Monday, 4 June 2012

Receiving and Giving

I found these pictures on Sarah Gregory's site. The first set is of Chelsea Pfeiffer doing what she does best to Sarah and the last ones are of Sarah on the other side of the lap. Please enjoy.

One thing I've always loved about Sarah on the receiving end is how animated she is when she's having her globes toasted and this one is no exception, she reddens up beautifully too, then again most people would over Chelsea's stern lap and under her hard palm. The kiss at the end is just the cherry on top for me.

Sarah doesn't just take a good spanking, she can burn a bottom too when she's in the mood, as the young lady over her lap found out. It's pleasing to see that the upper thighs, so often neglected in these sets, got a good workout as well. Interesting that she favours a paddle brush over the more traditional oval model.


  1. Thanks Aunty, Sarah is a switch spanker's dream, giving and getting!


  2. Thank you for the comment, Dave. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Sarah is one lady I can see both giving and receiving, but others like Chelsea Pfeiffer I can only ever see as a spanker.

  3. Well we both know going over Chelsea's lap is just a wee bit of spanking heaven, she is lovely and just so stern, yet sexy as all get out as evidenced above with her kiss.

    Sarah to me has the most adorable bottom in her panty, made for spanking, never mind when one lowers her warmed panty. As a switch I would imagine her being a very good spanker; again very sexy.


  4. I rather thought you'd enjoy this, Ron.