Saturday, 26 May 2012

Red hot

It's such a wet, cold and dreary day here that I thought I'd warm myself up by looking at some lovely hot red bottoms. We've got all sorts here: in the corner, over the knee, out in the open, some pictures and some drawings. Hope they can brighten you day up as well.

From Triple A Spanking. I particularly like the hand imprint here on the edge of one cheek.

Three from CF Shots, the first two from the same shoot.

Three more from Clare Fonda.

Two from Premium Spanking. The outdoor one is particularly interesting, although it does depict a harsher form of discipline that I'm not so keen on.

The traditional post spanking position from Spanked at Home.

Two legends of the scene together from Spanked Sweeties, Sarah Gregory over Clare Fonda's more than capable lap and under her stern palm.

And to finish us off artwork from Ron Wilson.

Note: there was originally a Sassy Bottoms piece with Ron Wilson's art, but the system didn't seem to allow it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and happy spanking!


  1. Definitely the way naughty boys and girls bottoms should look. I especially like the last one, brings back memories of my youth! Thanks for sharing.


  2. You just made a hot day here in NJ alot hotter, thanks.


  3. The last one was there yesterday, but went away now, and it was the one I commented about, reminding me of my youth?


  4. Dave, glad you liked the pictures, the ones I posted are all there, so I'm not sure which one disappeared.
    Pleased to help with the temperature in NJ, Ron.