Saturday, 12 May 2012

Update from Kimberley Susan - It's all about the corner

Hello to everyone! This is an update from me and an article or essay kind of in one. I should explain why I'm here on a Sunday at work and writing an essay for Aunty's blog.

I got caught at work goofing off and reading spanking stories and looking at pictures when I should have been using my time more productively. Aunty had a 'chat' with me after work about it, Mummy found out and we had another 'chat' before bed that night. Aunty set me an essay to write about corner time, and I have to do it on a Sunday, so that I am not wasting work time when being punished. I'm writing this sitting on a pillow if anyone is wondering exactly what the word 'chat' means.

It's no secret that Aunty Andrea is a big fan of corner time. I use it to when I spank, and Mummy has always used it on me and my sisters and brother, she also favours it for her clients at the shop. It's humiliating enough when you get past a certain age to be spanked, and even when you're little it is even more humiliating to be stood in the corner with your bottom all bare and sore. There are some teachers and parents that use corner time on it's own without a spanking as punishment. I think it has to follow a spanking, and I know some like to use it prior to the spanking as well. I think that's overkill a little, but I have seen it done and I think Aunty finds it useful as well as in between implements.

I'm going to speak about and examine certain types of corner time with the use of some pictures.

This picture from Firmhandspanking is an interesting one. For one I love the expression of the spanked girl. Doesn't that just say I've been naughty and soundly spanked for it? Now her aunt (that lady looks like an aunt to me) is lecturing her after her spanking. I know she's not in a corner, but we tend to use the words corner time as a euphemism for any post spanking lecturing or displaying. In some ways being stood in the middle of the room and told off while your bottom is hurting and glowing brightly is worse than being stood in the corner. At least in the corner you can hide your face and your privates, as you can see this girl had her hands over her front to cover them up from the camera or her punishing aunt, and that bath brush is still twitching too. At least it means she won't be tempted to rub her bottom.

This from Real Spanking Institute is very traditional. I hate this type of spanking personally. It's bad enough being caned or spanked, but having it done when there are other people present is just horrible. At a guess what's happening here is that 3 girls have earned themselves a caning, probably six of the best. One has been caned and is standing in the corner, skirt off, panties at half mast and her hands behind her back (I prefer them on the head, less temptation to rub and it's so much more obvious if you do), and the other is doing what I assume to be pre caning corner time, while she listens to her classmate being striped. The only thing wrong here is that I do hope the two girls in the corner aren't whispering to each other as girls tend to do, especially when they're nervous and you can hear a friend howling under the cane.

It would not be at all a proper post of this type without a drawing from Sassy Bottoms. This is absolutely adorable. Little Boy Blue (see the trumpet) has just been given a bedtime spanking and is crying in the corner, with his drop seats suitably lowered to expose his glowing globes. I do hope he's not tempted to rub, he's crying into his hand which is ever so cute, and his little dog has come to keep him company. I could just take this young man into my lap and cuddle him forever. Aunty has recently added another refinement to this sort of corner time. It's hands on head, bottom on display, but she makes you hold a coin to the wall with your nose, she also has a bell on a ribbon that she uses. If the bell drops it rings and you get more spanking. I hate it! Had to do it the other day. It's really unpleasant and embarrassing, it also makes you hold position, though.

I'm going to finish this off with some pictures from the incomparable JPC. It is only fitting as his were some of the drawings I was looking at when I was busted.

I was going to add some commentary, but it's really not necessary. The drawings in their elegant black and white simplicity speak for themselves. One comment I will make is something that is obvious in the second drawing which is wonderful in that it's a before and after shot, is that in a number of JPC's pictures where corner time is featured, and it's a common theme, is that the girls are wearing notes pinned to their backs. I can't read them, but I do wonder what they say. I really hope Aunty doesn't get ideas from that.

Love to you all,
A sore Kimberley Susan.


  1. Ouch ouch you naughty girl, fancy getting caught goofing off.Two "chats"in one day, my bum is getting tingly just thinking about it.

  2. Let me assure you, Mario, Kimberley's bottom was doing more than tingling by the time Aunty Gabrielle and I were finished with it.

  3. Well first off my beautiful friend sorry, not really to read your bottom was roasted twice!! Well earned however.

    This is a good post. Thanks. I love to hate corner time not sure but I think pre spanking corner time is worse than post except for when I get caught rubbing. Love the essay and post.

    Hugs and hope your bottom is feeling better.


  4. I am sure it was Aunty Andrea, in fact if anything,it was like mine after Aunty Shan spanked me twice and then I got spanked by Amanda the following morning. Getting spanked twice in a day was not fun, mommy believed that if you earned a spanking at school then you deserved a spanking at home before bed that evening.
    Mine is still tingling. Mommy is coming to visit and I am sure mama is going to spill the beans and dob me in to mommy

  5. Kimberley thanks you for your thoughts, Ron. She'll be sitting without discomfort in a day or too.