Saturday, 30 June 2012

'Aunty Spanks'

This is another of smuccatelli's wonderful picture posts. This time the art is by Barb, and the subject is something near and dear to my heart; an aunty spanking.

Hope you are all having a lovely spanky weekend.


  1. Who of us wouldn't LOVE a bare bottomed session over the knee of our favorite Aunty......! I can feel my underpants being tugged down even now. "Please Aunty, I'll be good I promise....... SPANK, SPANK......
    Yeowwwwwww......!". My heart races at the thought....

  2. One can imagine her name is Aunt Andrea (although she is more the spinsterish type here, partially explaining her irritation with naughty boys)and this is one of the milder spankings her nephew suffers for his impudence. Barb is such a wonderful artist, don't you think? And this one is so evocative of a shameful, childish punishment...


  3. Amazing, never saw this one and thjank you for sharing, aunt spankings are the best, love this short story and wonderful art work. Well done to all.