Friday, 4 May 2012

Three (or more) is a crowd

It's no secret to you all that Aunty is a quite a fan of Clare Fonda and the marvelous spankings she films. These pictures are from her site CF Shots and I must confess that they're amongst the most exciting I can remember seeing.

I really like group spankings, I don't know why and this one is a great example. We've got two stern, older ladies. soberly dressed, soundly spanking two naughty misses over their laps, whilst Clare keeps time, the next two customers watch and the freshly spanked girls face the wall with their glowing cheeks on display. Delicious!

The two onlookers from the last picture find their way over the disciplinarians laps, you can see the two from the previous shot in the right corner, bottoms shining brightly. Clare definitely has a watch in her hand. I wonder if she's keeping time or counting swats. I must see if Kimberley can fill that role the next time Gabrielle and I have to do a dual spanking.

And I end it with a picture of the lady herself doing what she does best. And isn't that Amber Wells over her lap? I think it's a nice touch that all the other girls are allowed to watch this one and that Clare has a big smile on her face as she roasts Amber's hams.


  1. I have to admit it can be very frightening having to wait in line for your punishment, also can be very arousing.Only once had the agony of waiting in line for a spanking once. Normally mommy started with me, but then I got twice as many hidings as both my brothers put together.

  2. Waiting in line can be agonising. My sister and I used to discuss what was worse. Going first or having to watch or listen to the other one getting it knowing you were next.

    1. I would think having to watch what is about to happen to you has to be the more punishing. Your only solace is that maybe when it come your turn, her shoulder will be spent.

      btw, I have seen stills from this shoot before, and I must say that blonde lady is fantastic. She has the most withering, delicious stare.

  3. Waiting is impossible to deal with, same here, sometimes we waited and watched as a spanking was delivered. great videoe as wel. I would think the Shop may had had some days like this?


  4. The consensus seems to be that going first is the best deal. Unless of course they have the spanking planned to take place in sections, first the hand then the brush and you get the hand spanking then wait while your fellow miscreants get theirs, before you're back over the lap for a discussion with Mrs Wooden Hairbrush.