Saturday, 9 June 2012

The natural progression

Two in the one day! I don't think I've done this since the blog's very early days, and I had work backed up. Amazing what a rainy day and some downtime browsing through the web will do to one's mind.

I uncovered these 3 shots from CF Shots which show what I believe to the be the natural progression of a spanking. It's a school setting too, and they're always fun.

I generally start with a bare bottom, I like to get straight to the heart of things, and of course I do have the aprons, so that helps, but a lot of photo shoots like to tease things out, so these two young woman get a layered spanking, it begins over skirts and panties. I don't know what miss with the tattoo is howling about, it's going to get a lot worse soon.

Up go the skirts and it's the tight white panties getting warmed. The ladies have made a flying start, as you can already see the red around the panty edges. Headmistress Clare observing her teachers at work is also a nice touch.

And now they're bare! The young woman with the tattoo really should have removed her glasses. It's not like she needs to see what is going on. They're only going to get steamed up and smeared, she may also throw her head around and they could fly off and break. Of course she's probably more concerned that her teacher is trying to turn her bottom the same colour as the dress she's wearing.


  1. Getting spanked with an audience is definitely a very humbling experience. Especially as you look over your shoulder to your friend and all you see is her or his red bottom and you know that yours looks exactly like that. What's more is you see the tears and again you know yours are following and everyone present will know you are a big crybaby.

  2. Thank you for your contribution, Mario. Being spanked with an audience, even a small one, does certainly add to the embarrassment factor.

  3. Happy to read and see you enjoying and commenting on the nice panty spanking. While I have been spanked by and have spanked to ladies together I have never been spanked with another or spanked with another, very hot and something I would love to experience.

    Ah Clare, wonderful lady!

    Thank you Aunty,

  4. Thanks for the comment, Ron. I know you love a good panty spanking.

  5. Indeed I do, very under rated, Ma'am


  6. I do like the industrial nature of the operation. This is discipline organised with the spirit of Henry Ford in mind.
    I reckon they could up output still further though by bringing in some some of conveyor belt:)

  7. I seem to recall these two (Clare Fonda and the other lady) in a very similar classroom discipline scene with a young man as the exclusive center of attention, getting a pants-down paddling bent over Ms. Fonda's desk, then an OTK hairbrushing by the "principal", both in front of an appreciative audience of female students. Then he was required to sit, still bare-bottomed, on a hard wooden chair while the girls surrounded him and commented on his humiliating, witnessed punishment.
    Not really apropos of this story, but the spankers were the same and I really prefer boys being spanked, especially in front of females... :-)


  8. fun commentary for the pictures. Skirts and panties should always be raised or lowered, but never left in place.
    bottoms up