Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hands on hips

There are certain postures which just spell spanking and one of them is a lady with her hands on her hips. It's a strong posture and one I use frequently, it never fails to make a naughty boy or girl more than a little nervous.

This is a very typical model pose, but even then it's strong and those eyes are bewitching. I can imagine the boys and a good many girls lining over to be placed over those tanned, toned thighs.

Now doesn't this one just send a shiver down the spine? I'm sure she's got a hairbrush tucked away somewhere convenient, to be used while she's making your bottom the same shade of red as her hair.

This young woman is probably more deserving of getting a spanking than she is of giving one, but here is she is in perfect pre spanking pose.

From CF Shots, the marvelous Clare Fonda in one hand on hip. From the expression on the girl's face I can imagine she's going to be very soon turned over a hip.

Another one from CF Shots, and I simply couldn't resist. Her hands aren't on her hips, but they're close, and although I disapprove of rubbing without permission this is simply adorable, and she may have even got off without extra spanking as long as she removed her hands when instructed to do so.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and that this has brightened it up a little.


  1. Yes brightened it up know end.
    To me they all deserve a good spanking, It's a deviant pose that says i don’t care if it means i get spanked, i am in the right.

    BOB B

  2. Pleased to give you a smile, Bob. When is a woman not in the right?

  3. Very bright, like a bottom is after Aunty crosses her arms. I have an aunt friend who always strikes that pose before I am taken over her lap, amazing sensation when I see her pose.

    Thanks great post


  4. The hands on hips or crossed arms are very strong poses and something that always sends butterflies fluttering in a guilty tummy when an angry woman adopts them.