yes, they are. I don’t think my poor little hand could really make a sufficient impression on your backside alone, so I brought Miss Wooden Paddle down here to help me out.”

Andrew still looked a little confused.

“I know Mum usually uses a hairbrush, but she took hers with her, and I don’t have one that is suitable, but I think my old sorority paddle will make an admirable substitute. I’m not a total novice spanker, Andy. I spanked some of the children I babysat, and there are a few college girls who can attest to the effectiveness of the business side of my paddle.”

Andrew’s eyes widened, and he swallowed hard.

Louise’s fingers calmly and competently unsnapped the buttons, and unzipped the boy’s jeans, she dragged them down to his ankles, and looked at him standing there shivering, in his boxer shorts. “Do they have to come off, Miss Louise?” Andrew asked plaintively.

“I’m afraid they do, sweetheart. What would Mummy say if she found out I spanked you, but didn’t do a proper job? You know as well as I do, young man, that a spanking is not a real one unless it’s done on the bare bottom.”

“Can I at least be over your lap first?” Andrew pleaded.

Louise pursed her lips, but relented “Okay, but I want you to take your shoes and jeans off and place them neatly on the table.”

Andrew nodded and did as Louise had ordered. Louise sat back on the couch and watched. Andrew was absolutely adorable like this, and while she’d never really noticed before he was kind of cute. She could hardly wait to get him over her lap, and pull down those shorts to see if his rump was every bit as sweet as she remembered from her teenage years when she’d seen it regularly over her mother’s lap, and glowing angrily from the corner of the cozy living room.

Once Andrew was by her knee again, Louise pointed towards her lap, and said “I think you know what to do now. Over you get.”

Andrew obediently and rather gracefully arranged himself over the girl’s waiting lap. His bottom was centred, and pointed at the ceiling, his feet dangled off the edge of the sofa, and he was able to rest his forearms on the rest on the other end of it. Louise compared the feeling of having the adolescent boy over her knee with the few young ones she’d babysat and spanked and the college girls she’d had over her lap. She and Andrew were of a height, and he was actually a touch shorter than the first ‘little sister’ she’d caught and punished, but he was a boy and a little heavier. As boys his age went Andrew was slim, but he did have some muscle, especially in his legs. “Lift up,” Louise ordered, patting the seat of his boxer shorts playfully.

Andrew raised his torso, and Louise competently slipped the shorts off and took them halfway down his legs to his knee hollows. “That’s better, you can lower back down again, sweetie.”

As Andrew nestled back into her lap, Louise admired his bottom. He had always had a nicely formed rear end, and the intervening years since Louise had seen it had not altered that, if anything it was prettier than she remembered. Firm and round, and alabaster white. “It won’t be that colour for long,” she murmured ominously.

For his part Andrew was thinking just how right the position seemed, even over Louise’s lap, and how comfortable it felt. He had never said anything, but he’d had a bit of a crush on her growing up and he was actually envious of the kids she babysat, because he’d been too old, but he wanted to be spanked by her. After all she had learned from the best.

Louise was contenting herself with gently stroking and fondling Andrew’s upturned cheeks, just trying to get him to relax so that he felt the spanks more keenly to begin with and she wasn’t going to bruise her hand. No girl her age should really know things like this, but Louise had listened in on her mother’s conversations with friends and relatives when either she had been spanked and was standing in the corner cooling down or when someone else had just got it and she was serving refreshments. For someone who professed to only spank for the child’s own good Patricia Lee had certainly enjoyed talking about and preaching the spanking gospel to others, along with little hints and tips like starting on relaxed buttocks, to make the experience as unpleasant as possible.

Andrew wasn’t consciously clenching his backside, it was a completely natural and involuntary reaction from someone in his vulnerable state, it was especially prevalent in someone like Andrew who knew exactly what was coming. However the soothing actions of Louise’s long fingered, slim hands were definitely relaxing him and his gluteal muscles were slowly releasing.

Louise gave each of Andrew’s delightful buttocks a gentle squeeze and then raised her hand. She delivered two hard slaps, one to the middle of each cheek, they rang out loudly in the silent room, eliciting a whimper and a wiggle from Andrew, and the pink handprints bloomed on the porcelain white bottom. Louise tightened her grip around Andrew’s slender waist and settled into a steady rhythm.

The brunette spanked long, hard and methodically. She made sure that she covered every inch of Andrew Fraser’s wriggling bottom. Up high, the crowns, the sit spot, the upper thighs which really made him yell and kick, she even ordered him to spread his legs so that she could attack the often overlooked inner thighs and buttocks. Andrew’s entire bottom glowed a deep rich red, and Louise’s hand had gone a little numb. Louise looked down at the rosy twitching bottom, and shook her hand. It was time for Miss Wooden Paddle to do her job.

Louise bent over the boy stretched out across her denim lap, and luxuriated a moment as the shimmering heat radiated up from his simmering buttocks and warmed her breasts. She curled her hand around the handle of the paddle ,and picked it up. Louise always marveled at how naturally the paddle fitted her hand, it was like it had been custom made for her. Louise loved using the paddle, it was small enough to apply with the receiver draped over her lap, yet large enough that the blade could span both cheeks and heavy enough to set up an intensely painful sting.

Andrew had never been paddled before, he thought the brush was about the worst thing anyone could get. The first stroke of Louise’s sorority paddle had him thinking he was wrong. It cracked out loudly in the room and Andrew’s howl came seconds later, he kicked and bucked, and Louise had to work to hold him in place.

Andrew’s reaction had surprised her a little, she hadn’t expected it to be quite so extreme and she moderated her strokes accordingly. It was a sound paddling she gave the boy, moving the wooden implement up and down his buttocks and thighs, pausing in between each stinging swat to let the burn and sting settle a little before applying the next one.

By the time Louise set the paddle down Andrew lay limply over her lap, bawling into the couch cushion, his bottom was scarlet and pulsating and very hot to the touch. Louise felt like it would burn her fingers if she left them there too long. She let him cry for a moment or two, and brought her own breathing under control. Spanking a struggling adolescent male, and holding him in place during it was not an easy thing, and Louise had renewed respect for her mother’s strength and stamina. She used a tissue from a box on the table next to the couch to wipe her perspiring brow.

Louise spoke gently and softly to Andrew coaxing him to his feet, she used another tissue to clean his face which was covered with a mixture of tears, sweat, snot and saliva, she had him blow his nose like a small child into a tissue she held to his face, then she took him in her arms and let him cry on her shoulder for a moment. Louise allowed Andrew permission to rub his steaming rear end, and she watched indulgently while he did the hot bottom boogie, all earlier modesty now forgotten. Louise stood and held him briefly to stop the dance, then escorted him to the corne,r where she stood him with his hands laced over his sweat sodden locks, she gave him an admonition to stand there and not to rub unless he wanted another encounter with her paddle.

Louise poured herself a fresh cup of coffee, and settled onto the couch to sip it and admire her handiwork on the cherry red glowing bottom in the corner. “You know Andrew,” she started. “I think I will take up Mum on her offer to get my teaching certification. I’m certain I can do that your college, sweetheart. Imagine that, not needing to wait until holidays when you’re feeling naughty and guilty. Miss Louise and her paddle will be right there when you need them.”


  1. Once again you have outdone yourself Aunty, what a wonderful story by Seegee, I loved it! I just finished the now popular "50 Shades of Gray", and was quite disappointed, very little spanking and too much BDSM for me. But this little story was 10 times better, a very realistic story with heart.... great great great!!


  2. I want to agree with Dave Aunty Andrea, a lovely tale of woe, certainly for Andrew,I rather think Andrew regretted his naughtiness once over Miss Louise's knee . One question though, what college is Louise going to, I want to play the fool, I mean the flute as well.

  3. Dave and Mario, thank you both for reading and commenting. I have heard about 50 Shades of Gray, but not my thing, and I'm pleased to know that you prefer what you're reading here, Dave.
    Mario, I can assure you that if you played the fool around a young lady like Louise your reward would be a blazing hot bottom courtesy of Miss Wooden Paddle!

  4. It seems to be a common thing around a lady that spanks Aunty Andrea, especially around my wonderful aunties.

  5. "sturdy hairbrush" one of the amazing lines, so well done and terrific spanking story, thank you.

    Love the post


  6. Oh and ma'am, the pics and drawings are just lovely.

  7. Glad you enjoyed. Sassy did such wonderful work.